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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with O

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Oakey, Christiana (-UNKNOWN)
Oakey, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Odell, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)
Odiorne, Jotham (-UNKNOWN)
Odlin, John (-UNKNOWN)
Oldham, Lucretia (BET 1595 AND 1601-UNKNOWN)
Oliphant, Walter Sir (-AFT 1378)
Olive, (-UNKNOWN)
Oliver, Magdaline (4 AUG 1566-UNKNOWN)
Oller, Sherial (--living--)
Oller, Unknown (--living--)
Ollyver, Gilbert (-UNKNOWN)
Olmstead, Addie Martha (7 JUN 1883-13 APR 1959)
Olmstead, Clarence Charles (3 MAY 1879-14 AUG 1941)
Olmstead, Edna Blanche (SEP 1885-NOV 1973)
Olmstead, Edward (-UNKNOWN)
Olmstead, Flora K. (4 NOV 1869-18 JAN 1943)
Olmstead, Frederick Milton (18 OCT 1873-1 APR 1950)
Ontz, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Ordgar, Elfrida (-UNKNOWN)
Ordway, Anna (-1 NOV 1725)
Osgood, Charles H. (1873-UNKNOWN)
Osgood, Dorothy (24 MAR 1752-17 OCT 1810)
Osgood, James Y. (1844-28 FEB 1925)
Osgood, John (-UNKNOWN)
Osgood, John (-UNKNOWN)
Osgood, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Otis, Ann (ABT 1655-UNKNOWN)
Otis, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Otis, Christine (MAR 1688/89-UNKNOWN)
Otis, Elijah (10 JUN 1749-8 APR 1838)
Otis, Experience (7 NOV 1666-8 FEB 1699/00)
Otis, Hannah (1687-UNKNOWN)
Otis, Judith (ABT 1667-AFT 16 MAR 1724/25)
Otis, Mary (ABT 1679-UNKNOWN)
Otis, Nathaniel (ABT 1677-UNKNOWN)
Otis, Nicholas (ABT 1664-26 JUL 1696)
Otis, Nicholas (-26 JUL 1696)
Otis, Richard Esquire (ABT 1626-28 JUN 1689)
Otis, Richard (ABT 1650-BEF JAN 1701/02)
Otis, Rose (-UNKNOWN)
Otis, Rose (ABT 1657-ABT 1755)
Otis, Soloman (15 OCT 1663-4 MAR 1663/64)
Otis, Stephen (ABT 1675-UNKNOWN)
Otis, Stephen Lieutenant (24 JUN 1761-4 DEC 1835)
Otis, Stephen (1652-28 JUN 1689)
Ottman, James (-UNKNOWN)
Ouellet, Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Ouvard, Renee (-UNKNOWN)
Owain, (-968)
Owen, Mary (20 DEC 1767-25 APR 1823)
Owens, Margery (ABT 1544-UNKNOWN)