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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with G

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Gabel, Percival Ernest Colonel (30 JUN 1910-11 SEP 1943)
Gabouri, Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Gabran, (-UNKNOWN)
Gage, Calvin (-UNKNOWN)
Gage, Hiram (16 DEC 1849-UNKNOWN)
Gage, Julia (30 APR 1844-1865)
Gage, Lucy Ann (18 APR 1841-UNKNOWN)
Gage, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Gage, Olive (-UNKNOWN)
Gaham, Etta K. (-UNKNOWN)
Gaillard, Marie (1647-15 JUL 1717)
Gaillard, Pierre (1625-UNKNOWN)
Gaines, Harry (--living--)
Gale, Daniel W. (-UNKNOWN)
Gale, Henrietta J. (-UNKNOWN)
Galion, Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Gallison, Charlotte (-UNKNOWN)
Gambol, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Gammons, Mary (APR 1755-10 JUL 1826)
Gano, James Middleton (1798-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Abigail (6 MAR 1721/22-OCT 1813)
Garland, Charles F. (19 MAY 1859-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Dolly (-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Dorcas (-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Eliza A. (29 MAY 1851-3 JUN 1925)
Garland, Eliza A. (13 FEB 1817-6 JUL 1837)
Garland, Elizabeth (13 MAR 1722/23-UNKNOWN)
Garland, George Nathaniel (7 SEP 1867-UNKNOWN)
Garland, George W. (23 AUG 1824-UNKNOWN)
Garland, George W. (15 MAR 1823-20 AUG 1824)
Garland, Hannah (OCT 1778-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Helen V. (1885-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Jabez (-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Jacob (3 JUL 1686-1735)
Garland, Jeremiah Caverno Dr. (23 SEP 1814-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Joan (Private-)
Garland, John (-UNKNOWN)
Garland, John (13 APR 1692-AFT 1752)
Garland, Joseph (12 OCT 1765-25 FEB 1830)
Garland, Joseph (5 OCT 1821-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Lucia E. (1883-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Martha Louise (Private-)
Garland, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Nathaniel (10 FEB 1791-14 APR 1855)
Garland, Peter (-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Russell White (16 MAY 1889-MAR 1975)
Garland, Susan B. (19 DEC 1848-UNKNOWN)
Garland, Susan Buzzell (19 JUL 1812-13 MAR 1831)
Garland, Vina (3 APR 1858-1880)
Garland, Vina M. (1881-UNKNOWN)
Garnier, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Garnier, Marie M. (-UNKNOWN)
Gattensby, John (ABT 1634-4 AUG 1671)
Gaudry, Sophronie (-UNKNOWN)
Gaunt, John Of Duke of Lancaster (MAR 1339/40-3 FEB 1398/99)
Gauthier, Jacques (-UNKNOWN)
Geddes, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Geddes, William (--living--)
Gee, John (1617-27 DEC 1669)
Gee, Mary (-AFT 30 MAR 1721)
Gelchel, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Gelybrand, Eleanor (-UNKNOWN)
Geneva, Eleanor of (-ABT 1303)
Geoffrey, Count of Conversano (-UNKNOWN)
George, Duke of Clarence (OCT 1449-18 FEB 1477/78)
Georgianna, (-UNKNOWN)
Gerard, Constance (1402-AFT 1468)
Gerard, Frances (ABT 1560-UNKNOWN)
Gerard, Gilbert Sir (ABT 1540-1593)
Gerard, James Lord Ince (ABT 1515-UNKNOWN)
Gerard, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Gerard, Thomas (ABT 1425-UNKNOWN)
Gerard, William (ABT 1470-UNKNOWN)
Gerrish, George (-UNKNOWN)
Gerrish, Sally (-UNKNOWN)
Gervais, Jeanne (-UNKNOWN)
Gervais, Jeanne (5 AUG 1679-31 OCT 1765)
Gervais, Pierre (-UNKNOWN)
Gervais-Parisian, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Geune, Margareta (-UNKNOWN)
Gibbon, Gervas (-UNKNOWN)
Gibbons, Ambrose (1580-BEF 9 MAY 1657)
Gibbons, Rebecca (ABT 1614-3 JUN 1667)
Gibthorpe, Alice (ABT 1514-UNKNOWN)
Gibthorpe, Thomas (BEF 1488-UNKNOWN)
Gilden, John (-UNKNOWN)
Gile, Abigail (13 MAR 1737/38-UNKNOWN)
Gile, Ann Maria (15 OCT 1840-UNKNOWN)
Gile, Constant (-UNKNOWN)
Gile, Deborah (-UNKNOWN)
Gile, Ebenezer (-FEB 1779)
Gile, Louisa (2 AUG 1852-UNKNOWN)
Gile, Orra Howard (15 FEB 1839-UNKNOWN)
Gile, Perley (12 FEB 1848-UNKNOWN)
Gile, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Giles, Abigail (18 JUL 1698-UNKNOWN)
Giles, Ann (1 OCT 1702-UNKNOWN)
Giles, Esther (21 NOV 1713-UNKNOWN)
Giles, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Giles, Mark (-UNKNOWN)
Giles, Mark (-UNKNOWN)
Giles, Mark (28 JUN 1706-UNKNOWN)
Giles, Paul (1 DEC 1708-UNKNOWN)
Giles, Sarah (9 APR 1711-UNKNOWN)
Gill, Elizabeth (8 JAN 1645/46-UNKNOWN)
Gill, John (-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Abigail (3 NOV 1674-7 NOV 1725)
Gilman, Amasa K. (-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Andrew (1690-ABT 1756)
Gilman, Benjamin (1700-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Bradstreet (1736-1815)
Gilman, Bradstreet (29 JUL 1745-1820)
Gilman, Bridget (4 NOV 1748-18 JUN 1781)
Gilman, Caleb (ABT 1682-1766)
Gilman, David (-1735)
Gilman, Edward (ABT 1587-1655)
Gilman, Elizabeth (23 OCT 1707-4 FEB 1804)
Gilman, Elizabeth (19 APR 1663-ABT 1698)
Gilman, Ella F. (-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Ezekial (1758-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Ezekiel (15 JAN 1705/06-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Frank Lane (--living--)
Gilman, George W. (--living--)
Gilman, Hannah (1714-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, I. H. (-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Israel (-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, James (31 MAY 1665-1738)
Gilman, Jeremiah (-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Jeremiah , Jr. (-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Jeremiah Captain (31 AUG 1660-ABT 1754)
Gilman, Jeremiah (-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, John Captain (7 JUN 1668-BEF 26 JAN 1754)
Gilman, John B. (-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Joshua (ABT 1673-26 JAN 1717/18)
Gilman, Judith (-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Mary (1760-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Mercy (-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Moses (ABT 3 JUL 1659-BEF 28 OCT 1747)
Gilman, Moses (ABT 1632-BEF 6 AUG 1702)
Gilman, Phoebe (ABT 1774-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Raymond (--living--)
Gilman, Sally (11 DEC 1798-UNKNOWN)
Gilman, Sarah (25 FEB 1666/67-24 JAN 1712/13)
Gilman, Sarah (1734-1832)
Gilman, Simon (-ABT 1750)
Gilman, Thomas (1708-1753)
Gilman, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Giovanna, (-UNKNOWN)
Gisele, (-UNKNOWN)
Givins, James (-UNKNOWN)
Gladfelty, Stella M. (-UNKNOWN)
Glasscock, Frances (-UNKNOWN)
Glen, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Glidden, Addie Augusta (19 AUG 1863-13 MAR 1916)
Glidden, Franklin (23 NOV 1864-UNKNOWN)
Glidden, Jeremiah C. (-UNKNOWN)
Glidden, Permelia (-UNKNOWN)
Gloucester, Isabella Of (-UNKNOWN)
Glover, Alta L. (ABT 1888-UNKNOWN)
Glover, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Goddard, John (8 MAY 1772-15 OCT 1852)
Goddard, John (1608-12 NOV 1666)
Goddard, Joseph B. (27 SEP 1761-28 JUN 1844)
Goddard, Martha (ABT 1646-UNKNOWN)
Goddard, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Godfrey, Deborah (ABT 1645-10 JUL 1699)
Godfrey, Isaac (15 APR 1639-27 DEC 1717)
Godfrey, Jane (6 MAR 1623/24-31 OCT 1662)
Godfrey, John (-UNKNOWN)
Godfrey, Sarah (15 MAY 1642-UNKNOWN)
Godfrey, William Deacon (ABT 1611-25 MAR 1671)
Godin, Laurent (-UNKNOWN)
Goff, Elizabeth (3 JUN 1748-15 APR 1835)
Goffe, James (-UNKNOWN)
Golden, John (-UNKNOWN)
Gonya, E. E. (-UNKNOWN)
Goodkin, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Goodnow, Keziah (-UNKNOWN)
Goodrich, Charles C. (12 JUN 1848-9 SEP 1852)
Goodrich, George Russell (28 APR 1847-UNKNOWN)
Goodrich, Joseph Edwards (29 APR 1850-17 APR 1863)
Goodrich, Josiah (-UNKNOWN)
Goodrich, Nathan T. (-UNKNOWN)
Goodrich, Phineas (4 JUL 1820-UNKNOWN)
Goodrich, Sarah Elizabeth (18 FEB 1846-UNKNOWN)
Goodwin, Addie (-UNKNOWN)
Goodwin, Daniel (1620-BET 1711 AND 1713)
Goodwin, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Goodwin, Elizabeth (-BEF 16 DEC 1736)
Goodwin, Francis (1544-25 JUN 1602)
Goodwin, George C. (-UNKNOWN)
Goodwin, James (-29 JUL 1967)
Goodwin, Jeremiah (-UNKNOWN)
Goodwin, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Goodwin, Margaret (23 APR 1570-11 APR 1637)
Goodwin, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Goodwin, Mehitable (-UNKNOWN)
Goodwin, Patience (23 MAR 1652/53-4 APR 1716)
Goodwin, Reuben H. (-UNKNOWN)
Goodwin, Richard (8 MAY 1698-UNKNOWN)
Goodwin, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Goodwin, Sarah (9 JUN 1688-12 NOV 1760)
Goodwin, Sherman (--living--)
Goodwin, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Goodwin, William (--living--)
Goody, Sarah (1595-1660)
Gordner, Anna Barbara (-UNKNOWN)
Gordon, Alexander (-UNKNOWN)
Gordon, Elizabeth (23 FEB 1663/64-15 MAR 1696/97)
Gordon, Elizabeth H. (ABT 1704-UNKNOWN)
Gordon, Nicholas (23 MAR 1665/66-BEF 31 MAR 1747)
Gordon, Thomas (1678-BEF 1761)
Goronwy, (-UNKNOWN)
Gortner, Christian (-UNKNOWN)
Gospatric, (ABT 1040-ABT 1075)
Gospatric, (-1179)
Gospatric, (-UNKNOWN)
Gospatrick, Earl of Northumberland (-UNKNOWN)
Goss, Rachel (ABT 1702-17 SEP 1784)
Goss, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Gould, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Gould, Mary L. (-UNKNOWN)
Gould, Mary Lovejoy (-UNKNOWN)
Gould, Phineas (-UNKNOWN)
Goushill, Elizabeth (ABT 1402-UNKNOWN)
Goushill, Joan (ABT 1409-ABT 1459)
Goushill, Robert (ABT 1365-8 JUL 1425)
Goushill, Thomas 11th Earl of Arundel (-UNKNOWN)
Gove, Abiel (23 JUL 1667-28 AUG 1667)
Gove, Abigail (10 JUL 1668-8 MAY 1751)
Gove, Ann (9 JAN 1676/77-12 FEB 1722/23)
Gove, Ebenezer (23 JUN 1671-16 APR 1758)
Gove, Edward (1630-29 MAY 1691)
Gove, Edward (13 MAY 1673-UNKNOWN)
Gove, Emily H. (-UNKNOWN)
Gove, Hannah (MAR 1663/64-UNKNOWN)
Gove, Jeremiah (OCT 1674-7 SEP 1692)
Gove, John (19 SEP 1661-15 OCT 1737)
Gove, John (-1648)
Gove, Judith (18 DEC 1700-UNKNOWN)
Gove, Mary (14 APR 1666-UNKNOWN)
Gove, Patience (8 SEP 1791-UNKNOWN)
Gove, Peniel (14 APR 1670-1 AUG 1671)
Gove, Rachel (26 JAN 1675/76-UNKNOWN)
Gove, Sarah (5 NOV 1678-UNKNOWN)
Gove, William (21 OCT 1662-1 MAR 1662/63)
Gowen, Clarence Eastman (-UNKNOWN)
Gowen, Margaret (-11 FEB 1775)
Gowen, Margaret (15 NOV 1678-21 NOV 1751)
Gowen, William (ABT 1634-2 APR 1686)
Grace, (-UNKNOWN)
Grafton, Anna (-UNKNOWN)
Grafton, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Graham, Isabella (-UNKNOWN)
Graham, John Sir (-UNKNOWN)
Graham, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Grannis, Amanda (-UNKNOWN)
Grannis, Samuel J. (-UNKNOWN)
Grant, Alexander (ABT 1673-1735)
Grant, Alexander Stone (ABT 1727-AFT 11 DEC 1807)
Grant, Ann (ABT 21 DEC 1637-28 JUL 1718)
Grant, Daniel (ABT 1680-AFT 1756)
Grant, Daniel (BEF 6 AUG 1727-1772)
Grant, Dorcas (ABT 1741-UNKNOWN)
Grant, Elisha (1 JUN 1748-UNKNOWN)
Grant, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Grant, Grizzel (ABT 15 APR 1703-UNKNOWN)
Grant, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Grant, James (8 DEC 1703-APR 1765)
Grant, James (1737-UNKNOWN)
Grant, James (8 OCT 1694-15 FEB 1700/01)
Grant, James Captain (23 MAR 1670/71-BEF 16 APR 1742)
Grant, John (-UNKNOWN)
Grant, Landers (11 SEP 1726-15 SEP 1802)
Grant, Lydia (ABT 1743-BEF 1744)
Grant, Martha (ABT 1744-1798)
Grant, Mary (12 FEB 1698/99-1756)
Grant, Mary (-1779)
Grant, Mary (BEF 19 JUL 1719-UNKNOWN)
Grant, Mary (ABT 1676-AFT 1756)
Grant, Peter Colonel (14 DEC 1696-JUL 1756)
Grant, Peter , Jr. (ABT 1720-22 OCT 1793)
Grant, Peter (ABT 1631-1713)
Grant, Rachel (24 JUN 1752-UNKNOWN)
Grant, Rachel N. (-UNKNOWN)
Grant, Samuel (17 APR 1740-13 AUG 1805)
Grant, Sarah (12 SEP 1701-11 MAR 1793)
Grant, Sarah (ABT 1746-UNKNOWN)
Grant, Sarah Jane (ABT 1723-UNKNOWN)
Grant, Silas (1729-BET 1729 AND 1735)
Grant, Stuart (26 OCT 1750-UNKNOWN)
Grant, Thomas (ABT 12 FEB 1599/00-BEF 1643)
Grant, William (ABT 1670-UNKNOWN)
Grantham, Alice (-28 APR 1649)
Grantham, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Gray, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Gray, Martha F. (1821-UNKNOWN)
Gray, Soloman (21 APR 1760-7 MAR 1824)
Gray, Walter (-UNKNOWN)
Great, Tewdwr Mawr The (-UNKNOWN)
Greeley, Joseph B. (18 MAR 1826-20 SEP 1853)
Greeley, Josephine (6 JUN 1851-UNKNOWN)
Greeley, William J. (1828-UNKNOWN)
Green, Abraham (-UNKNOWN)
Green, Anne (ABT 1600-12 APR 1668)
Green, Barbara (1664-UNKNOWN)
Green, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Green, Henry (ABT 1620-5 AUG 1700)
Green, John , Sr. (-UNKNOWN)
Green, John , Jr. (ABT 1624-UNKNOWN)
Green, Mary (ABT 1651-UNKNOWN)
Green, Mehitable (1683-30 DEC 1727)
Green, Peter (-UNKNOWN)
Green, Phebe (-UNKNOWN)
Green, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Green, Rowland (ABT 1686-UNKNOWN)
Green, Sally Collins (-UNKNOWN)
Greene, Edward (ABT 1580-UNKNOWN)
Greene, Hannah (20 DEC 1677-UNKNOWN)
Greene, Maude (-UNKNOWN)
Greene, Nicholas Sir (-UNKNOWN)
Greene, Peter (-UNKNOWN)
Greene, Sarah (20 MAR 1811-UNKNOWN)
Greene, Susan (-UNKNOWN)
Greenleaf, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)
Greenleafe, John (-UNKNOWN)
Greenleafe, Rose (-UNKNOWN)
Gregory, Jonas (-UNKNOWN)
Grenier, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Grenier, Francoise (-1 NOV 1665)
Grenier, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Grey, Maud (ABT 1338-30 JAN 1390/91)
Grey, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Griffen, Philip (-UNKNOWN)
Griffin, Herbert E. (-UNKNOWN)
Griffin, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Griffin, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Grout, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Grover, James (-UNKNOWN)
Gruffydd, (-1137)
Gruffydd, Rhys Ap Lord Rhys (-1197)
Grundy, Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Gruoch, (-UNKNOWN)
Gueldres, Marie Of (-1463)
Guile, Abigail (13 NOV 1744-UNKNOWN)
Guile, Amos (10 JUN 1749-UNKNOWN)
Guile, Anne (9 APR 1747-UNKNOWN)
Guile, Asa (12 JAN 1734/35-UNKNOWN)
Guile, Benjamin (21 SEP 1732-UNKNOWN)
Guile, Ephraim (1 MAY 1730-UNKNOWN)
Guile, Ephraim (-UNKNOWN)
Guile, Hannah (10 NOV 1727-UNKNOWN)
Guile, James (5 FEB 1752-7 JUN 1839)
Guile, John (4 JAN 1739/40-AFT MAR 1800)
Guile, Mary (24 MAR 1754-UNKNOWN)
Guile, Reuben (22 FEB 1741/42-UNKNOWN)
Guile, Samuel (13 FEB 1701/02-1 DEC 1775)
Guile, Samuel (22 MAR 1736/37-UNKNOWN)
Guillaume, Count of Burgundy I (-UNKNOWN)
Guinevere, (-UNKNOWN)
Gundred, (-UNKNOWN)
Gunnilda, (-UNKNOWN)
Gunnison, Deborah (-UNKNOWN)
Gunnison, Elihu (-UNKNOWN)
Gunther, Thelma (-UNKNOWN)
Guppy, George (-UNKNOWN)
Guptill, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Guptill, Leo Alexander (21 SEP 1907-21 OCT 1971)
Guptill, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)
Guptill, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Guptill, Thomas (ABT 1675-UNKNOWN)
Guptill, Thomas (-ABT 1786)
Guptill, William (-UNKNOWN)
Guyard, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Guyard, Catherine (1639-UNKNOWN)
Guyard, Louis (-UNKNOWN)
Guyard, Louis (-UNKNOWN)
Guyon, Barbe (APR 1617-27 NOV 1700)
Guyon, Jacques (-BEF 29 SEP 1623)
Guyon, Jean (SEP 1592-UNKNOWN)
Gwenllian, (-1296)
Gwyr-Llew, (-UNKNOWN)