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These photos of me & my Brothers & Sisters were all taken sometime in the 1960s except the one of me which was taken in '73.

Robert B. Farrell---------------Ralph D. Farrell

Shirley E. Farrell-------------------Mary L. Farrell

Wayne M. "Sleepy" Farrell ........... Leonard E. Farrell ..........John W. Farrell



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God Bless America


I'd Rather Hunt With
Dick Cheney
Than Ride with
Teddy Kennedy !


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    *****Mar 1, 2005.

    Death Notice Hoax - Be Aware!

    Military police are investigating a cruel hoax in which a man wearing an Army dress uniform falsely told the wife of a soldier that her husband had been killed in Iraq. When the 3rd Infantry first deployed to Iraq for the 2003 invasion, some Fort Stewart families reported receiving phone calls from pranksters saying their soldiers had been killed. Be aware of how death notices work in the Army: Two soldiers, including a chaplain, in dress uniform always arrive to tell the family in person. The Army never makes notifications over the telephone.


    God Bless America !


    After returning home from a genealogy trip, my husband John Farrell was called home October 15, 2006...This site will remain. But because AOL STOPPED all of John's e-mail and froze his account I will attempt to take all of his e-mail addresses off.