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    Wesley Church was crowded yesterday afternoon to hear Mr WH Judkins, in connection with the Forward Social Movement outline a scheme for the better dealing with the problem of poverty. This was unfolded in the course of an address on
“Our Charities”.

    Defining the scheme which he believes should bring about this much-to-be-desired solution, Mr Judkins said that the first thing would be the supervision of charity distribution by three commissioners, whose duties would be to systematise relief and prevent poverty by  giving judicious and adequate assistance at the right moment.  This would be coupled with a complete system of detailed supervision by means of helpers, who could supervise  local districts and thus ensure immediate help in cases of distress, and prevent duplication of relief, the whole to be arranged and directed by the commissioners, who would have charge of all forms of outdoor relief, together with benevolent asylums and other institutions, such as relief works.  The commissioners should also have authority impound the wages of any person against whom it could be proved that the family was brought to distress through the earnings being wasted by him. For helping the genuine unemployed the scheme proposes relief works,  which work should be for half-days only,  so that time  could be devoted for looking for permanent work, while those anxious to get on the land labour training farms, either for single men or families, were advocated.  The incorrigible spendthrift would, under the scheme, be consigned to a farm, where part of the wages he earned would  go to the man’s support, and the rest to that of his family; while the loafer would also be compulsorily removed to the same farm, where he would be put to work that could be computed by weight or measurement  and paid strictly in accordance with work done.  Such farms as these would be under the control of private institutions, approved and subsidised by the Government.

    A resolution to the effect that an effort be made to secure legislation on the lines advocated  by the scheme was carried unanimously, and it was announced  that a conference be subsequently held, with this object in view.

From:    THE ARGUS   January 24th  1910   page 6


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