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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with W

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Wade, Jonathan (-UNKNOWN)
Wade, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Wade, Nathaniel Major (-UNKNOWN)
Wade, Prudence (-UNKNOWN)
Wadleigh, Eunice (1798-5 MAY 1821)
Wadleigh, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Wagner, Clara Alice (28 APR 1874-2 MAY 1919)
Wainwright, Eleanor (-UNKNOWN)
Waite, Sarah (-22 OCT 1762)
Walch, Edward (--living--)
Walch, John (--living--)
Waldo, Cornelius Deacon (1624-3 JAN 1698/99)
Waldo, Daniel (19 AUG 1658-1 NOV 1737)
Waldo, Deborah (BET 1651 AND 1660-UNKNOWN)
Waldo, Rebecca (24 SEP 1662-23 APR 1752)
Waldron, Anna (1703-1783)
Waldron, Charles W. (-UNKNOWN)
Waldron, David (1752-UNKNOWN)
Waldron, Emma E. (1875-UNKNOWN)
Waldron, Hannah B. (ABT 1790-UNKNOWN)
Waldron, Ida May (FEB 1881-UNKNOWN)
Waldron, John (ABT 1638-1740)
Waldron, John (-UNKNOWN)
Waldron, John (-UNKNOWN)
Waldron, John D. (1830-UNKNOWN)
Waldron, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Waldron, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Waldron, William (-UNKNOWN)
Waldron, William W. (-UNKNOWN)
Wales, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Albert (ABT 1850-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Debbie (--living--)
Walker, Dependence (28 DEC 1770-14 MAY 1845)
Walker, Dorcas (-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Edward (24 NOV 1808-11 MAR 1882)
Walker, Edward (-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Walker, James (17 NOV 1823-26 DEC 1895)
Walker, Leo , Jr. (--living--)
Walker, Leo (--living--)
Walker, Mary Jessie (11 DEC 1850-30 JAN 1917)
Walker, Phebe (1 FEB 1712/13-1797)
Walker, Scott (--living--)
Walker, Stephen (13 JUL 1817-16 JUN 1890)
Wall, Mary Ann (8 JAN 1655/56-13 DEC 1708)
Wallace, Euphemia (--living--)
Wallace, Hannah (1776-1852)
Wallingford, John (-UNKNOWN)
Wallingford, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Wallis, Comfort (-20 MAY 1749)
Wallis, Eleanor (-UNKNOWN)
Wallis, George (-UNKNOWN)
Wallis, Jane Linders (-UNKNOWN)
Wallis, Sarah (1691-UNKNOWN)
Wallis, William (ABT 1648-AFT 1723)
Waln, William (Private-)
Walter, (-UNKNOWN)
Waltheof, (-UNKNOWN)
Waltheof, Earl of Northumberland (ABT 1046-31 MAY 1076)
Walton, Elizabeth (ABT 1686-9 SEP 1769)
Walton, George (-UNKNOWN)
Walton, Mary (ABT 1646-UNKNOWN)
Walton, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Walton, Shadrach Colonel (ABT 1657-3 OCT 1741)
Walton, Shadrach (-UNKNOWN)
Walworth, Elizabeth (ABT 1474-UNKNOWN)
Walworth, John (ABT 1448-UNKNOWN)
Ward, Lucy (13 MAR 1604/05-12 NOV 1665)
Ward, Mary (-14 DEC 1725)
Ward, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Ward, Rachel (19 SEP 1723-10 DEC 1805)
Ward, Samuel Captain (-UNKNOWN)
Ward, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Ward, Thomas (ABT 1620-1680)
Ward, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Ward, Usley (30 AUG 1711-1807)
Warde, Francis (25 OCT 1579-BET 1647 AND 1648)
Wardwell, Eliakim (-UNKNOWN)
Wardwell, James V. D. (-UNKNOWN)
Warner, Content (-UNKNOWN)
Warner, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Warren, Gilbert (-UNKNOWN)
Warren, Grizel (-UNKNOWN)
Warren, Isabel (-UNKNOWN)
Warren, James (-UNKNOWN)
Wasgatt, Deborah (-UNKNOWN)
Washington, Temperance (6 JUN 1622-UNKNOWN)
Washton, Martha T. (-UNKNOWN)
Waterhouse, Arthur (-UNKNOWN)
Waterhouse, Arthur C. (-UNKNOWN)
Waterhouse, Benjamin Artemus (30 SEP 1811-27 JUN 1877)
Waterhouse, Betsey (-UNKNOWN)
Waterhouse, Charles A. (-UNKNOWN)
Waterhouse, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Waterhouse, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Waterhouse, Lydia A. (4 JAN 1840-UNKNOWN)
Waterhouse, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Waterhouse, Mary E. (7 MAY 1835-UNKNOWN)
Waterhouse, Sarah A. (7 JUN 1822-1866)
Waterhouse, Sarah Jane (29 DEC 1850-UNKNOWN)
Waterman, Lucius Reverend (-UNKNOWN)
Watkins, Andrew Robert (Private-)
Watkins, Debra Lynn (Private-)
Watkins, Earl William (Private-)
Watkins, Earl William , Jr. (Private-)
Watkins, Linda Jean (Private-)
Watkins, Maurice (-UNKNOWN)
Watkins, Warren Glenn (Private-)
Watkins, Wayne Glenn (Private-)
Watson, Aaron (22 APR 1781-25 MAY 1856)
Watson, Abigail (1801-UNKNOWN)
Watson, Albert H. (ABT 1875-UNKNOWN)
Watson, David (-UNKNOWN)
Watson, Eleazer (-UNKNOWN)
Watson, Eunice (-UNKNOWN)
Watson, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Watson, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Watson, Jonathan (-UNKNOWN)
Watson, Lucy (-3 APR 1817)
Watson, Michael (1740-16 FEB 1819)
Watson, Rebecca (10 JUN 1776-19 MAR 1844)
Watson, Sarah D. (13 DEC 1825-3 APR 1892)
Watson, Smith Pike (1869-28 FEB 1952)
Watson, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Watson, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Abigail (16 FEB 1724/25-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Hannah (23 JUL 1718-24 JUN 1776)
Watts, John (-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Joseph (4 NOV 1722-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Mary (5 MAR 1726/27-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Samuel (29 AUG 1716-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Watts, Samuel (18 AUG 1691-AFT JAN 1761)
Watts, Thomas (17 MAY 1720-UNKNOWN)
Waymouth, James (-UNKNOWN)
Weare, Abigail (17 MAY 1716-20 SEP 1740)
Weare, Christian (-BEF 1623)
Weare, Deborah (19 AUG 1735-24 AUG 1763)
Weare, Esther (ABT 1629-16 JAN 1718/19)
Weare, Jonathan Deacon (29 JUN 1724-UNKNOWN)
Weare, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Weare, Nathaniel , Sr. (-1 MAR 1680/81)
Weare, Nathaniel , Jr. (ABT 1633-13 MAY 1718)
Weare, Peter Colonel, Sr. (5 NOV 1660-AFT SEP 1744)
Weare, Uknown (-UNKNOWN)
Webb, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Webb, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Webber, Benjamin (2 JUN 1690-UNKNOWN)
Webber, Martha (-16 JAN 1757)
Webber, Martha (OCT 1739-UNKNOWN)
Webber, Mary (ABT 1720-AFT 24 MAY 1769)
Webber, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Webber, Thankful (18 AUG 1727-26 FEB 1784)
Webber, Waitstill (-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Abigail (1642-12 AUG 1712)
Webster, Abigail (27 MAY 1676-19 JUN 1750)
Webster, Bartram (ABT 1555-11 JUL 1608)
Webster, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Charles E. (2 OCT 1858-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Elizabeth (18 DEC 1696-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Frank M. (8 AUG 1849-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Hannah (23 DEC 1635-AFT JUL 1709)
Webster, Hannah (10 MAY 1666-14 AUG 1747)
Webster, Hannah (21 NOV 1700-AFT 1764)
Webster, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Israel (16 NOV 1704-UNKNOWN)
Webster, James S. (20 MAR 1821-18 DEC 1864)
Webster, John (-BEF 4 NOV 1646)
Webster, John (15 MAR 1666/67-4 MAY 1742)
Webster, John (27 JUL 1695-9 JAN 1695/96)
Webster, John Milton (-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Jonathan (-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Joseph (25 JAN 1708/09-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Judith (SEP 1694-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Lenora W. (ABT 1834-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Mary (ABT 1746-24 JUL 1787)
Webster, Mary (21 APR 1670-30 JAN 1763)
Webster, Mary (1630-3 FEB 1708/09)
Webster, Mary (9 DEC 1706-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Nathan (14 NOV 1674-16 AUG 1741)
Webster, Nathaniel (25 JUL 1712-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Sarah (22 JAN 1660/61-6 JAN 1744/45)
Webster, Stephen (1 JAN 1671/72-9 MAR 1748/49)
Webster, Stephen (ABT 1637-10 AUG 1694)
Webster, Stephen (1 JAN 1698/99-29 JUN 1774)
Webster, Thomas (1570-1634)
Webster, Thomas (-5 JAN 1714/15)
Webster, Thomas W. (11 NOV 1582-30 APR 1634)
Webster, Tryphena (9 NOV 1702-UNKNOWN)
Webster, William (-UNKNOWN)
Wedgewood, David (-UNKNOWN)
Wedgewood, James (30 MAR 1746-UNKNOWN)
Weeks, Alice (ABT 1620-UNKNOWN)
Weeks, Jonathan (-UNKNOWN)
Weeks, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Weeks, Judith (-UNKNOWN)
Weeks, Kate V. (-UNKNOWN)
Weeks, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Weeks, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Weeks, Nicholas (-UNKNOWN)
Weeks, Nicholas (-UNKNOWN)
Weeks, Sarah G. (-UNKNOWN)
Weese, John J. (14 NOV 1830-20 JUL 1914)
Welch, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Welch, Charles A. (-UNKNOWN)
Welch, Clarissa Isadora (JUN 1843-12 APR 1912)
Welch, John (-UNKNOWN)
Welcome, Peter (-UNKNOWN)
Wells, Edward , Jr. (-UNKNOWN)
Wells, John (-UNKNOWN)
Wells, John (-UNKNOWN)
Wells, Luke Captain (-UNKNOWN)
Welthen, (-UNKNOWN)
Wendy, (--living--)
Wentworth, Abbie (1856-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Abigail (-17 OCT 1790)
Wentworth, Almira Augusta (19 OCT 1832-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Annie Miriam (29 SEP 1874-26 SEP 1960)
Wentworth, Bartholomew (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Cornelia (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, David (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Ebenezer (9 SEP 1705-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Ephraim (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Eunice T. (20 FEB 1813-8 OCT 1852)
Wentworth, Gershom (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, James Jewett Reverend (25 JUL 1803-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, John (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, John Captain (23 FEB 1735/36-9 JUN 1781)
Wentworth, Josephus (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Martha (9 FEB 1683/84-1776)
Wentworth, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Mercy (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Nathan (1774-BEF 1834)
Wentworth, Olive Cross (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Paul (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Richard (16 MAY 1746-15 JUN 1835)
Wentworth, Samuel (-ABT 1715)
Wentworth, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Stephen D. (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Susan Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Susan W. (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, Tamson (-30 DEC 1753)
Wentworth, Thomas (-1758)
Wentworth, Timothy (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, William (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, William (-UNKNOWN)
Wentworth, William Captain (-UNKNOWN)
Wentzel, Josie H. (-UNKNOWN)
Wesenham, Hugh Sir (-ABT NOV 1375)
West, John (-BEF 27 DEC 1695)
Westbrook, John (-UNKNOWN)
Wetherell, Daniel (29 NOV 1630-UNKNOWN)
Wetherell, Daniel (26 JAN 1669/70-UNKNOWN)
Wetherell, Hannah (21 MAR 1659/60-UNKNOWN)
Wetherell, Mary (1662-1662)
Wetherell, Mary (7 OCT 1668-UNKNOWN)
Wetherell, William (-UNKNOWN)
Weymouth, Bridget (-UNKNOWN)
Weymouth, Joshua (11 APR 1695-UNKNOWN)
Weymouth, Robert (-BEF 24 DEC 1661)
Weymouth, Tabitha (-UNKNOWN)
Weymouth, William (-UNKNOWN)
Wheeler, Dominick (ABT 1565-ABT 12 JAN 1614/15)
Wheeler, Elizabeth (ABT 10 JAN 1617/18-16 JUL 1690)
Wheeler, Francis (ABT 1540-UNKNOWN)
Wheeler, John (ABT 4 NOV 1591-29 AUG 1670)
Whidden, Michael (-UNKNOWN)
Whidden, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
White, Esther (-16 MAY 1677)
White, Jeremiah (-UNKNOWN)
White, John (-UNKNOWN)
White, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
White, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
White, Sarah (-BEF NOV 1709)
Whitehouse, Lydia (ABT 1776-8 MAR 1848)
Whitehouse, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Whitehouse, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Whiting, Catherine (-AFT 16 JUN 1664)
Whiting, William (--living--)
Whitman, True "Charles" (-UNKNOWN)
Whitmore, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Whitset, Sarah Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Whittaker, Jacob (-9 OCT 1742)
Whittaker, William (21 DEC 1658-UNKNOWN)
Whittemore, Amos (-UNKNOWN)
Whittemore, Esther (15 AUG 1752-12 JUL 1803)
Whitter, Clara (-UNKNOWN)
Whittier, Betsey (ABT 1762-UNKNOWN)
Whittier, Mary (16 JAN 1763-7 AUG 1841)
Whittier, Nathaniel (26 FEB 1742/43-7 APR 1798)
Whittington, Wayne (--living--)
Wiburd, John (-UNKNOWN)
Wiburd, Sarah (-25 SEP 1788)
Wiggin, Aaron (12 JAN 1766-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Abigail (20 FEB 1740/41-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Abigail (-14 NOV 1748)
Wiggin, Abigail Church (1754-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Andrew Colonel, Jr. (6 JAN 1671/72-24 JAN 1756)
Wiggin, Andrew (5 MAY 1737-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Andrew (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Andrew , Jr. (14 JUL 1752-22 JAN 1836)
Wiggin, Andrew (1635-9 JAN 1708/09)
Wiggin, Andrew (27 MAR 1719-1774)
Wiggin, Andrew P. (ABT 1780-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Anna (-DEC 1869)
Wiggin, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Betsey (1786-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Bradstreet (18 APR 1745-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Bradstreet (25 MAR 1676-18 JAN 1708/09)
Wiggin, Bradstreet (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Caleb (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Caleb Captain (ABT 1778-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Caleb (4 JAN 1763-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Comfort (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Dorothy (13 SEP 1675-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Dorothy (13 DEC 1757-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Dorothy (13 SEP 1678-BEF 1754)
Wiggin, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Hannah (10 AUG 1666-BEF 1704)
Wiggin, Jemima (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, John (4 SEP 1674-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Jonathan (11 MAR 1682/83-BET 23 MAR 1736/37 AND 31 MAY 1738)
Wiggin, Levi (8 NOV 1760-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Martha (20 FEB 1742/43-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Mary (9 OCT 1780-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Mary (1641-BEF 1702)
Wiggin, Mary (22 MAR 1667/68-2 SEP 1745)
Wiggin, Mary (26 NOV 1767-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Mary (5 APR 1739-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Matha (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Mercy (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Nicholas (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Nicholas (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Oliver D. (14 AUG 1797-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Simon Lieutenant (17 APR 1664-ABT 1720)
Wiggin, Thomas Governor (1608-1666)
Wiggin, Thomas (5 MAR 1660/61-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggin, Thomas , Jr. (21 AUG 1640-6 MAR 1726/27)
Wiggins, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Wilborne, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Wilborne, Michael (-UNKNOWN)
Wilbur, Reuben W. (Private-)
Wiley, Rebecca (ABT 1672-UNKNOWN)
Wilkinson, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Willard, Caroline I. (-UNKNOWN)
Willard, Maria (-UNKNOWN)
Willey, Caleb (ABT 1800-UNKNOWN)
Willey, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Willey, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Willey, Frances (1705-UNKNOWN)
Willey, John (-UNKNOWN)
Willey, Levi (-UNKNOWN)
Willey, Martha T. (1826-13 JUN 1907)
Willey, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Willey, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Willey, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Willey, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Willey, Mary (Molly) (-UNKNOWN)
Willey, Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Willey, Sarah (ABT 1768-23 FEB 1862)
Willey, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Willey, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
William, VIII (-UNKNOWN)
William, Prince of England (BEF 16 FEB 1336/37-BEF 8 JUL 1337)
William, King of England II (ABT 1056-2 AUG 1100)
William, King of England I (BET 1027 AND 1028-10 SEP 1087)
William, King of Sicily II (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Elizabeth (25 OCT 1665-BEF 1737)
Williams, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, George W. A. (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, John (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, John Deacon (30 MAR 1664-27 MAR 1745)
Williams, Loren (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Sue (--living--)
Williams, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, William (ABT 1597-UNKNOWN)
Williams, William (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, William (ABT 1640-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Alexander (22 JUN 1807-MAY 1841)
Williamson, Angeline Albina (1856-20 APR 1929)
Williamson, Ann (1753-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Anne (1751-1752)
Williamson, Belle (-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Belle (-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Blanche Margaret (6 JUL 1899-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Byron (-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Calvin Morris (OCT 1899-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Calvin W. (-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Carl Campbell (3 DEC 1912-OCT 1986)
Williamson, Carlene (Private-)
Williamson, Carter (-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Charles E. (7 DEC 1865-1927)
Williamson, Charles E. (Private-)
Williamson, Christine Marie (Private-)
Williamson, Clyde W. (-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Daughter (-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, David (9 JAN 1789-5 MAY 1857)
Williamson, David Colonel (FEB 1747/48-4 SEP 1830)
Williamson, Dorothy (Private-)
Williamson, Earl Allen (28 FEB 1885-28 MAY 1933)
Williamson, Earl W. (Private-)
Williamson, Eleazer (19 APR 1796-8 AUG 1863)
Williamson, Eleazer , Jr. (1842-12 JUN 1912)
Williamson, Elizabeth (1730-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Elizabeth (25 AUG 1793-11 JAN 1863)
Williamson, Elizabeth (1838-1906)
Williamson, Elwood (-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Elwood Edwin (1 JUN 1910-14 DEC 1952)
Williamson, Eugene Yeazel (16 JUN 1931-24 MAY 2004)
Williamson, Eva Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Evamarie (Private-)
Williamson, Florence (-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, George (-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, George Bradford (-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Hannah Nicole (Private-)
Williamson, Helen Lucille (Private-)
Williamson, Howard Elliott (25 MAR 1897-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, James (4 JAN 1791-12 NOV 1859)
Williamson, James (1732-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, James A. (1845-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, James Templeton (7 AUG 1833-22 DEC 1834)
Williamson, Jane (4 JUN 1800-24 JUN 1825)
Williamson, Jeannette (Private-)
Williamson, John (1721-1791)
Williamson, John (4 SEP 1804-16 JUL 1826)
Williamson, John Alexander (21 MAR 1826-FEB 1892)
Williamson, John G. (Private-)
Williamson, John W. (1662-1757)
Williamson, Joseph (28 MAR 1756-5 AUG 1823)
Williamson, Joseph Dr. (7 AUG 1794-DEC 1820)
Williamson, Joseph Alphus (1861-1929)
Williamson, Joseph Carl (Private-)
Williamson, Joseph Cloakey (22 AUG 1827-10 JAN 1898)
Williamson, Kay Carlene (Private-)
Williamson, Lauren E. (-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Leslie Kay (Private-)
Williamson, Lewis (-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Margaret Jean (Private-)
Williamson, Mary (1745-1822)
Williamson, Mary Jane (26 MAY 1831-6 APR 1891)
Williamson, Mary Miller (26 FEB 1798-24 MAR 1822)
Williamson, Maude (-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Michael Eugene (Private-)
Williamson, Milton Elmore Dr. (29 AUG 1859-28 APR 1930)
Williamson, Moses (1723-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Nancy Isabella (1852-27 APR 1928)
Williamson, Nevin Amos (24 DEC 1894-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Paige Taylor (Private-)
Williamson, Patricia Jo (Private-)
Williamson, Raphael (Private-)
Williamson, Rebecca (1835-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Rebecca (12 DEC 1805-BEF 1823)
Williamson, Rhoda (17 FEB 1802-8 MAR 1822)
Williamson, Rhoda (1747-3 AUG 1826)
Williamson, Robert (Private-)
Williamson, Robin Elaine (Private-)
Williamson, Rolland (Private-)
Williamson, Rosalyn (Private-)
Williamson, Ryan Michael (Private-)
Williamson, Samuel (1725-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Samuel (1688-BEF 7 MAR 1771)
Williamson, Samuel (16 APR 1785-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Samuel Alexander (1847-30 JUL 1909)
Williamson, Sarah (29 DEC 1837-21 AUG 1838)
Williamson, Tamara Sue (Private-)
Williamson, Terry Lynn (Private-)
Williamson, Thomas (1727-UNKNOWN)
Williamson, Thomas E. (26 OCT 1865-14 MAY 1936)
Williamson, Thomas S. (JUL 1849-1907)
Williamson, Todd E. (Private-)
Williamson, William (11 MAR 1787-18 DEC 1842)
Williamson, William Calvin (20 JAN 1857-1927)
Williamson, William H. (1 NOV 1840-28 AUG 1873)
Willis, Ralph (--living--)
Willix, Hazelelponi (1636-UNKNOWN)
Willix, Susannah (-UNKNOWN)
Willoughby, Edward (-UNKNOWN)
Willoughby, William (-UNKNOWN)
Wills, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Aaron (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Ann (-8 MAR 1743/44)
Wilson, Elizabeth (11 JAN 1664/65-29 JUN 1692)
Wilson, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Humphrey (ABT 1620-BEF 13 OCT 1698)
Wilson, John (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Judith (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, William (-UNKNOWN)
Winchell, Frank Boothby (-UNKNOWN)
Winchell, Harry Frank (18 NOV 1865-UNKNOWN)
Wines, Esther (-29 NOV 1647)
Wing, John Reverend (-UNKNOWN)
Wing, John (ABT 1691-UNKNOWN)
Wing, Louisa Farnham (-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Abigail (2 MAR 1703/04-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Abigail (BET 12 MAR 1683/84 AND 1 DEC 1687-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Ann (2 FEB 1694/95-1787)
Wingate, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Ann (18 FEB 1666/67-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Caleb (ABT 1672-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Dorothy (-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Edmund (27 FEB 1702/03-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Elizabeth (3 FEB 1706/07-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Joanna (6 JAN 1711/12-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, John (-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, John Captain (10 APR 1693-1764)
Wingate, John (ABT 1639-9 DEC 1687)
Wingate, John Captain (13 JUL 1670-28 DEC 1714)
Wingate, John (-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Jonathan (-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Joshua (-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Joshua (2 FEB 1678/79-9 FEB 1769)
Wingate, Mary (ABT 1756-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Mary (3 OCT 1691-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Mehitable (14 NOV 1709-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Moses (27 DEC 1698-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Moses (ABT 1673-BEF 10 MAR 1697/98)
Wingate, Samuel (17 NOV 1700-BEF 1750)
Wingate, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Sarah (17 FEB 1696/97-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Simon (2 SEP 1713-UNKNOWN)
Wingate, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)
Wingfield, Agnes (ABT 1448-UNKNOWN)
Wingfield, Robert (1403-1454)
Wingfield, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Adline (24 MAR 1827-22 AUG 1894)
Winkley, Dennis (1808-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Elizabeth (7 NOV 1728-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Emerson (4 JUN 1740-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Francis (22 MAR 1797-18 NOV 1862)
Winkley, Francis (ABT 1689-23 APR 1776)
Winkley, Francis , Jr. (1774-7 APR 1855)
Winkley, Francis (25 OCT 1733-9 OCT 1818)
Winkley, John (9 FEB 1725/26-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, John (8 NOV 1768-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Lovey A. (31 JUL 1832-21 MAR 1899)
Winkley, Mark Hunking (1825-1867)
Winkley, Mark Hunking (10 OCT 1763-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Martha (16 MAY 1771-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Martha (1800-1863)
Winkley, Mary (15 FEB 1766-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Mary (21 JUN 1737-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Mercy (-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Nicholas (-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Nicholas (ABT 1639-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Olive (-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Paul (3 FEB 1803-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Samuel (9 MAR 1730/31-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Samuel (1660-BEF 6 MAY 1736)
Winkley, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Sarah (ABT 1739-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Sarah (1776-28 AUG 1845)
Winkley, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Winkley, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Winsley, Elisha (-UNKNOWN)
Winslow, Bethia (1691-19 JUN 1720)
Winslow, Edward (17 OCT 1560-1620)
Winslow, Edward Major (-UNKNOWN)
Winslow, Edward , Jr. (ABT 1708-UNKNOWN)
Winslow, Hannah (ABT 1708-1745)
Winslow, James (9 MAY 1687-19 OCT 1773)
Winslow, Job (1641-14 JUL 1720)
Winslow, Job (30 MAR 1715-UNKNOWN)
Winslow, Kenelm (9 AUG 1668-20 MAR 1727/28)
Winslow, Kenelm (29 APR 1599-13 SEP 1672)
Winslow, Kenelm (1700-UNKNOWN)
Winslow, Kenelm (-UNKNOWN)
Winslow, Lorana (1 JUL 1737-14 JUN 1793)
Winslow, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Winslow, Mary Magdalene (1610-26 MAR 1687)
Winslow, Mehitable (ABT 1704-UNKNOWN)
Winslow, Mercy (1693-UNKNOWN)
Winslow, Rebecca (1695-UNKNOWN)
Winslow, Ruth (1736-11 JUN 1798)
Winslow, Seth (ABT 1710-12 AUG 1754)
Winslow, Thankful (1697-16 SEP 1742)
Winslow, Thomas (1704-10 APR 1779)
Winthrop, John Governor (12 JAN 1586/87-29 MAR 1649)
Winthrop, Mary (30 DEC 1609-12 APR 1643)
Wintin, Unknown (--living--)
Wise, Susannah (ABT 1618-17 JUL 1699)
Wiswall, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Wiswall, Thomas Lieutenant (-UNKNOWN)
Witham, Lucy (9 APR 1792-1 APR 1861)
Witham, Margery (-UNKNOWN)
Witham, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Witham, William (-UNKNOWN)
Withers, Mary (ABT 1658-UNKNOWN)
Wolfe, Deborah (-UNKNOWN)
Wolford, Hans (-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Eliphalet (-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Mary (1570-16 JUN 1660)
Wood, Polly (-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Woodbridge, John Reverend (BET 1613 AND 1614-17 MAR 1694/95)
Woodbridge, Lucy (13 MAR 1641/42-18 JUN 1710)
Woodbury, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Woodbury, Nicholas (-UNKNOWN)
Woode, Mary (1579-UNKNOWN)
Woodman, Aaron H. (1843-1851)
Woodman, Abba C. (1848-16 OCT 1854)
Woodman, Almira (1837-UNKNOWN)
Woodman, Byron J. (25 JAN 1872-UNKNOWN)
Woodman, Charles (1841-UNKNOWN)
Woodman, Charles Chase (12 NOV 1814-1903)
Woodman, Dana (18 MAY 1851-UNKNOWN)
Woodman, Daniel S. (11 DEC 1845-2 JAN 1915)
Woodman, Glen (19 DEC 1905-19 DEC 1905)
Woodman, Harriette C. (31 MAY 1818-UNKNOWN)
Woodman, Herbert C. (1 DEC 1873-UNKNOWN)
Woodman, Jeremiah Hall (15 APR 1775-UNKNOWN)
Woodman, John (-UNKNOWN)
Woodman, John (1 FEB 1769-30 OCT 1865)
Woodman, John (27 JAN 1828-10 OCT 1830)
Woodman, John Captain (-UNKNOWN)
Woodman, Joseph Reverend (22 AUG 1748-28 SEP 1807)
Woodman, Joseph Johnson (4 AUG 1826-23 MAY 1898)
Woodman, Joshua (20 FEB 1802-20 NOV 1881)
Woodman, Mary (29 SEP 1654-13 SEP 1723)
Woodman, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Woodman, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Woodmansey, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Woods, Charlotte Amelia (1 FEB 1851-15 FEB 1878)
Woods, Herman (-UNKNOWN)
Woods, Howard (-UNKNOWN)
Woods, Lois (Private-)
Woodstock, Eleanor Of Princess of England (8 JUN 1318-22 APR 1355)
Woodville, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Woodville, Elizabeth (ABT 1437-8 JUN 1492)
Worcester, Betsy (30 MAY 1785-2 MAR 1865)
Worcester, Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Worcester, Sarah (ABT 1666-29 JAN 1719/20)
Worden, Mercy (-UNKNOWN)
Wormwood, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Wormwood, Jacob (-UNKNOWN)
Wormwood, John (-UNKNOWN)
Wormwood, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Wormwood, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Wormwood, William (-UNKNOWN)
Worseley, Joan (ABT 1307-UNKNOWN)
Worth, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Wrastle, (-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Wrobleski, Ted (Private-)
Wroblesky, Alice (Private-)
Wroblesky, Frank (Private-)
Wulfric, (-UNKNOWN)
Wulfrun, (-UNKNOWN)
Wurman, Deborah Ann (--living--)
Wyatt, John (-UNKNOWN)
Wyer, Eleazer (-UNKNOWN)
Wyman, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Wyman, Elizabeth (1789-UNKNOWN)
Wyman, John (-UNKNOWN)