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ROME  Jan.  12

 The search by aircraft of the waters between the islands of Elba and Monte Cristo, where the Comet airliner crashed on Sunday, was abandoned this morning, but an Italian corvette is still in the vicinity continuing the search for pieces of wreckage that may still be afloat.
 Unfortunately the Asdic under-water detection apparatus of this vessel is not working and it has, therefore, not been possible yet to identify the exact situation of the main section of the aircraft, in which a number of bodies are believed to be entombed under water.  This section, comprising the cabin and possibly other portions of the aircraft, is regarded as the main piece of evidence on which investigation of the causes of the disaster can be based, and its recovery will be the main purpose of the salvage and diving operations  that are likely to be attempted, it members of the commission of inquiry in Elba report that such an attempt is at all practicable.
 The Naval Attache of the British Embassy in Rome is in touch with British naval authorities about any help that may be required, or possible, to supplement that already available from Italy.  The remaining section of the aircraft lies in about 40 fathoms of water, according to information available here, and it is considered almost certain that salvage will be attempted if it is at all possible.

From THE  TIMES    (London)    13th January  1954

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