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My main genealogy / family history interests are summarised here.  If you think we may be related, use a map to check that our families were in roughly the same geographical area before sending me your brief details (names, dates, places).  Do not send attachments before checking with me.  To find my email address, follow the links to my family trees.

This table lists the main surnames, dates and places that I am researching.  It includes some people who are not in the WEBSTER / HUDSON or STEINKE / RIENECKER family trees described later on this page.

AGAR Lastingham / Farndale, North Yorkshire, ENG, c1806
ASHTON Swinton, North Yorkshire, ENG, c1777
ASHTON Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire, ENG, c1800+
BARBER Harton / Bossall, North Yorkshire, ENG, c1780-1806
BIRKS Bolton upon Dearne, West Yorkshire, ENG, c1734-1764
BLAIR West Maitland, NSW, AUS, 1855+
BOWSER Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, ENG, 1870+
BRAZIL Camberwell, Surrey, ENG, c1879
BUSSELL Lee, Kent, ENG, 1850+
BUTLER Liverpool, Lancashire, ENG, c1815
CAMPBELL Isle of Tiree / Aros & Fracadale, Mull, Argyllshire, SCT, pre-1839
CAPSTICKS Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, ENG, 1890s
CLARK Farndale, North Yorkshire, ENG, 1740s +
COCKBURN Coonabarabran, NSW, AUS, 1860s
CORDUEX / CORDEUX Barton le Willows & Malton, North Yorkshire, ENG, 1873+
DERBYSHIRE Bedford, Bedfordshire, ENG, c1865+
GIBLETT Frome, Somerset, ENG, c1750-1880
HARLEY Battersea, Surrey, ENG, c1766
HAZLEWOOD Fiji, c1850
HAZLEWOOD Maitland, NSW, AUS, 1851+
HOLMES Sydney, NSW, AUS, c1845
HUDSON Harton / Bossall, North Yorkshire, ENG, c1800
HUDSON Barton-le-Willows, North Yorkshire, ENG, all dates
HUDSON Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, ENG, c1863-1884
HUDSON Leeds, West Yorkshire, ENG, c1865-1870
HUDSON Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, ENG, 1873+
HUDSON Helidon, QLD, AUS, 1887-1917
HUGILL Hull, East Yorkshire, ENG, c1810-1815
JOHNSON Stockton on Tees, Durham, ENG, 1881
LAMONT Paterson, NSW, AUS, 1843+
LEAPER Barton le Willows, North Yorkshire, ENG, c1840s
LIVERMORE Vermont, VIC, AUS, 1890+
McCALL / McCOLL Isle of Tiree, Argyllshire, SCT, c1800
McCALL (David Robert & Kate) NSW, AUS, 1886+
McKENZIE (James Munro & Mary McArthur nee CAMPBELL) VIC, AUS, 1857+
MATTHEW / MATHEW Barton-le-Willows, North Yorkshire, ENG, 1800+
MATTHEW Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire, ENG, 1800+
MOUNTAIN Great Habton or Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire, ENG, c1800+
MUSTELL Middlesex, ENG, c1820
NICHOLSON Black Creek, NSW, AUS, 1856
PEACOCK Farndale, North Yorkshire, ENG, c1780-1810
PEACOCK Lastingham, North Yorkshire, ENG, 1807
PEACOCK Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, ENG, 1836+
PORTER Douglas, Lanarkshire, SCT, 1766-1794
PORTER Lambeth, Surrey, ENG, 1766-1794
PORTER Pall Mall, Middlesex, ENG, c1865-1870
RIENECKER / REINECKER Queensland, AUS, 1880+
SHEPPARD Frome, Somerset, ENG, c1756-1783
SHERRING Orange, NSW, AUS, 1890+
SMITH Sydney Herbert (son of William & Annie) England ?, c1875+
SMITH William Camberwell, Surrey, ENG, c1870+
STEINKE Queensland, AUS, 1878+
WEBSTER Stockwell, Surrey, ENG, c1792-1800
WEBSTER Southwark, Surrey, ENG, 1800-1810
WEBSTER Finsbury, Middlesex, ENG, 1820-1830
WEBSTER Shepherds Bush, Middlesex, ENG, 1881-1890
WEBSTER Dulwich, Surrey, ENG, c1870-1892
WEBSTER Camberwell, Surrey, ENG, 1877+
WEBSTER Petersham, NSW, AUS, c1889
WEBSTER Mendooran, NSW, AUS, 1854-1870
WEBSTER Cunnamulla, QLD, AUS, 1887+

Before sending me your brief details (names, dates, places), use a map to check that our families were in roughly the same geographical area.  Do not send attachments before checking with me.  To find my email address, follow the links to my family trees.

Jonathan AGAR of Farndale YKS ENG (son of George and Alice AGAR) married Mary CLARK at Lastingham in 1771.  Jonathan and Mary are buried in St. Aidan's churchyard, Gillamoor, Yorkshire.  A headstone reads 'In memory of Mary AGAR, wife of Jonathan AGAR, died 27 Jan 1794 aged 47'.  Children of Jonathan and Mary include Ruth AGAR (b. 14 Feb 1782, married William MERCER) and Rebecca AGAR (b. 7 Dec 1786, married Benjamin PEACOCK).


Catherine ('Kitty') ASHTON of Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire ENG, married Peter MATTHEW or MATHEW (of Crambe, YKS ENG) in 1803.  Census records imply that she was born c1777 at Swinton YKS.  Was she related to James ASHTON and Thomas ASHTON who witnessed marriages at Kirby Misperton 1804-1807?  Would like to hear from anyone researching ASHTON of Swinton or Kirby Misperton.


Seeking information/descendants for Edward BARBER who (according to the IGI) married Mary BIRKS at Bolton upon Dearne WRY ENG, 1764, and had children Mary (bap.1765), Elizabeth (bap.1771), John (bap.1784).  I suspect that this Elizabeth BARBER married William HUDSON.  A baptism record for their son (William HUDSON, bap. 9 May 1806, Bossall YKS ENG) names his parents as William HUDSON (farmer) and Elizabeth, daughter of Edward and Mary BARBER.


Researching forebears and descendants of Mary BIRKS who married Edward BARBER at Bolton upon Dearne YKS ENG, in 1764.  Was Mary a daughter of John BIRKS (carpenter) and his wife Mary?


Robert BLAIR (bookseller of West Maitland NSW AUS) mar. Catherine Porter WEBSTER (known as Katie, 1828-1878).  BLAIR children:  Hamilton, Anne, Edward, Fletcher, Kate, Emma, Jane, Robert, Maria, Arthur.  Interested in descendants of Robert and Katie (not BLAIR forebears).


Rebecca BOWSER (nee PEACOCK) was with her parents at Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, ENG in 1871 census, and with Emma JOHNSON in 1881 census.  Her son Charles P. BOWSER was born c1870, Stockton.


In the 1881 census, Elizabeth BRAZIL and her daughter Edith S. BRAZIL (b. c1878 Camberwell, Surrey, ENG) were with Elizabeth's father, George WEBSTER, in Gold Hawk Rd, Hammersmith MDX.  John BRAZIL was at Old Kent Road, Camberwell, with children John, Albert, Rosa, Helen, Ernest, Henry, Edwin.


Seeking descendants of John Hodder BUSSELL and his wife Anne Elizabeth Giblett WEBSTER.  Known issue:  Annie Elizabeth, James Webster (died young), Una Spencer (mar. Cyril TURNER), Mary Constance ('Connie').  Children's births registered in Lewisham and Bermondsey districts, Surrey ENG, but family later lived Lee KEN ENG.


Robert BUTLER mar. 1856 West Maitland NSW AUS.  Certificate says he was born Liverpool ENG c1816 (date may be wrong).  His father (name not given) was probably a shoemaker.  Robert's mother's maiden name is given as Isabella Dobson BROWN.  Would like to hear from anyone with information about a BUTLER who married an Isabella Dobson BROWN, or BUTLER family of Liverpool, Lancashire ENG c1810-1820.


John CAMPBELL (of Fracadale, Mull) and his wife Flora CAMPBELL (of Aros, Mull) had known issue Archibald and Duncan.  Duncan CAMPBELL (tacksman of Isle of Tiree, Argyllshire SCT) married his cousin Helen(a) or Ellen CAMPBELL (dau. of Archibald CAMPBELL and Ann McCALL/McCOLL) at Tiree in 1810.  Ellen and the children emigrated to Sydney NSW Australia on the 'British King' arriving 1839.  Sons were pioneers of Gippsland VIC.  Seeking death details for Duncan (d. SCT c1834-1838) and Helen/Ellen (? died Australia), and information about Duncan's brother Archibald and any other siblings.


Seeking descendants of Ellen HUDSON who married James CAPSTICKS in 1894 and had children Norman and Elsie CAPSTICKS.  May have lived in Stockton-on-Tees and/or Sheffield areas.


Mary CLARK, b. c1747, daughter of George and Sarah CLARK of Farndale YKS ENG, married Jonathan AGAR.


David COCKBURN was poundkeeper at Coonabarabran NSW when his wife Mary Elizabeth (nee CAMPBELL) died 1863.  Her death certificate says married Mudgee NSW and two daughters, Ellen and Margaret.  Mary Elizabeth (also known as Mary Bell) COCKBURN nee CAMPBELL was a daughter of Duncan and Helen/Ellen CAMPBELL of Tiree, Argyllshire, SCT.  Seeking information about, or descendants of, this COCKBURN family.


William CORDUEX mar. Mary ('Polly') HUDSON at Crambe, North Yorkshire, in 1873.  Their son Herbert CORDUEX moved to Old Malton YKS (20th century).  His two daughters had Green Farm, Barton-le-Willows (which previously belonged to HUDSONs).


Samuel DERBYSHIRE married Christiana HUDSON at Crambe, North Yorkshire, in 1859.  In 1881 they were living in Bedford, England.  Children included John, Christiana, Charles Frederick, Sarah, George Edwin and Victoria May.  Victoria May (or May Victoria) DERBYSHIRE married Charles Edward JAMES.


Richard GIBLETT (b. c1751, Frome, Somerset, ENG) married Sarah SHEPPARD or SHEPHERD (of Frome) in 1783.  One of their forebears may have been a Miss BECK.  Richard (tanner / currier) died 1829, and his wife Sarah in 1851 or 1852.  Known children of Richard and Sarah GIBLETT: Ann (d. 1787), John (woollen cloth manufacturer of Frome, issue Henrietta and Mary);  SamuelThomas (mar. Isabella HOOPER, issue Richard, Ann, Sarah, John, Jane, Harriet);  Mary (mar. James WEBSTER, a dyer, and emigrated to NSW AUS 1851);  Sarah (1803-1881, mar. George WEBSTER);  Elizabeth (did not marry).  There is thought to be a connection between Richard GIBLETT of Frome and a John GIBLETT who married Sarah WHITFIELD at St. Marylebone in London in 1793.


Catherine HARLEY (of Battersea, aged about 21) married James PORTER (glassmaker or spectacle maker) Nov 1766.  Thought to have lived in the area around Lambeth, Surrey, ENG.  Their daughter Elizabeth Harley PORTER is probably the Elizabeth PORTER who married William WEBSTER c1794.  Catherine's mother Elizabeth HARLEY remarried (to a HAYTHORNE).


Rev. David HAZLEWOOD (widower) mar. Sarah WEBSTER at Sydney NSW AUS in June 1851.  David and Sarah were in Fiji (David was a missionary) until 1853.  They settled at Maitland NSW AUS.  Sarah died 1903.


Seeking descendants of Alexander HOLMES and Grace CAMPBELL, mar. NSW Australia in 1845.  Alexander was Superintendent of Glasgow Sugar Company's establishment at Canterbury.  Grace (b. c1811, Isle of Tiree, Argyllshire, SCT) was a daughter of Duncan and Ellen/Helen CAMPBELL.


William HUDSON (farmer) married Elizabeth BARBER, Scrayingham, East Yorkshire, 1805.  Their son William HUDSON was born 1806 at Harton (in the parish of Bossall where he was baptised).  As an adult he lived nearby at Barton-le-Willows.  Elizabeth BARBER was a daughter of Edward and Mary BARBER (maybe from Bolton-upon-Dearne, WRY ENG).

I am interested in any HUDSON families connected with Barton-le-Willows (parish of Crambe), North Yorkshire, ENG, in any time period - especially William HUDSON (1806-1882) and his wife Christiana (nee MAT(T)HEW) and their children John, William Henry, Elizabeth, Matthew, George, Charles, Robert, Mary and Henry HUDSON.  William and Christiana later moved to Middlesbrough.

John HUDSON (1831-1914, son of William and Christiana of Barton-le-Willows, North Yorkshire, ENG) mar. Hannah WRIGHTSON c1862.  John was a farmer at Fadmoor, and his headstone is in the churchyard at Kirkbymoorside.  Children of John HUDSON and Hannah WRIGHTSON:  Annie (b.1863);  William (b.1865);  John (b. c1867, mar. Gertrude);  Henry (b.1869, mar. Ann BOWES in 1901 at Stokesley Chapel);  Christiana (died young, dates unknown).

William Henry HUDSON (carpenter/joiner, son of William and Christiana) mar. Mary WOODHEAD.  Children:  Jabez, Ann Elizabeth, Sarah, Christiana, Mary Jane, Ellen, George, Clara, Reuben.  Lived Barton-le-Willows and Middlesbrough YKS.  Associated surnames include COOK, CAPSTICKS, WILSON.

 Matthew HUDSON (born c1839, joiner / builder, son of William and Christiana of Barton-le-Willows, North Yorkshire, ENG) mar. Sarah (surname unknown).  Children:  Emma, Eliza, Arthur (all born Leeds YKS c1865-1870, but family was in Middlesbrough for 1881 and 1891 censuses).

 George HUDSON (son of William and Christiana of Barton-le-Willows, North Yorkshire, ENG) mar. Mary PEACOCK at Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, ENG in 1863.  Children: John William, George Henry, Mary Emma, Fredrick, Edith, Charles Edwin, Joseph Ernest, Alfred, Bertram, Florence.  Most of this family emigrated to Queensland in the 1880s and settled near Helidon QLD.  Mary Emma mar. Robert SMITH.  Edith mar. George John DELLER.  Florence mar. William Donald WEBSTER.

Robert HUDSON (son of William and Christiana of Barton-le-Willows, North Yorkshire, ENG) mar. Ada Sarah CARR.  Children:  Charles, Margaret, Herbert, Walter.  Emigrated to Queensland in the 1880s and settled near Helidon QLD.

Henry HUDSON (son of William and Christiana of Barton-le-Willows, North Yorkshire, ENG) - may have lived in Redcar near Stockton-on-Tees during the 1870s.

Detailed HUDSON family tree


Seeking origins of Mary HUGILL, whom census records say was born c1812-1813 at Hull, Yorkshire ENG.  She married John PEACOCK 17 May 1836, St. Thomas's Church, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham ENG.


Thomas JOHNSON (aged 29, b. Brompton YKS) in 1881 census at Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, ENG, with wife Emma (age 29, b. Stockton-on-Tees) and John W. (6), Rebecca (4), Mary E. (2), Helena (6mths), plus Charles P. BOWSER, nephew.  Emma JOHNSON was probably a daughter of John and Mary PEACOCK.  Interested only in descendants of Thomas and Emma, not JOHNSON forebears.


Seeking to confirm that the Jessie CAMPBELL of Sydney NSW who married Archibald LAMONT of Paterson NSW in 1843, was a daughter of Ellen/Helen CAMPBELL and the late Duncan CAMPBELL, formerly of Tiree, Argyllshire SCT.  Also seeking descendants.


William LEAPER (saddler) and his wife Jane (nee MATTHEW or MATHEW), and children Sarah, Thomas, William and Catherine, were living at Barton-le-Willows NRY ENG at the time of the 1841 census.  With them was Joseph LEAPER (possibly a brother of William).  Interested in descendants only, not LEAPER forebears.


Edwin LIVERMORE married Grace Agnes WEBSTER in 1888.  Early 1900s they left NSW and settled on an apple orchard near Vermont VIC AUS, and had 7 children.  One son, Don, died 1983.

 McCALL or McCOLL  (of Tiree, Scotland):

Anne McCALL (sometimes spelt McCOLL) mar. Archibald CAMPBELL.  Anne was a daughter of Archibald McCALL and Flora MacDOUGALL, of Scarinish, Isle of Tiree, Argyllshire SCT.

 McCALL (David and Catherine, of New South Wales):

David McCALL (later Secretary of NSW Police) mar. Catherine Porter WEBSTER (known as Kate, 1864-1936).  Associated surnames include MILNE, ROGERS, KIRBY.


Mary McArthur McKENZIE (or MacKENZIE) is in a photo album of the CAMPBELL family of Sale VIC.  Mary was possibly a daughter of Duncan and Helen CAMPBELL (of Tiree, Argyllshire, SCT), wife of James Munro McKENZIE (mar. VIC AUS 1857), and mother of Florence and Hector.


Peter MATHEW or MATTHEW of Barton-le-Willows YKS ENG mar. Catherine (Kitty) ASHTON in 1803 at Kirby Misperton YKS ENG.  One daughter (Christiana MATTHEW, 1806-1892) mar. William HUDSON of Barton-le-Willows.  Another daughter (Jane MATTHEW) mar. William LEAPER.  Peter died before the 1861 census, at which time Kitty was with William and Christiana HUDSON at Barton-le-Willows.

 Mary MATTHEW married Joseph MOUNTAIN in 1804 at Kirby Misperton YKS ENG (witnessed by Hannah ASHTON).  Is this Mary the one who witnessed the marriage of Peter MATTHEW and Kitty ASHTON?


Joseph MOUNTAIN married Mary MATTHEW in 1804 at Kirby Misperton YKS ENG.  They may have lived at Great Habton.  Children probably include Francis MOUNTAIN (b.1812) and Peter MOUNTAIN (bap.1815).  Peter may have married Ann and had children William, Francis, Sarah, John, Richard.


Anne MUSTELL mar. William James WEBSTER in 1845, St. Peter's Church, Walworth, parish of St. Mary Newington, Surrey, ENG.  Her parents were Thomas MUSTELL (gentleman, deceased by 1845) and Anne VAUGHAN.  Seeking siblings, or confirmation of family legend that 'Anne MUSTELL was a grand-daughter of Mrs FRY (celebrated Quakeress)'.


Seeking details of any man with surname NICHOLSON who married a Mary MILLER.  Their daughter (either Mary Jane or Sarah Jane NICHOLSON) was born somewhere in Ireland, possibly c1830 (though this date is unreliable), and emigrated to NSW Australia before Oct 1856.


Benjamin PEACOCK (b. c1782 Farndale YKS ENG) mar. Rebecca AGAR at Lastingham in 1807.  Their son John PEACOCK mar. Mary HUGILL at Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, ENG in 1836.  Known issue of John and Mary PEACOCK:  Mary, Benjamin, Joseph, Rebecca, Sarah, Emma.

John PEACOCK (b. c1807 Farndale YKS ENG, son of Benjamin and Rebecca) mar. Mary HUGILL, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, ENG, 1836.  Known issue of John and Mary PEACOCK: Mary (mar. George HUDSON, emigrated to Australia);  Benjamin (bap. 1839);  Joseph (bap. 1841);  Rebecca (bap. 1846, mar. BOWSER);  Sarah (bap. 1849);  Emma (bap. 1851).  Oral history implies that either Benjamin or Joseph PEACOCK received a Knighthood.


George PORTER (shoemaker of Douglas, Lanarkshire, SCT), probably born c1710-1720.  His son James PORTER (glassmaker / spectacle maker) mar. Catherine HARLEY in 1766.  James died c1778.  Issue (b. c1768-1777) thought to be Elizabeth Harley, George, Martha Bradshaw, James, Rebecca Goddard, Catherine Heythorne, John.  I am descended from Elizabeth.  Her brother John PORTER may have been a stationer of Pall Mall, London.


Heinrich Wilhelm RIENECKER (c1821-1886) mar. Ernestine KLIBBE.  Their daughters' married names were Louise Wilhelmine KLIBBE, Auguste Emilie KOY and Ernestine Louise JORGENSEN.  Their son Carl Ludwig RIENECKER (1870-1964) married two HAHN sisters.


Seeking a marriage of a Mr SHEPPARD to a Miss BECK (possibly John SHEPPARD and Sarah BECK).  Their daughter Sarah SHEPPARD was born at Frome, Somerset, ENG c1756.  When Sarah married Richard GIBLETT at Frome in 1783, a witness was Samuel SHEPPARD.  Some members of these families were Nonconformists.


George SHERRING mar. Jessie Anne WEBSTER (b. 1870 Mudgee NSW AUS) in 1890.  They had several children, and were living at Orange NSW AUS in 1900.


Anne Louisa (Annie) WEBSTER (b. 1848) mar. William SMITH, builder of Camberwell, Surrey, ENG.  SMITH children included James Arthur, Alfred, George Webster, Sydney, Claude, Dorothy and Maud.


Gustav Ferdinand STEINKE (c1854-1941) mar. Wilhelmine Friedrike LIMBERG.  Seeking information about their ancestors, and their descendants whose surnames include LYONS, REESE, RICHTERS, SCHIMKE.


William WEBSTER (a dyer) and his wife Elizabeth PORTER had children baptised Stockwell Chapel, St. Mary at Lambeth, Surrey, ENG (1794-1800) and Southwark St. Saviour, Surrey, ENG (1803-1809).  Have not found a record of their marriage or deaths.  Known children (there could be others): Thomas, James, Elizabeth, Ann, William, Henry, George, Ebenezer.

James WEBSTER (a dyer, b.c1795 Stockwell, Surrey, ENG, son of William WEBSTER and Elizabeth PORTER) mar. Mary GIBLETT in 1828 at Finsbury St. Luke, Middlesex, ENG.  Children: Elizabeth, Sarah, William James, Richard, Thomas, Ann Elizabeth, Catherine Porter, Ebenezer, Agnes Mary.  James and Mary, Thomas, Sarah, Catherine and Agnes emigrated to NSW c1850.  Sarah was previously a teacher in the Channel Islands.

Ernest Edward WEBSTER (b. c1859, commercial traveller) and Frederick WEBSTER (b. c1862, salesman) were sons of William James WEBSTER and Anne MUSTELL.  Ernest married Esther Emma STOKES (probably known as Emma).  Ernest and Frederick were still alive in 1926.  Seeking descendants.

George WEBSTER (b.1807, bap. Southwark St. Saviour, Surrey, ENG, son of William WEBSTER and Elizabeth PORTER) mar. Sarah GIBLETT, 1828, Finsbury St. Luke, Middlesex, ENG.  George was an agent or warehouseman of Park St.(1831-1833).  When George's wife Sarah died early 1881, he was 'of Shepherd's Bush, Middlesex'.  Seeking to confirm names of children as Emma, Henry, James Porter, Elizabeth Becks (mar. John BRAZIL), George Harley, Maria, Fanny, Ebenezer..

Thomas WEBSTER (b. 1823 London ENG, son of James and Mary WEBSTER) mar. Julia CAMPBELL NSW 1853.  Lived Mendooran 1850s-1860s, later Mudgee and Sydney.  One son (James Campbell WEBSTER) went to Cunnamulla QLD.

Detailed WEBSTER family tree


Seeking descendants of William WELLS and Elizabeth CAMPBELL, married 1846 NSW Australia.  Elizabeth was from the Isle of Tiree, Argyll SCT.  Known WELLS children:  William Campbell (1848-1935), Dudley, Edward, John, Queenie, Grace, Mary  [ref:  FITCHET family bible].

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Before sending me your brief details (names, dates, places), use a map to check that our families were in roughly the same geographical area.  Do not send attachments before checking with me.  To find my email address, follow the links to my family trees.