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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with J

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J.Hill, Laura (1851-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Anna (-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Bessie (ABT 1901-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Cathy (--living--)
Jackson, Daniel (Private-)
Jackson, Dorothy (--living--)
Jackson, Enoch (-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Geraldine (Private-)
Jackson, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Jennie (1904-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Jervey (7 FEB 1906-9 FEB 1969)
Jackson, John (-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, John Henry (ABT 1940-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, John Henry (ABT 1880-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Lela May (--living--)
Jackson, Lydia (20 SEP 1802-13 NOV 1892)
Jackson, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Mary Elizabeth (--living--)
Jackson, Patricia (Private-)
Jackson, Phyllis (Private-)
Jackson, Samuel (ABT 1860-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Victoria (21 SEP 1895-2 JUN 1969)
Jacobs, Dorothy (1752-1825)
Jacobs, Elizabeth (17 JUN 1729-12 MAR 1816)
Jacobs, Isaac (ABT 1795-UNKNOWN)
Jacobs, Sally (1786-1825)
Jacobs, Seth (-UNKNOWN)
Jacques, Donald Dent (7 JAN 1912-21 DEC 1995)
Jacques, John Allen (26 JUN 1917-17 OCT 1941)
Jacques, Mace McConnell (28 MAR 1887-13 APR 1947)
Jacques, Roberta Mace (--living--)
James, Duke of Ross (1476-1503)
James, King of Scotland IV (1473-SEP 1513)
James, King of Scotland II (1430-1460)
James, III (1451-1488)
James, King of Scotland I (1394-1437)
James, Benjamin (15 APR 1673-5 MAY 1747)
James, Delia Frances (25 OCT 1852-UNKNOWN)
James, Dorothy Florinda (31 MAR 1841-24 OCT 1843)
James, Dorothy Florinda (1 MAR 1845-UNKNOWN)
James, Edmund (-UNKNOWN)
James, Edmund (-UNKNOWN)
James, Elizabeth Maria (27 MAY 1849-UNKNOWN)
James, Frances (1563-1648)
James, Freddie (10 JUN 1865-18 JUN 1868)
James, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
James, Jabez (18 APR 1717-18 JUN 1752)
James, John (10 SEP 1817-UNKNOWN)
James, John F. Prescott (29 OCT 1858-UNKNOWN)
James, Joshua (31 OCT 1740-17 JAN 1809)
James, Martha Edna (7 DEC 1855-UNKNOWN)
James, Martin (1540-UNKNOWN)
James, Mary (3 MAR 1721/22-30 JUL 1769)
James, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
James, Samuel , Sr. (BEF 8 MAR 1746/47-ABT 1792)
James, Sarah (9 MAR 1767-UNKNOWN)
James, Susanna (-UNKNOWN)
James, Susanna (22 APR 1703-1 JUN 1761)
Jamme-Carriere, Jean-Baptiste (7 FEB 1730/31-UNKNOWN)
Jamme-Carrire, Josette (BET 1728 AND 1738-UNKNOWN)
Jamme-Carrire, Ursule (BET 1736 AND 1746-UNKNOWN)
Jane, (-UNKNOWN)
Jane, (ABT 1619-1687)
Jane, (-25 JAN 1675/76)
Jane, (-UNKNOWN)
Jane, (-UNKNOWN)
Jane, (-UNKNOWN)
Janis, Vivien (--living--)
Janson, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Jaques, Richard (11 JAN 1766-UNKNOWN)
Jaques, Sophia (31 AUG 1795-31 MAR 1875)
Jean, Duke of Bretagne II (4 JAN 1237/38-18 NOV 1305)
Jean, Lady (-UNKNOWN)
Jeanette, (-UNKNOWN)
Jecles, Maud (-ABT 5 MAY 1623)
Jeffcoat, Lonnie (--living--)
Jeffcoat, Rebecca (--living--)
Jeffress, William Horace (--living--)
Jellison, Nicholas (BEF 23 JAN 1619/20-1715)
Jelly, Mercy (1569-AFT 12 DEC 1615)
Jenkins, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Jenkins, Allen (--living--)
Jenkins, Ann (ABT 1740-UNKNOWN)
Jenkins, Bruce Harris Smith (9 JAN 1951-JUN 1979)
Jenkins, Elizabeth (1680-UNKNOWN)
Jenkins, John (30 SEP 1752-16 AUG 1834)
Jenkins, John (30 JUN 1788-20 JAN 1861)
Jenkins, Jon Bradford (--living--)
Jenkins, Joseph (-26 DEC 1730)
Jenkins, Joseph (-18 FEB 1777)
Jenkins, Julie Rose (--living--)
Jenkins, Keith Thomas (--living--)
Jenkins, Levi (--living--)
Jenkins, Mary Elizabeth (9 JUN 1820-AFT 1845)
Jenkins, Melinda Hannah (25 DEC 1840-BET 1880 AND 1889)
Jenkins, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Jenkins, Rowland (-UNKNOWN)
Jenkins, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Jenkins, Timothy (15 MAR 1780-7 OCT 1830)
Jenkins, William (ABT 1716-10 DEC 1785)
Jenkins, William , Jr. (10 AUG 1747-7 APR 1809)
Jenkins, William Garvey (1905-UNKNOWN)
Jenkins, William Garvey Colonel, Jr. (1 SEP 1929-15 MAR 1984)
Jenness, Benning Wentworth (14 JUL 1806-UNKNOWN)
Jenness, Francis (ABT 1634-27 AUG 1716)
Jenness, Hannah (26 MAR 1673-UNKNOWN)
Jenness, Olive (1778-1872)
Jenness, Sallie (-UNKNOWN)
Jenness, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Jenness, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Jewitt, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Joan, Countess of Kent (29 SEP 1328-8 AUG 1385)
Joan, Princess of England (22 JUL 1210-4 MAR 1237/38)
Joan, Princess of England (5 JUL 1321-7 SEP 1362)
Joan, (-UNKNOWN)
Joane, (-UNKNOWN)
Joanna, (-UNKNOWN)
Joanna, (-UNKNOWN)
Joanna, (-4 FEB 1702/03)
John, Duke of Brabant II (-1312)
John, Earl of Mar (1479-1503)
John, Earl of Mar (-UNKNOWN)
John, Duke of Albany (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Abby S. (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Almira (14 MAY 1804-3 AUG 1831)
Johnson, Andrew (17 DEC 1758-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Benjamin , Jr. (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Charity (26 MAR 1752-28 NOV 1841)
Johnson, David (17 MAY 1765-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Dorcas (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Edmund (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Eliza B. (24 JUL 1797-16 JAN 1841)
Johnson, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Esmund (-1600)
Johnson, Esther (4 AUG 1744-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Hannah (1719-1802)
Johnson, Hannah (ABT 1800-1847)
Johnson, James (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, James (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Joanna (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, John (28 SEP 1742-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, John (ABT 1588-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, John (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, John (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, John , Jr. (-30 JUL 1659)
Johnson, John (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Joseph (10 APR 1734-NOV 1794)
Johnson, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Joseph H. (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Louis A. (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Lydia (23 JUN 1762-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Lydia (-1781)
Johnson, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Mary (-1870)
Johnson, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Mary (1866-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Mary (31 JUL 1614-29 JAN 1677/78)
Johnson, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Molly (26 MAR 1752-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Polly F. (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Rosamund (ABT 1640-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Rosamund (10 JUN 1665-AFT 1724)
Johnson, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Sally (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Samuel (23 JUN 1762-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Sarah B. (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Simeon (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Thomas (15 JAN 1749/50-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Thomas (19 AUG 1717-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Johnston, Bessie L. (Private-)
Joinault, Leonarde (-UNKNOWN)
Jolibois, Antoine Charlebois Dit (1635-UNKNOWN)
Jolibois, Jean Charles Charlebois Dit (21 NOV 1666-UNKNOWN)
Joly, Jules (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Abigail (1772-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Abigail "Nabby" (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Dodavah (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Ebenezer (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Ebenezer (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Elizabeth (BET 1672 AND 1673-AFT 1757)
Jones, Elizabeth (-AFT 24 JUN 1745)
Jones, Elizabeth B. (11 DEC 1796-1 JAN 1875)
Jones, Elizabeth Emma (12 JUN 1844-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Elmira Jane (9 JUL 1841-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Francis (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, George Thompson (OCT 1841-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Jenkin (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, John (23 DEC 1810-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Martha Helen (19 SEP 1847-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Mary W. (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Nathan (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Rebeccah (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Richard T. (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Robert Everett (3 APR 1868-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Sally (1806-6 JAN 1843)
Jones, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Stephen (BET 1705 AND 1706-1797)
Jones, Stephen M. (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Susanna (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Thomas (1775-1848)
Jones, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, William (-UNKNOWN)
Jonseaume, Suzanne (-UNKNOWN)
Jordan, Jeremiah (-UNKNOWN)
Jordan, Minerva (1856-1933)
Jose, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Jose, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Jose, Richard (10 NOV 1660-UNKNOWN)
Joy, Ephraim (7 DEC 1646-ABT 1697)
Joy, Mary A. (JUN 1839-26 APR 1916)
Joy, Sarah (ABT 1705-UNKNOWN)
Joy, Tabitha (25 SEP 1677-18 FEB 1777)
Joyce, (ABT 1682-UNKNOWN)
Judith, (1696-UNKNOWN)
Julia, (-UNKNOWN)
Julia, (-UNKNOWN)
Juliana, (ABT 1164-UNKNOWN)
June, (29 SEP 1915-20 FEB 1995)
Junkins, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)