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    “Industrialism” was Mr Judkins’s topic at a “pleasant Sunday afternoon” in the Wesley Church yesterday. He acknowledged that industrially there was such a thing as a healthy discontent, but the thing most to be regretted nowadays was that in the present and recent industrial disputes  there was one section of the community which sought to  make an Ishmael of itself, putting its hand against every man, and insisting that every mans hand was necessarily against it.  That was the spirit that would by-and-by spell ruin to offensive unionism.
    “We are not out against unionism” declared Mr Judkins. “We are out against offensive unionism. We are against this section of the community to which I have referred, not because they will not work with non-unionist, and because they show traits of character that are not human. Surely everybody here will deprecate deeds of violence and feelings of hatred and unbrotherliness. I tremble to think of the hard work we are going to give the next generation if we lay foundations of hatred and unbrotherliness.  Take the children of men who have done deeds of violence in the past few weeks. There is the foundation-stone being laid for them. There have been visits to homes of non-unionists, and the taking of photographs of men who are bold enough to work for their daily bread.  Men have been chased down the streets  with vile epithets. This kind of thing must be rooted up, so we may lay the foundation-stones of love and generosity and Christlikeness.”  (Applause)
    In conclusion Mr Judkins described the industrial committee of the Social Reform Bureau, which sought the cultivation of friendly relations between employer and employee and opposed coercion.

From  THE ARGUS   8th May 1911   Page 7

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