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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with S

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S.Twombley, Viany (21 FEB 1838-5 OCT 1839)
Sabourin, Jean (ABT 1641-28 SEP 1721)
Sabourin, Jean-Baptiste (-UNKNOWN)
Sadler, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Safford, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Saguingoira, Pierre Gauthier Dit (1629-5 DEC 1703)
Saguingorra, Marie Anne Gauthier Dit (27 FEB 1675/76-17 JUN 1753)
Saia, Alvan J. (8 AUG 1929-23 MAR 2003)
Saia, Angela (--living--)
Saia, Angelo (14 MAR 1915-14 MAY 1996)
Saia, Darlene Marie (--living--)
Saia, Daughter (--living--)
Saia, Foster (7 SEP 1905-SEP 1977)
Saia, Frank (1876-UNKNOWN)
Saia, Frank Alan (Private-)
Saia, Frank David (Private-)
Saia, Jake Peter (Private-)
Saia, Joseph (ABT 1903-UNKNOWN)
Saia, Katelyn Marjorie (Private-)
Saia, Marie (--living--)
Saia, Nicholas Frank (Private-)
Saint Algifu, (-UNKNOWN)
Saint Clair, Edith (ABT 1425-BEF 8 NOV 1472)
Saint Clair, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Saint Walery, Laurette (-UNKNOWN)
Sally, (1768-23 FEB 1862)
Salmon, Elizabeth (ABT 1503-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Aaron Captain (-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Abiathar (25 FEB 1704/05-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Abigail (23 FEB 1653/54-3 JAN 1742/43)
Sanborn, Abigail (BEF 15 JUN 1712-21 APR 1798)
Sanborn, Abigail (-26 FEB 1768)
Sanborn, Amy (19 DEC 1710-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Ann (1690-AFT 1726)
Sanborn, Anne (BEF 10 SEP 1699-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Benjamin (16 JUL 1746-20 OCT 1794)
Sanborn, Benjamin Deacon (20 DEC 1668-15 DEC 1740)
Sanborn, Benjamin James (-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Benvolio (10 JUL 1797-15 APR 1863)
Sanborn, Betsey (-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Charles W. (28 DEC 1845-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Cyrus (5 JUN 1814-25 JAN 1836)
Sanborn, Cyrus R. (24 DEC 1847-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Daniel , Jr. (17 MAY 1731-26 JUL 1800)
Sanborn, Daniel (8 OCT 1708-22 SEP 1782)
Sanborn, Deborah (15 AUG 1776-1848)
Sanborn, Dinah (ABT 1657-ABT 1716)
Sanborn, Ezekiel (4 APR 1706-1757)
Sanborn, Ezekiel (7 SEP 1820-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, George Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Hannah (23 JUN 1701-8 DEC 1776)
Sanborn, Hattie Elizabeth (13 SEP 1844-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Ira (18 OCT 1766-10 FEB 1845)
Sanborn, Jacob (7 MAY 1711-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, James (-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, James (20 JUN 1697-4 AUG 1767)
Sanborn, Jeremiah (-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Jeremiah P. (19 FEB 1812-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, John (ABT 1620-20 OCT 1692)
Sanborn, John (-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, John Ensign (NOV 1681-3 SEP 1727)
Sanborn, John Wentworth (3 NOV 1848-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Jonathan (16 MAR 1717/18-13 FEB 1804)
Sanborn, Jonathan (25 MAY 1672-20 JUN 1741)
Sanborn, Jonathon P. (6 JAN 1817-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Joseph III (14 MAY 1726-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Joseph , Sr. (13 MAR 1658/59-BEF NOV 1727)
Sanborn, Joseph , Jr. (22 JUL 1700-26 JAN 1773)
Sanborn, Lucy (22 APR 1755-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Margaret (20 MAR 1697/98-13 JAN 1754)
Sanborn, Mary (-21 JAN 1732/33)
Sanborn, Mary (28 JUL 1697-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Mary (24 MAY 1736-1818)
Sanborn, Mary (24 FEB 1694/95-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Mehitable (ABT 1650-10 FEB 1713/14)
Sanborn, Mephibosheth (5 NOV 1663-5 FEB 1748/49)
Sanborn, Moses (16 JUL 1823-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Moses D. (4 APR 1789-11 OCT 1860)
Sanborn, Nathaniel (27 JAN 1665/66-9 NOV 1723)
Sanborn, Phebe (20 JUN 1703-28 NOV 1788)
Sanborn, Reuben (-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Richard (27 FEB 1692/93-14 SEP 1773)
Sanborn, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Samuel L. (BEF 22 DEC 1770-13 MAR 1825)
Sanborn, Sarah (10 FEB 1665/66-14 APR 1738)
Sanborn, Sarah Broadhead (22 JUN 1846-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, Stephen (1 MAY 1694-30 MAY 1778)
Sanborn, Stephen , Sr. (4 SEP 1671-21 JUN 1750)
Sanborn, Stephen (ABT 1627-AFT 1654)
Sanborn, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, William (31 OCT 1710-1783)
Sanborn, William (ABT 1655-9 OCT 1744)
Sanborn, William (-UNKNOWN)
Sanborn, William (28 MAR 1682-3 APR 1718)
Sanborn, William (ABT 1624-18 NOV 1692)
Sanborn, Zadoc (1 JUN 1707-BEF 19 APR 1733)
Sanborne, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Sanborne, Richard (ABT 1579-1630)
Sancho, VI (-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, Elisabeth York (25 MAY 1808-3 FEB 1877)
Sanders, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, Hannah (3 APR 1787-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, John Lieutenant (-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, Mary (5 JAN 1792-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, William Deacon (-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, William (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (1875-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (1662-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sargent, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Sargent, Sally (-UNKNOWN)
Sargent, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Sargent, Walter (-UNKNOWN)
Sarro, Viola (13 APR 1920-JUN 1986)
Saunders, Betsey (-UNKNOWN)
Saunders, John (-UNKNOWN)
Sauv, Flicit (28 NOV 1710-UNKNOWN)
Sauv, Pierre (1652-ABT 4 MAY 1737)
Sauv-Laplante, Marie-Anglique (ABT 24 FEB 1701/02-UNKNOWN)
Sauve, Francois (-UNKNOWN)
Savary, Mattie Boyden (19 JAN 1890-UNKNOWN)
Savary, Zantford L. (-UNKNOWN)
Savoy, Adelaide Of (-UNKNOWN)
Sawyer, Clifford (-UNKNOWN)
Sawyer, Emma (ABT 1757-UNKNOWN)
Sawyer, Hannah (9 APR 1685-UNKNOWN)
Sawyer, Mary (29 JUL 1660-3 NOV 1699)
Sawyer, William (-UNKNOWN)
Sayler, Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Sayler, Bertha (-UNKNOWN)
Sayler, Daniel E. (-UNKNOWN)
Sayler, Eva (-UNKNOWN)
Sayler, Nathan (-UNKNOWN)
Sayler, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Scammon, Grace (-UNKNOWN)
Scammon, Prudence (-UNKNOWN)
Scammon, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Scaresbrick, Isabel (ABT 1267-UNKNOWN)
Schlatter, William (-UNKNOWN)
Schretter, Hildergarde (-UNKNOWN)
Schuler, Leonard (--living--)
Schuyler, Phillip (--living--)
Scotland, Alexander Of Prince (21 JAN 1263/64-17 JAN 1283/84)
Scotland, Cellach Of (-937)
Scotland, Eochaid Of (BEF 962-971)
Scotland, Margaret Of Princess of Scotland (28 FEB 1260/61-9 APR 1283)
Scotland, Matilda of Princess (OCT 1079-1 MAY 1118)
Scotland, Olaf Of (-ABT 977)
Screechfield, Peggy Ann (Private-)
Scribner, John (-UNKNOWN)
Scribner, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Scribner, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Scribner, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Scribner, Sarah (27 DEC 1789-UNKNOWN)
Scribner, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Scruton, Mercy (-AUG 1849)
Searle, John (-UNKNOWN)
Searles, Anna Benson (ABT 1705-1787)
Sears, Mary (30 OCT 1657-27 FEB 1741/42)
Sears, Thankful (BET 1717 AND 1718-BET 1736 AND 1737)
Sears, Thomas (-26 MAY 1661)
Seavey, Elijah (-UNKNOWN)
Seavey, Eliza (27 DEC 1807-UNKNOWN)
Seavey, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Seavey, George (-UNKNOWN)
Seavey, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Seavey, Mary Ann (13 NOV 1816-2 APR 1893)
Seavey, William (-UNKNOWN)
Seavy, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Sebra, Mary Evangeline (19 MAY 1883-14 NOV 1974)
Sergeaux, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Serre, Jeanne (-UNKNOWN)
Servis, Dolly Fay (25 OCT 1903-18 APR 1987)
Severance, Enoch (-UNKNOWN)
Severance, Sarah (1698-28 JAN 1786)
Severence, Abigail (25 MAY 1643-UNKNOWN)
Severence, John (-UNKNOWN)
Severence, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Sewall, Charles W. (-UNKNOWN)
Sewall, Emma F. (24 JAN 1867-8 JAN 1954)
Seward, Joanna (1800-1890)
Sewell, Charles W. (-UNKNOWN)
Seymour, Daughter (29 AUG 1548-5 SEP 1548)
Seymour, Jane (ABT 1505-24 OCT 1537)
Seymour, Thomas Baron (-UNKNOWN)
Sguin, Anglique (-BEF 1753)
Shackford, Mary (ABT 1683-UNKNOWN)
Shane, Lanona Blanche (Private-)
Shapleigh, Alexander (-UNKNOWN)
Shapleigh, Alexander (-UNKNOWN)
Shapleigh, John (-UNKNOWN)
Shapleigh, Katherine (-29 MAY 1676)
Shapleigh, Sarah (9 DEC 1738-UNKNOWN)
Shard, Mary (-4 MAR 1681/82)
Shatswell, John (-UNKNOWN)
Shatswell, Mary (1606-28 APR 1694)
Shatswell, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Shatswell, Theophilus (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Ann (-9 DEC 1663)
Shaw, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Bathsheba (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Benjamin , Sr. (ABT 1641-31 DEC 1717)
Shaw, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Eliza M. (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Elizabeth (23 AUG 1664-27 OCT 1708)
Shaw, Ester (17 NOV 1666-25 MAR 1739)
Shaw, Esther (21 SEP 1715-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Helen (Ellen) (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Jonathan (9 MAY 1709-31 MAY 1780)
Shaw, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Joseph (ABT 1635-8 NOV 1720)
Shaw, Josiah (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Josiah (13 JAN 1672/73-10 JUN 1700)
Shaw, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Margaret (1634-15 APR 1704)
Shaw, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Mary L. (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Roger (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Roger (-29 MAY 1661)
Shaw, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Sarah (-23 JAN 1702/03)
Shaw, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Susanna (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Tristam (-UNKNOWN)
Shears, Elizabeth (ABT 1640-UNKNOWN)
Shepard, Enoch Freeman (31 JAN 1820-UNKNOWN)
Shepard, J.W. (-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, Benjamin (1779-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, Betsey (31 AUG 1783-20 OCT 1812)
Sherburne, Catherine E. (24 FEB 1824-28 OCT 1894)
Sherburne, David (-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, Deborah (-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, Elizabeth (5 FEB 1670/71-20 JAN 1740/41)
Sherburne, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, George (-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, Henry (28 MAR 1611-BET 1680 AND 1681)
Sherburne, Henry (1555-1598)
Sherburne, Hugh (1534-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, Jane (OCT 1745-SEP 1828)
Sherburne, Jane M. (-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, Joel F. (ABT 1835-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, John (1781-17 JUN 1865)
Sherburne, John (-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, John (2 FEB 1722/23-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, John (BEF 13 AUG 1615-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, John (2 FEB 1687/88-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, Joseph (1587-19 JUN 1621)
Sherburne, Margaret (29 JUN 1718-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, Phebe (-BEF 1754)
Sherburne, Richard (1510-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, Sally (22 FEB 1778-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Sherburne, Samuel Captain (4 AUG 1638-4 AUG 1691)
Sherburne, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Sherman, Lydia (8 APR 1768-11 OCT 1833)
Sherry, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Sherurne, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Shirts, Elizabeth (1603-10 FEB 1664/65)
Shortridge, A. (-UNKNOWN)
Shortridge, Ann (ABT 1665-UNKNOWN)
Shortridge, Ann (--living--)
Shortridge, Mary (ABT 1662-UNKNOWN)
Shortridge, Miriam (-UNKNOWN)
Shortridge, Richard (1636-AFT 1689)
Shortridge, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Shortridge, Richard (ABT 1661-UNKNOWN)
Shortt, George (-UNKNOWN)
Shuler, John (5 DEC 1777-25 DEC 1857)
Shuler, Leonard (ABT 1754-UNKNOWN)
Shull, Wilford C. (--living--)
Shupe, Cecil (--living--)
Shupe, Elbert (-UNKNOWN)
Shupe, Ella (--living--)
Shupe, Frank (--living--)
Shupe, Gladys (--living--)
Shupe, John (--living--)
Shupe, Mary (--living--)
Shupe, Ruth (--living--)
Shupe, Violet (--living--)
Silsby, Joanna (ABT 1617-15 JAN 1703/04)
Silver, Frances (1 AUG 1808-10 JUL 1879)
Silver, Sarah (2 OCT 1682-20 OCT 1770)
Silver, Sarah (Private-)
Silver, Susanna (17 JAN 1715/16-UNKNOWN)
Simmons, John (-UNKNOWN)
Simmons, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)
Simon, Earl of LeicesterV, De Montfort (-4 AUG 1265)
Simon, Linda Sue (--living--)
Simons, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Simons, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Simpson, Effie M. (-UNKNOWN)
Sinclair, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Sinclair, John , Jr. (-UNKNOWN)
Sinclair, John (-11 SEP 1745)
Skillings, Josiah (ABT 1684-UNKNOWN)
Slaughter, John (-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Aaron (23 JUL 1688-ABT 25 APR 1753)
Sleeper, Aaron (20 FEB 1660/61-9 MAY 1732)
Sleeper, Abigail (17 APR 1701-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Abigail (29 APR 1720-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Ann (7 FEB 1734/35-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Benjamin (25 MAR 1731-ABT 1731)
Sleeper, Daniel (BET 1715 AND 1719-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, David (16 NOV 1721-18 OCT 1780)
Sleeper, Ebenezer (24 APR 1702-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Ebenezer (18 MAY 1697-1698)
Sleeper, Edward (BET 1715 AND 1719-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Elisabeth (30 AUG 1723-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Elisha (9 MAY 1694-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Elizabeth (23 JUN 1717-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Girl (7 JUL 1704-1704)
Sleeper, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Henry (17 FEB 1723/24-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Hepsibah (24 MAR 1741/42-12 JAN 1807)
Sleeper, Hezekiah (11 MAY 1696-30 SEP 1722)
Sleeper, Ithamar (15 SEP 1708-1708)
Sleeper, John (-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, John (14 JUN 1690-17 DEC 1783)
Sleeper, John (25 JUL 1715-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Jonathan (6 DEC 1716-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Jonathan (17 MAR 1699/00-1736)
Sleeper, Joseph (14 JUN 1690-5 APR 1753)
Sleeper, Joseph (30 DEC 1722-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, L. (-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Love (22 OCT 1739-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Mary (21 FEB 1704/05-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Mary (9 MAR 1727/28-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Mehitable (25 APR 1701-1793)
Sleeper, Moses (19 NOV 1719-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Moses (2 JAN 1684/85-13 JAN 1754)
Sleeper, Naomi (-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Richard (17 APR 1738-ABT 1813)
Sleeper, Ruth (1 JUN 1650-10 JAN 1756)
Sleeper, Samuel (1 DEC 1692-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Samuel (17 APR 1727-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Sherburne (16 MAR 1733/34-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Thomas (3 NOV 1686-UNKNOWN)
Sleeper, Thomas (ABT 1616-30 JUL 1696)
Sloper, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Sloper, John (-24 FEB 1692/93)
Small, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Smallcorn, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Smalley, Edward (1600-10 FEB 1664/65)
Smalley, Francis (6 OCT 1625-1714)
Smallwood, Frances A. (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Abram (8 DEC 1817-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Amos (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Betsey (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Betsey (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Charles A. (26 NOV 1847-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Charles Nelson Reverend (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Charles Prescott (Private-)
Smith, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Deborah (ABT 1641-8 MAR 1675/76)
Smith, Dorothy (Private-)
Smith, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Elizabeth (1628-AFT 1702)
Smith, Elizabeth (29 APR 1712-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Emma M. (13 JUN 1853-UNKNOWN)
Smith, George E. (9 MAR 1840-9 OCT 1863)
Smith, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Huldah (6 JUL 1676-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Isabel (ABT 1579-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Jabez (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, James (ABT 1581-UNKNOWN)
Smith, James (ABT 1675-AFT 1738)
Smith, James (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Jerusha (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Joe Howard (--living--)
Smith, John (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, John (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, John (-BEF 9 JUN 1674)
Smith, John Lieutenant, Jr. (ABT 1640-2 DEC 1708)
Smith, John (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Joseph (1640-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Judith (BET 1630 AND 1635-18 JUN 1683)
Smith, Martha (11 JUL 1710-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Martha Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mary (AUG 1714-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mary (5 MAR 1701/02-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mary Jewett (15 DEC 1759-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mercy (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Meribah (1635-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mollie (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Moses (-ABT 1810)
Smith, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Nancy L. (21 JUN 1800-1 JAN 1888)
Smith, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Nathaniel (--living--)
Smith, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Nicholas (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Philip (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Rachel (1780-29 SEP 1840)
Smith, Rachel (1739-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Rebecca (-18 JUL 1694)
Smith, Richard (ABT 1602-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Robert (1612-30 AUG 1706)
Smith, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Samuel (22 APR 1670-26 JAN 1746/47)
Smith, Samuel Colonel (16 JUN 1686-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Sarah (1770-28 JAN 1826)
Smith, Sarah (ABT 1621-11 MAR 1697/98)
Smith, Sarah A. (6 JUL 1843-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Sarah C. (-BEF 1925)
Smith, Sarah Maria (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Stephen S. (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Susanna (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Thomas (BET 1589 AND 1590-BET 1652 AND 1658)
Smith, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, William (-1873)
Smith, William Harrison (-UNKNOWN)
Smithson, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Smythe, John (-UNKNOWN)
Smythe, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Snider, William H. (1844-1917)
Snipes, Ira (26 MAR 1902-JUL 1983)
Snow, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Snow, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Solde, Jeanne (-AFT 12 NOV 1697)
Solde, Martin (-AFT 7 JAN 1653/54)
Sollenberger, Henry Peffley (4 AUG 1865-21 JUN 1926)
Sollenberger, Vera Alberta (11 SEP 1910-17 AUG 1988)
Soule, Doras (-UNKNOWN)
Souter, George (-12 FEB 1821)
Souter, Mary (1776-OCT 1796)
South, Lillian (Private-)
Sparry, Elizabeth (ABT 1589-UNKNOWN)
Spencer, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Spencer, Elizabeth (26 MAY 1648-19 DEC 1700)
Spencer, Humphrey (ABT 1638-19 DEC 1700)
Spencer, Margaret (ABT 1632-1670)
Spencer, Mary (ABT 1634-NOV 1664)
Spencer, Moses (ABT 1642-ABT 1693)
Spencer, Susanna Chadbourne (ABT 1636-AFT 13 JUN 1684)
Spencer, Thomas (1596-15 DEC 1681)
Spencer, William (ABT 1631-15 MAY 1696)
Spinney, Andrew (-UNKNOWN)
Spinney, James (-UNKNOWN)
Spinney, John (-ABT 1705)
Spinney, John (-UNKNOWN)
Spinney, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Spinney, Margery (-UNKNOWN)
Spinney, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Spinney, Mercy (ABT 1689-UNKNOWN)
Spinney, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Spires, Leonzie (-UNKNOWN)
Spondana, (-UNKNOWN)
Sponsler, James , Jr. (14 AUG 1966-1 AUG 2004)
Sponsler, Jamie (--living--)
Sprague, Grace (1744-UNKNOWN)
Spriggs, William (-UNKNOWN)
Squier, Elizabeth (ABT 1539-UNKNOWN)
Squires, Eliezer (-UNKNOWN)
St-Jean, Jeanne Paladeau Pladeau Dit (28 JAN 1684/85-UNKNOWN)
St-Pierre, Pierre Briere Dit (-UNKNOWN)
St. Jeme, Jacques Beauvais Dit (BEF 22 NOV 1623-20 MAR 1690/91)
St. Liz, Simon de Earl of Huntingdon (-UNKNOWN)
St. Valerie, Renaud De (-UNKNOWN)
Stacey, Ezekiel Prescott (30 JUL 1828-UNKNOWN)
Stacey, Henrietta (OCT 1830-UNKNOWN)
Stacey, Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Stacey, Samuel (3 MAY 1827-UNKNOWN)
Stackpole, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Stackpole, Judith (-UNKNOWN)
Stackpole, Martha (ABT 1691-24 SEP 1792)
Stackpole, Philip (-UNKNOWN)
Stackpole, Sarah (ABT 1722-JAN 1804)
Stacy, Unknown (--living--)
Stainford, Joan (-UNKNOWN)
Standish, Alexander (1452-1507)
Standish, Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Standish, Alice (1510-UNKNOWN)
Standish, Anne (ABT 1507-UNKNOWN)
Standish, Clemency (-UNKNOWN)
Standish, Ralph (ABT 1479-BET 1537 AND 1538)
Standish, Roger (-UNKNOWN)
Stanhope, Maud (-30 AUG 1497)
Staniels, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Stanley, Elizabeth (ABT 1429-UNKNOWN)
Stanley, James (-UNKNOWN)
Stanley, John (ABT 1386-27 NOV 1437)
Stanley, Thomas (ABT 1405-11 FEB 1458/59)
Stanton, Joanna (-UNKNOWN)
Staples, Elizabeth (10 OCT 1701-UNKNOWN)
Staples, James (-UNKNOWN)
Staples, Peter , Jr. (-UNKNOWN)
Starbird, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Starbird, Daughter (-UNKNOWN)
Starbird, Daughter (-UNKNOWN)
Starbird, John (-UNKNOWN)
Starbird, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)
Starbird, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Starbird, Samuel (22 APR 1724-UNKNOWN)
Starbird, Simeon (-UNKNOWN)
Starbird, Simeon (-UNKNOWN)
Starbird, Simeon (-UNKNOWN)
Starbird, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Starbird, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Starbuck, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Starbuck, Edward (-UNKNOWN)
Starbuck, Edward Elder (-UNKNOWN)
Starbuck, Esther (-UNKNOWN)
Starbuck, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Starbuck, Shuah (1648-UNKNOWN)
Starr, Comfort Dr. (-UNKNOWN)
Starr, Elizabeth (-4 JUN 1704)
Starr, Samuel (-1688)
Steele, Lydia (8 JUN 1789-27 APR 1822)
Stephanie, (--living--)
Stephen, (-UNKNOWN)
Stephens, Archelaus (-UNKNOWN)
Stephens, Honor (4 FEB 1600/01-UNKNOWN)
Stephens, Otho (6 DEC 1726-21 SEP 1758)
Stephens, Williams (1575-UNKNOWN)
Stetson, Helen Louise (22 DEC 1872-UNKNOWN)
Stetson, William Butler (-UNKNOWN)
Stetson, William Herbert (18 MAY 1876-UNKNOWN)
Stevens, Elizabeth (4 FEB 1641/42-16 OCT 1662)
Stevens, Hannah (16 MAR 1704/05-UNKNOWN)
Stevens, Horace (-UNKNOWN)
Stevens, Jacob B. (-UNKNOWN)
Stevens, Jennie (-UNKNOWN)
Stevens, John (-UNKNOWN)
Stevens, John (-UNKNOWN)
Stevens, Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Stevens, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)
Stevens, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Stevens, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Stevenson, Bartholomew (-UNKNOWN)
Stevenson, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Stevenson, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Stevenson, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Stevenson, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Stevenson, Margaret (-12 DEC 1701)
Stevenson, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Stevenson, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Stevenson, Mary B. (1651-UNKNOWN)
Stevenson, Thomas (-7 DEC 1663)
Stevenson, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Steward, Sarah (ABT 1617-BET 1680 AND 1681)
Stewart, Andrew Sir (BEF 1312-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Egidia (BEF 1327-BEF 1406)
Stewart, Elizabeth Ann (1787-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Florence M. (-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Jean (BEF 1327-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, John Sir (1327-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, John Sir (BET 1345 AND 1390-BET 1445 AND 1449)
Stewart, John Earl Lennox III (-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Matthew Earl Lennox II (-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Robert King of Scotland (2 MAR 1315/16-19 APR 1390)
Stewart, Walter (1292-9 APR 1327)
Stickney, Betsey (-UNKNOWN)
Stileman, Daughter (-UNKNOWN)
Stileman, Elias (-UNKNOWN)
Stileman, Elias (ABT 1616-19 DEC 1695)
Stileman, Elias (-UNKNOWN)
Stileman, Elias (ABT 1640-UNKNOWN)
Stileman, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Stiles, Betsey (1784-29 MAY 1859)
Stiles, H. Pauline (-UNKNOWN)
Stiles, James Henry (13 FEB 1850-29 APR 1929)
Stiles, John (-UNKNOWN)
Stiles, Joseph (1824-23 JUN 1918)
Stiles, Joseph (1787-6 OCT 1836)
Stiles, Sally (-UNKNOWN)
Stimpson, Jonathan (-UNKNOWN)
Stomps, Glenn Edward (Private-)
Stomps, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Stone, Alonzo (-UNKNOWN)
Stone, Amanda F. (-UNKNOWN)
Stone, Daniel (ABT 1643-23 APR 1713)
Stone, Experience (ABT 1757-24 APR 1827)
Stone, Rachel (13 JUL 1680-UNKNOWN)
Stone, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Storer, Jemima (-UNKNOWN)
Stowe, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Strachan, Lucy E. (1874-29 NOV 1984)
Strang, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Strange, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Strathclyde, Donald Of King of Strathclyde (-UNKNOWN)
Stratton, Elizabeth (11 SEP 1774-5 APR 1854)
Stratton, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Strong, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Stroughton, Rose (1 NOV 1629-BET 1673 AND 1674)
Strubs, Irene M. (16 AUG 1912-30 OCT 1998)
Stuart, John Lord d'Aubigny V (-UNKNOWN)
Stuart, Mary (1753-UNKNOWN)
Stuart, Matthew Earl Lennox IV (1516-1571)
Stubbs, Sarah (15 MAY 1786-25 APR 1810)
Susan, (-UNKNOWN)
Susanna, (-UNKNOWN)
Susanna, (-12 JUN 1680)
Susannah, (-UNKNOWN)
Susannah, (-1849)
Sutter, Anna Barbara (-UNKNOWN)
Swabia, Beatrice (-UNKNOWN)
Swain, Bethia (22 NOV 1652-19 DEC 1723)
Swain, George (-UNKNOWN)
Swain, Lyman E. (1862-27 AUG 1883)
Swain, Martha Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Swain, Reuben (-UNKNOWN)
Swaine, Elizabeth (BEF 9 OCT 1638-10 FEB 1711/12)
Swaine, Grace (1627-UNKNOWN)
Swaine, Hannah (23 JUL 1648-7 FEB 1698/99)
Swaine, Mary (-27 SEP 1717)
Swaine, Mary Ann (18 FEB 1835-28 DEC 1919)
Swaine, Priscilla (-UNKNOWN)
Swaine, Richard (-14 APR 1682)
Swaine, William (ABT 1619-20 OCT 1657)
Sweat, Dorothy (26 FEB 1726/27-UNKNOWN)
Swett, Benjamin Captain (2 MAY 1710-AFT 1761)
Swett, Benjamin , Jr. (5 AUG 1656-AFT 1718)
Swett, Benjamin Captain, Sr. (ABT 1626-29 JUN 1677)
Swett, Elizabeth (30 MAY 1742-12 AUG 1769)
Swett, Esther (7 JUN 1648-UNKNOWN)
Swett, Joseph , Sr. (21 JAN 1658/59-UNKNOWN)
Swett, Moses (16 SEP 1661-UNKNOWN)
Swett, Sarah (7 NOV 1650-8 DEC 1717)
Swigert, Cora (1888-UNKNOWN)
Swynford, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Sybil, (1112-1165)
Sybilla, (-1122)
Sykes, Jonathan (-UNKNOWN)
Symmes, Zachariah Reverend (-UNKNOWN)
Symonds, Harlakenden (-UNKNOWN)
Symonds, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Symonds, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Symonds, Priscilla (1648-UNKNOWN)
Symonds, Richard (5 DEC 1560-8 AUG 1627)
Symonds, Ruth (-23 FEB 1701/02)
Symonds, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Symonds, Samuel (1595-12 OCT 1678)
Symonds, Sarah (2 JUL 1668-UNKNOWN)
Symonds, William (-26 MAY 1679)
Sywarde, (ABT 1085-UNKNOWN)