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    Objections raised to the scheme of charity reform recently promulgated by him were answered by Mr  WH Judkins at Wesley Church yesterday afternoon.

    Mr Judkins urged that at present there was too much overlapping in the administration of Charity in Victoria. The work should  be done in a business like  way. The scheme proposed was not his, but was the concentrated wisdom of a number of minds, including those of Rev AR Edgar and Dr Strong. Some people objected on the ground that it was interfering with the liberty of the subject, to the suggestion that when a man was shown to be wasting his money it should be impounded. There was no reason  why commissioners should not be appointed and given the judicial power of impounding a man’s money if necessary.  He thought it was the “Argus” that suggested that the ordinary process of law was sufficient in the case of a woman left destitute by her husband, but a woman would go right to the edge of the precipice before suing her husband, for she would think that to do so would only make matters worse.  The commissioners would take early action in such a case. The objection was also made that a man ought to be able to do as he liked with his own. The day had gone past when a man could do what he liked with his own. The trouble was that when a woman went to a justice she did not receive all that she deserved.  There was a thing called  “The Liberty League” - liberty to do anything one liked and to carry on as one pleased.  (Laughter)  A man was freer in Australia than anywhere else in the world , because he could not do as he liked. (Applause)  Some people said that sufficient helpers could not be got to carry out the scheme but there should be no difficulty in securing 500 to 1000 helpers. There should be a charity tax, and it would not cost very much if the money was not wasted to such an extent as at present. He asked  people, if they could not suggest a better scheme, to hold their tongues, and to help the scheme proposed.

From:  THE  ARGUS  Monday 7th  February 1910


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