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May 10, 1896


TO CORRESPONDENTS -- When writing letters to Big Hat's department for publication, write on one side of the paper only. Printers never turn their copy, and the editor has no time to rewrite half, or even part, of your letters. Give your full name and address. Anonymous letters are never printed. These rules are imperative.

JOSIE MILLS, Puerto de Luna, Guadalupe Co., N. M. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Here comes another little girl who wishes to join your happy band. I live on a ranch in New Mexico. I have been reading the cousins' letters for some time and I like them very much. We have not had any rain for some time. It looks as if it would never rain again here. My age is 10 years. I never see any letters from New Mexico girls to Mr. Big Hat, so I thought I would write one. I will ask a riddle and would like to have some one of the cousins to answer it: What is it that the more you take from it, the more it grows?

MAUD ALLEN, Honey Grove, Fannin Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Will you admit me into your Cozy Corner? I have been reading the cousins' letters. I live in the country, but am boarding with my cousin and going to school. I am 12 years old. I hope Peggy will not get this letter, as it is my first one. I have one pet; it is a goat. Little Miss Big Bonnet, turn yourself around the next time you get your beauty snatched and put your picture in the paper. We want to see your face. I wish you would pull off your bonnet. I want to see if you are good looking or not.

ETHEL BLUM, Corsicana, Navarro Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I would like to join your Cozy Corner. My papa takes the paper and I have read the cousins' department with much interest. I am 13 years old. I go to school and I am in the high fourth grades. I like school very well. I expect you have lots of pets at your house. We have only one. That is the little dog. I am very fond of him. Papa likes him, too, and I think if it wasn't for him I would be very lonesome, for I have no brother nor sister.

JIMMIE MORTON, Van Alstyne, Grayson Co., Tex. -- Little Mr. Big Hat and cousins: This is my first attempt to write to The News. I have been reading the cousins' letters, and I find them to be very interesting. I am 10 years old. I am in school now. We have a splendid school and I study five studies. Our school will close in May. I'll be so glad when it closes, for then I am going to Sherman. I have a sister living there. I intend to spend most of my vacation with her. I like to stay in Sherman so much. Well, Mr. Big Hat, I won't worry you and the cousins with a long letter, for I know how I dislike to read long letters.

GRACIE WHITWORTH, Bastrop, Bastrop Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I would like to come in and chat a while in the Cozy Corner, if Peggy don't catch me. My school is out now. I studied five studies. I have six brothers and two sisters and we have two pet squirrels and a cat. I am 9 years old. Miss Big Bonnet, come again. I like your letters very much. I would like to see Sallie Rose now, and see how she looks in her new dress.

FERNANDY H. PFEFFER, Kenney, Austin Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: To-day is Good Friday and I have a little spare time, so I will write to the Cozy Corner, but I will not stay long, for I have not much to tell. Now spring is here and everything is so nice and green. Our roses are budding and some are in bloom. I would like to send Mr. Big Hat some Easter flowers, but it is too late, as Easter Sunday will be day after to-morrow. I will go to a picnic on Easter Monday if the weather is nice. I attended a masquerade ball last month. I masked and had a nice time. None of my friends or cousins knew me. Maud Foy, sister Hedwig sent you the flowers which you wanted about three weeks ago, but you did not write us yet. Did you not get them? Please let us know about it. I will answer and ask some riddles: Hiram Sterling, the letter K is like a pig's tail because it is the end of pork. Bertha Thompson, I think the word "eaten" is the answer to your riddle. What makes more noise than a pig in a sty?

RUSH WITCHER, Rockdale, Milam Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I have been reading the Cozy Corner and think it very interesting. I live eight miles from Rockdale, in the black land. I have not been in Texas long. My home is in Mississippi. My brother, myself and a friend are "keeping batch." We do our own cooking. We hunt and fish some and live very happy. But we are not old bachelors. We do not aim to keep batch always. My friend is a subscriber to your paper. I like it very much. My age is 17 years.

ARTHUR E. GARRETT, Stanton, Martin Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat: I want to add my mite to the Sam Houston memorial fund, so I send you 10 cents. I am a little boy 11 years old, and live on the staked plains. My papa is a sheep man. I would like to have your picture and so send you a stamp to send it with. I dearly love to read the cousins' letters.

CORDELIA COALEY, Groesbeck, Limestone Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Here comes another 11-year-old girl. I have one own sister and five half-sisters. I have two half brothers, and one of them is dead. My papa died when I was 3 years old. My mama is living. I am going to school and I am in the third grade. I have a nice teacher. I have a half sister in Alabama. She is a school teacher. Mr. Big Hat, if Peggy is not grown, it will scare me to see him when he gets grown. Miss Big Bonnet, the next time you have your picture taken turn around.

ANNIE LAURA BLOCKER, Rockdale, Milam Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: It has been a long time since I wrote. It has been raining for three days and I have to stay in out of the mud. Our school closed the 27th day of March, and I was so sorry. I think Mr. Big Hat is so kind to give the cousins a whole page. My papa takes The News and he says he can't do without it. I have got a little pig and his name is Joe. I hope Peggy is sick when my letter arrives. I help mama do the housework. I will answer Fannie Chernosky's riddle. It is a watermelon. My age is 8 years.

ALLIE MYERS, Alvarado, Johnson Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Here comes another girl of 15 years. I have two sisters at home and two little nieces living with us. I have written to the Little Men and Women before, but I guess Peggy got my letter. My papa is a farmer. We live four miles north of Alvarado. Miss Big Bonnet, you ought to turn around and let us see your face. Cousins, how many of you like Mexico? I think it is nice for all girls to take lessons. I take all the time from one of my sisters. She teaches others also. I would like so much to correspond with some of the cousins. I have a little cousin living in Oak Cliff. I have never seen her name in the paper. Her name is Eva Woodward.

NELLIE MOSS, Bruceville, McLennan Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Evidently the Cozy Corner wields an enticing influence, for I find myself speedily drifting in its rapid current. So I am with you till Peggy devours my verdant name, which I fear he will do soon, as I am quite sure he is fond of fresh greens from the country. Wilhelmina Johnson, the Spartans were renowned for their warlike valor. Pet Kelley, Benjamin Franklin died in 1750. The seven wonders of the world were the Egyptian pyramids, the temple walls and hanging gardens of Babylon, the Greek statue of Jupiter, the temple of Diana, the mausoleum, the Pharos and the colossus of Rhodes. Jessie Locke, those verses you composed on country life were splendid. Do honor the Cozy Corner with more of your poetic talent. M. C. Williams, you said you were not writing an emigrant letter, but I think it would serve the purpose real well. Why don't you write and tell us about your travels? Joe Farmer, your letter was so funny. It was too bad that Peggy nipped the buddings of your poetic genius. Write again. I am real anxious to have another hearty laugh. Jennie Faulkner, I am glad to know you like me. Virginia is my native state. Yes, Jennie, I would enjoy a girl correspondent very much. Oh, I must tell you about the picnic I attended the other day. It was given to the Cozy Corner cousins on a beautiful lake and I was so sorry all of you could not attend. The long anticipated day had arrived, clear and clam. Everything had been done to make the occasion enjoyable. The beautiful shady groves were well supplied with hammocks, swings, croquet and lawn tennis sets. The cousins were coming in from every point of the compass, but great agitation was discernible among them, for 10 and 11 o'clock had passed, still Mr. Big Hat and Miss Big Bonnet had not arrived. All of the wise boys and girls gathered together, surmising thousands of misfortunes which might have befallen them. At 11:30, when everything was at the highest pitch of excitement, one of the boys espied from the top of a tree, Peggy's ears bobbing along beyond the hill. The alarm was soon given and we all ran to meet him. Mr. Big Hat immediately began to explain the cause of their delay. He said: "When we were four or five miles from our journey's end, Peggy stumbled and we both fell off. There were no fences (except wire) anywhere in sight, so we walked some distance leading Peggy until we came to a farmhouse. Then we borrowed a step ladder, placed it by Peggy and ascended with perfect ease. So it was not our step that caused us to arrive even at this late hour, but the steps of the ladder." After Mr. Big Hat and sister had rested, while we fanned them, a regular picnic dinner was served, to which all did full justice. The afternoon was spent in the most hearty enjoyment. Eugene Phelps, Joe Farmer, Lilia and myself were in a little skiff rowing over the beautiful blue waters watching the sun in all his glory pass beyond the horizon, when I awakened from my slumbers and found to my sorrow it was only a dream.

LUTA JONES, Rice's Crossing, Navarro Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I have been reading your nice letters in the Cozy Corner until I've become so intensely interested that I can't refrain from writing. Well, cousins, as I have never written to this department before I scarcely know what topic will interest you. Oh, I have it now! I will tell you about our picnic. Last Saturday quite a number of us spent the day in the woods. We fished and gathered wild flowers. The best of all was the nice dinner that we hungry lads and lassies partook of so heartily at noon. That day in the woods, cousins, was a happy one for me, although quite a serious accident happened. The first thing I did after we arrived at our destination was to clamber down from the wagon, find a nice young sapling, bind it over and take a glorious ride to remind me of my childhood days, way back in the "wilderness of Alabama." Up and down in the scented breeze, like the enchanter's wand, made me feel that I was a merry child again instead of a grown-up girl. Whit this new impulse, I romped and played as merrily as a lassie of 12 until dinner was announced. After dinner a party of us girls decided to try our luck angling for the "finny tribe." I named my fish, and in fact, did everything to charm them to my hook. And after a long waiting I felt something tugging at the line. I squealed, of course; I jerked my fish out and threw it high upon the bank, only to see it go tumbling down again. I clutched wildly at it, and in so doing I lost my balance, but fortunately a stout bunch of grass grew conveniently near, so I clung to that until my brother pulled me out. Did any of you cousins ever have a like experience? Another misfortune was that I tore my black skirt into shreds almost, as a result of running through briers, crawling under wire fences, etc. I'd advise the cousins, if they think of picnicking any time soon, to wear stout ginghams or something that won't tear, if they wish to have some real fun, especially if they dislike to patch as badly as I do. Cousins, I'm piecing a silk crazy quilt and would be glad to receive some scraps from you. I would like to correspond with any of the cousins more than 18 years old.

UNA MIDDLETON, McGregor, McLennan Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I have been a silent reader of The News quite awhile, and think it the best paper published. Luther Whitten, I must compliment your letter; I wish all of the cousins would write long letters. Elmer Davis, write again. Some of the cousins wanted to know who remembered the 2d of March. I did, for I am a great lover of history, and especially the history of our grand state, that all the nations of the universe delight to honor. How many of the cousins ever visited an orphan's home? I have and think it is the nicest place for children who have no home. The state home is situated at Corsicana. The manager is a real nice man and I think the matron is one of the nicest women on earth. She is so good to the children. I will give you a description of the Orphan's Home next time. Can any one tell me where Lizzie Rogers is? She and I used to correspond; she wrote to The News also. Any one who is able to tell me will receive my heartiest thanks. I'm afraid Miss Big Bonnet is not very good looking and that is the reason she will not let us see her face. I would like to correspond with cousins of either sex of 16 or 17 years of age.

MYRTLE MYERS, Alvarado, Johnson Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and Miss Big Bonnet: Yesterday was my birthday and I was 11 years old. Mamma thinks I am very small, as I am the baby. I hope, cousins, all of you had a good time during easter. I think it so nice for little ones to enjoy good times. I very often read of the cousins' pets and games. I have lots of little canary birds, and I enjoy playing on the organ and playing croquet and dominoes with sister. Cousins, some of you come over and stay with me while mamma is gone. She is going to Mexico to see her sister. You know I will be so lonely. I do enjoy going to school. My school is out, though, but will start again soon.

MARY BANKS, Barnum, Polk Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: This is my first attempt to write. My friend is writing with me. We are both cowards and afraid of Peggy. Cousins, did any of you ever work in newground? If you did you can sympathize with me; I declare, it is the hardest work I ever did. You just ought to see my burning log heaps and picking up brush! We had a nice concert the last of our school. I, for one, hated to see school close. I am 14 years old. I tell my age plainly, for I am not learned enough to talk in enigma.

JETTIE PATE, Barnum, Polk Co., Tex. -- Here comes another county girl to join you. I have been reading the letters for quite a while, but for fear of Peggy would not write. I wish I could write nice letters like Ludie and Rachel Sanders. Come again, girls. My chum is spending the evening with me and will write some. One of our near neighbors takes the paper and we like to read the cousins' letters very much. Our school was out not long since. I surely hated it, for I do like to go to school. I am 16 years of age. My educational advantages are not very good. I work in the field also, Ludie, but can not plow.

LAURA KELLY, Rising Sun, Jones Co., Tex. -- Little Mr. Big Hat and Little Miss Big Bonnet and dear cousins: Will you please open the door and let me in to chat a while with you all this cool morning? Well, I guess you've forgotten me by this time, haven't you? Little Miss Big Bonnet, I wish you would turn around and let us see your face. What has become of Bessie Bee? Come again, Bessie; you write such interesting letters. Come often, Ludie Sanders; you write such good letters. I surely like to read the cousins' letters; they are so interesting. I think Mr. Big Hat's department is more interesting than the children page in other papers. I am going to begin taking music lessons Monday. I will take four months, and maybe longer. My age is 15 years.

BESSIE SMITH, Whitney, Hill Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Here I come again. Louise Groce of Waxahachie, come again. Myrtle Fields, I hope you will succeed with your poem. Marie Taylor, I have been reading your letter. You asked if any of the cousins lke George Elliott's works. I have read only two books by him, and they were "Adam Bede" and "The Mill on the Floss." I like them very well. I will answer Stella Oliver's question: It is a chimney crane. A good many letters were not published. Ludie Sanders, one of my friends said she thought you were a boy. Do you take it as a compliment? I don't think I would. Stella Stone, I have read "Thelma," by Marie Carrelli. I like it very much. How many of the cousins love to play croquet? I do. I have a set that was ordered six weeks ago and just came to-day. We are going to have a concert the last of school - that is, those who take music and elocution. I wish all the cousins would come. What a house full there would be of them alone! I wish Bessie Bee would come again. It looks as if she could spare us a few minutes out of school hours, don't you think so, cousins? Alzada Bowman, that was the answer to that riddle in a riddle book I have. I do not know your answer, won't you tell me? Answer this one if you can, Alzada: How old are you on your 12th birthday? Cousins, why is life the greatest riddle? Why should an owl be offended if you should call him a pheasant? What word contains all the vowels and in their proper order?

[Mr. Big Hat's response]:
     Cousins, what do you think of Bessie's using the word "him" in reference to George Eliot? Who was George Eliot? Can't you tell us, Bessie?

BILLY BROWN, Iowa Park, Wichita Co., Tex. -- Hello, "fellers!" I think we should be ashamed to let the girls beat us, but then girls haven't much to do but write and such - ahem! This is the prettiest country you can imagine, with its blossoming trees and green wheat fields. I guess Trilby's toe was too long for safety, wasn't it, Lillie? I think we have the nicest (that word means lots) corner of any paper out. Now, taking everything into consideration, don't you? We have been taking The News only since we moved to this place, and I like it very much, for a Texas paper. Now how many of you cousins are going to jump on me for that? I know you will excuse me when I add that Texas, to my knowledge, is the finest state in the union. It is a glorious state; once an empire of her own, now a flourishing state. From her orange groves to her thousands of cattle on the plains, she outranks any state in the union. I am proud that I am living in your state, and it's a matter of regret that I can't say with the majority of you, "I am a born Texan." I was born in Nova Scotia in 1876, and would have been a subject of her majesty's had I not left there. Now, boys, think how good a chance you have to be president of your nation. I can never aspire to that! Sam Houston is a worthy subject for a memorial stone, and it seems strange that he has not been "memorialized" before now. Well, I'll close for fear the "little mule" will devour this. I send 10 cents for the stone fund.

MINNIE L. MOORE, Gleam, Lee Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: This is my first attempt to write to the cousins. I am a little girl and will be 12 the 3rd of June. I study three books. I have no pets but one cow. I have two sisters and three brothers. I had a nice time Christmas. Santa Claus brought me some raisins, candy, apples, oranges and nuts. I got several new year presents, a doll's wash stand and a little bedstead.

MARY WOMACK, McGregor, McLennan Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and Miss Big Bonnet: It has been two years since I wrote to the Cozy Corner. I have been afraid to write since I saw Peggy eating that basketful of letters. Our school was out about two weeks ago, and our kind teacher gave us a candy treat. Oh! Mr. Big Hat, if you and your sister had been here I would have given you some of my candy. We all had a nice time. In this country we grow corn, cotton, wheat, oats and millet. Miss Big Bonnet, have you finished your new dress yet? I want to see your face in your next picture. I guess you are about 10 years old, and your brother is about 20 years old. If I could see your face I could tell more about it. Wasn't it nice when you slipped into Brother Big Hat's chair? Was it the first time you ever had got into his chair? How many of you play authors? I like the game.

BELLE MEEK, McDade, Bastrop Co., Tex. -- Good morning, Mr. Big Hat and cousins! I will write again, as my other letter was not in print. I was surely glad to get your picture. You are good-looking, if this picture resembles you. I have it in the album. Tell Miss Big Bonnet to write again. Well, as all of the cousins are telling about their pets I will, too. I have a pair of white doves, three pigeons and a partridge. The partridge stays with the chickens. He is about 2 years old. The doves can laugh like a person. I am 16 years old and live ten miles from McDade. I never see any letters from this part of the country. I went to a negro concert Friday night and had the nicest time. I declare I laughed until I couldn't laugh more. They had drills, marches, dialogues, songs and speeches, and also shouting, and that was the funniest of all. They had a piece about an old mule. Peggy ought to have been there; he was a terrible kicker. Mr. Big Hat, I have two brothers who used to live in Galveston and I suppose you know them. I will ask a few history questions: When did the confederate soldiers disband? When was Throckmorton removed? When did Hamilton become governor?

AMANDA BARTLEY, Ladonia, Fannin Co., Tex. -- Little Mr. Big Hat and cousins: This is my first attempt to write to the Cozy Corner. I enjoy reading the cousins' letters very much. I do not go to school now. School was out last month. I have five brothers and one sister. I have pieced me two quilts. I have three dolls, but don't play with them much, because I haven't got anybody to play with me. Mamma has eighty-nine little chickens. Papa has his corn all planted and is nearly done planting cotton. I am 12 years old. I will ask a question: Who was the nineteenth president of the United States?

MAGGIE COSTELLO, Finis, Jack Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat: I have been reading the cousins' letters for some time, and like to read them well. I have four brothers and one sister and one sister-in-law. I go to Sunday school every Sunday. Our school has been out now for some time. I am a farmer's daughter. My age is 15. I am in the fourth grade. Mr. Big Hat, I wish I could see you and Peggy.

CARRIE BOW, Kaufman, Kaufman Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat: This is my first attempt to write to the cousins. I have been thinking I would write for a long time. My papa is a farmer, and he takes The News. I live four miles east of Kaufman. I am not going to school now. School is out. I didn't care, for I did not like to go to school. My age is 14 years.

LULA BOW, Kaufman, Kaufman Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Will you please let a 12-year-old girl join your band? This is my first time to write to the Cozy Corner. I will answer some of Hiram J. Sterling's questions: The king of Og had the iron bed. The reason why the letter "K" is like a pig's tail is because it's at the end of pork. I will ask a riddle: If a man met a crying pig what animal would he call him? If Peggy goes to get my letter, slap her right hard.

EVA COCHRAN, Taylor's Bayou, Jefferson Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: This is my first attempt to write to the Cozy Corner, and I hope Peggy won't get it. I will be 10 years old the 19th of June. I have three brothers and one little sister, 3 years old. I was born in New Mexico and always lived there till last August. Papa moved to Arizona and didn't like it there, so we went to Louisiana and Mississippi and then came to Texas. I love to read the cousins' letters. I will answer Bertha Thompson's question. "Often" is the word of five letters from which you can take away two and yet leave ten. Our school is out. I love to go to school. We had a good teacher. I have no pets except my little sister and dollies.

ZILLAH FREDERICK, Pursley, Navarro Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: This is my first attempt to write to The News. I have no pets. I have two sisters and two brothers. I have not been going to school. Mr. Big Hat, come down this summer and help me eat chickens. We have lots of them. Some time ago I got my finger mashed in the door, and it has not got well yet. My oldest brother is farming. My papa is a doctor and is gone most of the time. My age is 11 years.

BESSIE MILAM, Sulphur Springs, Hopkins Co., Tex. -- Good-evening, Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Here comes a heretofore silent reader to ask admission to the Cozy Corner. I am 169 months old, and do not go to school, but study arithmetic at home and take music lessons. I have just been practicing, and I'll tell you what, cousins, I do not like to practice a bit, and haven't any more talent for music than Peggy has. I haven't any pets and do not want any. Reading is my favorite pastime, and I like to read the cousins' letters so much. I think most all the letters are good, but among whose I thought were most entertaining were Carrie Wright's, J. C. Graves', W. B. Wilson's, May Mixson's and Della Oliver's. All please come again. Joe Graves, you must have a poor opinion of Texas girls, to think they are afraid of mice. I am thinking you are not judging us right. Mumps are all over our little city now, but I have been fortunate enough not to take them, although I have been exposed a great many times. There were twenty or thirty cases here last week, and some have been dangerously sick, but none have died. Carrie Wright, Constantinople was named for Constantine the Great. I have some questions to ask before closing: What Japanese city is said to cover a larger area than any city of Europe or America? What city is the sacred city of the Mohammedans? What city is frequently called the Athens of America? I would like to correspond with any of the cousins, boys or girls, who will write first.

[Mr. Big Hat's response]:
     Bessie, you have never heard Peggy sing, or you surely wouldn't refer in so slighting a manner to his musical talents.

JIMMIE DOUGLAS MOORE, Rusk, Cherokee Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat: I have been begging mamma for two months to let me write to you, but she always says that Peggy would be sure to get my letter. I am going to try now any way, and I do hope Peggy won't be hungry enough to eat it. I am a little girl 8 years old, and I live half way between Rusk and New Birmingham. I have never gone to school any yet. My mamma teaches me at home. I love so much to read all the little letters in the Cozy Corner, but love to read yours and Miss Big Bonnet's best. When Papa brings the paper Friday night my little brother, sister and I run to meet him to get Mr. Big Hat's page. I have a very large doll which my uncle in Waco gave me three years ago. Her name is Ruth Cleveland. I have also a smaller doll the same age as Ruth, named Sunshine. Tell Miss Big Bonnet's Sally Rose that Sunshine can sympathize with her, for one day she got her head broken and went without a head till last Christmas, when Santa Claus stole her away and put her on a brand new head and pink tarleton dress, with hat and slippers to match. So she looks very fine again. Santa brought them a buggy large enough for both, so they have a nice time riding out. I have a dear grandma, an uncle, auntie and two little cousins living in Dallas, all of whom I know will love to read my letter if Peggy don't get it. I attended the Dallas fair last fall. When I go again I will carry my dolls to see Sally Rose. Won't they have a jolly time? I send my love to all the cousins, yourself and Miss Big Bonnet.

FLORENCE ANN HULSEY, Ladonia, Fannin Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Here comes another 11-year-old girl to join your Cozy Corner. My papa has been a subscriber for your paper for several years. This is my first attempt to write to The News. My papa takes several papers, and I like The News better than any other one. I love to go to school. I am in the fifth grade. Our school had to close the last of March on account of the measles. Our teacher said he would come again in the summer and finish our school. The name of our schoolhouse is Oak Ridge. It is situated five miles north of Ladonia. Mr. Holt has been teaching for us for three years. My two older sisters, 16 and 18 years of age, have the measles, and I am expecting to take them every day. I am like some of the rest of the cousins -- I like pets, but I have none except a little brother, 3 years old. My papa is a farmer and I have to help him hoe and pick cotton. I saw Peggy eating one of my cousin's letters. I hope she will not get mine. I will send 10 cents for Sam Houston's memorial stone fund. I will answer Hattie Price's question. James Garfield was killed by Charles Gulteau.

VIRGIL SIMPSON, Jacksboro, Jack Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I live on a farm about four miles from Jacksboro. I have been reading the Cozy Corner quite awhile, as papa is a subscriber to The News. I hope Peggy won't be hungry when my letter reaches you, anyway. I will put on plenty of ink, so she won't like it. W. B. Wilson, your advice to country boys is good. It has been two years since I have been to school, but I study at home. I have finished Texas history and am reading United States history. I have one pet, a pony. I bought her myself and worked for her. I drive the cows to pasture on her every morning. We have a mule that looks like Peggy. I plow with him, and when I ride him home at night they say: "Halloo, Mr. Big Hat!" to me. My brother Earle is plowing to-day, so I have time to write. Evie Swinney, I will answer your question: In the wars between England and France the neutral position taken by the United States offended the latter power, which demanded a present of money, and Charles C. Pinckney, an envoy, said, "Millions for defense, but not a cent for tribute!" I inclose 10 cents for the Houston stone.

WALTER HALE McKINZIE, Carlton, Hamilton Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: This is my first time to write to the dear old News. I am a little boy, 10 years of age. I am going to school at Carlton. I have five brothers and three sisters. I have no pets except a dog. We have two little Jersey calves. I will ask the cousins some questions: Which state of the United States has no mountains? How high are the largest hills in that state? For fear Peggy would get this I got my sister to copy it for me.

EUGENE WHITLEY, Riddleville, Karnes Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I have not written to The News for a long time. Mr. Big Hat, I have got me a mule, and I have named him Duncan. If you will come down we will have a race. Cousins, a mad dog came here and bit our dog, and I guess we will have to kill him. I have seven pets. I am 11 years old. Papa is done planting corn, and nearly done planting cotton. Cousins, when I get older I am going to Washington on my mule, and try to get Cleveland to let me take his place. Have any of you seen or heard anything of Herbert Taylor? I am afraid that last story he told choked him. Our school is out. We had a picnic and concert the last day. The teacher gave a prize of $1 for the best speaker in school, and I got it. I tell you I was sure surprised. I am reading "Robinson Crusoe" now. When I am busy reading, I hate for mamma to tell me to do anything (which I don't love to do if I am reading). I don't love to work, but you see I am all the child on the place, and I have the more to do. Here is a riddle: Look in my face. I am everybody; scratch my back, I am nobody.

ROBERT O. SOCKWELL, Paris, Lamar Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat: I am a country boy. I am 12 years old. I live four miles south of Paris on the black land. I saw a crow's nest about a week ago and I went a few days afterward and found there were four young ones in the nest. I was about to take them, when I saw two old crows coming. When they got there they went to work to whip me. They were about to succeed, when I grabbed hold of a crow's foot in each hand. I thought they would fall to the ground, but they went upward with me. They carried me at a rapid rate until they got tired, and I got tired, too, so I let one go and the other got away from me and left me going. A heavy rain came on while I was traveling and when I hit the ground it did not hurt me much. I was just gone one day, but my folks were frightened very much when I did not come back.

EMIL BIRKELBACH, Round Top, Fayette Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I saw my other letter in print, so I thought I would write again. I had a very nice time Easter. We all had thirty-five Easter eggs. My papa and mamma said they were left us by a such a nice Easter rabbit, and he had a long sack on his neck. What do you think he had in the sack? It was full of paints of all colors to color the eggs -- red, yellow, green, violet, pink, blue, lilac and scarlet. I will write you about my team, for I promised you to write. I have a mule named Sam. His ears are not quite as big as Peggy's, and then there is another thing. I think he is a better mule, for he doesn't eat little children's letters. I have a brown horse named Bob and he is mighty gentle. I will answer Eri Thompson's question: David killed Goliath.

FANNIE L. WALTERS, Rockett, Ellis Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and all the cousins and Little Miss Big Bonnet: I guess you will think that I come too often, but the Cozy Corner is so interesting that I can't keep away. I saw part of my other letter in print, then I knew that old Peggy did not get it all. I am not going to school now. I will tell you about a runaway we had. My oldest brother and his sweetheart (as he calls her) and my married sister and myself all started to a school exhibition. The team ran away with us and ran through the creek and stuck in the mud. We had to get out, leave the hack and bring the team home and walk about two miles. So you see we did not "get there." I was so sorry that I cried. Do you think it was silly of me to cry? My brother said it was. I do hope Emma Breckenridge will come to Texas to live. That was my desk mate's name seven years ago in Lebanon, Mo. She is Missourian by birth, and she may be the same girl.

EFFIE WRIGHT, Groesbeck, Limestone Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I will try to write you a few lines to let you know that I am a little girl 10 years old. I have a little white dog and a gray cat and a goslin and three dolls. I have been going to school, but the school as closed now, and I have to stay at home and help mamma. I love to red the little folks' Cozy Corner. I wrote one before, but I guess Peggy dined on it. If this is not published I will write again.

EULA NEY HIGHTOWER, Kingwillow, Navarro Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Here comes a little 9-year-old girl for admittance in your Cozy Corner. Mr. Big Hat, if you have nothing to feed Peggy on, send her to me, I will give her corn and oats and hay. I am going to school. I am in the fourth grade. I go to Sunday school every Sunday. I will ask some of the little cousins a Bible question: Who was the forerunner of Christ? Look out, Peggy, or you will get your little ears muddy.

CLYDE NORMAN, Eulogy, Bosque Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I am a little boy who will be 6 years old the 21st of August. I have three little brothers. The youngest one is 8 months old, and is just too sweet for anything. I have a pet calf and a dog. The dog will tree rabbits, or catch chickens for us to eat. We live about five miles west of the Brazos river in Bosque county. This is a very healthy place. When I get older I will try and write you a better letter.

EDWIN DAVIS, Temple, Bell Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: This is my first attempt to write. I am 9 years of age. I go to school and study the second reader. I have three brothers and no sister. My brother goes to school. I read the letters and like them very much. School will be out in two months. I will be glad. Yesterday was Easter and I got four pretty eggs under the honeysuckle.

TOM HOOD, Cade, Navarro Co., Tex. -- I haven't seen my last letter in print, so I will write another one for Peggy. She looks like she is hungry. The measles scare has come in our country and broke into our school, but the scholars have now just about all come back. We have a nice Sunday school and I like to go. Mr. Big Hat, I see in the paper about sending money for a stone at Sam Houston's grave. I send you 5 cents. I think it is a good thing for the cousins to do. The people in this country have got their corn planted and are planting their cotton. The bird law went into force and they had to stop hunting and go to work. I will close by asking a question: If a hog and a half cost a dollar and a half what will ten hogs cost?

EARL SCOTT, Cleburne, Johnson Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: I live about three miles from Cleburne, and as I don't see any letters from that place I thought I would write one. Some one might have written one, but if they did I guess Peggy got it. My school has been out a good while and I haven't had anything to do. I am a little boy 12 years old. We live on a farm in the edge of the timber. We have a farm on the prairie and wood lots in the timber. My father is dead. My brothers and I have a gun. My smallest brother killed a rabbit the other day. He was the proudest thing I nearly ever saw. I killed a hawk a few weeks ago.

KATIE THOMSON, Corsicana, Navarro Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: This is my first attempt to write to the Cozy Corner and I do hope that Peggy will not get it. Papa has been taking The News for six years. The letters written for the Cozy Corner are very interesting. We have moved from Weatherford, where papa kept a hotel for seven years to take charge of one here. We lived in Weatherford for nine years and I hated so much to leave. Little Miss Big Bonnet, we would like to know what is under that large bonnet. When you have some more pictures taken be sure and let us have the pleasure of seeing your face. Who can answer this conundrum: What is that which no one wishes to have and no one wishes to lose? Inclosed find 10 cents for the Sam Houston stone fund.

VELLA RANEY, Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., Tex. -- Mr. Big Hat and cousins: Here comes a little girl from the far west wishing to join your happy band. I have been reading the cousins' letters, and think them very nice. You are very kind to let us have a whole page for our letters. I go to school and am in the sixth grade. I don't agree with some of the cousins who say let's don't tell about our pets any more. I like to read about the cousins' pets. I have two sisters and we have two pets. They are a cat and a canary bird. My age is 11 years.


- May 10, 1896, The Dallas Morning News, p. 14, col. 3-7.
- o o o -