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These individuals are named or mentioned in the letters from the Martha J. Bogart Misemer collection, property of Mary Alton. The bold number before each entry on this list corresponds to the number assigned to that reference in each letter.

Ind. #. Name. Letter (#). Additional information.

1. ___, Budd. #6. unknown.

2. ___, D. #2,26. {possibly Sgt. Dewitt Harris, per research of Albert McFee. Also see 28 D., Harve.}

3. ___, Johnnie. #11. {Possibly Martha had actually asked what was owed to John Kinser but Marsh thought she meant John Bible Misemer, his rebel brother.}

4. ___, See. #9. {Probably the "S" is "L" and this refers to "Lee" or Levi M. Bogart.)

5. ___, Sue. #2. unknown.

6. AIKEN, __. #7. An attorney.

7. BANGLINS Brigade. #3.

8. BEASLEY, Miss. #19. unknown

9. BIBLE, Jacob. #7. Brother of Susannah Bible Misemer, who was mother of Henry Marshall Misemer, etc.

For more information about the Bible family and their role in the civil war visit
"The Diary of Capt. Thomas Bible."

10. BOGART, Charles. "Father" #2,4,6,9,10,14,17,29. Probably Martha’s father. (Henry’s father, Johan Heinrich Misemer, died in 1848.) Per Shirley Bogart Harper: "As far as I know Charles and Caroline had these sons in the Civil War; my man, George Washington, Solomon, Levi, and Charles Harrison; and sons-in-law Harvey Brown and Dewitt Harris. Charles & Caroline's dau. Elizabeth married Ansrulies DeCamp; dau. Mary married Alexander Ritchie; dau. Nancy married Robert Warren. You are correct. Harvey Brown and Henry Marshall Misemer's first wife were siblings--children of Joseph Brown and Catherine Harrell."

11. BOGART, Charles Harrison "Harry" #2,11,17,19,26,30. Brother of Martha J. Bogart Misemer. Died on the Sultana, 27 Apr 1865.

12. BOGART, Levi M. "L. M." "Lee". #2,3,10,11,16,19,20,21,27,30. Brother of Martha J. Bogart Misemer. Served in Confederate forces early in war; later served in Union forces, same company as Henry Marshall Misemer, Solomon Bogart and Harry Bogart. Died on the Sultana, 27 Apr 1865. Enlisted in Union 1/12/64, captured Sulphur Branch Trestle, Al

13. BOGART, Martha J. "Mat" All letters except #1,7,8. Daughter of Charles and Caroline Bogart. Married 2 Aug 1859 Monroe Co., TN., Henry Marshall Misemer. Three children: Charles F., Margaret Ellen, and Laura Caroline. Married (2nd) Doctor Daniels.

14. BOGART, Margaret. #3,6,11,29. Probably Margaret Bogart Brown, wife of Harvey H. Brown and daughter of Charles and Caroline Bogart.

15. BOGART, Mary. #2,11,14,17,19,30. Wife of Soloman Bogart.

16. BOGART, Solomon F. "Sol" #2,3,4,5,9,10,11,14,17,29,30. Brother of Martha J. Bogart Misemer. Survived the explosion of the Sultana, 27 Apr 1865. (believe he is the SF in odd page beginning “Martha if John”)

17. BRIENT, Mr. Elisha. #6,11,13,14,15,17,19,23,29.

18. BRIENT, Jacob P. "Jake." #4,13,15 . Jacob P Brient enlisted 11/28/62,captured 9/25/64 Sulphur Branch Trestle, Al, exchanged 12/16/64 Lt 7/14/63 capt 5/19/64

19. BROWN, Harvey H. "Harve" also "H.H.B." #6,11,25,26,27,28. Brother of Margaret J. Brown who was 1st wife of Henry Marshall Misemer. Married Margaret Bogart, sister of Martha Bogart, Henry Misemer's second wife.

20. BROWNINGS, __. #16. unknown.

21. CAFFREY, Cate. #11. unknown.

22. CARSON, Capt. Anderson. #4. Enlisted 9/30/62,captured 7/14/63 appointed capt 7/14/63,died at Libby prison,commission revoked by gov tn. 5/17/64

23. CATE, Charles. #22,23. "Lives in McMinn, close to Dickson’s factory."

24. COCHRAN, Alexander. #4. unknown. {See COCHRAN, Harve}

25. COCHRAN, Harvey. "Harve". #14,15. The only Cochran in Co F is Harvey who remained a private-was captured at Sulphur Branch and died on Sultana.

26. COOK, Lt. Col. #9. 2nd East TN.

27. DANIELS, Dr. #2,15,23. Married Martha J. Bogart Misemer after Henry's death.

28. D., Harve. #2. {Maybe 2 people: Harve and D.; perhaps Harve Brown and Dewitt Harris, sons-in-law of Charles and Caroline Bogart.}

29. DAUGHERTY, James. #26. Of Monroe or McMinn; died at Cahaba prison. Enlisted 9/11/63,captured 9/24/64 at Athens Al, died 11/11/64 of febris typhus.

30. DERRICK, 1st Sgt. C. #4,10,15 Alfred C enlisted 3/1/63 promoted to Lt 5/18/64, resigned commission 6/24/65

31. DICKSON'S factory. #22. In McMinn County, TN.

32. DIXON, John. #9,10. Information from Ona Dixon via email Jan 2002: "died on the Sultana; from passenger list of Sultana identified as Pvt. Co C 3rd Cav."

33. DORSEY, Elisha. #7,8. Married Elizabeth Ann Misemer, daughter of Heinrich Misemer and Susannah Bible/Biebel; Elizabeth born 9 Mar 1824 Monroe Co., TN, died Gentry Co., Mo.

34. F., S. #6. {Probably a reference to Solomon F. Bogart.}

35. FERGUSON, Robert. #25. Ferguson, Robt. Enlisted 3/1/63 Captured 9/24/64 at Athens Al., died Andersonville prison

36. FOREST, Col. #9. Nephew of General Forest.

37. FOREST, Gen. #9,17,24,31

38. GILLES, J. W. Col. #3. 43rd Regt. ___ Vols Co. G.

39. GIVENS, John M. #19. unknown. Enlisted 3/1/63, discharged 6/27/65 with surgeons certif. of disability

40. GIVENS, Mart. #4. unknown.

41. GRANGER, Gen. #24.

42. GRANT #4,29. {undoubtedly Gen. Ulysses S. Grant.}

43. H., J. #4. unknown.

44. H., (Uncle) Jo. #26. unknown.

45. H., T. #17. unknown.

46. HAMILTON, Betsy. #4,26. unknown.

47. HAMILTON, George. #4,26. unknown.

48. HAMILTON, Orderly Sgt. John B. #4. farrier

49. HAMILTON, R. W. #17. unknown.

50. HAMMER, Jim. #19.

51. HARVEY, John B. #26. Died at Cahaba prison. Enlisted 4/26/63, captured at Sulfur Branch Trestle, Al,died 11/11/64

52. HENRY, C. L. #3. unknown

53. HICKS, James H. #26. Enlisted 4/26/63, captured at Sulphur Branch Trestle, Al., died Sultana

54. HILL, Jack. #11. unknown

55. JOHNSON, Gen. #28. Surrender mentioned.

56. JOHNSON, Andrew. #12,17. Vice President, nomination for second term mentioned.

57. KINSER, John. #15. Info from Doris Kinser Fisk email of Oct 4, 2001: "John Kinser is most likely Susannah Messimore b 1792/3 PA's husband, John W. Kinser b 1793 VA, my gggrandfather. It could also have been my ggrandfather's brother John Kinser b 1819. The younger John Kinser lived in Madisonville, TN, where my dad's Kinser line originated. The elder John W. Kinser also died there, so it is difficult to say which one it is. My line was decidely CSA. As a matter of fact, John W. Kinser b 1793 VA had grandson, my grandfather, named Jefferson Davis Kinser who was b in 1862 TN. On the other hand, John W. Kinser had son Francis Marion Kinser (father of Jefferson Davis Kinser) who m Polly Harmon, part of the Harmon family who were hanged for the Union cause after the Lick Creek Bridge hangings. The family was obviously very divided during the War." Doris

58. LEE, Gen. #28. Surrender mentioned.

59. LINCOLN (Lincon) (Linkon), Abe. #12,17. Nomination for second term mentioned.

60. LONG (possibly), Dick. #28. "Old Dick" wrote to Porter Long.

61. LONG, Porter. #28. Melvin P, enlisted 3/1/63, captured 9/24/64 Athens Al, mustered out 6/12/65, survived Sultana

LONSY, E. {See Elisha DORSEY}

62. MAXWELL, Billy. #17,19,28. unknown.

63. MAXWELL, G. W. #19,28. . Enlisted 11/1/62,captured 9/25/64 Sulphur Branch Trestle, Al, survived Sultana, treated for contusion at Overton, musted out 6/10/65.

64. MCGARIGHEY or MCGAUGHEY, Esq. #26. Death mentioned, of Athens (TN).

65. MELTON, ___. #19.

66. MINNIS?, Lt. Col. John B. #20 Commanding 3rd Gen. Cav.

67. MISEMER, Charles "Charlie". #2,6,17,23,31. Son of Henry Marshall Misemer and Martha J. Bogart.

68. MISEMER, Emelia Matilda. #1. Daughter of Thomas Misemer and Nancy J. Jones. Born 26 Jul 1843; married William Lunsford.

69. MISEMER, Felix Benton. #7,8,9. Son of Philip Pleasant Misemer and Mary Patton. Served 35th Regt. Co. F. Missouri Inf. Born 30 May 1842 Gentry Co, Mo. Married Sarah Kerr.

70. MISEMER, Heinrich. #7. Son of Johan Michael Misemer and Anna Magdalena (nee unknown). Born 7 Jun 1781 Lehigh/Northhampton Co., PA.; died 10 May 1848 Madisonville, Monroe Co., TN.; married 22 Feb 1805 Greene Co., TN, Susannah Bible; Children: Philip Pleasant, Jacob, John Bible, Catherine, Margaret "Peggy", Jane Lydia, Thomas, William Bible, Elizabeth Ann, Sarah Ann, Susan Philip, and Henry Marshall.

71. MISEMER, Henry Marshall. "Marsh" All except #2,3,20,27. Son of Heinrich Misemer and Susannah Bible/Biebel. Born 12 Apr 1832 Monroe Co., TN; died 27 Apr 1865 Near Memphis, TN.; Married (1st) Margaret Jane Brown, dau. of Joseph Brown and Catherine Harrell. Child: Mary Elizabeth. Married (2nd) 2 Aug 1859 Martha J. Bogart, daughter of Charles and Catherine Bogart. Children: Charles Franklin, Margaret Ellen and Laura Caroline. Served 3rd Regt. East TN Cavalry Co. F, 1 Jun 1863 until his death on the Sultana during the prisoner exchange at the end of the war. Captured by Gen. Forrest’s troops on 25 Sep 1864; paroled from Cahaba, Mississippi, prison.

72. MISEMER, Jacob. #1,7,9. Son of Heinrich Misemer and Susannah Bible/Biebel. Born 29 Oct 1807 Greene Co., TN; died 12 Jul 1860 Ray Co., MO;. Married Lettice Tunnell 6 Oct 1831 Roane Co., TN. Children: Catherine, John Alexander, William Francis Marion, Matilda Jane, Henry Marshall, Robert Franklin, Louise Ann, and Eveline C.

73. MISEMER, James Henry. #7,8. Son of Thomas Misemer and 1st wife, Nancy J. Jones. Born 2 Jul 1839, TN. Wounded at Blackwater and died 18 Jun 1863 at Vicksburg, Mississippi, in Confederate service.

74. MISEMER, John Bible. #7,31. Son of Heinrich Misemer and Susannah Bible/Biebel. Born 6 May 1810 Greene County, TN; died 6 Dec 1892; buried Ash Grove Cem, Greene Co., MO; married 29 Nov 1838 Maria I. Hughes. Children: Margaret, Elizabeth J., E. E. {or Kathryn I.}?, William H., Emily R., Hester A., Mariah V., and Alice.

75. MISEMER, Laura Caroline. "Dollie" #6,9,10,15,31. Daughter of Henry Marshall Misemer and Martha J. Bogart. Laura was born 3 months after her father left for the war. She never saw her father. Laura married William Thomas McFee and had five children: Dewitt Marshall, William Franklin, Charles Phillip, Neta Boyd and Fred Thomas.

76. MISEMER, Margaret Ellen. "Kitty?". #6,31. Daughter of Henry Marshall Misemer and Martha J. Bogart Misemer.

MISEMER, Martha J. {See Bogart, Martha J.}

77. MISEMER, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzy". #2,6,23,31. Daughter of Henry Marshall Misemer and 1st wife, Margaret Jane Brown. Born 1856, Married 1st Allen Maxwell. Five children: George, Mary A., Martha J., William, and Noah L. Married 2nd James Hamilton. Three children: Joseph, Sarah and Catherine.

MISEMER, Matilda {see Misemer, Emelia Matilda}

78. MISEMER, Philip Pleasant. #7,8,9,31. Son of Heinrich Misemer and Susannah Bible/Biebel. Born 18 Jun 1806 Roane Co., TN.; d. 20 Aug 1885, Gentry Co., TN.; married 15 Jan 1839 Monroe Co., TN, Mary Patton born 19 Nov 1814 Knox Co., TN, died 23 Feb 1856 Gentry Co., TN. Nine children: Mary Isabella Misemer, Felix Benton Misemer, William Eagleton Misemer, Patrick Henry Misemer, Isaac Anderson Misemer, Susan Jane Misemer, Unnamed Infant Misemer, John Calvin Misemer and Samantha Ann Misemer. Married 2nd Mary Jones McDaniel born 2 Feb 1813 died 12 Dec 1874.

79. MISEMER, Robert Franklin. #1. Youngest son of Jacob Misemer and Lettice Tunnel

80. MISEMER, Sarah. #7. Doctor bill and funeral expenses mentioned. Daughter of Heinrich Misemer and Susannah Bible; born 22 Aug 1826 Madisonville, Monroe Co., TN; died 14 Feb 1859 Gentry Co., MO. Never married. Moved to Missouri to help her brother Philip after his first wife died.

81. MISEMER, Thomas. #1,7,8 Son of Heinrich Misemer and Susannah Bible/Biebel, born 14 Aug 1819 Greene Co., TN.; died 8 Aug 1881 Lawrence Co., MO., buried Misemer Cemetery, Ozark Township, Lawrence Co., MO. Married (1st) 23 Aug 1838 Monroe Co., TN. Nancy Jane Jones who died in Tennessee 1843: Three children; James Henry Misemer, William Marshall Misemer and Emelia Matilda Misemer. Married (2nd) 2 Apr 1846 McMinn Co., TN Almedia Elizabeth Torbett/Torbert born 14 Jul 1828, died 25 Aug 1867 Lawrence Co., MO., buried Misemer Cemetery, Ozark Township, Lawrence Co., MO. Eight children: John A. Misemer, Mary Jane E. Misemer, Albert Friend Misemer, Granville Lafayette Misemer, Philip Pleasant Misemer, Louisa Lidya Misemer, Jacob Millard Misemer, Nancy J. Misemer. Married (3rd) 23 Feb 1868 Lawrence Co., Mo. Edna A. Keats Clayton born about 1826 VA; no children this union. Married (4th) 11 Apr 1875 Lawrence Co., Mo., Sarah M. Gaston born about 1835 NC; two children born this union (1876 and 1878), unnamed or names not known, both infants buried Misemer Cemetery, Ozark Township, Lawrence County, Mo.

82. MISEMER, William Bible "Bill."#7,26. Son of Heinrich Misemer and Susannah Bible/Biebel. Born 15 Aug 1821 Greene Co., TN; married Mary Ann Torbet 5 Nov 1850 McMinn Co., TN. Child: Sam (was a "peace officer in WY or MT."

83. NORVEL, Clint. #15. NORVEL,Clint enlisted 12/16/62, promoted from priv. To 2 Lt. 4/4/64, resigned commission 3/6/65.

84. PATTON, Mary. #8. 1st wife of Philip Plesant Misemer; daughter of James Cooper Patton.

85. PEARSON, Stan. #27. unknown.

86. PICKENS. #18.

87. PORTER, Wm. #11. unknown.

88. RODDY. #21,24.

89. ROUSSEAU, Gen. #20.

90. ROWANS Regiment. #3.

91. SCHOFIELD, Gen. #14.

92. SHELTON, Cuthbert B. "Bird." #1,7,8. Born 21 Mar 1813; died 17 Dec 1893; buried Ryland (Shiloh) Cem., Madison Co., Alabama. Married 31 Aug 1834 Margaret "Peggy" Misemer, born 10 Aug 1815 Greene Co., TN., d. 21 Oct 1883; daughter of Heinrich Misemer and Susannah Bible. Was in Indiana in 1864. His son-in-law was in Gentry County, Mo, 1864.

93. SHELTON, Marshall. #1. ?son of Cuthbert Shelton and Margaret Misemer.

94. SHELTON, Sally. #2. unknown.

95. SHERMAN, Gen. #18,25,28,29.

96. SMITH, General. #9.

97. STAKELY, William M. #7. Attorney authorized to receive Philip Misemer’s share of estate from Heinrich Misemer’s will.

98. THOMPSON, Leonold M. #26. Of Blount, died at Cahaba prison. Enlisted 5/1/63, captured 9/24/64 at Athens Al, died 1/18/65.

99. TUNNELL, Lettice. #1. Born 10 Dec 1809 Sweetwater, TN; died 13 Sep 1893 Lawson, MO.; married Jacob Misemer, son of Heinrich Misemer and Susannah Bible.

100. V., D. #30. Survived the Sultana.

101. WELLES, G. #19.

102. WHEELER. #24.

103. WISEMAN, Lt. W. H. #3.

104. WRIGHT, John. #6,13,17. unknown.

* Data from Roster of the 3rd Tn Vol Cav Regiment as compiled by John Lundquist