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Wesley Church was thronged last evening when the Rev Henry Worrall of Bendigo and Mr Judkins delivered addresses on the gambling evil and Licensing questions.
The Reverend AR Edgar presided.
...............................................Mr Worrall..........................................
Mr Judkins, who followed was also greeted with tremendous applause. He said that, though  it had been untruthfully stated by the enemy that he had been in a private lunatic asylum, it might have been that rumour had merely mistaken the man. A certain member of Parliament had been immured in an inebriate establishment just recently - a member who had been of wonderful help to the reformers. The speaker denounced the part played by the Rev ES Hughes in championing boxing.
Though that Reverend gentlemen had talked of “old women”, the speaker would like to know whether men like the Rev Mr Hughes and Mr Wren were the true supporters of sport (“No?”). Mr Hughes had said that he did not wish to add to the commandments, and that it took him all his time to keep them as they were. Naturally, that statement  gave rise to a query as to which one commandment the Rev Mr Hughes had difficulty in keeping. ( Great Laughter) Possibly it was that he did not believe in adding another which would be  “Thou shalt not box” (renewed laughter) Both Mr Hughes and Mr Wren were a source of danger to the community, and it did not matter whether those words came from the mouth of a minister of from a man who ran a tote shop they deserved castigation. (Great Applause)  Every decent man in the community would support Mr Bent when he bought in a bill to stop professional boxing (Applause).
Turning to the licensing question, Mr Judkins said that the audience should see to it that they turn out of the house all men who voted for compensation and refused to grant local option. Such men as the Gillotts (hoots), Prendergasts and Gausons (hoots), Yes Billsons, McKinnons and Peacocks too. He would not be at all surprised to see Parliament dissolve over this licensing question. Were all the people ready for a dissolution?
A chorus of Voices -  Yes
Mr Judkins -  Have you chosen your men?
No Answer
Mr Judkins -  Where are the yeses now?
A Stentorian Voice  -  Mr Judkins for Collingwood
The Rev Mr Woodful  -  I second that resolution (Cheers), we’ll carry it through, too! (Renewed Cheers)
Mr Judkins  -  Never in my life did I dream of being on so high a pedestal as the representative of the district that contains Wren’s Tote (Laughter)
Mr Woodful  -  It wouldn’t be there long  (Laughter)

From:  THE ARGUS   September 1906

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