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JENNINGS (nee Storer) Frances Shirley
Born: abt 1929
Died: 23 March 1968 - Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia

The Sun (IMelbourne) - Monday, 25th March 1968


A young family of four was wiped out and two other people were killed in a two car crash near Swan Hill on Saturday. Six others were injured in the crash. One is in a critical condition and four are in a serious condition.

They were among 16 people killed on Victorian roads at the weekend.

The Swan Hill crash would not have happened but for a girl forgetting a hair ribbon which she wanted to wear to a wedding. The girl was killed.

"I've left my ribbon home I must have it to match my frock," the girl, Vicki Roberts, 18, of Lake Boga, had said as she dressed at a girl friend's house to go to the wedding.


Her girlfriends mother drove her home to Lake Boga to get the ribbon and her girl friend and two others went along for the ride.

As the returned to Swan Hill an oncoming car skidded on a curve of the rain-washed Murray Valley Highway, six miles south of the town and broadsided into their path.

Killed in the skidding car were:

Peter Robert Warren, 28, a butcher, of Campbell St, Swan Hill. His wife, Margaret Dawn Warren, also 28. Their children Stephen, 5, and Leanne, 4. And Mrs Francis Shirley Jennings, 39, of Gray Street, Swan Hill, the wife of the driver.

Vicki Roberts was the only one killed in the other car.

Injured and in the Swan Hill Hospital are:

The driver of the car in which Vicki was traveling, Mrs Edith O'Bryan, 39, of Wattie St, Swan Hill, condition critical; her daughter, Karen, 18, condition serious, a neighbour, Ann Jackett, 18, serious; another friend, Debra Kaye Roache, 16, of nearby Fish Point, serious; the driver of the second car, William John Jennings, 40, baker's assistant, satisfactory and his daughter Rosalie, serious.

The accident happened in light rain at 2pm - only five miles from where four people died in a head-on collision two weeks ago.


KIRKWOOD Maxwell John
Born: 5 May 1941 - Hamilton, Victoria, Australia
Died: 26 April 1964 - Halls Gap, Victoria, Australia

Hamilton Spectator - Tuesday, 28th April 1964


Police and Volunteers, working in fog and heavy rain, took two hours to bring the body of 23 year old Hamilton man up a 300 ft cliff edge after he had fallen to his death near Hall's Gap on Sunday.

The man, Maxwell John Kirkwood of Mt Napier, near Hamilton, was one of a party of four climbing Mt Rosea in the Grampians about seven miles from Hall's Gap when he fell. Stawell police said yesterday he was killed instantly. The accident happened at 2pm on Sunday when, Kirkwood, Alan Barker of Mt Napier Road, Hamilton and two girls were climbing the mountain. The girls tool an easy narrow path to the top of the mountain but the two men decided to climb up the rough face of it.

When Kirkwood was almost to the top he called to Barker who then went to pick up some fruit they had left behind. While Barker was bending down for the fruit he heard a noise and looked up to see Kirkwood falling to his death.

Barker was still under heavy sedation when "The Spectator" telephoned yesterday afternoon. The two men were close friends and had often gone shooting and walking trips together.

Because of the nature of the Grampians the three others in the party took two and a half hours to walk along the three-mile path to bring help. It was 10pm before Sergeant Roy East, of Stawell, and Volunteers reached the body and it took two hours before they could lift it up the 300 feet cliff.

Kirkwood was the son of Mrs W J Kirkwood of Buckley's swamp and the late Mr WJ Kirkwood.


LEACH Jennifer Carol
Born: abt 1945
Died: 24 March 1948 - Birkenhead, South Australia

The Advertiser (Adelaide) - Thursday, 25th March 1948


Jennifer Carol Leach, three year old daughter of Mr and Mrs C P Leach, of Fletcher Road, Birkenhead, was killed when she was struck by a motor truck outside her home yesterday morning.

It is believed that the child was running across the road to meet her mother, who had been shopping.

Constable C W Barnden, of Largs Bay, who was passing in his car, took the injured child to the Port Adelaide Casuality Hospital. He is preparing a report for the City Coroner (Mr T E Cleland).


LEACH Raymond John
Born: 23 January 1923 - Bordertown, South Australia
Died: 22 December 1969 - Adelaide, South Australia

The Advertiser (Adelaide) - Tuesday, 23rd December, 1969

PLEA FOR RESEARCH Bordertown, December 22 - Cannawigara farmer Mr H H Leach has asked people attending the funeral of his brother, not to send flowers but to contribute to a fund to investigate affects on humans of agricultural sprays. His brother Raymond John Leach, 46, a Bordertown farmer died in the Royal Adelaide Hospital yesterday after an apparent fatal absorption of spray. He was using the spray on his farm to get rid of a swarm of bees. He collapsed on December 15 and was taken by ambulance to Adelaide the following day. Mr Leach said he understood that a number of other people in the district had been similarly affected by agricultural sprays in recent years.

LEACH, Raymond John - Of Bordertown. On 22nd December, at Adelaide, dearly loved husband of Kathleen, beloved and loving father of Jennifer, Meryl, Peter, Andrew and Joanne. Aged 46 years.


LEACH William Valentine
Born: 14 February 1895 - Lake Bolac, Victoria, Australia
Died: 9 October 1956 - Springbank, South Australia

The Advertiser (Adelaide) - Wednesday, 10th October 1956


Mr William Valentine Leach, Superintendent of Primary Schools, died in the Repatriation General Hospital, Springbank, yesterday after a long illness.

Mr Leach who was 61, served in the 50th Battalion during World War 1, and was wounded in action.

He was appointed as an assistant at Adelaide High School in 1921 and in 1924 became a senior master at Port Pirie High School. In 1927 he was appointed an inspector of schools, the youngest man ever to hold this position in SA.

In 1945 he became Assistant Superintendent of Primary Schools, and in 1949 was appointed to the position of Superintendent of Primary Schools and Supervisor of Northern Territory Schools. He held these positions until his death.

Mr Leach is survived by his wife, two daughters and a son.

The director of Education (Mr E Mander-Jones) said yesterday that it would be difficult to find a man more conscientious in his duties, or one who devoted himself more unstintingly to his work.

Mr Leach was an able administrator and under his care primary schools in this State improved greatly.

His death will be a great blow to all those who worked with him.


LOY Ronald Charles
Born: abt 1936
Died: 31 August 1957 - Robinvale, Victoria, Australia

Sunraysia Daily (Mildura) - Monday, 2nd September 1957

A 21 year old Robinvale man died on Saturday after being accidentally shot in the head on the Sturt Highway, four miles north of Euston. Despite an emergency operation, Ronald Charles Loy, of Block 47C, Robinvale, died about two hours after the shooting. Loy was on a shooting trip in a utility with four other youths from Robinvale and Euston. Police said the utility had stopped when the accident occurred and Loy was taking a shot at an eagle with a .22 rifle. Loy had knelt on the road by the utility to shoot at the eagle which was perched on a telephone post. When his shot missed, ............... (18), of Euston, took aim from the back of the utility. Just as .............fired, Loy stood up and a .22 calibre bullet pierced the back of his head and passed out his mouth. Driver of the utility, Harley Spittle (20), of Euston, rushed him about 10 miles to the Robinvale District Hospital, where an emergency operation was performed. The accident occurred at 3.45 pm and Loy died at 5.30 pm. His funeral will leave the Robinvale Church of England today after a service commencing at 3 pm.


MADGWICK (nee Storer) Elizabeth Ellen
Born: 1889 - St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia
Died: 9 April 1943 - Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia

Shepparton News - Thursday, 15th April 1943

Quite unexpectedly the death occurred in Mooroopna hospital on Friday
last of Mrs Elizabeth Madgwick, of Mooroopna, at the age of 54 years.
She had been discharged from hospital and was awaiting conveyance to
her home when she collapsed and died shortly after readmission. The funeral cortege from Messrs Kittle Bros., mortuary in Shepparton proceeded to Mooroopna Cemetery, where internment took place. The Rev RG White (Church of England) officiated at the services. The deceased lady is survived by her husband and a large family.


MADGWICK (nee James) Miriam Rebekah
Born: 1918 - Moama, New South Wales, Australia
Died: 5 April 1966 - Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia

News (Shepparton) - Wednesday, 6th April 1966


The death occurred in the Mooroopna Base Hospital yesterday of Mrs Miriam Rebecca Madgwick, of 49 Abbotsford Street, West Melbourne and formerly of Mooroopna. She is survived by her husband Arthur and family Lola and Roger. The funeral will leave the Church of Christ, Mooroopna, after a service at 2 pm tomorrow, Thursday, for the Mooroopna Cemetery.


MANUEL Ronald Howard
Born: 14 December 1947
Died: 14 December 1976 - Adelaide, South Australia

The Advertiser (Adelaide) - Wednesday, 15th December 1976

Ronald Howard Manuel, 29, of Second Avenue, Woodville Gardens, died in the Royal Adelaide Hospital yesterday, from injuries he received in an accident on Monday,.

His motor cycle and a car collided at the intersection of Alpha and Prospect Roads. Police are seeking witnesses to the accident, which happened at about 11.15 am.


MAYER (nee Hastelow) Sarah
Born: 23 April 1840 - Warwickshire, England
Died: 27 May 1916 - Talia, South Australia

The Register (Adelaide) - 3rd June 1916

The wife of Mr George Mayers died at his residence Talia on Saturday. She was 76 years of age and was born in Staffordshire. A colonist of 61 years, she was a resident of the district for 40 years being the first resident of Elliston. She was well known for her acts of kindness. Three sons and six daughters survive also many grandchildren.

The Register (Adelaide) - 10th June 1916

Our Colton correspondent writes: The death has occurred of the wife of Mr George Mayers of Talia. Mrs Mayers was one of the oldest residents of Elliston, her husband being one of the first selectors. Long before the township of Elliston was surveyed Mrs Mayers home was used for public gatherings and her hospitable roof sheltered many a weary traveler. In those days when there was no doctor nearer that Port Lincoln and no telephone nearer than Streaky Bay, Mrs Mayers frequently nursed the sick without fee or reward. Mrs Mayers who was 76 years of age was born in England and arrived in the state 61 years ago with her parents, the late Mr & Mrs Hastelow. A grown up family of three sons and six daughters survive, also a large number of grandchildren and several great grandchildren.


McLEAY George
Born: 6 August 1892 - Clinton, South Australia
Died: 14 September 1955 - Adelaide, South Australia

The Advertiser (Adelaide) - Thursday, 15th September 1955

McLEAY - Senator, the late George, who died in Adelaide, September 14th. A sincere tribute to our late Minister, from all the employees of the Commonwealth Shipping Line.


From our Staff Representative.

CANBERRA, September 14. A State Funeral for South Australian Senator George McLeay, who died in Adelaide today, will be held in Adelaide on Friday morning.

Senator McLeay, Federal Minister for Shipping and Transport, was 63. Arrangements for a State Funeral are being discussed with the McLeay family by a representative of the Prime Minister's Department, who flew to Adelaide this afternoon.

The Prime Minister is planning to attend the funeral.

Mr Menzies will be accompanied by five or six other Ministers, including the Minister for Defence (Sir Philip McBride). Efforts are being made to arrange for at least one special plane to fly to Adelaide on Friday morning with members from all parties. Senator O'Flaherty and Mr Makin have been chosen to represent the Federal Labor Opposition and its leader (Dr Evatt) at the funeral.

Late today the Attorney General (Senator Spicer) was sworn in as Minister for Shipping and Transport. In the House of Representatives and the Senate today emotional tributes were paid to Senator McLeay and both Houses later adjourned as a mark of respect.

Mr Menzies announced the death of Senator McLeay to a hushed house. "I have never known a man of such hardy spirit, of more infinite good nature," he said. "He could take all the knocks and arguments - either in Cabinet room or on the floor of the Senate - and always remain infinitely good-tempered leaving no wounds on his own soul, and certainly none on the souls of others. George McLeay was one of those rare men who enjoy the affection of political friend and foe alike." "I, certainly have never heard anybody in this House or elsewhere say about him anything that was harsh, uncharitable or unjust. He could not have made such a remark himself, for he was incapable of being harsh, uncharitable or unjust." Mr Menzies was close to tears as he read out the condolence motion.


The leader of the opposition (Dr Evatt) said Senator McLeay was the soul of geniality and good friendship. "I think what struck us all was his simplicity, humanity and kindness, and the absence of guile from his disposition," said Dr Evatt. The Deputy Leader of the Country Party (Mr McEwen) said Senator McLeay attracted and held the affection of all with whom he came in contact. In the Senate, the Leader of the Government (Senator O'Sullivan) said that during Senator McLeay's long and distinguished public service, it could truly be said that he never made an enemy. "We who have served with him in Cabinet have lost not only a loyal and devoted colleague, but also a very good friend," he added.

The Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator McKennan) said Senator McLeay fought hard but fairly for all those things in which he believed. "He could strike a blow without malice and could take one in return without the slightest resentment," he added.

Senator Critchley (Lab., SA) said Senator McLeay was one that the Senate would not easily forget.

Senator Mattner (Lib., SA) said Senator McLeay's outstanding traits were courage and character.

Sir Philip McBride said tonight that Senator McLeay had been a kind man and a devoted friend, strong in his beliefs and resolute to do those things he had thought right. "His jovial and happy nature will be missed in Canberra."

The Premier (Mr Playford) said in Adelaide yesterday, "Senator McLeay was a great South Australian and this State received outstanding service from him. He was energetic, forthright and missed no opportunity in furthering the interests of this State. Even his political opponents sincerely respected his views and his passing will be deeply mourned by his wide circle of friends."

The new President of the Liberal and Country League (Mr Hartley Cadd) said Senator McLeay's work had been outstanding and his passing was a severe loss.


Senator McLeay died in his own State while still holding the Federal Office to which he had given years of vigorous and outstanding service to Australia and the strain of which, it is natural to suppose, shortened his life. There could be no better tribute to him than the moving scenes that occurred both in the House of Representatives and in the Senate when the news of his death was announced. It was a tribute not only to an able and conscientious Minister, but to an eminently likeable colleague.

Though he was a man of very strong conviction - there was never any doubt as to where he stood on issues that divided parties - Senator McLeay exuded friendliness. He had friends everywhere and in all walks of life.

The has never, perhaps been a more popular South Australian in the Senate, nor certainly one who was so jealous of the interests of this State. In his long political career he set a high standard both of service and achievement, and he leaves a place it will be difficult to fill.

The Advertiser (Adelaide) - Friday, 16th September 1955


Twenty-eight Federal members will fly from Canberra to Adelaide today for the State Funeral of the late Senator George McLeay, who died on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister, acting on Medical advice, decided last night against coming to Adelaide for the Funeral. Mr Menzies has influenza and the doctor advised him against flying today. He went home early yesterday and was advised by colleagues to stay in bed today.

The British, Indian and South African Governments will be represented. The Governor-General (Mr William Slim) will be represented by Brig. J G McKinna.

The Funeral will leave St Augustine's Church, Unley Road, Unley after a short service at 11 am for the Centennial Park Cemetery.

The Federal members will come by special TAA Viscount plane and will include five Ministers - Mr McEwen (acting Country Party Leader and Minister for Commerce), Sir Phillip McBride (Minister for Defence), Senator Spicer (Attorney-General), Senator O'Sullivan (Minister for Customs) and Senator Spooner (Minister for National Development). Mr McEwan will represent the Prime Minister. The Premier (Mr Playford) will be a pallbearer and represent the SA Government. Other State Cabinet Ministers will attend. The Federal Opposition and its Leader will be represented by Senator O'Flaherty and Mr Norman Makin MHR. The American Ambassador (Mr Amos J Peaslee) will be represented by the American Consul-General (Mr Givon Parsons). Mrs Robert Coyle, a daughter of the late Senator McLeay, is flying from London and is due to arrive in Adelaide on Tuesday.

If usual procedure is adopted, State Parliament will appoint a Senator to replace Senator McLeay. The Commonwealth Constitution provides that joint sittings of the State Houses of Parliament shall appoint a successor.


McLEAY Sir John
Born: 23 November 1893 - Clinton, South Australia
Died: 22 June 1982 - Ashford, South Australia

The Advertiser (Adelaide) - Wednesday, 23rd June 1982


Sir John McLeay, who held a record 101/2 year term as Speaker of the House of Representatives, died yesterday aged 88. He died at the Ashford Community Hospital, Anzac Highway, Ashford, after a short illness.

Sir John, known widely throughout Adelaide as Jack McLeay, was admitted to hospital on Thursday after suffering a stroke. The national and SA president of the Liberal Party, Dr AJ Forbes, said yesterday: "I, like everyone of all ages who knew him, feel they have lost a dear friend." Despite the many high offices he held, he never lost the common touch. He was loyal, down-to-earth and wise. The Liberal Party, the State and Australia have lost a good and faithful servant."

Sir John was created a Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George in 1962 for political and other services. In 1966, Sir John gave notice of his intention to retire from politics. LCL pre selection for his Boothby seat was won by his son Mr John McLeay, who is now the Consul-General in Los Angeles. Born on November 19, 1893, Sir John McLeay was the son of the late Mr John McLeay (*George*), a well known farmer at Port Clinton, where Sir John was born.

He was educated in that town and at Unley Central school. He also took a commercial course at Muirden College before starting as an errand boy for G Wood Son & Co Ltd., and later as a traveler for the firm of Thompson and Harvey.

Six months after the break out of World War 1, Sir John enlisted and served in France with the 13th Field Ambulance Corps as a stretcher-bearer, winning the Military Medal at Villers Bretonneux. On his re-entry into civilian life in 1919, he joined his brother George, in a general importing business in Adelaide.

In 1924, Sir John McLeay joined the Adelaide City Council as a councilor and in 1946 was elected Lord mayor - a post he originally had intended to hold for three years. He held it for four years owing to the sudden death of the Lord mayor, Mr AEW Short, in 1949 only 18 days after Mr Short had taken office.

In the same year, Sir John entered the House of Representatives as the member for Boothby, and seven years later he was appointed Speaker. Despite his political and business activities, he was a well known sportsman and an active worker for the returned Services League and the Legacy Club.

Sir John was a former chairman of McLeay Brothers Ltd., and a director of a number of other companies. He also was a former member of the Tramways Trust Board, the State Bank and the council of the University of Adelaide.

He was a past president of the Adelaide Legacy Club, the SA Retail Furniture Association, the SA Playground Association and the SA Tree Planters Association.

He is survived by two son's Peter and John and a daughter, Barbara. Lady Eileen McLeay, his wife, died in 1971.
A State funeral will be held at St Augustine's Church, Unley Road, Unley, at 10 am on Friday.
The funeral cortege will then move to the Centennial Park Cemetery, Goodwood Road, Pasadena.


Born: 1869 Peters Diggings, Victoria, Australia
Died: 8 December 1937 - St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia

St Arnaud Mercury - Saturday, 11th December 1937


Mr Jacob PALMER The death occurred at St Arnaud District hospital on Wednesday of Mr Jacob Palmer, husband of Mrs Mary Palmer, of Queen Street, St Arnaud, at the age of 69 years. A son of the late John and Bessie Palmer, of Carapooee West, he was born at St Arnaud, and was married at Carapooee West to Miss Mary Torney over 40 years ago. He had lived in the district all his life, and the family is well known and highly respected. The late Mr Palmer had not enjoyed good health for some time, and his death was not altogether unexpected. He leaves a widow and family of two daughters and four sons, viz., Ruby (Mrs J Hines, Marnoo), Ivy (Mrs W Pilgrim, Melbourne), William, Robert, Leslie and Dick (St Arnaud). The funeral took place on Thursday, and was largely attended. The remains were interred in the St Arnaud cemetery, The coffin was carried by Messrs William, Leslie, Robert and Richard Palmer (sons) and the pall bearers were Messrs W Pilgrim and J Hines (sons-in-law), W Torney, A Storer, T Carlyon, and B Robins.


PALMER Richard George
Born: 25 May 1933 - St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia
Died: 3 September 1960 - Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Ballarat Courier -Monday, 5th September 1960


A 27 year old plasterer was killed instantly about 6.40 on Saturday night when his motor cycle collided with a cycle in Gillies St, Wendouree, about 75 yards south of the junction of Tulip crescent. He was Richard George Palmer, of 12 Primrose Street, Wendouree West. When police arrived on the scene of the accident, only minutes after it had happened, they found that Palmer had died from head injuries.


PELL Justin Clarence
Born: 30 November 1909 - Kyabram, Victoria, Australia
Died: 8 January 1951 - Nathalia, Victoria, Australia

Nathalia Herald - Tuesday, 9th January 1951


Car Strikes Tree

Four men were injured, one critically, as a result of an accident on the Murray Valley Highway, near Nathalia, on Sunday afternoon. The cause of the accident is not known.

The man who is critically ill as a result of his injuries is Mr Justin Pell, a former resident of Wynna, who recently came to reside at Nathalia and the other men were Messrs. F Burgess, Pyle and Gordon, all of Nathalia. The last three were allowed to proceed to their homes after receiving medical attention.

The party left Nathalia on Sunday for a fishing trip in a new light utility owned by Mr Pell, who was driving. When about seven miles north of Nathalia the vehicle left the road.

One of the party said he believed they were going to stop under a tree to collect grubs for bait, about thirty yards beyond where they left the road. The car traveled straight to the tree, and without slowing, crashed into it. It appeared that no brakes were apparent and it is thought the driver may have suffered a blackout.

Nathalia Herald - 16th January 1951


The death occurred at Nathalia on Monday, January 8, as a result of an accident, of Mr Justin Clarence Pell.

The late Mr Pell who was 41 years of age, was born on the property now occupied by Mr A Thompson, at McCoys Bridge, his parents being Mr and Mrs Albert Pell, of Shepparton. Mr Albert Pell was one of the original settlers of the Wyuna Estate.

Deceased was closely associated with Wyuna Cricket and Football clubs, and was a former playing member of Kotupna football team, and played football with the Wyuna team as late as last season. He was also a member of the match committee. He was a keen fisherman and shooter and was highly respected by a large circle of friends in Wyuna and surrounding districts.

His marriage to Miss Lila Halden, daughter of Mr and Mrs R Halden of Nathalia, was solemnised at the Nathalia Methodist Church in 1936. He resided in Nathalia for a number of years before returning to Wyuna, where he engaged in share farming and later took over the property from his father. He recently sold out at Wyuna and returned to Nathalia where he intended to commence contract work.

The late Mr Pell is survived by his wife and three children, Janice, Nola and Graham, his brother Angus (Wyuna) and sisters Sylvia (Mrs Gisbon, Shepparton) , Freda (Mrs Pyle, Finley).


PIERCE (nee Storer) Anna Dorothe
Born: abt 1864 - Branxholme, Victoria, Australia
Died: 30 March 1912 - Branxholme, Victoria, Australia

Hamilton Spectator - 1st April 1912

Sudden Death At Branxholme

The friends of Mrs Edward Pierce of Branxholme, will be painfully surprised to hear of the death of that lady; which occurred with startling suddenness on Saturday evening. With others in the household Mrs Piece had partaken tea, and expired shortly afterwards. The deceased lady who was 47 years of age, and a daughter of Mr Moses Storer, has been a resident of the locality for a long time, and with her husband is well known. The funeral will take place today, leaving the deceased late residence, at 2.30 pm for the Branxholme cemetery, the mortuary arrangements being in the hands of Mr Frank Greed, of Hamilton.


REYNOLDS Charles John
Born: 1 July 1850 - Adelaide, South Australia
Died: 2 September 1926 - Semaphore, South Australia

The Register (Adelaide) - Friday 3rd September 1926


Mr Charles Reynolds (eldest son of the late Mr Francis Reynolds, a former Mayor of Port Adelaide), died at the Semaphore on Thursday at the age of 76 years. Mr Reynolds was born at the residence of the late Dr Wyatt, Grenfell Street, Adelaide, on July 1, 1850. His father, who was a contractor, was associated with the erection of a number of important buildings in the Port, notably the town hall and the Congregational Church. Mr Charles Reynolds was a councillor in the Port Adelaide Corporation in 1876, and also a member of the District Council of LeFevre's Peninsula, and he and Mr George W Smith (the town clerk) were the only survivors of the then existing council. With the exception of eight years at Port Augusta as Manager of the Lion Timber Mills there, Mr Reynolds lived at the Semaphore all his life. While in the north he was a councillor and acting Mayor of Port Augusta, and a member of the then Northern Road Board. He was also associated with other bodies. On returning to the Semaphore he was elected councillor for Largs Ward in the Semaphore Corporation, but lost his seat as a result of his unbending opposition to the amalgamation of the Port Adelaide and Semaphore Corporations. He had been associated with Messrs. Walter and Morris, timbers merchants, for the last 33 years, and was regarded as an authority on Port Adelaide history. He had for many years been a justice of the peace, and was formerly a member of the old Reedbeds Cavalry. Mr and Mrs Reynolds celebrated the golden anniversary of their wedding on July 14, 1923. Mrs Reynolds survives her husband, and there are no children. Three sisters of the deceased are Mrs Richard Honey (Port Augusta) and the Misses F and L Reynolds.


ROWE Kathleen Joy
Born: 4 September 1949
ROWE Margaret Elizabeth
Born: 22 July 1948
Died:25 August 1955 - Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia

The Sun (Melbourne) - Friday, 26th August 1955

Two young sisters were crushed to death and another girl injured when a heavy van skidded out of control and overturned on top of them on the foot path in Gold Street, Clifton Hill, at 3.30 pm yesterday.
The dead sisters were Kathleen Joy Rowe, 6, and Margaret Elizabeth Rowe, 7, of Keele Street, Ringwood.


ROWE John Avent
Born: 1888 - St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia
Died: 23 may 1946 - Nathalia, Victoria, Australia

Nathalia Herald - Tuesday, 28th May 1946


The death occurred suddenly at his residence, Yielima on Thursday evening, of Mr John A Rowe, who for many years had lived on the banks of the Murray in that locality and was well known throughout the State to the many sportsmen to whom he acted as guide and adviser of fishing and shooting expeditions. Mr Rowe, who was about 57 years of age, was a native of St Arnaud district. He leaves a wife and a family of five sons and seven daughters. The funeral was to the Nathalia Cemetery on Friday last. the Rev E C Yarrington reading the burial service.


RYAN John Michael
Born: 2 February 1897 - Birchip, Victoria, Australia
Died: 11 July 1947 - Portland, Victoria, Australia

Portland Observer - Thursday, 24 July 1947


We regret the death of Mr John Ryan, who came here and settled some years ago. Mr Ryan, who took a sudden bad turn, passed away shortly after being taken to Portland for treatment. The funeral at Heywood was conducted by Rev. Mr Prentice, after a service in the Church of England. The remains were interred in the Drumborg Cemetery. (Heywood) Mr Ryan was highly respected by all who knew him and his kindly nature made him many friends with whom he came in contact. The sympathy of all is felt for Mrs Ryan and her three young children.











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