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August 9, 1896


[Little Miss Big Bonnet letter]:

     Dear little cousins: Last week, Big Hat got so many long letters from the big cousins, that I begged him to let me have all your little letters to put in the paper this week, with mine.
     Mamma said it was not polite for me to wait so long before answering the many nice letters I have received, but I've been busier this summer than any since I cut my teeth.
     There are five little girls in our neighborhood beside me. I make six. We live not far from a park, where there are lots of trees and green grass, and every day, for a long time, we took our dolls there and played keep house and calling on each other, just like grown folks. There was a pretty pool in the park, not far from the trees we chose for our home.
      A few weeks ago, the lady who lived on the corner near us left to spend the summer in Europe. Mamma told us all about it, how she would go to New York on the cars, and then get aboard a big boat and ride nearly a whole week on the water.
      This lady is very sweet and nice, and wears such pretty dresses, and often takes us riding, so we girls thought it must be a very fine things to go to Europe. Each of us has a doll named for this lady, because we like her so well, and the day she left, when we were down in the park, we still thought it would be lovely to take all the dolls named for her and play they were going on a trip to Europe, too.
There were some small wooden tubs near by that the park keeper kept plants in in the winter time. We got one of them for the bat, and I tied my sash to it to hold it by. It was not my best sash, so I did not care. Then, we put the tub in the pool and all the dolls named for our friend in the tub. We took turns walking around the pool to get them to Europe. It is a long way around the pool, and every time around counted for one day, so we had to go around seven times before we reached Europe.
     I suppose we got tired, because the very last time around, when I was pulling the tub, the sash slipped out of my hand. I tried to catch it, and fell over into the water.
     I don't know how deep the pool it, but it seemed a mile, and I went clear to the bottom. It all happened so quick that I hadn't time to begin to get scared before I came to the top again. As I did so, my hand struck the tub floating about, and I managed to keep hold of it. Then, I was frightened, I can tell you. I couldn't scream, because I could hardly breathe, the water strangled me so. But, all the other girls screamed lovely.
     Then, some ladies walking in the park came and screamed, too. They wrung their hands and ran up and down the bank, and said, "She will drown!" several times, and all the while, I felt I couldn't hold to the tub a minute longer. I thought of a good many things, but mostly, I thought of my mamma, and then I remembered she had said I might play in the park, if I would promise her not to go near the pool. And, I had promised her, and forgot all about it till now! I wondered if they brought me home dead, if she would think I was a bad little girl, or if she would feel so sorry, she would forget that I had ever been anything but good.
     Just then, a boy about 12 years old, barefooted and sunburned, ran up to see what all the noise was about. He never stopped running, but just said, "Jiminy!" and made one dive to where I was. I let go just as he reached me, and another minute, instead of being at the bottom of the pool, I was on the bank, being hugged and cried over and wrung dry. The ladies all kissed me and the boy, and the boy and me, till the boy said, "Quit that!" and asked where I lived. The girls told him, and he picked me up and lugged me home.
     I think I felt worse than if mamma had scolded me. It made her real ill for several days, but I was not sick a bit. Papa found out who the boy was and thanked him. That was all he could do, for the boy, though he was barefooted and sunburned, was the son of a rich ranchman, and splendid at all country sports, such as swimming and bareback riding.
     That is why Big Hat said in a letter to you, that girls should learn to swim, because, where children are ladies, are more apt to be than men. There were lots of ladies near the pool that day, but if it hadn't been for the boy -- well, I wouldn't be writing this. The boy came to see me before he went back to the ranch and he says if we girls will visit him sometime there, he will teach us to swim. Then, we can play near the pool all we want to. Our mothers won't let us go to the park alone any more. I think I will mind mamma better after this.
     I forgot to say, that when the boy jumped in after me, the tub capsized and went to the bottom with all our dolls. So, none of them ever saw Europe, after getting that near.
     After all, I haven't told you what I've been so busy about, and it was something special, too. There's such a knocking on the door now, I can't write any more, so I might as well see who's there. Rap! Rap! Rap! if there isn't Joe Farmer, Joe Dawson, Paula Evans, Pet Kelley, Bessye Smith and a lot of others, coming to see Big Hat! Well, they won't get in this week, that's sure.

                                                    LITTLE MISS BIG BONNET.

TO CORRESPONDENTS -- When writing a letter to this department, first give your full name, postoffice and state. Use pen and ink, on smooth paper, not larger than note size. Write only on one side of the paper and do not sew, paste or pin the sheets together. These rules must be observed to insure publication.

EDNA LONG, Pursley, Navarro Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I thought, as my other letter was in print, I would write again. There has been two big meetings going on near my home. I have one married sister and she came to see us yesterday evening, and staid till this evening. My grandmother is staying with us now. Miss Big Bonnet, you and your brother come and spend the summer with us, and I will give you all the peaches and apples you can eat. I have two dolls. I haven't any pets except a sweet baby brother, Bog, and he is enough pet for me. The cotton crop is good here, but the corn has about burned up. I have five sisters and four brothers. Papa takes The News and thinks it is the grandest paper yet. Mr. Big Hat, if you would come, I would feed you on peas. Velma Scott, write again; you write such interesting letters. Cousins, don't you all think that Mr. Big Hat is too small to wear spectacles? I do.

ARA PEARSON, Prairieville, Kaufman Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I will write to you for the first time. My papa is a cattleman. I am a little girl 9 years old. I have a little brother 2 months old. I am just home from a visit to my little cousins in Kaufman. I had quite a nice time, though papa came for me a little too soon. I was anticipating a fine time Sunday, but was disappointed.

NELLIE TABOR, Bryan, Brazos Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Here I am again, knocking at the door. It has been some time since I wrote to the Cozy Corner. It has been very dry here. School begins in September, and I will be glad. I love to go to school. I just got back Wednesday from San Marcos and other points. Mr. Big Hat, have you had any peaches? I have had a few. I wish you and all the cousins could help me gather grapes.

STELLA HENSLEE, Lyons, Burleson Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I have been reading the cousins' letters, and want to join your happy band. I am 12 years old. My papa and mamma are both dead. Mamma has been dead eight years. Papa died two years ago. I have two little brothers, Ernest and Frank, 8 and 10 years of age. They live with my Grandpapa Henslee. I live with my aunt and Uncle Joe Wood. Velma Scott asked how many of the cousins had been to San Antonio and Austin. I have never been to either place, but my aunt has promised to take me with her this summer. I am anxious to go, especially to San Antonio. Come again, Miss Big Bonnet. You look nice in your smart big bonnet. Please don't give my letter to Peggy, and I will write again.

[Laura HENSLEE was appointed postmistress at Lyons on May 18, 1893, and continued as such, until her successor, Jos. W. WOOD, was appointed postmaster on September 4, 1900. His successor was appointed on March 26, 1902.]

NORA DE STEIGER, Dallas, Dallas Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I want to join your circle. I like to read the letters in the papers. I am 14 years old and in the high sixth grade at school. I have a bicycle which I like to ride.

EMMA LAWLER, Minerva, Milam Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Here comes a little 12-year-old girl to join your happy band. Papa takes The News and I like the cousins' letters very much. I always turn to the children's page first, for I think it is the nicest department in the paper. Ludie Sanders, come again. You write very interesting letters. I live within half a mile of your half brother, Mr. Jim Sanders. He keeps the postoffice at Minerva and also sells medicine. Mr. Big Hat, do not let Peggy have this letter, as it is my first attempt to write.

MARIE CARR, Durham, Durham Co., North Carolina -- Mr. Big Hat: Here comes a black-eyed North Carolina girl just from Durham. My sisters, Pauline and Virginia, would write, but they are afraid. Sister Drucile says: "Marie, are you going to write to The Dallas News?" and I said: "Yes." Come again, Miss Belle Burgan; you write such cute letters. My sister that is married is visiting us at present. She has the sweetest little girl ever in North Carolina. Brother Kenneth has gone to St. Louis, Mo., for several weeks. I miss him so much.

LOYD POWELL, Marquez, Leon Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat: Will you let another 15-year-old boy join your band? Have been reading the cousins' letters for a long time. I think they are fine. We are needing rain very bad. I went to the Navasota river fishing not long ago. Mr. Big Hat, you ought to have been here to help us eat fish. There were forty men in the crowd. We caught from 500 to 600 pounds of fish. Just listen! What is that making so much noise? Oh! to be sure, it is Peggy! Mr. Big Hat, tell him to let this letter alone and I will send him some oats or corn.

T. L. ROGERS, Morgan, Bosque Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat: I notice in your department this unanswered query: "Who was the hero of thirty battles never known to retreat?" Of Edward Burleson, it has been said, "The hero of thirty-one battles, never known to retreat." See Pennybacker's history of Texas, revised edition, foot note on page 127.

DELLA HALL, Osage, Coryell Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: It has been a long time since I have written to the Cozy Corner, but I thought I would write again, as the door has been opened to me. I am at Aunt Lizzie's now, and Clevie and I have had the finest time! I just left grandmother's day before yesterday. I stayed there nearly a week. I had a real nice time. I will stay here a week or so, then I am going back to grandmother's, and from there, on home.

LAURA ROSE, Carthage, Panola Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: As this is my first attempt to write to the Cozy Corner, you must not expect much of me, but I will try to do better next time. I am a Texas girl, 14 years old. I want some of the girl cousins to correspond with me. My papa takes The News. I like to read the cousins' letters very much. I hope Mr. Big Hat will feed Peggy before my letter comes. Hurray, boys! the girls will beat you! Lella Dubose, come again. I think you do well.

ERA MAY SOAPE, Carthage, Panola Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I haven't written to The News in a long time. I am corresponding with Bessie Smith. I do love to correspond with her. Little Miss Big Bonnet, come again. Bernice Ross wants some of the girl cousins to correspond with her. We have lots of peaches now. I wish I could write an interesting letter like some of the cousins can.

HARRY EZELL, Kosse, Limestone Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I have been thinking of writing to the Cozy Corner for some time, but was afraid Peggy would get it. My papa is a doctor, and is away from home most of the time. I am 8 years old and in the third grade at school. I have three brothers and we have a fine time playing together. We all go to Sunday school. I think all little boys should go to Sunday school. I am going to try to be a good boy.

MAMIE MOORE, Alvarado, Johnson Co., Tex. -- Mr. Bit Hat: Will you please let me join your happy band? I am a girl 15 years old. I will not stay long, as this is my first . Mamma takes The News. We all like it very much. We have nice cotton here. I do like to pick cotton. I would like so much to correspond with some of the cousins of either sex. I will answer any letter just as soon as I receive it.

ADA LASHER, Ennis, Ellis Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I am spending the day with one of my little friends. We are both writing a letter to you. I had a birthday party Saturday. Thirty-six children were there. I was 11 years old. I have been bathing in the natatorium twice. I am going to go again Tuesday. How is Miss Big Bonnet? I think she is pretty in the paper. I hope Peggy won't get my letter.

EMILY NELSON, Advance, Parker Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Here comes another 13 year old girl to join your happy band. As I never saw a letter from our little city, I thought I would write. My papa has been taking the News for six months, and I like to read the cousins' letters. I haven't any pets except four pigeons and seven turkeys. I am going to a singing school to-day.

ADELE LOWENTHAL, Dallas, Dallas Co., Tex. -- Dear Mr. Big Hat: I thought I would join the happy circle and say that I like so much to read the little letters which are so nice and interesting. I must inform you that I have the cutest little St. Bernard dog, and I wish one of the cousins would find a pretty name for him. Papa bought me two beautiful canaries. Their names are Tony and Goldie. I will do better next time. I am 9 years old.

VICTOR H. RYAN, Winthrop, Little River Co., Ark. -- Dear cousins: I write to your department to see if I can learn the whereabouts of two brothers, Joseph E. and John D. Ryan. If any of the cousins know any thing of them, I would be glad to hear it. I notice a great many mistakes among the letters sometimes. Now, cousins, wouldn't it be nice to correct one another's mistakes. We all make them, especially when we try to be flowery.

IDELLA POWELL, Denson Spring, Anderson Co., Tex. -- Howdy do, Mr. Big Hat and cousins! This is the first letter I ever wrote to your paper, and I hope you will print it. Now, Mr. Big Hat, don't give it to Peggy. I am a farmer's daughter and like to live on a farm. We live twenty miles from Palestine and four miles from Denson Springs. We are getting a good rain to-day. We were needing it badly. We have lots of ribbon cane. Come down and I will give you and Peggy some. My age is 12 years.

SIAMBRA SMITH, Click, Llano Co., Tex. -- Good evening, Mr. Big Hat and cousins! This is my first attempt to write to the Cozy Corner. I read the little boys' and girls' letters and they interest me very much. I think the little cousins improve every day in writing letters. Come again, Peggy; you wrote such a nice letter. Come again, Bessie Bee. I think you write such interesting letters. Papa has cut all of his fodder. When he was stacking it, it fell with him. The stack was about fifteen feet tall. It hurt him in the back, but he is getting so that he can walk. He has been in bed nine days. My little brothers and sisters and I will send 20 cents (Siambra 5 cents, Elmer 5 cents, Hallie 5 cents and Jackson 5 cents) for the Sam Houston memorial stone fund.

HARRIET JOSPHINE [JOSEPHINE?] SMITH, Click, Llano Co., Tex. -- Good evening, Mr. Big Hat and cousins! Here comes a little Texas girl, 8 years old. Miss Big Bonnet, your last picture looked as sweet as a little wax doll. I have no pets but a little baby sister. She is 5 months old. If this escapes the waste basket, I will write again.

EDMEE WILSON, Galveston, Galveston Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I thought I would write and tell you about my pets. I had eight cats. Two of them died and one ran away, so I have five left. I have two canary birds, five pigeons, one dove, a dog and a donkey. I hope you will feed Peggy before my letter reaches you. I go to St. Patrick's school and I study catechism, spelling, Bible history, geography, reading and arithmetic. I read the letters every Sunday and I like them very much. As this is my first letter, I hope Peggy will not get it. I am 11 years old. I will make my cross, as I wrote this without help.

NORA DE STEIGER, Dallas, Dallas Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat: This is my first letter to the News, and I hope it will not reach the waste-basket. My only pets are two baby brothers. I hope Peggy won't eat my letter up. I have a bicycle, which I have had about three months. I like to ride. I want to learn some trick-riding. I am fourteen years old. I had a tent, but got tired of it. I am another cousin added to your list.

OZUETTE PHILLIPS, Terrell, Kaufman Co., Tex. -- Little Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I thought I would write to The News this evening, as I have nothing else to do. I have been ironing. I wrote to the cousins' department when I was 8 years old and now I am 12. My letter was printed then, and I hope that Peggy will not be hungry enough to get this one. I want to see in print. I have two pets and they are canary birds. We live six miles north of Terrell. I take The News. We all like it very much.

FLORENCE KERR, Waelder, Gonzales Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: This is my first attempt to write to the Cozy Corner, but have been thinking for some time that I would write. I am now 13 years of age, but will be 14 next Christmas. I have two sisters and four brothers. I have been taking music on the piano nearly two years and can play right well. My sister plays the mandolin. We have been taking The News six months, and the more I read, the more I like it. Now for some questions: What great king owned a swinging garden? Where was Solomon's temple built? I hope Peggy will be asleep when this letter arrives.

J. B. ROBINSON, Jacksboro, Jack Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I have been reading the letters from my dear cousins and they are very interesting. I have some pets, one dog, one cat and about ninety-seven chickens, one sister and two brothers. Tell Peggy that I guess he will have all he can eat, because some of us don't write enough to get others interested before we quit. One of the cousins wants to know what table has no legs. I guess I can tell her. It is the multiplication table. I guess the reason that little birds in a nest agree is because they can't do anything else until they get large enough, and then they leave, so as not to have any trouble. I want to ask some questions: What is the pugilist's favorite word? What fish will you find in a bird cage? What is the largest head on record?

MINNIE HEXT, Delhi, Beckham Co., Okla. -- Dear Little Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I have been a reader of the Cozy Corner a long time. Papa takes the dear old News, and mamma says she could not do without it. I do think some of the cousins write such good letters. I only wish I could do that well. I will be 13 yeas old in August. I love to ride horseback. We go to Sunday school about six miles distant. It is the first time we have ever had any Sunday school up here in this part of Greer county. I am going to Cheyenne soon. I expect to have a good time. I wash and iron and can milk, church, wash dishes and clean the house up. Papa bought my oldest sister a piano. I want to learn some day to sing and play. We have lots of grapes up here, but not many plums this year. I haven't any pets. I make dolls for my younger sisters sometimes. I will send 10 cents for the memorial stone.

CLARA RAUBE, Giddings, Lee Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: This is my first attempt to write to the Cozy Corner. I am 14 years old and have one sister and two brothers. I was in the seventh grade, but had to stop school on account of my health. My papa has been taking The News for twenty-three years. If this letter gets published, I will write again. I send 10 cents for the Houston memorial stone fund.

MAGGIE M. ROGERS, Cameron, Cameron Parish, La., Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I have been writing to our paper and I love to read the letters. I have been going to school nine months, but my school has closed now, and I will have a long vacation. Oh! how I wish some of the cousins could come and go riding with me this summer. I love to ride. I had a lovely ride last Sunday. Some of my cousins and I went riding on the beach and it was lovely. We have nice peaches ripe now. I am 13 years old.

LOUISE WILSON, Galveston, Galveston Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I thought I would write, as there are not very many letters from Galveston. This is my first letter, and I hope Peggy will not get it. Mr. Big Hat, I hope you will feed Peggy before my letter reaches you. I go to St. Patrick's school, which is taught by the Ursuline nuns. I study catechism, spelling, grammar, geography, United States history and Bible history. I am in the third reader. Our school closed on June 5, and I received a premium for improvement in studies, deportment and attendance. I have been reading the letters in The News every Sunday, and think them very interesting. I have no pets. I am 12 years old.

DAISY FIELD, La Porte, Harris Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat, Miss Big Bonnet, Peggy and all the cousins: May I enter your little Cozy Corner and chat awhile? I am going to address all of you, so if one refuses to listen, perhaps another will. I enjoy reading the letter[s] very much, and when I pass the Tuesday News by with scarcely a look, I snatch eagerly at the Friday's. I have no pets. I did have a dear little goldfish, but it committed suicide; in other words, it jumped out of the bowl, and when we found it, it was dead. Mr. Big Hat, will you allow so new a comer to work for a prize? for I would like to very much. If any of you want to know my age, it is 45--8x10--2--40x9--4x2. Well, I will stop and give some of the other cousins a chance to talk.

EFFIE BEALL, Waxahachie, Ellis Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and Miss Big Bonnet: Here comes another Texas girl to join your Cozy Corner. Will you please take her in out of this dreadful hot we[a]ther? I have been reading the letters of the Cozy Corner for a long time and I thought I would try my luck. Little Miss Big Bonnet, you look nice in your brother's chair. Your hat looks much nicer than that old bonnet. We all want you to write oftener. Hattie Friend, John Shepard and Hattie Simmons, come again. Your letters were nice. I will answer Rosie Myre's question: The multiplication table has not a leg to stand on. I am 12 years old. Our school is out and I was promoted to the sixth grade. I have two brothers and three sisters. I would like to correspond with some of the cousins about my age. I guess this is enough for Peggy to eat.

W. F. NEWMAN, Floresville, Wilson Co., Tex. -- Little Mr. Big Hat: As this is my first attempt to write, I will not entertain you long. I live about five miles from Floresville, a little town situated near the San Antonio river, and about thirty-one miles from San Antonio. Its population is between 1000 and 1500. It has two gins and one oil mill. I will have to go to picking cotton next week, and papa told me if I would be a good little boy and work right hard, when he got a bale, I could go to town with him. I send 5 cents to the Sam Houston fund. They all made fun of my letter when I finished it, and said it would not be published. I hope you will fool them. I am a little boy 11 years old.

NELIA PRUITT, Waxahachie, Ellis Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and all my unknown cousins: Here I come to chat a while with you all. I have been to Corsicana twice since I wrote last. I would like to know what has become of Bessie Bee and Mary West. Come again, and also Jeanette Cline. I would like to correspond with some of the cousins that will write to me first. Annie Hill, I wish you would fold yourself up in another 2-cent stamp and write again. I had a very nice visit while I was in Corsicana. Inclosed please find 5 cents for the Sam Houston fund.

MARY AGNES O'ROURKE, Wortham, Freestone Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I am a little girl 13 years old. My mamma keeps a boarding-house on section 28. The foreman here takes The News and I like to read the little girls' and boys' letters very much, so I thought I would join the society. I have one sister and three brothers. My father is insane. I have three cousins whose mother is dead. I have been going to boarding school for the last four years. I am in the sixth grade. My oldest cousin and my sister have been going to school with me for the last three sessions. I received the prize of three premiums while at school.

EMILY PENDERGRASS, McKinney, Collin Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Will you let a little 7-year-old girl join your happy band? This is my first attempt to write to The News. The cousins are telling about their pets. I have none except a little pigeon. I can play a little on the organ. My papa is a farmer. We need rain badly. We live one mile from McKinney. I go to Sunday school. We are about finished hoeing.

EDITH SPRINGER, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Here comes another little girl to join the Cozy Corner. I have never written to The News before. I have just finished reading the children's letters. I enjoy them very much. I have not seen any letters written from here. I have two brothers, one older and one younger than I am. I am 11 years old. I have two pets, a canary bird and a sweet little sister. Mr. Big Hat, inclosed find 10 cents for the Sam Houston memorial stone. Miss Big Bonnet, I think you are very pretty. Thrasea Bertrand, I think the answer to your riddle is a wheelbarrow. I will ask a riddle: A man rode across a bridge and yet he walked. Mr. Big Hat, please feed Peggy some oats or corn before this reaches you.

RUTH JONES, Bremond, Robertson Co., Tex. -- Miss Big Bonnet and cousins: Here I come again. Please let me in, and I won't come so often hereafter. My little sister has a pet squirrel. I don't go to school now, for it is out. My brother has gone to the fruit palace. Peggy, you are sure fat. I am going to Austin in August. I will ask a question, and I want every one of the cousins to answer it: Would you rather have two faces or one? That is, would you rather have an ugly face at home and a pretty one when you went anywhere, or a sweet one all the time? Peggy, please do not get this letter.

KITTIE HALL, Spring Creek, Throckmorton Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Seeing so many nice letters, I thought I would write one. I like to read the cousins' letters very much. I hope Mr. Big Hat will print this one, as it is the first. My age is 6 years.

CHARLIE BACON, Farmersville, Collin Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I am a Texas boy, born in Dallas and 7 yeas old the 17th of May. I wanted to do something for the great man the cousins are doing so much for. Inclosed find 10 cents for the Houston memorial fund, and when I am a man and you are too old to ride Peggy to collect the cousins' letters, I will be able to do that for you. I don't know that I ever saw you, but I know you are very kind to the little folks, so you can't be very bad. I shall try to be like you in generosity and nobleness of mind, and if my long head has as much good common sense in it as yours with Miss Big Bonnet in the chair and Peggy and I to collect and deliver, we can find your place, and you can sit in an easy chair and honor us by giving orders. I have one little sister 3 years old, as pretty as a doll. I never went to school but one day in my life. Mamma and papa teach me at home. I have made some mistakes in writing, but if Mr Big Hat will make some allowances, I will try to do better next time. Cousins, this is three times I have written this before I got it as good as it is. Will encourage me to practice more, if I see this in print.

AIMEE FERN NICHOLS, Paris, Lamar Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat: I am going to make my first attempt at writing a letter to a newspaper. I hope Peggie won't get my letter. I like very much to read the cousins' letters. Jean and I always grab for page 14 every Sunday. I am 11 years old. I go to the public school and am in the fourth grade. I have had a very pleasant vacation. I spent five weeks with my auntie at Ben Franklin. School commences in five weeks. I will give the cousins a conundrum. Who will answer it first:
      Flour of England, fruit of Spain,
      Met together in a shower of rain;
      Put in a bag, tied round with a string;
      If you tell me this riddle, I'll give you a ring.

ELLAFAIR RAFERSTON, Cayuga, Anderson Co., Tex. -- Little Miss Big Bonnet: I thought I would write you a letter. It has been raining ever since 4 o'clock last night, and is still raining. Miss Big Bonnet, I thought your picture was just lovely. Some of the cousins are asking Miss Big Bonnet to turn her face around, after she has turned it around. I see Herbert Taylor is back again. Don't he write good letters? I wish that I could write like he does. My papa is a subscriber to The News. I like the little folks' column better than any part. I always pick for the little folks' department. I have a sweet baby sister 2 years [old.]

LOTTIE ADAMS, Salem, Newton Co., Tex. -- Miss Big Bonnet: I wrote to Mr. Big Hat before, so I will write to you this time. You mustn't give my letter to Peggy, for he doesn't look much hungry, to me. I think Peggy would be a very good mule if he didn't eat up our letters. Miss Big Bonnet, when will you have your picture again? Please turn your face around. Have you got your doll's new dress done yet? I know it will be pretty. When you get you a new doll, you must let me name it for you. We have moved to Call now, about twelve miles from Salem. I like it out here very well, but I miss all the girls at home. I want to see them awfully bad. I think Marie Taylor writes such good letters. I enjoy reading them so much. Her letters are so interesting, and they bet better and better all the time. Ludie Sanders' are good, too. I think she must be such a good girl.

ADDIE JONES, Carlton, Hamilton Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I have just finished reading the cousins' letters and think them very interesting. I thought I would write again, after seeing my other letter in print. Mr. Big Hat, I am very much obliged to you for printing it. It has been about two weeks since we have had any rain, and it is awful dry. The corn in this part of the country is not of much account. Our cotton is opening and I think we will have to go to picking before long. There is a big meeting going on down below Gilmore, about three or four miles, but I don't get to go much, it is so far. The Baptist meeting is going to start at Gilmore next Saturday. Genevieve Myrdock, come again, you write such an interesting letter. I wonder if Mr. Herbert Taylor is still tumbling around on the floor in the sack he said his papa was making to sew him up in? Mr. Wallpapur A. Shinplaster, you and Patsy Good Enough come again; you both write an interesting letter. I attended a picnic at Gilmore the 10th of July and I had a fine time. I also attended a picnic at Hico the 23d of July, and I had a good time there. Ludie Sanders, I am glad to hear that you have got a chance to get an education, for everybody has to have an education to get along in this world. Well, as I see that long-eared Peggy looking, I will stop.

REIMER SCHROEDER, Cedar, Fayette Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: To-day my father, my brothers and I went to gather mustang grapes to make wine. First, we went about a mile and picked a few buckets full from one vine that clung to a tree which we had chopped off. When they were all picked, we started to go back again to gather some at another place, but we couldn't find any more, so we went along the creek till we came to a pretty deep pond, which my smaller brothers, Ernst and Rene, tried to run through. But, when one of them came to the shore, he tried to clamber to the rim of the steep bank, but slipped and fell on the wet stones and tumbled into the water. After a while, we came out of the creek again and went to our wagon and then we hunted for papa and found him sitting on a tree, picking grapes. So, we picked a few buckets full, too, and then the sun set and we went home. My brothers and I have ten young pet ducks. One of them is a nice tame drake. He will eat from my hand. I wish Mr. Big Hat could see him, too. Please feed Peggy on oats; he can never live long if he continues to eat poor contributions by the basketful. Under the head "Questions and Answers" in No. 34 of the Weekly, Montenotte asks the question: "What is the family name of the Bourbons?" The answer given is "It has none." This is incorrect. The family name is Capet.

DELLA STONE, Cochran, Austin Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: It is with pleasure that I again enter your Cozy Corner. I have been here before, though, I doubt if any one remembers me. There was a big barbecue held at the bridge on the 25th[?] of June and we all went. We surely had a nice time. There were about 4000 people there. They had all kinds of refreshments to sell on the grounds, and also had a platform built for the young people to dance on, which was enjoyed very much. The brass band from Houston furnished the music, which was very sweet. We all went to a dance that night and danced until 2 o'clock, and you can imagine how tired I was! Mama woke us up to breakfast, and after we ate our breakfast (sister, brother and I), we went back to sleep and slept until dinner time. We also went to another party that night. Herbert, I know you had a nice ride on that buzzard. H. P. Pfeffer, we are going to tent at the camp-meeting, and if you come, you must call around. Sister says she will be very glad to meet you. Mr. Big Hat, you must come up and attend the camp meeting, for I know you will enjoy it. We are certainly having a nice rain to-day, which was needed badly. Cousins, how many of you like to play croquet? I enjoy the game very much.

VIRGIE NEWTON, Gainesville, Cooke Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: We live on a farm two miles from town. Papa used to live in Dallas. He came to Cooke county about twenty years ago. We have lived in Gainesville for the last nine years, but papa thought we could raise more fruit and chickens and get more milk and butter and eggs a little further out of town. We are well pleased with our new home. My cousins, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Newton, of Garland, took dinner with us the first day in our new home. Our next visitors were my cousins, Misses Mary and Mabel Ragland of Pilot Point. My grandfather, Capt. W. A. Kendall, lives in Dallas. My Grandfather Newton was one of the first settlers of Dallas, when the courthouse was only a log cabin. He settled at the Cedar springs in 1847.

EDDIE W. HARTMANN, Arneckeville, DeWitt Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Here comes another little 11-year-old Texas boy who would like to write to the Cozy Corner and join it. One of my brothers has written a letter to Mr. Big Hat's department and it went to Peggy and made him fat, and so, I want to see if mine will make him fat. I wish that these letters which Peggy eats would make him fat enough so Mr. Big Hat would butcher him. It has been very dry and hot here, but about half an hour ago, we received a refreshing shower. We can soon pick cotton, and then, you bet, we cousins will have something to do. Last week, one of my cousins and I rode some calves, and one threw me so hard, that I could not get out, but when I did, I surely gave that calf a whipping and rode it much harder. I am in the fifth grade and have eight studies. I think that is enough. I study German and physiology. Our school was out in April. We had an exhibition and we had a great many speeches to say. Who of the cousins likes to recite speeches? I don't, for one. I will ask some questions: When do you find a person in a room without his head? What runs and runs and never walks, has a tongue and never talks?


- August 9, 1896, The Dallas Morning News, p. 14, col. 3-7.
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