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Family of Samuel Padgett Jr. & Sarah Thomas Beasley Padgett

(Photo Courtesy of Gene McCreary.)


This webpage is published for the ongoing research of Padgett and related Surnames. The information herein has been given to me by many different sources, some of which I have not been able to verify. I welcome your comments & suggestions as to improving the website. Property of John and Sharlee Farrell



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    Here's a small article about Samuel Padgett I found in the Rootsweb archives . I don't know why it doesn't mention Sarah "Sallie" Padgett.

    Padgett Biography


    Descendants of Samuel Padgett

    Generation No. 1

    1. Samuel Padgett. He married Lucinda.(?)

    Child of Samuel Padgett and Lucinda is:

    2 i. Samuel Padgett Jr.

    Generation No. 2

    2. Samuel Padgett Jr. (Samuel1). He married Sarah Thomas Beasley April 05, 1866 in

    Greenville, Alabama, daughter of Charles Beasley and Thirza Northcutt.

    Children of Samuel Padgett and Sarah Beasley are:
    4 i. Charles Samuel Padgett, born October 20, 1878.
    6 iii. Mary Jane Mollie Padgett, born 1868.
    7 iv. Thirza Lucinda Padgett, born 1870.
    8 v. Alice Elizabeth Padgett, born 1874.

    3 vi. Sarah Thomas "Sally" Padgett, born February 04, 1882;
    died 1935 in Erath Co.,
    Tx. bur. duffau, Tx

    Generation No. 3

    3. Sarah Thomas "Sally" Padgett (Samuel2, Samuel1) was born February
    04, 1882, and died 1935 in

    Erath Co., Tx. bur.

    She married Hume Daniel Anderson,
    son of James Percival Anderson and Jane Rea Hays.

    Children of Sarah Padgett and Hume Anderson are:

    9 i. Robert Jerome Anderson, born August 08, 1902

    in Erath Co; died January 12, 1975 in San Angelo, Tx.
    10 ii. Herman Anderson.
    11 iii. Harvey Anderson.
    12 iv. Sam Anderson.
    13 v. Clarence Eugene Anderson, died 2004 in
    Burleson, Tx.

    4. Charles Samuel Padgett (Samuel2, Samuel1) was born October
    20, 1878. He married Delilah Elizabeth Pearson.

    Children of Charles Padgett and Delilah Pearson are:
    14 i. Sarah Beatrice Padgett.
    15 ii. Martha Bernice Padgett.
    16 iii. Bessie Beasley Grace Padgett.
    17 iv. Quata Belle Padgett, born February 15, 1911 in
    Erath Co. Tx; died September 18, 2004 in McGregor, Tx.
    18 v. Mollie Mozelle Padgett.
    19 vi. Delilah Gail Padgett, born April 17, 1919 in
    Clairette, Erath Co. Tx.

    Generation No. 4

    9. Robert Jerome Anderson (Sarah Thomas3 Padgett, Samuel2,
    Samuel1) was born August 08, 1902 in Erath Co, and died January 12,
    1975 in San Angelo, Tx. He married Lorene Alberta McCleery
    November 16, 1930 in Cranfills Gap, Tx, daughter of James McCleery
    and Nora Warren.

    Children of Robert Anderson and Lorene McCleery are:

    20 i. Lola Roberta Anderson, born in
    Era th co. Tx. She married (1) Jim Gifford. She married (2) Bill Dean.

    21 ii. Willa Dean Anderson, born in Era
    th co. Tx. She married (1) Harold Dean Berry. She married (2) Malcolm Cecil.

    22 iii. Mary Jean Anderson, born in
    Erath co. Tx. She married (1) Robert Haggerton.
    She married (2) John W. Farrell September 05, 1976
    at Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, Tx.

    23 iv. Vivian Lee Anderson, born in Tom
    Green Co. Tx. She married (1) Eugene Shelton. She married (2)
    Fred Arnold. She married (3) Lloyd Baty.

    24 v. Kathy Louise Anderson, born
    in Tom Green Co. Tx. She married Paul Bystrom.

    25 vi. Robert Daniel Anderson, born January 21, 1953;
    died June 21, 1956 in San Angelo, Tx.

    11. Harvey Anderson (Sarah Thomas3 Padgett, Samuel2,
    Samuel1). He married Odessa Gossett.

    Children of Harvey Anderson and Odessa Gossett are:
    26 i. T.H. Anderson. He married Margaret Anderson.
    27 ii. Jimmy Ray Anderson.

    13. Clarence Eugene Anderson (Sarah Thomas Padgett, Samuel2,
    Samuel1) died 2004 in Burleson, Tx. He married Iris Martin.

    Child of Clarence Anderson and Iris Martin is:
    28 i. Rhonda Anderson.

    17. Quata Belle4 Padgett (Charles Samuel3, Samuel2, Samuel1) was born February 15, 1911
    in Erath Co. Tx, and died September 18, 2004 in McGregor, Tx.
    She married Lonnie F Clements.


    Notes for Quata Belle Padgett Clements
    Published in Gatesville Messenger & Star Forum -
    (Posted on Tuesday, September 21, 2004)

    Quata Clements, of McGregor, died Sept. 18 at the age of 93.
    Funeral services were held Monday at Cole Funeral Home Chapel in McGregor with the Rev. Steve Heyduck officiating. Interment was in McGregor Cemetery. Mrs. Clements was born Feb. 15, 1911, in Erath County, the daughter of the late Charles Samuel and Delilah Elizabeth (Pearson) Padgett. She graduated from Levelland High School. In 1929, she married Lonnie F. Clements in Amarillo. They moved to McGregor, where they owned and operated Clements' Variety Store and Clements' Fabric Shop.


    Children of Quata Padgett and Lonnie Clements are:
    29 i. Quata Coleen Clements.
    30 ii. Gene Padgett Clements.
    31 iii. Carolyn Mozelle Clements.

    19. Delilah Gail Padgett (Charles Samuel3, Samuel2, Samuel1) was born April 17, 1919 in
    Clairette, Erath Co. Tx. She married Dosh T. McCreary August 24, 1940 in Levelland, Tx.

    Children of Delilah Padgett and Dosh McCreary are:
    32 i. Dosh Gene McCreary.
    33 ii. John Allen McCreary.
    34 iii. Betty Sue McCreary.
    35 iv. Robert Vaughn McCreary.


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