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Hopkins Anson County Land Records

The following land records are found for Lambeth and John Hopkins in Anson County:

The information in the following deed shows that John Hopkins was on the McClain's Creek land in 1763 and that this land was near the land of Enoch Floyd who witnessed the 1762 Power of Attorney. These documents appear to verify that the John Hopkins of this land grant is the John Hopkins of the Power of Attorney devised in Anson County in 1762, the John Hopkins in Frederick County, Virginia in 1749, and the John Hopkins of the 1769 land grant in Anson.

9 Apr. 1763, Henry McCulloh to Henry Eustace McCulloh. . .for 38 pounds VA money. . .land above John Hopkins, opp. Enoch Floyds clearing, 430 A on McClains Cr. Holcomb. Anson County, NC. Deed Abstracts: 1757 - 1765. pp. 217-219.

My information for the survey for this land comes from a photocopy made from the original documents made for me by an archivist at the North Carolina State Library and Archives in 1980. The chain carriers were Albert Bright and Joseph Fry. The land was sold to Robert Edwards Sr. I did an Internet search on these names. Joseph Fry was of a family that migrated from Prince George's County to Anson County in the 1760's. Robert Edwards was a surveyor in Anson County at that time.

A road order record for Anson County.

1774, April 13.... Ordered road from Edward Morris's store to William's old store on Cape Fear Road. West Harris, James Sargent, Moses Sanders, David Poor, Edward Moore, Richard Harrell, Walter Ashmore, Joseph Fry, Wm Allton, Heaton Morris, Samuel Parsons, John Holton, Edward Hurley and Walter Harris to be appointed as hands.(Anson County,NC, Abstracts of Early Records, the May Wilson McBee collection, vol 1, 1950.)

This shows Joseph Fry who was one of the chain carriers in the original grant in the same neighborhood with West Harris who purchased the 100 acres in the 1773 grant from John Hopkins "of Guilford County" in 1775. Further information on the Fry family may be found at Joseph Fry Another interesting note is that Lambeth Hopkins whose land was adjacent to Samuel Parsons and John Hopkins for whom Joseph Fry was a chain carrier are not mentioned. In July of 1774, Lambert Hopkins is listed with another group of men -- mostly Bankstons --on another road crew. John Hopkins may have removed to Guilford County between October 1772 and 1774. Perhaps he sold his land in order to avoid forfeture of the title because he had not made any improvements to the land.

The 400 acre parcel appears to be located today in Stanly County, North Carolina. Stanly was created from Montgomery in 1841. Montgomery was created from Anson in 1778. In order for the grant to state that the land was "between the Yadkin and the Uwarry" it was probably near the confluence of these two rivers at Lake Tillery near present day Albemarle. It would appear that John Hopkins had a liking for land at the confluence of waterways since his land in Frederick County, Virginia was at the confluence of the South Branch of the Potomac and the Potomac rivers. Garr Creek (Lambeth Hopkins grant located on Garr Creek] flows into the Yadkin at present day Lake Badin. A ballpark estimate for the distance between Lambeth Hopkins land on Garr Greek and John Hopkins land between the Yadkin and the Uwharrie is 5+ miles.

I cannot find a reference to Rockhole Creek on the Internet, but Beaverdam Creek also appears to flow into Badin Lake, possibly in Montgomery County. The county line for Stanly and Montgomery counties appears to be through the center of the Yadkin-Pee Dee. Badin Lake is a part of the water development district of the Yadkin-Pee Dee. Therefore, the county line for Stanly and Montgomery counties appears to run through Badin Lake. In the time of Lambeth and John Hopkins Beaverdam Creek might have had its mouth on one side of the Yadkin-Pee Dee and Garr Creek on the other side.

John and Lambeth Hopkins appear to have concentrated their land near the confluence of the Yadkin and Uwharrie Rivers in the area of present day Stanly and Montgomery counties. From the evidence of the Power of Attorney devised in in 1762, they appear to have been living on the land at least seven years before the land warrants were issued in 1769.

The 100 acres that was surveyed for John Hopkins on 5 Oct 1772 and a patent issued to him in January 1773 was sold two years later to West Harris Sr.

This Indenture Made the 23 day of February 1775 between John Hopkins of the County of Guilford and Province of North Carolina of the One Part and West Harris Senr of the County of Anson and Province Aforesaid of the other Part Witnesseth the for and in Consideration of Twenty Pounds of Proclamation Money by the said West Harris to the said John Hopkins in hand Paid. . .a Certain Tract or Parcel of Land lying and being in the County of Anson on the NE side of the Yadkin River Beginning in a large Red Oak in McCulloh's Line on the NE side of Plumb Branch of Beaverdam Creek. . .Containing One Hundred Acres being a tract or Parcel of Land granted by His Majesties' Letters Patent unto the said John Hopkins bearing the date 22 January 1773

Signed sealed and Delivered
in the Presence of

Walton Harris
Roger Williams

Anson April Court 1775

Proved by Walton Harris


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