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     MARYBOROUGH, Friday - Mr W H Judkins spoke to a large audience in the town hall tonight, under  the auspices of the United Temperance Councils.  The mayor (Councillor J R Green) presided.
     Regarding the representations made to the Premier (Mr Murray) by the Trades-hall Council for permission to conduct an art union in aid of the fund for the enlargement of the Trades-hall, Mr Judkins said he sincerely hoped Mr Murray would not allow the scope of art unions to be extended to embrace other than charitable purposes. He hoped the whole of the Labour party of Victoria would, in a clear voice, intimate that it is opposed to the proposals of those who made the advances to the Premier, and that the working people of Victoria would stand against gambling. He was pained beyond expression when he read that the Trades-hall Council made such an iniquitous request. If the Premier granted it it would be an insult to the people of Victoria. He was not concerned immediately with what were the Premier’s private opinions about gambling, but the people had placed Mr Murray in the highest place of power, and he ought to consider those things which pertained to the welfare of his people. He (Mr Judkins) and others were going to ask Mr Murray not to grant the Trades-hall request, and  further to introduce legislation declaring every kind of art union, even for charitable  purposes, illegal.  If the Trades-hall Council could not complete its building by righteous means, it should have no hall at all.

 The following resolution was declared carried unanimously:-
“That this meeting urges the Government to amend the licensing law to allow the question of
no-license to be submitted for the people’s decision by a simple majority,  firmly believing that this is a right the people should have; and to point out that the vote would not interfere with the Licenses Reduction Board, which could continue its work in districts where liquor licenses are in excess of the statutory number.”

From  THE  ARGUS  2nd July 1910  page 18


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