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This report is taken from the monograph Ancestors and Descendants of Tristram Thomas of Maryland

By Betty Ratliff Carson and Howard S. Hazlewood and used with their permission.

I am grateful for their generosity in allowing its use on the website.

The entire book may be purchased from Betty Carson. Email address is

The most important link in our Thomas proof in England is a will of the elder)  Christopher Thomas of Orpington (son of Edmond Thomas, dated 26 September 1635 (probated 8 February 1635/36). This will was among the papers circulated by Mrs. Mary L. Pirie. The will is shown in detail as follows:

"Probate 11/170/25. Will of CHRISTOPHER THOMAS of Orpington 1635

PCC. YEOMAN, proved 8 Feb 1636. Will dated 16 Sept in 11th year of reign of Charles.

"I, CHRISTOPHER THOMAS, of Orpington. Kent. Yeoman. ....

First. I give to my SON. CHRISTOPHER, his heirs and assigns. . . my house and land in BROMLEY. if he EVER RETURNS AGAIN TO ENGLAND. and until he returns. I bequeath the rental to my SON, EDMOND. but if he never returns. then I give the said house and land to my son EDMOND. his heirs... forever.

"I give to my SON CHRISTOPHER. one hundred pounds. be paid within 2 months of his return to England.

"I give to my SONS. STEPHEN & WILLIAM 200 pounds. .to be paid when they reach 23 years. .but if they die, then this. .to be divided between all the rest of my children. ..My Executors hereafter named. shall. ..allow my sons STEPHEN & WILLIAM sufficient meat, drink. lodging. schooling and apparell. until they shall be fit to put out to be apprentices. or to service..and then my executors shall allow them 13 pounds. 6s. 8d. a year interest. from their portion of 200 pounds. until they.. .come to their ages of 23.

"I give to ELIZABETH AND JULIAN. my daughters and TRISTRAM, my son. 200 pounds each to be paid by my executors. one year after my decease. or to my. ..UNCLE RAPH STACEY and my BROTHER. WILLIAM STACEY...Until my said 2 daughters and my son paid.. .my executors shall pay for my said daughters and TRISTRAM sufficient meat. drink. lodging. schooling and apparell...

"I give to HENRY SLADE. THOMAS MARCHEN, JOHN WATSON. MARIE BURTON. SH? & ELIZABETH CAST now my servants 40 shillings. I give to PETER D. .WPER? my servant 12p a week during his life.

"I give to my daughter ELIZABETH all manner of childbed and christening linen..which was of JULIAN. MY DECEASED WIFE.

".. .appoint my brother, WILLIAM STACEY and my son EDMOND, sole executors of this will.give 20 pounds. I give to EDMOND all my

goods and chattels.

"CHRISTOPHER THOMAS - his mark. Witnesses: CH. LAMBE and EDM.THOMAS. A CODICIL annexed..I give to my BROTHER RAPH MARSH of Westerham yeoman one annuity of 40 shi1lings paid half yearly...5 Sept 1635 CHRISTOPHER THOMAS - his mark. witnesses: Christopher Lambe and Edmund Thomas. Probate granted to WILLIAM STACEY, brother. and EDMOND THOMAS. son."

Note Christopher Thomas, eldest son, has left for overseas (America) by 26 September 1635. We will later trace him to Virginia, Isle of Kent in Maryland, Virginia, Barbados, and back to Talbot County, Maryland. The best we can determine Christopher Thomas never returned to England and the house and land in Bromley was retained by Edmond Thomas and his heirs. Although Stephen Thomas and William Thomas may have immigrated to Maryland later, we cannot prove this as a fact. We do not know what happened to Elizabeth Thomas. Juliana Thomas married John Beedle. John Russell and WiIliam Coursey. We will give more details about Juliana later. It will be easy to see later that all of the family names followed our line to Maryland.

Christopher Thomas left his brother (brother-in-law), Raph Marsh of Westerham, an annuity of 40 shillings paid half yearly. Raph Marsh married Elizabeth Thomas (baptized 29 April 1571). Since Tristram Thomas (will dated 21 March 1639), brother of Christopher Thomas (will dated 26 Sept 1635), also mentioned him in his will, we have additional proof Christopher Thomas (1635) and Tristram Thomas (1639) are brothers and Elizabeth Thomas Marsh is their sister. She probably died shortly after her marriage to Raph Marsh and may have left no children from their marriage. It appears Raph Marsh may have been in poor health in 1635 with little income.

The will of Tristram Thomas of Sundridge, Kent County, England dated 21 March 1639 (probated 2 February 1640/41) has been used by researchers for a number of years. The date of birth for Tristram was shown in error on some copies as 1579. He was born in 1575 as explained earlier about Christean (Tristeram), baptized 10 July 1575. The will mentions his wife, Elizabeth, and children as follows: Richard Thomas, Tristram Thomas, Christopher Thomas, Anne Brigstock, Elizabeth Austyn, Edmond Thomas, Mary Thomas, Leonard Thomas and Edward Thomas. He also mentions several grandchildren and Ruph Marsh, brother-in-law. Ruph Marsh was to receive an annuity of 40 pounds per year.

We wish to acknowledge the research of Mr. Arthur C. Caraway, Jr. per his letter of January 27, 1988 to Mrs. May Burch MacCallum. May furnished us a copy of the letter. Although we have used much of his basic material for Maryland, you will find we do not accept this Tristram Thomas as our direct line. Christopher Thomas, son, did not immigrate to America. Research shows Christopher Thomas owned land and baptized children in England after 1639. It will be easy to see later that most of these family names did not follow our Thomas family to Maryland. The related families of Austyn or Brigstock do not appear with our Thomas family in America. We find no Richard, Mary, Leonard, or Edward Thomas in our early Thomas line in Maryland. Since this Tristram Thomas is a cousin, we do find some of the names in this line appear in our direct Thomas line.

We do consider this Tristram Thomas a relative, but wish to emphasize he is a brother of our Christopher Thomas (d.1635). He is an uncle of Christopher Thomas Cd.1670) and Tristram Thomas (d.1686) that came to Maryland.

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