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Personally, this has been a most difficult line for me to research--the handicaps being entirely mine. Since my great-grandfather came here from Germany, I always supposed he married a German although the story was that Henry spoke no English and Mary Celinda spoke no German; and so they had seven daughters. I learned nothing from those daughters, for they had long been disenfranchised from their father and did not like to talk about him. Visits to the area resulted in a few facts here and there. Most of the hard evidence came from census records. Little by little I put together facts that brought me to the place that I contacted The Reverend Besteder.
The Reverend Besteder recently sent me the information contained here--the result of many years of investigation and research plus access to family records of people he knows. At my suggestion, we are posting this information not only to help others but to hope we can find more facts and more information from others. PLEASE, if you have any information on this family, let me know and we will add it to our data base. In addition, feel free to glean what you might find needful. Just remember to quote Rev. Besteder's research. If you would like to link to this page, please contact me.
The information provided is as he wrote it. Any comments I had I put in parentheses with my initials, JP. At the end of each page is a link to another generation. If you have any questions please feel comfortable in sending me an e-mail.

This information is submitted by R.C. Besteder for research and the purpose of making a factual family historical connection. I in fact have other information where Breestede is spelled "Breestedo".
Later in my study of the Besteder family history there is a Clara Besteder whose name is mistakenly written as Bestedo, the ending "er" in writing being mistaken as "o" instead of "er". Elsie referred to above as the daughter of Jan Breestede is the mother of Hendrick Schoonmaker who married Gertmy Dewitt , daughter of Tjerck Classen Dewitt , my grandfather eight greats back.
In the Dewitt family history, furnished to me by my great Uncle Clarence Besteder and his wife Ada, Elsje's maiden name is spelled Breestedo instead of Breestede . The best lead I have on the Besteder's is that we descended from Jan Jansen Van Breesteder
The information beginning on the next page is probably about the same person. As few Dutch people as there were in New Amsterdam in the 1640's it is not likely that there would be a Jan Jansen Breesteder, Breestede, Breestedo and a Jan Jansen Bestevaer as well.. It may be the two are the same. At any rate it is very likely that the Besteder's did descend from Jan Jansen Bestevaer which I will reference next.. The anglicized spelling of Bestevaer with the same sound in pronunciation would be Besteder."Jan Jansen Bestevaer"(Besteder)
Note the use of the name "Bestevaer" in the following historical documents: Historical Document - GG 34 "Patent To Philip De Truy" Bestevaer's Thicket on Manhatan Island - 1642, New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch - Volumes GG, HH & II, Land Papers, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1980. p. 11. Mentioned again on p. 14 in GG 47 "Conveyance To Govert Loockmans and Comelis Leendersz." 26 March 1642. Historical Article - "Who Was Bestevaer?" - Bestevaer's Kill - Bergen's Island was referred to as Bestevaer's Island, as well as were certain meadows. Bestevaer's name is associated with the Paderegat Outlet. This is the outlet commonly called Bedford Creek. On Manhattan Island was a place about the present Ferry and Cliff Streets, called in the early days Bestevaer's Kripplebush. Bestevaer's Creek is also referenced
See the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, New York, July, 1938. Historical Document - Jan Janz Bestevaer is mentioned as Skipper along with the Skipper of "The Beer" related to an order to land certain Swedish soldiers in England or France, 1655. See Council Minutes 1655-1656, New Netherlands Documents Series Volume VI, Syracuse University Press, p. 125. (also mentioned on p. 120, the same subject. Skippers Beer and Bestevaer had a full ship. little room for the Swedish soldiers.) Historical Documents - Skipper Jan Jansen Bestevaer brought passengers, Dutch and German immigrants to New Amsterdam, 20 April 1657, in the ship "Droetvat." 22 Dec. 1657 in the ship "The Gilded Otter," 12 Feb 1659 in the ship "The Trou (The Faith)" which at this time seems to be his own ship, 22 Dec 1659 in The Faith, 23 Dec. 1660 in The Faith, 24 Mar 1662 in The Faith, and 20 Jan 1664 in The Faith.
This I found in Ship Passenger Lists - N.Y. and N.J. (1600 to 1825) by Boyer. Historical Documents - Skipper Jan J. Bestevaer and his brother gave 150 (?) to the city of New Amsterdam in 1665 - to Peter Stuyvesant. The gift was voluntary. Jan Bestevaar has numerous court cases. There is one against Hendrick Jansen Van der Vin . In 1660 there is another where a person, Deft , is in default. In 1659 he demands 60 guilders passage money from the wife of Jan Duyvelant .
See Records of New Amsterdam by Berthold Fernow. One reference is in Vol. III p. 193. Is this Jan Jansen Bestevaer the son of Jan Jansen Van Breestede ? Is he Johannis Jansen Van Breestede ? Is there a connection? Is as suggested, Besteder an Anglicanism of the word Bestevaer? Change the "va" to "d" and you have it. It was spelled like it was pronounced. More information is needed and some connections must be made.
Historical Documents - Jan Jansen Bestevaer was paid fifty Goldn Corrant, Holland money (1662), by Lucke Arentsen, p. 173, Bestevaer received money from Claes van Eisiant , p. 175, and he again is memioned related to a business arrangement as a credible witness, (10 Aug 1662) pp. 181-182. - New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, "The Resiter of Salomon Lachaire" , Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1978.
Johan Bestevaer is listed with men owing debts to George Hall 13 Jun 1678. He owed f 70 (whatever that was). See "The Andros Papers 1677-1678" Files of the Provincial Secretary of New York during the Administration of Governor Sir Edmund Andros 1674-1680, Syracuse University Press.
Jacob and Clara Besteder (Bestedo):
New York Census - Births from 1767 to 1788, Jacob and Clara Bestedo had a child named Elizabeth, p. 126. In 1777 Jacob and Clara Besteda had a son named Gilbert, p. 106. A Jacob and Clara Bestedo and sometimes it is Besteder, are listed in various census. There is a Jacob Besteady listed in the 1800 census.
Clara Bestedo is listed in the State Library in Albany as a Revolutionary War heroine. When studying many of the census' one sees they are hand written. It is easy to mistake an "er" for an "o" which is evidently what happened. It is clear from references to Clara Besteder that Clara Bestedo is the same person. Clara Bestedo on 18 Jan 1776 informed the Committee of Safety that she had some intelligence to communicate relative to the proceedings at Johnstown. She was examined under oath and her information was forwarded to General Schuyler , who was then on his way there. "A History of Schenectady During The Revolution"by Willis T, Hason , Privately Printed

Genealogy Of An Old Brestede Family:
(Although there is no proof as such, it is highly likely that this is a part of our direct line back to Holland. Any comments are greatly appreciated. JP) Jan Jansen Van Breestede - Born 1596 Of Breeste, Holland, Or Bredst Or, Sch. Holland, Prussia, and died in probably, New Albany, New Netherlands, Dutch Colony, He married Engeltje Janse About 1635 in Breestede, Schleswig, Denmark.

Children of Jan Jansen Van Breestede and Engeltje Janse are:

  • i. Elsie Jans , born about 1612, Of New York, New York, in N.Y., married (1) Hendrick Jochemsen Schoonmaker ; married (1) Hendrick Jochemse , married (3) Adriaen Pieterszen Van ALCMAER , May 12, 1643, New Amsterdam, New York, N.Y.

  • ii. Trynteje Janse Van Bresteede , born 1620-1630, Netherlands, married Rutgers Jacobsen , June 03, 1646.

  • iii. Dorothea Janse Van Bresteede , born 1620-1630, Netherlands, married Volckert Janszen , April 19, 1650.

  • iv. Frans Jansen Van Bresteede , born 1620-1630, Netherlands

  • v. Elsje Jensen Van Breestede , born about 1622, New Amsterdam, New York, N.Y., died Kingston, Ulster Co., N.Y.

  • vi. Johannis Jansen Van Bresteede , born about 1625, Netherlands

  • vii. Tryntje Jansen Van Bresteede , born about 1625, New Amsterdam, New York, N.Y.; died November 24, 1711, Rosedale, New York, married (1) Rutger Jacobson Van Schoenderwort , June 03, 1646, New Amsterdam, New York, N.Y., married (2) Henderyck Jansen Roosenboom , 1695.

  • viii. Fran Jansen Van Breestede . born about 1630, New Amsterdam, New York, N.Y.

  • (Information received from Connie Higgins on Schoonover Family History - source - LDS, Ancestral File (TM), July 1996 (c), data as of 2 January 1996.)

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