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   Descendants of John Jackson Sr.


Generation # 1

 1.John Jackson Sr.

 Children Of John Jackson Sr. and wife are :

                           i.   John Jackson Jr.  -m- Rebecca

                          ii.   Ambrose  Jackson                        

                                                                                   Generation # 2

2. John Jackson Jr. b.abt.1675 d. Dec. 1745 in Va. He married Rebecca she died Sept. 1765 in .  

Brunswick Co. VA

Children of John  Jackson Jr. and Rebecca are:

                            i.  Thomas Jackson

                           ii.  Rebecca Jackson m. Watson

                           iii.  Sarah Jackson m. Jones

                           iv.  Jane Jackson  m. Baylor

                           v.   Margaret Jackson

                           vi.  Mary Jackson

                           vii.  Ann Jackson  m. Linch

                                                                                Generation # 3

 3. Thomas Jackson (son of John Jackson Jr. of John Jackson Sr.,) b. abt. 1695 d. abt. 1751 he     

married Ann   

Children of Thomas and Ann are.

                            i.   John Jackson

                           ii   Ralph Jackson

                           iii.  Daniel Jackson

                           iv.  Ann Jackson  m. Wainwright

                           v.   Peter Jackson

                          vi.   Mary Jackson  m. Raney

                          vii.  William Jackson  m. Lucia Tatum

                                                                            Generation # 4

4. Ralph Jackson Sr. (son of Thomas , John Jackson Jr. of John Jackson Sr. ,)b abt. 1724  in St Andrews Parish             Brunswick Co. Va. d. 1783, Union Co. S.C. He married Amy Rainey Williams

Children of Ralph Jackson and Amy Williams  are :

                           i.     Ralph Jackson Jr. b. abt. 1772 Brunswick Co. Va. d. April 23,1817

                                  Union Co. S.C. Married Delilah Murphy                              

                          ii.     Nathaniel Jackson b. 5th June 1760 d. may 28, 1820 Greenville S.C. 

                                  Married (1) Drewsilla    (2) Jane

                         iii      Frederick Jackson  b. abt. 1768 Brunswick Co. Va. d. 1833

                                 (1) Married Mary Greer (2) Telitha Cook

                         iv.     William Jackson  b. abt. 1774 St. Andrews Parish Brunswick Co Va.

                                  Married Martha Smith 

                                                                              Generation # 5

5. Nathaniel Jackson (son of Ralph, Thomas, and John Jackson Jr. John Jackson Sr..) b. 5th June 1760,                                          Brunswick Co. Va.  d. may 28, 1820 Greenville S.C. he married twice: Drewsilla; Jane (Woodson?)

 Children of Nathaniel Jackson and Drewsilla are:

                             i    Nancy Jackson

                            ii    Betsy Jackson

                           iii    Gideon Jackson

                           iv.   Littleberry B. Jackson

                           v.    Jesse Jackson  

Children of Nathaniel Jackson and Jane are:

                             i.      Carey (Woodson ?) Jackson

                            ii.      James Jackson                

                           iii.      Thomas Jackson

                           iv.      Elizabeth Jackson

                            x.      Ralph Jackson

Have no proof Woodson is the maiden name of Jane or the middle name of Carey some grand children have                                    Woodson in their names and some relatives are using it as their names. I think Jane's maiden was Woodson.                                            

                                                                                Generation # 6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                6. Thomas Jackson (son of Nathaniel, Ralph , Thomas, and John Jackson Jr. John Jackson Sr.) b. abt. Sept. 25,1782 to abt. 1785 d. Jan. 18, 1838 married Elizabeth Bates b. buried at Sardis Ch. Cemetery when lake Lanier was filled. Thomas Jackson's age was listed on the 1810 S.C. census as being between 16 to 26 years of age he had two children as this time under ten years of age.)

Children of Thomas Jackson and Elizabeth Bates are :

                             i.    Mary Jackson b. abt. 1807 S.C. d. AR.  m. Thomas P. Green.

                             ii.    Matilda Jackson b. abt.1809.S.C. m Isaac Green

                            iii.    Williford Jackson b. 1815 d. April 1877 Franklin Co. Al

                                    m. Mary J. E. Phillips b. May 24,1818.                                                                                     

                            iv.    Huldah Jackson b.abt.1816, m. 23 Aug. 1838, to John Cox. 

                                    daughter Sina   A. Married James A. Purser     

                             v.    Elvira Jackson

                            vi.    Armilda Jackson

                            vii.   Thomas Milton Jackson

                           viii.    Eliza Jackson

                             ix.   Andrew Jackson  

                                                                                    Generation # 7

7. Williford Jackson (son of Thomas, Nathaniel, Ralph, Thomas, and John Jackson Jr. of John Jackson Sr. )b. Oct. 18, 1814 d. April 18, 1877 M. Mary J. E. Phillips b. May 24, 1818 d. June 1, 1893 Colbert Co. Al buried Pride Cemetery Cherokee Al.

Children of Williford Jackson and Mary J. E. Phillips are:

                              i.      Emily Narcissus Jackson b. abt. 1835 d. 1887m John Louis 


                              ii.      Virginia Ann Jackson b. 1837 d. 1909m. William J. Underwood

                             iii.      Amanda C.V. Jackson b. abt. 1840 d. march 30, 1922 m. R. S. Cochran

                             iv.      Martha L. Jackson b. abt.Nov.19,1843 d. March 17,1911 m. J. B. Cochran

                              v.      Vandalla Henrietta Jackson b. Sept. 18,1845 d.

                             vi.     William L.P. Jackson b. Jan.26,1848 d. Dec.23,1911

                                       m 1st Hannah Mitchell 2nd Betty Scott

                            vii.      Lewis Lafayette Jackson b. Aug. 17,1851d. June 3,1919 

                                       m.1st Barbara Daily 2nd Levenia Guthrie, 3rd. Martha Watkins

                            viii.     Mary L. Jackson b.1853 d. 1938m.Poke Hearn      

                              ix.     Indiana Jackson b. 1856 d.          m .John Jones 

                                      buried Smith Cemetery Cherokee Al       

                                                                                 Generation # 8                                                                            

8. Lewis Lafayette Jackson (son of Williford, Thomas, Nathaniel, Ralph, Thomas and John Jackson Jr. of John Jackson Sr.)b.Aug.17,1851d. June 3rd 1919married three times Barbara Daily 2nd  Mrs. Levenia Guthrie, 3rd. Martha Watkins

Children of Lewis Lafayette Jackson and Barbara Daily are:

                              i.     Mary Ellen Jackson m. Irvin Duncan

                             ii.     Emma Jackson m. 1st John Milam 2nd. Richards

                                     Lewis L. and Levenia Guthrie had no Children

Children of Lewis L. Jackson and Martha Watkins are:

                            iii.      Cecil Jackson b.Sept.5,1890d. Oct.25,1970 m J Hue Hargett

                            iv.      George Pinkney Jackson b. March 21, 1888 d. Dec. 22, 1937 

                                      buried Danville Va.

                            v.       Noah Devenaugh Jackson b. Mar.21,1893 d.                       \

                                      m. 1st.Rhoda Little    2nd Eula Cleave Terry     

                            vi.      Clara Virginia Jackson b. Mar. 1, 1895 d.

                            vii.     Lafayette Jackson b. Feb. 17, 1899 .d. Mar. 14,1899

                                                                            Generation # 9                               

9. Noah Devenaugh Jackson Sr. (son of Lewis Lafayette, Williford, Thomas, Nathaniel, Ralph, Thomas, and John Jackson Jr., John Jackson Sr.) b. March 21,1893d. m.1st Rhoda Little 2nd Eula Cleave Terry

Children of Noah D. Jackson and Rhoda Little are:

                                  i.    Jessie Willard Jackson m. living Meadows

Children of Noah D. Jackson and Eula C. Terry are:.

                                 ii.     Frances Mildred Jackson b. April 3, 1927 d. Oct 22, 1990 

                                         m. Roy Graham

                                iii.     Betty Ruth Jackson b. April 17,1929 d. April 1966 m. Tex Churchwell

                                iv.     Mary Ellen Jackson Oct.9, 1931 d.               m. Elbert Seay

                                v.      Living

                               vi.      Living

                               vii.     Martha Jane Jackson b. July 15,1939 d. Aug. 10, 1999 m living Morgan 

                              viii      Living


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