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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with V

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Valade, Andre (-UNKNOWN)
Valade, Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Valiquette, Carol Mae (Private-)
Valois, Catherine Of (-UNKNOWN)
Valois, Joan Of (1464-1505)
Vanc, Madeleine (-UNKNOWN)
Vanc, Madeleine (-UNKNOWN)
Vanfleet, Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Vantine, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Vantine, James (-UNKNOWN)
Vargas, Balbina (--living--)
Varney, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Benajah (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Benajah (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Benjamin (-BEF 1732)
Varney, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Caleb (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Ebenezer (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Elias (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Elijah (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Esther (ABT 1719-8 FEB 1802)
Varney, Humphrey (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Ichabod (ABT 1715-UNKNOWN)
Varney, James (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, John (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Julius P. (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Margaret A. (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Maria (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Moses (ABT 1712-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Phebe (ABT 1725-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Sally (-UNKNOWN)
Varney, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Vaught, Gilbert (1896-UNKNOWN)
Vaught, Henry T. (-UNKNOWN)
Vaught, Mae (1894-UNKNOWN)
Vaught, Mary Ellen (1898-UNKNOWN)
Vaught, N.J. (-UNKNOWN)
Vaught, Son (-UNKNOWN)
Veasey, George (-UNKNOWN)
Veillon, Maixent (-UNKNOWN)
Veillon, Sebastienne (-UNKNOWN)
Veney, Bernarde (-UNKNOWN)
Verdon, John (ABT 1300-ABT 1346)
Verdon, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Verret, Jeanne (1675-UNKNOWN)
Vesta, (13 MAY 1901-28 NOV 1997)
Viard, Marguerite (-UNKNOWN)
Viau, Amable (1776-1828)
Viau, Marie-Angelique (2 JUL 1805-UNKNOWN)
Viau, Marie-Josephete (14 FEB 1808-4 AUG 1887)
Vickers, George (-UNKNOWN)
Vickery, Clara (-UNKNOWN)
Vincent, Philip (ABT 1693-UNKNOWN)
Vincent, Sarah (ABT 1819-UNKNOWN)
Vincent, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Vinet, Barthelemi (-UNKNOWN)
Vinet, Cungonde (ABT 17 FEB 1673/74-UNKNOWN)
Vinet, Cungonde (-UNKNOWN)
Virginia, (-UNKNOWN)
Visconti, Violanta (-UNKNOWN)
Vittum, John (-UNKNOWN)
Vose, Alice (-UNKNOWN)