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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with A

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Abbot, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Anna (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Elizabeth (-5 MAY 1706)
Abbott, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, James (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, John Captain (1649-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, John (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, John (1676-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Larry (Private-)
Abbott, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Mary (ABT 1652-5 MAY 1706)
Abbott, Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Patience (-BEF MAR 1756)
Abbott, Peter (BEF 1639-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Reuben (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Shane (Private-)
Abbott, Shawn (Private-)
Abbott, Thomas Ensign (1643-8 MAR 1712/13)
Abbott, Thomas (7 SEP 1664-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Walter (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Walter (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Walter (24 JUN 1673-22 DEC 1740)
Abbott, Walter (ABT 1600-15 MAY 1667)
Abbott, William (-UNKNOWN)
Abercrombie, Eliza (16 MAR 1815-18 FEB 1878)
Abigail, (-UNKNOWN)
Abigail, (-UNKNOWN)
Abigail, (-UNKNOWN)
Abigail, (-UNKNOWN)
Abigail, (-UNKNOWN)
Abigail, (-UNKNOWN)
Abigail, (-UNKNOWN)
Abigail, (-UNKNOWN)
Abigail, (-UNKNOWN)
Abigail, (9 MAY 1818-UNKNOWN)
Acton, Joan (1550-UNKNOWN)
Adaele, Countess of Evreux (ABT 1004-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Charles , Sr. (ABT 1621-18 JUL 1694)
Adams, Charles , Jr. (ABT 1668-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Charles S. (21 NOV 1856-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Christopher (1630-BEF 21 SEP 1687)
Adams, Deliverance (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Ebenezer (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Edmund S. (31 MAY 1853-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Emma E. (21 OCT 1854-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Esther (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, John (1674-BEF 15 JUN 1737)
Adams, John Quincy (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Kenneth Lasier (--living--)
Adams, Mark (-BET 1706 AND 1722)
Adams, Mary (ABT 1675-1763)
Adams, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Mary J. (26 AUG 1858-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Mercy (13 MAR 1673/74-BEF 1732)
Adams, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Sally (18 JUN 1792-28 MAY 1830)
Adams, Samuel (-1694)
Adams, Sarah (1671-UNKNOWN)
Addie, (ABT 1845-BEF 1867)
Adela, (ABT 1062-UNKNOWN)
Adelaide, (ABT 1065-UNKNOWN)
Aedan, (ABT 532-608)
Aelfgifu, (-UNKNOWN)
Aelfhelm, (-1006)
Aelflaed, II (-UNKNOWN)
Aelfthryth, (-UNKNOWN)
Aethelreda, (ABT 1042-UNKNOWN)
Agatha, (-UNKNOWN)
Agnes, (-UNKNOWN)
Agnes, (-UNKNOWN)
Agnes, (--living--)
Agnes, (-UNKNOWN)
Aislingich, Fedelmid (-UNKNOWN)
Akerman, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Akerman, Mary (ABT 1685-UNKNOWN)
Alan, Alice Fitz (-UNKNOWN)
Alan, Eleanor Fitz (-UNKNOWN)
Alan, Joan Fitz (-UNKNOWN)
Alan, John Fitz (-UNKNOWN)
Alan, Mary Fitz (-UNKNOWN)
Alan, Phillippa Fitz (-UNKNOWN)
Alan, Richard Fitz Earl of Arundel (1306-24 JAN 1375/76)
Alan, Thomas Fitz (-UNKNOWN)
Albea, Charles Franklin (--living--)
Alcock, Samuel Captain (-UNKNOWN)
Alcook, Frances (1612-5 APR 1694)
Aldridge, John B. (-UNKNOWN)
Alexander, Bishop of Moray (-UNKNOWN)
Alexander, (-UNKNOWN)
Alexander, King of Scotland III (4 SEP 1241-19 MAR 1284/85)
Alexander, II (24 AUG 1198-6 JUL 1249)
Alexander, King of Scotland I (ABT 1078-1124)
Alexander, Duke of Albany (ABT 1454-1485)
Alfflaid, (ABT 963-UNKNOWN)
Alfred, (849-UNKNOWN)
Alice, (-BET 10 JAN 1586/87 AND 11 JUL 1587)
Alice, (-UNKNOWN)
Alice, (1629-AFT 1702)
Alice, (-20 OCT 1657)
Alice, (1527-20 OCT 1587)
Alienor, (-UNKNOWN)
Allard, Job (-UNKNOWN)
Allard, William (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Alford (16 NOV 1805-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Barbara (--living--)
Allen, Barsham (4 FEB 1701/02-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Bridget (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Catharine (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Charles Albert (29 AUG 1873-UNKNOWN)
Allen, David (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Dorcas (1780-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Dorothy (6 SEP 1707-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Edward (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Edward (OCT 1824-15 MAR 1892)
Allen, Elijah (18 DEC 1711-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Elisha (18 JUN 1709-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Elisha (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Elsie (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Florence Winona (17 SEP 1886-25 JUL 1947)
Allen, Francis A. (1856-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Frank D. (27 JUN 1915-5 APR 1958)
Allen, Frank D. (7 MAY 1893-17 FEB 1915)
Allen, George William (3 SEP 1877-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Harriette N. (1831-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Harry (--living--)
Allen, Harry J. (21 JAN 1889-31 JAN 1988)
Allen, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Isaac (ABT 1735-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Jacob (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Jacob (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Jacob (-ABT 1752)
Allen, James (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, James (14 FEB 1713/14-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Jeremiah , Sr. (4 FEB 1777-10 NOV 1858)
Allen, Jeremiah (MAY 1809-2 NOV 1897)
Allen, John (ABT 1719-UNKNOWN)
Allen, John E. (15 SEP 1825-UNKNOWN)
Allen, John Murry (6 SEP 1883-1956)
Allen, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Joseph (2 JAN 1717/18-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Joseph S. (1 JAN 1827-11 APR 1848)
Allen, Josiah , Jr. (26 OCT 1758-27 JUL 1838)
Allen, Josiah (1721-11 AUG 1799)
Allen, Jude (16 JUN 1684-16 JUN 1738)
Allen, Judith Ann (--living--)
Allen, Lawrence Scott (13 MAR 1914-25 MAY 1955)
Allen, Lawson (2 SEP 1800-16 JUL 1854)
Allen, Linda Rose (--living--)
Allen, Marie-Madeleine Hlne Sarah (1 MAY 1692-25 DEC 1764)
Allen, Marilyn (--living--)
Allen, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Martha Louise (21 APR 1926-17 FEB 1990)
Allen, Mary (5 NOV 1720-3 MAR 1814)
Allen, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Mary (23 MAR 1726/27-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Mary (ABT 1832-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Mary Elizabeth (--living--)
Allen, Mehitabel (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Michael (NOV 1798-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Mundy (SEP 1802-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Nancy (7 APR 1796-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Nellie J. (1870-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Ralph Eugene (--living--)
Allen, Ralph Waldo (22 APR 1882-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Rebecca (ABT 1833-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Reuben H. (14 AUG 1892-6 JAN 1992)
Allen, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Rosalie (--living--)
Allen, Ruth (ABT 1837-13 JUN 1912)
Allen, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Sarah (ABT 1760-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Scott (17 MAY 1807-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Scott Lewis (6 DEC 1857-8 APR 1898)
Allen, Shadrack (1 FEB 1799-1856)
Allen, Soloman (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Susannah (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Sylvanus (10 FEB 1797-13 MAR 1884)
Allen, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Walter (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Walter (ABT 1643-UNKNOWN)
Allen, William Henry (1847-25 MAY 1904)
Allerdale, Sigrid Of (-UNKNOWN)
Alley, Ephraim (-UNKNOWN)
Almira, (18 FEB 1818-UNKNOWN)
Alphonso, IX (-1230)
Alpin, (-UNKNOWN)
Alpin, Giric King of Scotland (-UNKNOWN)
Alsace, Thierry Of Count of Flanders (-1168)
Alton, Etienne (-UNKNOWN)
Alton, Etiennette (-UNKNOWN)
Amaury, (-UNKNOWN)
Ambler, John (-UNKNOWN)
Ambrose, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Ambrose, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
Ament, Marie (Private-)
Anarawd, (-UNKNOWN)
Anchors, Carol (--living--)
Anderne, Maud (-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Abraham (18 AUG 1708-25 DEC 1769)
Anderson, Hannah (-1808)
Andr, Marguerite (-UNKNOWN)
Andrews, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)
Andrews, Mary (ABT 1585-UNKNOWN)
Andrews, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Andrews, Sophia (ABT 1800-UNKNOWN)
Angelina, (27 OCT 1889-JUN 1985)
Angelina, (20 AUG 1882-JAN 1970)
Angouleme, Isabelle Of (ABT 1188-31 MAY 1246)
Anjou, Margaret Of (23 MAR 1428/29-25 AUG 1482)
Anjou, Matilda of Abbess of Fontevrault (1107-1154)
Ann, (-ABT 1635)
Anna, (-UNKNOWN)
Anna, (-UNKNOWN)
Anna, (1697-25 AUG 1778)
Annabella, (-UNKNOWN)
Annah, (-UNKNOWN)
Anne, (-UNKNOWN)
Anne, (-UNKNOWN)
Anne, (-24 JAN 1688/89)
Annis, (ABT 1873-UNKNOWN)
Annis, Kezia (1 MAY 1711-UNKNOWN)
Antioch, Daughter Of Bohemond Of (-UNKNOWN)
Antley, Allen (--living--)
Antley, Furman Abraham (6 JAN 1874-9 APR 1956)
Antley, Jerry (--living--)
Antley, Willie Abraham (24 OCT 1896-12 MAY 1979)
Antwerp, Lionel Duke of Clarence (29 NOV 1338-17 OCT 1368)
Aquitaine, Eleanor Of (ABT 1122-1 APR 1204)
Aragon, Alphonso (-UNKNOWN)
Aragon, Catherine Of (15 DEC 1485-7 JAN 1535/36)
Archambault, Antoine (-UNKNOWN)
Archambault, J. (-FEB 1687/88)
Archambault, J. (ABT 1632-DEC 1700)
Ardouin, Anne (ABT 1618-11 OCT 1670)
Argyll, Eochaid king of Scots (747-819)
Arlette, (-UNKNOWN)
Arlin, Alice Ida (20 MAY 1881-UNKNOWN)
Arlin, Augusta G. (22 JUN 1890-28 SEP 1890)
Arlin, Augusta Grace (4 MAR 1885-UNKNOWN)
Arlin, Bessie Mae (23 JAN 1879-1948)
Arlin, Carrie O. (-UNKNOWN)
Arlin, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Arlin, Daughter (1895-18 JUN 1895)
Arlin, Dill (-UNKNOWN)
Arlin, Eli A. (21 MAY 1859-13 DEC 1937)
Arlin, Frances Eli (20 OCT 1888-3 NOV 1957)
Arlin, Harry Leighton (14 FEB 1886-8 APR 1974)
Arlin, Ina Lydia (1893-28 JUL 1911)
Arlin, Leslie Charles (20 JUN 1897-3 MAY 1963)
Arlin, Mary A. (30 JUN 1882-2 OCT 1882)
Arlin, Sophia (-UNKNOWN)
Arnason, Ingibiorg (-UNKNOWN)
Arthur, King (559-UNKNOWN)
Arthur, Duke of Bretagne II (25 JUL 1262-27 AUG 1312)
Artois, Blanche Of (-1302)
Ash, Hannah Chesley (-UNKNOWN)
Ash, Judith (-UNKNOWN)
Ash, Kezia (-UNKNOWN)
Ash, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Ash, Thomas (-BEF 3 JUN 1718)
Ash, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Ashton, Elizabeth (1566-BET 1592 AND 1594)
Atheling, Edward The Prince of England (1016-1057)
Athelstan, (-UNKNOWN)
Atkinson, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Atkinson, Henry (--living--)
Atkinson, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Atkinson, Joseph Dr. (-UNKNOWN)
Atwell, Marjorie (--living--)
Atwood, Ruth (28 NOV 1802-UNKNOWN)
Aubert, Jeanne (-UNKNOWN)
Audelin, William Duke of Normandy (BEF 5 AUG 1103-25 NOV 1120)
Auden, Dominique (-UNKNOWN)
Augustus, Philip II (-UNKNOWN)
Ault, John (-UNKNOWN)
Ault, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)
Ault, Remembrance (1650-UNKNOWN)
Auneau, Jeanne (1621-11 FEB 1696/97)
Austin, Catherine (29 NOV 1785-UNKNOWN)
Austin, Elizabeth (1596-BEF 1676)
Austin, Francis (13 JUL 1594-BEF 13 JUL 1642)
Austin, Isabella (ABT 1633-7 DEC 1719)
Austin, Jemima (BEF 25 JAN 1640/41-UNKNOWN)
Austin, Joseph (-BET 6 JUN 1662 AND 1 JUL 1663)
Austin, Joseph (30 APR 1692-UNKNOWN)
Austin, Keziah (BEF 24 JAN 1640/41-UNKNOWN)
Austin, Rose (3 FEB 1677/78-NOV 1755)
Austin, Rose (-UNKNOWN)
Austin, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Austin, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Avent, Joan (1550-5 FEB 1613/14)
Averill, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Avery, Dale (Private-)
Avery, Jeffrey (Private-)
Avery, Jenny (Private-)
Avery, John (-BEF 2 JUN 1607)
Avery, Lindsey (--living--)
Avice, (-UNKNOWN)
Avrard, Madeleine (-UNKNOWN)
Ayer, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Ayer, Elizabeth A. (3 APR 1831-UNKNOWN)
Ayer, Hannah (21 DEC 1644-3 JUN 1676)
Ayer, James (-UNKNOWN)
Ayer, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Ayer, Mary (-29 MAY 1739)
Ayer, Mary E. (ABT 1870-UNKNOWN)
Ayers, Ann (ABT 1605-AFT 29 DEC 1674)
Ayers, Dalton (-UNKNOWN)
Ayers, Ellen M. (1833-17 FEB 1864)
Ayers, Mehitable (-17 AUG 1723)
Ayers, Rebecca (ABT 1700-UNKNOWN)
Ayers, Tamsen (-UNKNOWN)
Ayscough, Anne (ABT 1539-1612)
Ayscough, Francis (ABT 1509-19 OCT 1564)