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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with R

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Rachel, (-UNKNOWN)
Rachel, (-UNKNOWN)
Rackley, William (-UNKNOWN)
Rackliff, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Radcliffe, Alexander (ABT 1416-1476)
Radcliffe, Alexander (BEF 1473-UNKNOWN)
Radcliffe, Anne (ABT 1554-UNKNOWN)
Radcliffe, Eleanore (-BET 1611 AND 1612)
Radcliffe, Isabella (ABT 1441-20 JUN 1497)
Radcliffe, John (1365-26 JUL 1442)
Radcliffe, John (ABT 1333-8 AUG 1422)
Radcliffe, Margaret (ABT 1426-1476)
Radcliffe, Maria (BEF 1492-UNKNOWN)
Radcliffe, Richard (ABT 1401-UNKNOWN)
Radcliffe, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Radcliffe, William (-UNKNOWN)
Raler, Catharine (-16 DEC 1855)
Ramirez, Amanda Leigh (Private-)
Ramirez, Stanley Leroy (Private-)
Rand, Cornelia M. (-1864)
Rand, Francis (1616-UNKNOWN)
Rand, Hannah (28 MAY 1729-15 FEB 1831)
Rand, John (1645-29 SEP 1691)
Rand, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Rand, Samuel (1680-UNKNOWN)
Rand, Thomas (1702-UNKNOWN)
Randall, Albert (-UNKNOWN)
Randall, Debbey (-UNKNOWN)
Randall, Eliphalet (-UNKNOWN)
Randall, Elizabeth (18 DEC 1763-4 JUN 1805)
Randall, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Randall, Huldah (-UNKNOWN)
Randall, Jeremiah (-UNKNOWN)
Randall, John Rawlins (-UNKNOWN)
Randall, Jotham (-UNKNOWN)
Randall, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Randall, Mary (ABT 1690-UNKNOWN)
Randall, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Randall, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Randall, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Randall, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Randall, Sarah (6 APR 1736-8 JAN 1791)
Randall, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Randall, Sarah (1736-1791)
Randall, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)
Randall, William (-UNKNOWN)
Ranson, Ebenezer (-UNKNOWN)
Rawl, Elizabeth (27 JAN 1791-10 JAN 1866)
Rawlings, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Rawlins, Deborah (26 JAN 1718/19-UNKNOWN)
Rawlins, Elizabeth (BEF 7 APR 1728-UNKNOWN)
Rawlins, Hannah (16 JUL 1706-UNKNOWN)
Rawlins, Ichabod Judge (-1707)
Rawlins, Ichabod Judge (18 JUL 1722-31 JAN 1800)
Rawlins, Jeremiah Ensign (ABT 1675-ABT 1768)
Rawlins, Lydia (18 MAR 1715/16-UNKNOWN)
Rawlins, Mary (23 JAN 1713/14-UNKNOWN)
Rawlins, Sarah (BEF 7 APR 1728-UNKNOWN)
Ray, Moses (27 FEB 1807-UNKNOWN)
Raymond, Count of Toulouse VI (-UNKNOWN)
Raynes, Frances (-UNKNOWN)
Raynes, Tabitha (-UNKNOWN)
Reade, Edmonde (ABT 1563-NOV 1623)
Reade, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Reade, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Reade, Martha (13 JUL 1602-1662)
Reade, William (BET 1539 AND 1540-19 JUL 1603)
Rebecca, (-UNKNOWN)
Rebecca, (-UNKNOWN)
Rebecca, (1580-14 MAY 1655)
Recheine, Jacqueline (ABT 1615-UNKNOWN)
Redman, John (ABT 1615-16 FEB 1698/99)
Redman, John , Jr. (-UNKNOWN)
Redman, John , Sr. (1 NOV 1729-28 JUL 1776)
Reed, Amie Evelyn (28 JAN 1872-UNKNOWN)
Reed, Annie Lincoln (29 AUG 1857-28 NOV 1859)
Reed, Charles Goffe (24 DEC 1844-UNKNOWN)
Reed, Clarence Monroe (25 DEC 1879-UNKNOWN)
Reed, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Reed, Daniel (BET 1838 AND 1839-UNKNOWN)
Reed, Elizabeth Myrick (21 NOV 1840-UNKNOWN)
Reed, Elmer (9 JAN 1871-UNKNOWN)
Reed, Emily Frances (1 OCT 1842-24 NOV 1858)
Reed, Eva May (11 AUG 1875-UNKNOWN)
Reed, George William (14 JUN 1852-UNKNOWN)
Reed, Mabel Linden (26 JUL 1878-UNKNOWN)
Reed, Marine DeWalt (12 MAR 1866-22 FEB 1953)
Reed, Mary E. (-UNKNOWN)
Reed, Nellie Carleton (17 MAY 1854-UNKNOWN)
Reed, Olive Alice (17 OCT 1869-UNKNOWN)
Reed, Susan (Private-)
Reed, William Captain (11 OCT 1811-UNKNOWN)
Reed, William M. (-UNKNOWN)
Reginald, II (-12 OCT 1343)
Regnier, Marquis of Montferrat (-UNKNOWN)
Reinoud, Duke of Gueldres II (-1343)
Remick, Jacob (ABT 1661-UNKNOWN)
Remick, John (7 OCT 1692-UNKNOWN)
Renault, Colombe (-UNKNOWN)
Renault, Marguerite (-UNKNOWN)
Rene, Count of Anjou (-UNKNOWN)
Revon, Nicole (-UNKNOWN)
Reynolds, Clara (-UNKNOWN)
Reynolds, Derek Stephen (Private-)
Reynolds, Stephen R. (Private-)
Reynolds, Susanna (-AFT MAR 1792)
Rice, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Rice, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Rice, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Rice, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Rice, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Rice, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Rice, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Rice, Samuel W. (-UNKNOWN)
Rice, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Rice, Thomas (ABT 1641-ABT 1711)
Rich, John Nelson (25 FEB 1834-UNKNOWN)
Rich, Nellie M. (8 OCT 1868-UNKNOWN)
Rich, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Rich, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Richard, Duke of Normandy I (28 AUG 933-20 NOV 996)
Richard, King of England III (2 OCT 1452-22 AUG 1485)
Richard, Duke of Bernay (BET 1055 AND 1056-BET 1075 AND 1081)
Richard, King II (6 JAN 1366/67-FEB 1399/00)
Richard, Duke of NormandyII, The Good (ABT 963-28 AUG 1027)
Richards, Abby (15 OCT 1840-UNKNOWN)
Richards, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Richards, Clement P. (10 JUL 1849-UNKNOWN)
Richards, Doty (-UNKNOWN)
Richards, Harriet C. (9 MAY 1837-UNKNOWN)
Richards, John , Jr. (-UNKNOWN)
Richards, John (-UNKNOWN)
Richards, Lucy (ABT 1605-BEF 1662)
Richardson, Eben (-UNKNOWN)
Richardson, Elizabeth (-1 DEC 1667)
Richardson, Esther (ABT 1645-16 MAY 1736)
Richendollar, Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Richmond, Charles A. (-UNKNOWN)
Richmond, George (-UNKNOWN)
Ricker, Delia Frances (14 AUG 1857-UNKNOWN)
Ricker, Ephraim (-UNKNOWN)
Ricker, George (-UNKNOWN)
Ricker, Judith (-UNKNOWN)
Ricker, Lincoln (26 FEB 1860-UNKNOWN)
Ricker, Lucy Elma (31 JUL 1858-UNKNOWN)
Ricker, Mary E. (-12 MAY 1904)
Ricker, Nancy I. (-UNKNOWN)
Ricker, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Ricker, Stephen F. (3 FEB 1824-UNKNOWN)
Ricker, Tamson (-UNKNOWN)
Ricker, Tamson (1721-14 MAY 1782)
Rickford, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Adoniram (17 FEB 1822-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Betsy Arozina (1 FEB 1830-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Charles B. (3 AUG 1841-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Cyrus (7 JUL 1839-11 OCT 1857)
Riddle, Enoch (-11 OCT 1865)
Riddle, George W. (29 MAY 1833-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, James Lyman (10 APR 1827-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Robert B. (12 JAN 1836-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, Rueben Prescott (14 OCT 1824-UNKNOWN)
Rider, Samuel (ABT 1695-UNKNOWN)
Rider, Zerviah (ABT 1700-UNKNOWN)
Ripley, Addie L. (4 DEC 1853-UNKNOWN)
Ripley, Ezra (-UNKNOWN)
Ripley, Lucy E. (13 AUG 1855-UNKNOWN)
Ripley, N. Augustus (-UNKNOWN)
Riviere, Jacques (13 NOV 1764-UNKNOWN)
Robert, King Of Scotland III (-UNKNOWN)
Robert, (-UNKNOWN)
Robert, Duke of Normandy I (-3 JUL 1035)
Robert, Duke of NormandyI, The Magnificent (ABT 1003-22 JUL 1035)
Robert, King of France II (-1031)
Roberts, Abigail (16 JUL 1701-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Abigail (29 JUL 1689-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Alexander (1568-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Alice May (5 MAY 1868-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Alton J. (23 OCT 1874-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Ann (3 SEP 1565-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Anna (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Anna (1774-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Benjamin (1 SEP 1719-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Benjamin (ABT 1712-AFT 1773)
Roberts, Benjamin (20 SEP 1709-10 NOV 1784)
Roberts, Benjamin (BET 1691 AND 1692-13 OCT 1708)
Roberts, Caroline (31 JUL 1828-25 MAY 1882)
Roberts, Cora R. (30 JUL 1855-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Ebenezer (24 FEB 1704/05-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Edward (14 APR 1563-16 MAY 1635)
Roberts, Edward W. (20 DEC 1865-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Eleanor (10 AUG 1560-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Elisabeth (1641-1701)
Roberts, Elizabeth (25 SEP 1746-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Elizabeth (BEF 21 MAR 1735/36-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Elizabeth (13 MAR 1696/97-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Ellen (7 APR 1861-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Ephraim (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Francis (14 APR 1753-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Francis (12 JUN 1723-1758)
Roberts, Francis (18 NOV 1567-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, George (30 MAR 1704-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Grisilde (14 JUN 1574-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Hannah (10 MAY 1713-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Hatevil Lieutenant (1654-3 MAR 1724/25)
Roberts, Hatevil (16 JUL 1717-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Hatevil (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Hester (-6 DEC 1687)
Roberts, Jane (1627-1648)
Roberts, Jemima (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Joanna (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Joanna (-AFT 1729)
Roberts, John (BET 1645 AND 1650-6 AUG 1691)
Roberts, John (21 MAY 1772-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, John (1719-27 NOV 1752)
Roberts, John (19 DEC 1761-22 JAN 1764)
Roberts, John (10 OCT 1571-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, John (25 MAR 1621-21 JAN 1694/95)
Roberts, John (BEF 22 MAY 1743-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, John (ABT 1675-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, John (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, John (ABT 1735-1772)
Roberts, John (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, John (6 DEC 1694-23 JAN 1771)
Roberts, John (ABT 1680-BEF JUL 1756)
Roberts, John (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, John Carr (23 DEC 1754-1787)
Roberts, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Joseph Ensign (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Joseph (29 DEC 1762-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Joseph Lieutenant (ABT 1660-BEF 1742)
Roberts, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Joseph (ABT 1683-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Joseph (27 OCT 1692-1761)
Roberts, Joshua (11 OCT 1698-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Lemuel (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Love (21 APR 1721-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Love (ABT 1685-1755)
Roberts, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Lydia (16 MAY 1721-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Lydia (11 APR 1712-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Mary (18 SEP 1779-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Mary (ABT 1535-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Mary (20 JUL 1701-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Mary (BEF 24 AUG 1740-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Mary (1564-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Mary (-1745)
Roberts, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Mary (-1771)
Roberts, Mary (Molly) (-AFT 1830)
Roberts, Mary Molly (4 DEC 1756-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, May (1564-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Miriam (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Nathaniel (-31 JAN 1753)
Roberts, Nellie (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Oliver (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Phebe (20 SEP 1716-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Relief (22 JUN 1767-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Richard (6 NOV 1575-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Samuel (7 MAY 1723-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Samuel (12 DEC 1686-1751)
Roberts, Samuel (BEF 21 MAR 1735/36-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Samuel (11 APR 1712-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Sarah (-1827)
Roberts, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Sarah (18 OCT 1726-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Sarah (2 JUN 1750-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Sarah (1643-OCT 1692)
Roberts, Sarah (BEF 14 FEB 1738/39-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Sarah (18 FEB 1708/09-10 FEB 1770)
Roberts, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Stephen (20 AUG 1704-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Susanna (7 NOV 1764-10 NOV 1764)
Roberts, Thomas , Jr. (1633-AFT 1705)
Roberts, Thomas (10 JUL 1494-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Thomas (1559-20 FEB 1626/27)
Roberts, Thomas (-1755)
Roberts, Thomas Sir (1600-27 SEP 1673)
Roberts, Thomas (ABT 1737-1798)
Roberts, Thomas (BET 1655 AND 1660-ABT 1735)
Roberts, Timothy (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Timothy (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Timothy (ABT 1695-31 DEC 1774)
Roberts, Timothy (3 AUG 1759-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Walter (1526-23 JUN 1580)
Roberts, Walter H. (15 FEB 1874-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, William (BET 1675 AND 1685-1713)
Roberts, William (30 JUN 1701-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Winslow (1821-UNKNOWN)
Robie, Bathsheba (2 AUG 1696-13 APR 1765)
Robie, Deliverance (22 MAR 1656/57-UNKNOWN)
Robie, Deliverance (-UNKNOWN)
Robie, Dorothy (-UNKNOWN)
Robie, Henry (12 FEB 1617/18-22 APR 1688)
Robie, Ichabod (26 NOV 1664-15 MAY 1757)
Robie, John (19 APR 1731-16 NOV 1794)
Robie, John , Sr. (2 FEB 1647/48-16 JUN 1691)
Robie, Judith (ABT 1650-17 JAN 1724/25)
Robie, Mary (ABT 1664-ABT 1693)
Robie, Mary (25 NOV 1686-5 MAY 1739)
Robie, Mary (ABT 1645-UNKNOWN)
Robie, Ruth (3 MAR 1653/54-UNKNOWN)
Robie, Samuel (12 FEB 1628/29-UNKNOWN)
Robie, Samuel (4 AUG 1659-10 AUG 1717)
Robie, Sarah (19 APR 1679-UNKNOWN)
Robie, Theodate (5 DEC 1691-12 APR 1783)
Robie, Thomas (1 MAR 1645/46-UNKNOWN)
Robie, Thomas (ABT 1666-UNKNOWN)
Robie, Walton (ABT 1668-UNKNOWN)
Robin, Eustace (-UNKNOWN)
Robin, Mathurine M. (-16 APR 1662)
Robinson, Bertha May (--living--)
Robinson, Eliza A. (25 MAR 1838-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Elizabeth (30 JUL 1712-3 MAY 1773)
Robinson, Elizabeth (ABT 1710-AFT 1736)
Robinson, Elvira T. (MAR 1828-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Helen (-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, John C. (26 JUN 1836-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Leroy (--living--)
Robinson, Lois A. (31 MAR 1844-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Lydia B. (30 MAY 1799-30 JUN 1867)
Robinson, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Martha E. (16 MAY 1823-30 MAY 1893)
Robinson, Mary R. (11 APR 1846-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Nancy (JAN 1785-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Nancy C. (28 MAR 1854-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Otis G. (10 FEB 1828-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Sarah J. (12 OCT 1851-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Susan H. (17 NOV 1840-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Timothy (1644-1668)
Robinson, Timothy (15 MAR 1666/67-2 FEB 1736/37)
Robinson, Walter B. (16 APR 1874-UNKNOWN)
Robitaile, Philip (-UNKNOWN)
Roby, Sally (-UNKNOWN)
Roby, Sarah (11 APR 1736-25 DEC 1816)
Rogers, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Enoch (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, William Evert (-UNKNOWN)
Rollins, Abigail (31 OCT 1798-UNKNOWN)
Rollins, Eliza Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Rollins, Elizabeth (16 MAY 1764-UNKNOWN)
Rollins, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Rollins, Elizabeth (Betsey) (BEF 7 APR 1728-7 JAN 1800)
Rollins, Ichabod Captain (ABT 1747-18 FEB 1787)
Rollins, James (-UNKNOWN)
Rollins, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Rollins, Mary (23 JAN 1713/14-UNKNOWN)
Rollins, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Rollins, Sarah (-29 JUN 1810)
Rollins, Sarah (ABT 1720-AFT 1803)
Rollins, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Rool, John (-UNKNOWN)
Root, John Sylvester (-UNKNOWN)
Rosanna, (-UNKNOWN)
Rose, (-UNKNOWN)
Rose, Albert H. (2 FEB 1837-UNKNOWN)
Rose, Amanda (-UNKNOWN)
Rose, Augustus G. (5 JUL 1831-UNKNOWN)
Rose, Calvin H. (21 APR 1833-UNKNOWN)
Rose, Loren (-UNKNOWN)
Rose, Mary A. (26 SEP 1835-UNKNOWN)
Rose, Melissa (--living--)
Rose, Nancy J. (27 APR 1839-UNKNOWN)
Rose, Patricia (--living--)
Rose, Phebe (21 SEP 1803-UNKNOWN)
Rose, Phebe E. (13 FEB 1843-UNKNOWN)
Rose, Sarah T. (15 MAR 1845-UNKNOWN)
Rose, Vesta A. (2 AUG 1841-UNKNOWN)
Rose, W.E. (--living--)
Ross, Anna (-UNKNOWN)
Ross, Euphemia Of (-UNKNOWN)
Rouleau, Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Rousell, Charlotte (1647-BEF 22 JAN 1697/98)
Rousell, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Anthony (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Caroline (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Charles Sumner (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, David (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Elmira (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Eunice (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Isaac (3 OCT 1809-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, James (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, James R. (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Jesse (1 DEC 1794-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Jesse C. (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, John (29 JUN 1796-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, John W. (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Jonathan (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Judith (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Keziah (10 MAR 1798-31 MAR 1864)
Rowe, Margaret (21 AUG 1804-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Mary A. (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Mary A. (11 FEB 1812-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Matilda (12 MAY 1807-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Matilda (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Nathaniel (13 JUL 1802-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Robert Caverly (-1878)
Rowe, Sarah (17 JUN 1800-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Sarah A. (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Stephen (13 NOV 1792-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)
Rowell, Betsy (23 JUL 1811-UNKNOWN)
Rowlena, (-29 SEP 1992)
Roy, Andre (3 DEC 1675-31 MAR 1753)
Roy, Francois (7 MAY 1670-8 SEP 1760)
Roy, Francoise-Jeanne (22 FEB 1666/67-28 SEP 1686)
Roy, Jean (1633-1 MAY 1676)
Roy, Jean-Baptiste (8 FEB 1661/62-4 APR 1741)
Roy, Jeanne Franoise (11 DEC 1660-19 JAN 1687/88)
Roy, Louis (23 DEC 1672-31 MAR 1716)
Roy, Marie (1744-1781)
Roy, Marie Agnes (23 OCT 1664-14 DEC 1717)
Roy, Pierre (11 MAY 1709-1767)
Rudd, Joan (-UNKNOWN)
Rugge, Jane (ABT 1475-UNKNOWN)
Rugge, Richard (ABT 1445-UNKNOWN)
Rundlett, Betsy (30 OCT 1788-UNKNOWN)
Rundlett, Daniel P. (22 NOV 1790-UNKNOWN)
Rundlett, James (9 MAY 1799-UNKNOWN)
Rundlett, Jonathon (7 MAY 1795-UNKNOWN)
Rundlett, Josiah (19 AUG 1787-22 OCT 1856)
Rundlett, Josiah (23 NOV 1762-27 NOV 1845)
Rundlett, Mary (28 JUL 1792-27 SEP 1794)
Rundlett, Mary F. (-UNKNOWN)
Rundlett, Newell (21 DEC 1785-UNKNOWN)
Rundlett, Polly (14 APR 1797-12 JAN 1851)
Rundlett, Rachel (19 DEC 1764-5 JUN 1811)
Rundlett, Reuben (31 JUL 1801-UNKNOWN)
Runnels, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Herbert H. (-UNKNOWN)
Rust, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Ruth, (-UNKNOWN)
Ruth, (-UNKNOWN)
Rutledge, Matilda (--living--)
Ryder, Charlie (--living--)
Ryder, Chris (--living--)