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Given names of
Subscribers to the Hargr*ve/s List
(past & present)
  1. Alan (Alan Whiteley)
  2. Alison (Mrs L.E.(Alison HARGREAVES) Lyons )
  3. Anna (Anna G. Herbertson)
  4. Barbara (Barbara Ann Pugh)
  5. Bev (Bevard Hargrave)
  6. Bill (Bill S. England)
  7. Bill (Bill Dollison)
  8. Brett(Brett Hargreaves)
  9. Bud(Clyde Wayne Rogers)
  10. Camilla (Camilla G. von Massenbach)
  11. Carolyn (Carolyn Newcomb --former subscriber)
  12. Carolyn (Carolyn M. Cameron)
  13. Catherine (Mark & Catherine Fields)
  14. Chris (Chris J. Lamesfield)
  15. Cynthia (Cynthia Hargroves --former subscriber)
  16. Dana (Dana T. Riffe --former subscriber)
  17. David (David Hargreaves)
  18. David (David A. Hargraves)
  19. David (David J. Andrew)
  20. Donald (Donald Hargreaves)
  21. Emmett (Emmett L. Meeks)
  22. Gordon (Gordon H. Dewhirst)
  23. James (James W. Green III)
  24. James (James E. Hargrave)
  25. James (James I. Riddle III)
  26. Jean (Jean Baughman)
  27. Jim (Jim McKenzie)
  28. Jim (Jim Hargrove)
  29. John (John Forster Holt)
  30. John (John S. Quarterman)
  31. Johneda (Johneda Tinnin Lee)
  32. Kathy (Kathy H. Graham)
  33. Kim (Kim Ivey)
  34. Larry (Larry & Linda Varty)
  35. Linda (Larry & Linda Varty)
  36. Lynn (Lynn M. Olivier)
  37. Mark (Mark & Catherine Fields)
  38. Orin (Orin K. Hargraves III)
  39. Pat (Pat Hargreaves Baars)
  40. Richard (Richard F. Hargraves --former subscriber)
  41. Rita (Rita Ray)
  42. Rob (Rob Hargraves --former subscriber)
  43. Ruth (Ruth Hargrave Bersin)
  44. Ruth (Ruth Sargent)
  45. Shirl (Shirley Burns)
  46. Teresa (Teresa Highland)
  47. Tomisa (Tomisa Starr)
  48. Virgil (Virgil P. Holden --former subscriber)
  49. Vivian (Vivian HERRIN POPE)
  50. William (William A Ogden IV)

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