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Fields of Clovers

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Special Memorial Page dedicated to those Clover Descendants who died in the service of our Country.




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"Fields of Clovers"

     The  Clover  family  origins  have  been  researched  by  many  interested parties; but, never as thoroughly as now. The book is an all inclusive piece of work, under construction for nearly 20 years, that not only corrects errors  appearing in other Clover family publications sold on the Internet; but corrects undocumented data input combined in Ambrose and Clover family websites. 

      It provides an early synopses of the Dutch surname from Western Europe to Pennsylvania, Virginia and all points west; while presenting references to any  paper trail that was instigated during an individuals lifetime.   It contains 50+  1800/1900 photo's; some incorporated in single family charts; to and including purchased rights to display paintings by renowned Artist & Inventor, Philip K. Clover 4 (Philip 3 - Henry Sr. 2- Philip Sr. 1).   With  document illustrations and/or reasonable likeness images (picked at random for effect) so the reader is provided with visual contact to old family papers.  Example: Bible record, Will's; deeds;  Military Svc. Record Card; Marriage License Application; Minister's License; Federal Census; an early Clover signature; news articles, obituaries, civil war letters, government issue certificates and other memorabilia; while written in an acceptable, easy-flo fashion giving life to each ancestor.  Undocumented persons are otherwise suggested for further in-depth research; with explanation & leads.

     Among the 15 exclusive full family chart displays (genograms included); the book contains, for example: one showing the suggested children of Philip Clover, Sr. and first wife Elizabeth of New Mecklenberg (Shepherdstown) VA, now WV as of 1863; listing the grandchildren.  Further, it contains a 5-generation chart for son, Henry, Sr. and wife Catherine Ambrose, showing not only their 12 children (Philip's grandchildren); but lists the great-grandchildren of Philip.  And, finally a full chart for each child of Henry Sr. bringing the descent down to Philip's great-great-grandchildren -- each, neatly exhibited.

     Equally significant is the combined Clover Family Cemetery listing, (with genealogical comments) covering the history of its existence on 0.54 acres of Survey #6636.  Further, sighting corrections to earlier tombstone readings -- providing a copy of the 1925 government plat layout showing 690 grave sights; located on Alton-Darby Creek Road; Franklin County, Prairie Township, Ohio.

     To wrap it all up; found in the APPENDIX is a critique of 2 family books sold on the Internet pointing out errors contained within their soft bound covers, which guides the reader to corrected data, via page number,  in  "Fields Of Clovers".

     It's a foregone conclusion that this is the one and only Clover family book you must have for your library collection (that surpasses all others as noted in the above paragraph).  Therefore, please place your orders through:

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