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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with K

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Katharine, (--living--)
Katherine, (-UNKNOWN)
Kay, (--living--)
Kazar, Phebe (-UNKNOWN)
Keen, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Kegly, Howard (--living--)
Kelley, Caroline (-UNKNOWN)
Kelley, Ebenezer (-UNKNOWN)
Kelley, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Kelley, Obadiah (-UNKNOWN)
Kelley, Philip (-UNKNOWN)
Kelley, Rueben (-UNKNOWN)
Kellogg, Joanna (8 FEB 1692/93-UNKNOWN)
Kellogg, Jonathan (17 DEC 1698-UNKNOWN)
Kellogg, Joseph (8 NOV 1691-UNKNOWN)
Kellogg, Martin (-UNKNOWN)
Kellogg, Rebecca (22 DEC 1695-UNKNOWN)
Kelly, Oliver H. (-UNKNOWN)
Kelway, Mary (-22 MAY 1656)
Kelway, Walter (-UNKNOWN)
Kember, Joanna (1584-30 MAY 1661)
Kember, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Kendal, Ketel Of Baron Kendal (-UNKNOWN)
Kendrick, Nannie Jane (9 APR 1873-2 MAY 1927)
Kenerson, Effie Jeanette (22 SEP 1871-15 JUL 1900)
Kenerson, Elizabeth M. (18 MAR 1869-4 FEB 1939)
Kenerson, Everett William (28 JUN 1865-27 MAR 1939)
Kenerson, Harriette M. (-UNKNOWN)
Kenerson, Ida Mary (9 FEB 1878-1954)
Kenerson, Jeremiah (-UNKNOWN)
Kenerson, Martha Sophia (7 MAY 1861-22 FEB 1935)
Kenerson, Mary Ann (18 OCT 1862-30 OCT 1940)
Kenerson, Minnie E. (22 DEC 1873-29 JAN 1935)
Kenerson, William B. (18 JUL 1835-8 MAY 1895)
Keniston, Alvira S. (1850-UNKNOWN)
Kennel, Esther (--living--)
Kennerly, Samuel (BEF 1795-1825)
Kennerly, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Kenneth, II (932-995)
Kenneth, III (-UNKNOWN)
Kennett, Alvira A. (-24 OCT 1932)
Kennett, John (-UNKNOWN)
Kenney, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Kenniston, Luana F. (-UNKNOWN)
Kenniston, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)
Kenniston, Sherwood (-UNKNOWN)
Kenniston, William (-UNKNOWN)
Kenrick, Charles Robert (Private-)
Kenrick, Jane Elizabeth (Private-)
Kenrick, Phyllis Joann (Private-)
Kent, James (-UNKNOWN)
Kent, Joan Of (29 SEP 1328-8 AUG 1385)
Key, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Key, John (-UNKNOWN)
Key, John , Jr. (-UNKNOWN)
Keyes, Henry (-BEF 28 OCT 1748)
Kezar, John (-1697)
Kezar, Mary (12 JUN 1736-UNKNOWN)
Killey, Deborah (1764-24 SEP 1833)
Killough, Jane (1802-JAN 1840)
Kilton, Melvin (-UNKNOWN)
Kilton, Nellie Louisa (-UNKNOWN)
Kilton, Orra G. (-UNKNOWN)
Kimball, Ephraim (17 JUN 1751-UNKNOWN)
Kimball, Ezra (-UNKNOWN)
Kimball, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Kimball, Mary (-10 SEP 1768)
Kimball, Richard (-1873)
Kimball, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Kimball, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Kimball, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Kimmin, Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Kinard, Julia (1877-1951)
King, Richard , Sr. (-UNKNOWN)
Kingman, Olive (-UNKNOWN)
Kingsbury, John (-UNKNOWN)
Kinnett, Pamela Rhea (Private-)
Kintyre, Ailpn Of King of Kintyre (778-20 JUL 834)
Kirby, Lovina (-UNKNOWN)
Kirke, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Kitchen, John (-UNKNOWN)
Kitchen, Mary (2 FEB 1647/48-1710)
Kitchen, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Klein, Charles (--living--)
Knapp, Elizabeth Anne (-17 MAY 1667)
Knapp, Russel (-UNKNOWN)
Knight, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Knight, Elizabeth (ABT 1679-1739)
Knight, Ezekiel (-UNKNOWN)
Knight, Joan (-UNKNOWN)
Knight, John (-ABT NOV 1694)
Knight, Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Knight, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Knill, John (-UNKNOWN)
Knopp, Anne (BEF 25 DEC 1618-20 OCT 1657)
Knopp, Elizabeth (JUL 1593-19 FEB 1663/64)
Knopp, William (-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, Caverly (7 AUG 1814-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, Charles (9 OCT 1807-26 AUG 1813)
Knowles, Daniel (1 NOV 1747-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, David C. (12 SEP 1805-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, Experience (14 APR 1758-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, Frank M. (22 FEB 1853-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, Henry S. (-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, Henry S. (20 AUG 1848-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, James (26 FEB 1719/20-1802)
Knowles, Jefferson (24 NOV 1812-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, John (-5 DEC 1705)
Knowles, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, Mary Jane (26 APR 1821-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, Morris (-28 NOV 1834)
Knowles, Morris (6 FEB 1810-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, Sarah A. (19 JUL 1845-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, Smith (26 MAY 1819-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, William (24 JUL 1816-UNKNOWN)
Knowlton, George W. (-UNKNOWN)
Knox, Henry W. (-UNKNOWN)
Kyerton, Agatha (ABT 1305-BEF 1361)