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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with M

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Mabel, (--living--)
Mac Crinan, Duncan King of Scotland (ABT 1001-14 AUG 1040)
Mac Erc, Fergus Mor (ABT 434-ABT 501)
Mac Fergus, Godfruich (-UNKNOWN)
MacAlpin, Daughter (-UNKNOWN)
MacAlpin, Donald King of Scotland (BEF 834-863)
MacAlpin, Eochaid (-UNKNOWN)
MacAlpin, Malcolm (-UNKNOWN)
MacAlpine, Kenneth King of Scotland (-859)
Macarthgail, Run (-UNKNOWN)
Macbeth, (ABT 1005-15 AUG 1057)
Macey, Miss (-UNKNOWN)
Macfield, Eizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Machon, Clemont (-UNKNOWN)
Machon, Marie (-1674)
Mackelroy, John (-UNKNOWN)
Mackenneth, Malcolm (958-25 NOV 1034)
Macomber, Olive (-UNKNOWN)
Macrory, Findleach (-1020)
Mae, Lila (16 SEP 1907-FEB 1986)
Magdeleine-Ladoucer, Louis (BET 1710 AND 1720-UNKNOWN)
Magnus, Hugh (-1101)
Magnusson, Erik King of Norway (1268-15 JUL 1299)
Magoon, Alexander (-UNKNOWN)
Mahue, Honore (-UNKNOWN)
Mahue, Narcisse (-UNKNOWN)
Mahue, Philomene (6 OCT 1885-UNKNOWN)
Mailly, Charlotte (ABT 1117-UNKNOWN)
Maison, Marie Louise Barbari-Dit-Grand (27 JAN 1741/42-13 OCT 1765)
Maisonneuve, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Maisonneuve, Jean B. (-UNKNOWN)
Maisonneuve, M. (-UNKNOWN)
Maisonneuve, Pierre (-UNKNOWN)
Maistre, Sara (-UNKNOWN)
Malcolm, I (897-954)
Malcolm, King of Scotland IV (20 MAR 1141/42-9 DEC 1165)
Malcolm, (-1094)
Maldred, (ABT 1015-1045)
Maldred, Robert Fitz (BET 1170 AND 1174-BET 1242 AND 1248)
Maldred, Uchtred Fitz (ABT 1042-BET 1128 AND 1129)
Malleret, Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Maloon, Luke (-UNKNOWN)
Maloon, Sarah (-14 FEB 1756)
Manby, Elizabeth (ABT 1580-UNKNOWN)
Manby, Francis (ABT 1538-26 AUG 1587)
Manby, William (ABT 1510-5 MAR 1573/74)
Mannyard, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Mansfield, John (-26 JUN 1674)
Mantee, Sylvester (-UNKNOWN)
March, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Marchand, Louis (-15 FEB 1930)
Marchand, Louis (28 NOV 1882-UNKNOWN)
Marchand, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Marche, Christopher (-UNKNOWN)
Marche, Elizabeth (BEF 16 JAN 1572/73-UNKNOWN)
Marchesseau, Etienne (1613-UNKNOWN)
Marchesseau, Marie (ABT 1639-UNKNOWN)
Marden, Hannah (1706-UNKNOWN)
Marden, Israel (20 MAR 1731/32-APR 1798)
Marden, James (BET 1667 AND 1670-UNKNOWN)
Marden, Mary (26 SEP 1726-13 SEP 1806)
Marden, Prudence (13 JUN 1768-JUL 1793)
Marden, Thomas (1705-ABT 1787)
Margaret, (-UNKNOWN)
Margaret, (-UNKNOWN)
Margaret, (-UNKNOWN)
Margaret, (-1714)
Margaret, (-ABT 1063)
Margaret, (-26 NOV)
Margaret, (ABT 1045-16 NOV 1093)
Margaret, (-UNKNOWN)
Margaret, (-UNKNOWN)
Margery, (ABT 1609-2 MAY 1687)
Margery, (-UNKNOWN)
Margery, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Marguerite, Princess of France (1279-1318)
Marie, Francoise (-UNKNOWN)
Marion, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Marion, John (-UNKNOWN)
Marion, John (-UNKNOWN)
Marleau, Adeline (-UNKNOWN)
Marmion, Avice (-UNKNOWN)
Marmion, John (-UNKNOWN)
Marmion, William (-UNKNOWN)
Marrian, Elizabeth (1644-6 JUL 1716)
Marrian, John (-UNKNOWN)
Marsh, John (19 AUG 1693-20 NOV 1777)
Marsh, John (19 AUG 1663-24 NOV 1733)
Marsh, Onesiphorus (-UNKNOWN)
Marshal, Isabella Lady (-UNKNOWN)
Marshal, William Sir (-UNKNOWN)
Marshall, John (-UNKNOWN)
Marshall, Molly (ABT 1749-5 MAY 1832)
Marshall, Obediah (-UNKNOWN)
Marshall, William Earl of Pembroke (-15 APR 1231)
Marston, Abigail (28 FEB 1811-UNKNOWN)
Marston, Abigail (ABT 1785-26 JAN 1866)
Marston, Abigail (17 MAR 1678/79-11 NOV 1762)
Marston, Ann (16 FEB 1680/81-10 DEC 1761)
Marston, Anne (ABT 1628-1628)
Marston, Bethia (1652-2 JUN 1655)
Marston, Caleb Cornet, Jr. (3 JUL 1699-7 FEB 1778)
Marston, Caleb (23 APR 1659-31 OCT 1671)
Marston, Caleb , Sr. (19 JUL 1672-18 APR 1747)
Marston, David , Sr. (31 DEC 1716-23 FEB 1779)
Marston, David (5 MAR 1809-UNKNOWN)
Marston, David , Jr. (5 FEB 1756-29 JAN 1835)
Marston, Ebenezer (26 AUG 1784-16 APR 1864)
Marston, Ephraim (8 OCT 1655-10 OCT 1742)
Marston, Hannah (27 OCT 1663-UNKNOWN)
Marston, Hannah (21 AUG 1656-24 DEC 1701)
Marston, Henry (ABT 1540-BEF 1603)
Marston, Ira (17 OCT 1813-UNKNOWN)
Marston, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)
Marston, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)
Marston, Isaac (BET 1647 AND 1648-AFT 1713)
Marston, James (-UNKNOWN)
Marston, James (19 NOV 1656-3 SEP 1693)
Marston, John , Sr. (30 APR 1745-AFT 1796)
Marston, John (--living--)
Marston, John Sergeant (DEC 1650-24 OCT 1699)
Marston, John (ABT 1630-UNKNOWN)
Marston, Julia D. (15 JUL 1825-UNKNOWN)
Marston, Lucy (21 APR 1665-3 MAR 1686/87)
Marston, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Marston, Maria (16 MAY 1672-BEF 1746)
Marston, Mary (4 APR 1659-2 NOV 1660)
Marston, Mary (28 FEB 1811-UNKNOWN)
Marston, Mary (9 SEP 1661-11 OCT 1686)
Marston, Paul Smith (-UNKNOWN)
Marston, Prudence (ABT 1622-AFT 1682)
Marston, Rebecca (23 AUG 1654-23 AUG 1706)
Marston, Reuben (-UNKNOWN)
Marston, Samuel (8 SEP 1661-8 NOV 1723)
Marston, Sarah (20 NOV 1665-8 MAR 1697/98)
Marston, Simeon (-UNKNOWN)
Marston, Thomas (ABT 1495-BET APR 1548 AND MAR 1548/49)
Marston, Thomas (ABT 1617-28 SEP 1690)
Marston, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Marston, Tryphena (28 DEC 1663-1729)
Marston, William (7 OCT 1667-8 NOV 1667)
Marston, William (-UNKNOWN)
Marston, William Captain (BEF 11 MAR 1625/26-22 JAN 1703/04)
Marston, William Captain, Sr. (1592-30 JUN 1672)
Martel, Honore (-UNKNOWN)
Martel, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Martel, Marie M. (-UNKNOWN)
Martin, Felix (-UNKNOWN)
Martin, John (-BEF 20 DEC 1687)
Martin, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Martin, Lyman L. (-UNKNOWN)
Martin, Marie (1629-UNKNOWN)
Martin, Marie Josepte (-UNKNOWN)
Martin, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Martin, Unkown (-UNKNOWN)
Martyn, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Marvin, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-26 APR 1690)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-AFT 12 MAY 1764)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-12 JAN 1683/84)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (8 JUL 1765-29 JAN 1857)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (1848-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, Countess of Richmond (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Catherine (ABT 1672-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Elizabeth Anna (-28 FEB 1815)
Mason, Esther (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, George S. (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Katherine (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Thomas Reverend (-UNKNOWN)
Massy, Francois (4 DEC 1734-UNKNOWN)
Massy, Marie-Joseph (5 DEC 1767-MAY 1841)
Masta, Marguerite (12 DEC 1680-ABT 22 SEP 1699)
Masta, Mathurin (-UNKNOWN)
Mathews, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Mathews, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Mathis, Gladys (--living--)
Matilda, (-BEF 1080)
Matilda, Empress (7 FEB 1101/02-10 SEP 1167)
Matoon, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Matou, Catherine Anglique (14 MAY 1672-ABT 1711)
Matthews, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Benjamin Captain (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Elizabeth (1628-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Elizabeth (BET 1623 AND 1628-ABT 1700)
Matthews, Francis (BET 1598 AND 1600-19 DEC 1648)
Matthews, Francis (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Hannah H. (8 MAR 1824-18 MAR 1854)
Matthews, Hugh (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Peter (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Maud, (-UNKNOWN)
Maverick, Elizabeth (19 APR 1564-1622)
Maverick, Robert (-4 NOV 1573)
Mawr, Rhodri (-UNKNOWN)
Maxey, Lillian Marguerite (1 JUN 1900-22 APR 1989)
Maxfield, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Maxfield, Newell (-UNKNOWN)
May, Nancy Lee (Private-)
Mayer, Tryphosa (-UNKNOWN)
Maynard, Frances (1537-FEB 1647/48)
Maynard, John (-UNKNOWN)
Maynard, Wesley J. (-UNKNOWN)
Mayo, Delia (JUN 1861-7 MAR 1940)
Mayon, Edwin Hall (1 NOV 1877-UNKNOWN)
Mayon, George Clay (12 JAN 1876-UNKNOWN)
Mayon, Thomas Clay (14 OCT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Mazerolle, Michelle (-UNKNOWN)
McCloud, James (-UNKNOWN)
McConnell, Mary (21 FEB 1764-20 FEB 1831)
McCormick, J.W. Boxx (--living--)
McCormick, Katherine (-UNKNOWN)
McCoy, Lois (-UNKNOWN)
McDaniel, David Dr. (-UNKNOWN)
McDonald, Renald (-UNKNOWN)
McGrew, Elizabeth (1792-UNKNOWN)
McGuire, Myrtle (-UNKNOWN)
McHenry, Bertha S. (1876-UNKNOWN)
McHenry, Dulcie (OCT 1883-AFT 1900)
McHenry, Edmund (JAN 1874-AFT 1880)
McHenry, Ethel (28 JUL 1886-9 NOV 1888)
McHenry, Infant (17 JAN 1885-29 JAN 1885)
McHenry, Lovel (-UNKNOWN)
McHenry, Mabel (1871-UNKNOWN)
McHenry, Minnie (BET 1877 AND 1878-UNKNOWN)
McHenry, Mollie (-UNKNOWN)
McHenry, Warren (OCT 1850-AFT 1900)
McHenry, Warren (DEC 1880-AFT 1920)
McKnight, Clarissa (-UNKNOWN)
McLaughlin, John (--living--)
McNamara, Katherine Agnes (10 JAN 1916-21 JUN 1976)
McNeil, Alice (16 SEP 1920-NOV 1992)
McNeil, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Mcnitt, Alexander (1745-17 FEB 1793)
McNutt, Grisanah (23 JUN 1805-1833)
McTier, Fay (--living--)
McTier, Jean (--living--)
McTier, John (--living--)
McTier, Robert (--living--)
McTier, Wallace (--living--)
Mea, Majora (-UNKNOWN)
Meacham, Isaac (-BEF 1738)
Meade, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Meade, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Meader, Abigail (1681-AFT 1736)
Meader, Anna (-AFT 1840)
Meader, Elizabeth (26 MAR 1665-UNKNOWN)
Meader, Elizabeth (1684-1737)
Meader, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Meader, John (BET 1655 AND 1656-BEF 2 NOV 1736)
Meader, John (ABT 1630-UNKNOWN)
Meader, Joseph (ABT 1664-UNKNOWN)
Meader, Joseph (10 APR 1681-1759)
Meader, Mary (-BET APR 1805 AND APR 1812)
Meader, Nathaniel (14 JUN 1671-UNKNOWN)
Meader, Nathaniel (-25 APR 1704)
Meader, Nicholas (ABT 1685-1767)
Meader, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Meader, Sarah (1685-1725)
Meader, Sarah (11 JAN 1667/68-UNKNOWN)
Mears, Rebecca (ABT 1805-UNKNOWN)
Mehitable, (-1678)
Mellen, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Melmare, Earl of Atholl (1030-UNKNOWN)
Meloche, Marguerite (-UNKNOWN)
Menard, Buzzell (-UNKNOWN)
Mendsen, George H. (-UNKNOWN)
Mercer, Hester (ABT 1594-UNKNOWN)
Merlot, Andr (1645-29 NOV 1700)
Merrill, Mr. (-UNKNOWN)
Merrill, Aaron (-23 MAY 1850)
Merrill, Abigail Ann (1833-UNKNOWN)
Merrill, Charles E. (26 SEP 1846-UNKNOWN)
Merrill, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Merrill, Fannie H. (-UNKNOWN)
Merrill, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Merrill, Molly (1 JUN 1762-11 MAY 1847)
Merrill, Phineas (-UNKNOWN)
Merrill, Ruth (7 FEB 1679/80-29 JAN 1710/11)
Merrill, Sidney A. Dr. (15 MAR 1849-UNKNOWN)
Merrow, Deborah (ABT 1680-UNKNOWN)
Merrow, Eleanor (-ABT 1738)
Merrow, Hannah (5 MAR 1668/69-UNKNOWN)
Merrow, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Merrow, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Merrow, Jonathan (-UNKNOWN)
Merry, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Merrylls, Joane (-UNKNOWN)
Meserve, Amanda (3 JUL 1833-UNKNOWN)
Meserve, Andrew (1786-6 DEC 1865)
Meserve, Andrew (1842-30 SEP 1848)
Meserve, Ann (1712-1796)
Meserve, Betsey (1823-SEP 1826)
Meserve, Clement (1595-1631)
Meserve, Clement (-UNKNOWN)
Meserve, Clement (-UNKNOWN)
Meserve, Clement (13 MAY 1655-BET 1705 AND 1720)
Meserve, Clement (-UNKNOWN)
Meserve, Curtis Coe (28 MAR 1816-UNKNOWN)
Meserve, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Meserve, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Meserve, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Meserve, George W. (FEB 1845-1 AUG 1847)
Meserve, Isaac H. (21 JUN 1813-1 MAR 1875)
Meserve, Jean (21 JUN 1615-BET 1664 AND 1665)
Meserve, John (-ABT 1710)
Meserve, John (-UNKNOWN)
Meserve, Lucinda (1825-SEP 1826)
Meserve, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Meserve, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Meserve, Sargent (1818-SEP 1826)
Meserve, Sophia (1802-2 JUN 1820)
Meserve, Tamsen (ABT 1690-UNKNOWN)
Meserve, Tamsen (-UNKNOWN)
Meserve, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Meserve, William N. (1820-SEP 1826)
Meservey, Charles A. (-UNKNOWN)
Meservey, Eugene B. (12 MAR 1852-UNKNOWN)
Meservey, Jessie (26 FEB 1856-UNKNOWN)
Meservey, William E. (1 JUL 1850-UNKNOWN)
Messer, Eunice (16 APR 1810-UNKNOWN)
Messervy, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Messervy, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Messervy, Gregorie (1490-UNKNOWN)
Messervy, Guille (-UNKNOWN)
Messervy, Guillemette (-UNKNOWN)
Messervy, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Messervy, Jeanne (-UNKNOWN)
Messervy, John (-UNKNOWN)
Messervy, John (1537-UNKNOWN)
Messervy, Laurense (-UNKNOWN)
Messervy, Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Messervy, Rachel (-UNKNOWN)
Messervy, Richard Asplet (ABT 1511-1554)
Messervy, Sara (-UNKNOWN)
Messervy, Thomas (1530-ABT 1580)
Messervy, Thomas (1559-NOV 1623)
Metcalfe, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Metcalfe, Bill (Private-)
Metcalfe, Gail (Private-)
Metcalfe, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Michaud, Adeline Micheau (-UNKNOWN)
Michaud, Marie Anne Micheau (-UNKNOWN)
Michel, Jean (ABT 1640-5 AUG 1689)
Michel, Louis (-UNKNOWN)
Michel, Marie (ABT 1610-UNKNOWN)
Michel, Marie Renee (18 JUN 1677-ABT 19 NOV 1750)
Middleton, James (Private-)
Middleton, John (1799-7 SEP 1864)
Middleton, Sally (1804-ABT 1876)
Mignaud, Suzanne (1648-30 APR 1723)
Miguet, Marie-Rene (1707-UNKNOWN)
Miles, Nancy Ann (1798-UNKNOWN)
Miles, Susan Elizabeth (27 AUG 1832-15 NOV 1915)
Miller, Agalia Dantrieu (30 SEP 1893-28 MAR 1941)
Miller, Asa (-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Augustus C. (-NOV 1865)
Miller, Bruce (Private-)
Miller, Bryant (Private-)
Miller, Dorcas (-UNKNOWN)
Miller, John (Private-)
Miller, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Verna (Private-)
Millet, Jeanne (-UNKNOWN)
Millett, Susanna (BET 1739 AND 1740-1829)
Mingay, Phillipa (-20 SEP 1683)
Mingay, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Miriam, Bertha (-11 APR 1817)
Mitchel, Catherine (9 OCT 1743-2 JUL 1827)
Mitchell, Christopher , Jr. (-BEF 18 OCT 1743)
Mitchell, Maria (-UNKNOWN)
Mitchell, Samuel (4 APR 1786-10 AUG 1877)
Mitman, Ned (Private-)
Mitman, Roscoe (Private-)
Mitman, Tim (Private-)
Mitton, Anne (-ABT 1677)
Mitton, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Mitton, Michael (-UNKNOWN)
Mixer, Mr. (-UNKNOWN)
Mockabee, Janet (Private-)
Mockabee, Judy (Private-)
Mockabee, Larry (Private-)
Mockabee, Willard (Private-)
Modred, (-UNKNOWN)
Moisan, Madeleine-Marie (ABT 17 MAR 1674/75-UNKNOWN)
Molyneaux, Katherine (ABT 1405-UNKNOWN)
Molyneux, Alice (1531-11 MAY 1581)
Molyneux, Anne (ABT 1585-UNKNOWN)
Molyneux, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Molyneux, Eleanor (1574-UNKNOWN)
Molyneux, John (1525-BEF 24 JUN 1606)
Molyneux, Katherine (-UNKNOWN)
Molyneux, Richard (ABT 1422-23 SEP 1459)
Molyneux, Richard (5 OCT 1396-1460)
Molyneux, Richard (ABT 1360-27 FEB 1396/97)
Molyneux, Richard (1557-UNKNOWN)
Molyneux, Richard Baron (-3 JAN 1568/69)
Molyneux, Thomas Sir (1445-12 JUL 1483)
Molyneux, William Sir (BET 1471 AND 1472-16 MAR 1547/48)
Molyneux, William (1521-11 JUN 1567)
Molyneux, William (-1372)
Monique, (--living--)
Monmouth, Joan Of (-UNKNOWN)
Monroe, Elizabeth (ABT 1725-ABT 1790)
Monroe, Mary Elizabeth (5 SEP 1854-UNKNOWN)
Monson, Olive (19 FEB 1796-1844)
Montfort, John Duke of Brittany (-UNKNOWN)
Montfort, Simon I Of (ABT 1025-1087)
Montgomery, Charles (Private-)
Montgomery, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)
Montgomery, Paul (ABT 1782-12 APR 1841)
Moody, Cynthia Ellen (26 JUL 1833-11 OCT 1904)
Moody, Mary (24 AUG 1702-15 MAR 1799)
Moody, Mehitable (-30 NOV 1749)
Moody, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)
Mooney, George W. (-UNKNOWN)
Mooney, Maude M. (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Bell (--living--)
Moore, Edgar (8 APR 1854-4 MAR 1912)
Moore, Edward (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Flora Alice (22 MAR 1851-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Joseph (15 MAY 1798-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Joseph (1 AUG 1747-1804)
Moore, Mary (1718-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Mary (ABT 1638-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Nathan (25 MAY 1725-1776)
Moore, Rebecca Goodrich (25 JUL 1827-4 NOV 1902)
Moore, Ruth (-5 MAY 1673)
Moore, Sarah (2 JUN 1796-21 MAR 1850)
Moore, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, William Captain (BET 1631 AND 1634-UNKNOWN)
Moore, William , Sr. (-AFT 20 MAY 1671)
Moore, William (-11 SEP 1747)
Moorehead, Frances (Private-)
Morain, Georgette (-UNKNOWN)
More, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Morean, Catherine P. (-UNKNOWN)
Morey, Roger (1616-5 JAN 1665/66)
Morgaine, (-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Judith (-15 NOV 1853)
Morgrage, Mary (3 AUG 1688-UNKNOWN)
Morin, Delvina (-UNKNOWN)
Mormaer, Donald Sir (-UNKNOWN)
Mormaer, Duncan (-UNKNOWN)
Mormaer, Gartnait (SEP 1305-UNKNOWN)
Mormaer, Isabella Lady of Mar (-BEF 1302)
Mormaer, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Mormaer, William Sir (-UNKNOWN)
Morrell, Adah (-UNKNOWN)
Morrell, John (-UNKNOWN)
Morrill, Abraham (-UNKNOWN)
Morrill, Anna (-UNKNOWN)
Morrill, David (4 JAN 1733/34-10 JUN 1799)
Morrill, Joanna (-UNKNOWN)
Morrill, John (17 NOV 1716-24 MAR 1760)
Morrill, Mary (ABT 1776-AFT 1850)
Morrill, Mehitable (10 MAY 1757-UNKNOWN)
Morrill, Moses Lieutenant (-UNKNOWN)
Morrill, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Morrill, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Morrill, Sally (ABT 1775-BEF 2 JUN 1828)
Morrill, Sarah (28 MAR 1752-27 OCT 1802)
Morris, Eliza D. (--living--)
Morris, Lucy (-UNKNOWN)
Morrison, Mr. (-UNKNOWN)
Morrison, D. (-UNKNOWN)
Morrison, Emeline (-UNKNOWN)
Morrison, Isabel (-UNKNOWN)
Morrison, John (-UNKNOWN)
Morrison, Maude (1884-22 MAR 1942)
Morse, Betsey (-UNKNOWN)
Morse, John (-UNKNOWN)
Morse, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Mortimer, Anne (-BEF 1415)
Morton, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Moses, Joseph J. (-UNKNOWN)
Moses, Orville (-UNKNOWN)
Motleana, (-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, Abiah (15 JUL 1689-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, Alvah (-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, Anna (2 MAR 1678/79-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, Bethia (26 NOV 1683-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, Bridget (-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, Dorcas (-29 JAN 1788)
Moulton, Elizabeth (16 MAY 1693-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, Esther (18 AUG 1791-25 FEB 1859)
Moulton, Henry (BEF 12 NOV 1623-8 SEP 1701)
Moulton, Huldah (13 JUN 1732-7 APR 1773)
Moulton, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, John Lieutenant, Jr. (ABT MAR 1638/39-1705)
Moulton, John , Sr. (1599-BEF 1 OCT 1650)
Moulton, John (-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, Jonathan (-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, Joseph (1647-19 JUN 1729)
Moulton, Josiah (26 APR 1662-22 FEB 1729/30)
Moulton, Judith (6 JUN 1686-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, Mary (BEF 24 NOV 1626-11 OCT 1686)
Moulton, Mary (22 FEB 1677/78-21 FEB 1756)
Moulton, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, Rachel (-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, Robert (ABT 1565-BEF 11 OCT 1633)
Moulton, Ruth (-7 SEP 1718)
Moulton, Samuel (20 DEC 1679-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, Sarah (10 FEB 1691/92-4 SEP 1760)
Moulton, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, William (-UNKNOWN)
Moulton, William (-UNKNOWN)
Mowry, George (-UNKNOWN)
Mowry, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Muchmore, May Berry (-UNKNOWN)
Muchmore, Miriam (-UNKNOWN)
Mugmedon, Eochaid (-UNKNOWN)
Muinremur, Eochaid (-474)
Muiredach, (-UNKNOWN)
Mull, Mary Louise (14 SEP 1902-9 JUN 1950)
Munroe, Peter (-UNKNOWN)
Mure, Adam Of Rowallan (-UNKNOWN)
Mure, Elizabeth Of Rowallan (-UNKNOWN)
Mure, Janet (-UNKNOWN)
Murray, Bertha L. (6 DEC 1894-2 MAR 1981)
Murry, Abby (-UNKNOWN)
Mussey, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Muzzett, Joseph (1 AUG 1702-UNKNOWN)
Myers, Dorothy (--living--)