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(Gl-John-G2 - Schuyler Besteder)

Johan Bestevaer (Besteder)

Schuyler Bestder was born 1800. He was baptized at the Westtown Presbyterian Church, N.Y. on 22 Oct 1820. In that reference he is referred to as Skuyler Beastides . He married Eliza Jane Gardner (Born 1805 in Orange County, N.Y.) in 1826. On 26 Mar 1826 he received from Sherman Loomis and his wife Margret lots 9 and 10 of the fourth tier in Northmoreland, Luzerne Co (now Wyoming County). I received this input from Mrs. Ronald Radwanski, R.R. 1 Box 416, Tunkhannock, PA 18567-9435 on 11 Oct 1992. The source is "The Michael Shoemaker Book" p. 37 on the Gardner family. For more on Eliza Jane Gardner , who was from Goshen, and whose father was in the Battle of Wyoming, where many Gardner family members perished, read pp. 34-37 of "The Shoemaker Book" .
In 1835, Schuyler and his wife were living in New York City. They later moved to Genoa Junction, WI where they were living in 1878. The children of Schuyler and Eliza Jane (Gardner) Besteder were:

i John
ii William
iii Mary
iv Sarah

(Gl-John- G2- James (Joseph) Besteder)

In the 1850 Wyoming County PA census James Besteder is listed as 45 and born in N.Y. That means he was born in 1805. He wife Margret Jackson - 42 - was born in Mass. James is also listed in the 1840 census. One of the variations used in spelling Besteder is Besteader (note the resemblance to Bestevaer). In the 1860 census James lists himself as Joseph. We know this is the same person because he has the same wife and children.
In the 1870 census he refers to himself again as James. James died 12 Dec 1885 and Margret, 16 married 1870. I believe he is buried in the Rogers Cemetery in Centermoreland and Margret is buried there along with their son John R and their daughter Louisa.
James was a farmer. Three Besteder farms are on a 1869 Wyoming County map that can be purchased at the Genealogical Historical Building in Tunkhannock, PA. There is a J. Besteder which I believe to be the land of James, a J.P. Besteder which I believe to be James' first son Joseph Perry, and there is a J.H. Besteder which is another son of James, and my great great grandfather. It appears these three in 1869 owned a good chunk of ground; James' farm was in what was called "the green woods."
The letter of probate for James' estate may be found in Book 4, pages 614-615 at the Wyoming County Court House. All his living heirs signed off granting letter of administration to W.E. Spencer. George, a son, was present when his father James passed away.
Margret (Mary E.) Jackson was the daughter of Joseph Jackson and Margret French in Northmoreland, Twp. She was born 14 Apr 1806 in Great Barrington, Berkshore Co. MA. She joined the Presbyterian Church of Northmoreland Township on 8 Sep 1827. She remained a member of that church for 44 years. Prior to her death she went to live with her daughter Mrs. Daniel Newman , where after an illness of about three weeks she died.
The children of James and Margret Besteder are:

1850 Census Record
i Joseph Perry - age 20 (Joseph)
ii Margret Ann Besteder - age 18 (Ann)
iii James Harry Besteder - age 15 (Jamy)
iv George Skuyler Besteder - age 12 (George)
v John Rassene Besteder - age 9 (John)
vi Mary Edith - age 7 (Mary)
vii Louisa - age 2 (Louisa)

Also listed in the 1850 census (Mary - age 80)--(This was Mary Schuyler Besteder , James' mother--JP), James was 45 and Margret 42

(Gl-John-G2- Garret Besteder)

In the Wyoming County PA census of 1850 Garret Besteder is listed as 36, born in Connecticut, and a farmer. This means he would have been born about 1814. How he was born in Connecticut, I do not know. His wife is listed as Mary, about 30 and born in PA. Through Judy Parsons we know Mary was an Ellsworth . Judy has information on the Ellsworth family (Judy Parsons, 3234 Rock Creek Court, Abingdon, MD 21009)(That's me. If you want information on the Ellsworths, let me know. JP) Garret is also listed in the 1840 census. He is not in the 1860 census because he died 15 March 1854. (see letter of Administration in the Tunkhannock Courthouse). Garret's wife remarried to Richard S. Waters . Moses Phillips got Garret's estate.
Garret and Mary (Ellsworths) children are:

Listed in the 1850 Census
i. Atelier (F) 11 (I believe this to be Ashley. JP)
ii Jam(F) 10
iii Hannah 16(named after her aunt, Hannah, sister of James--JP) iv Emma 4
v William 2 (most likely named after his uncle William. JP)
vi Charles 1 (In this census Garret was 36 and Mary was 30)

It is very unfortunate that Garret died so young and left so many children. It must have been very difficult for carry on. Her married soon after her husband's death and gave birth to more children.

(Gl-John- G2-William Besteder)

There is a William Besteder in the 1840 census along with James and Garret. I have assumed this was John the father of James and Garret because there is no other information on this William. He should not be confused with William, Garret's son, age 2, of the 1850 census and therefore later census' or William the son of the John R. who is mentioned in the 1850 census. Schuyler also had a son named William probably the one born 26 Jul 1842. ( William Besteder is first listed, alone, in the 1830 census.)
It is possible that John Besteder 's middle name was William (his being the father of Schuyler, James and Garret) That is the assumption I have made. This William however could be another brother. If he is we don't know what happened to him.
It does make sense that William was the middle name of John since Schuyler named a son William, Garret named a son William, and James' son John R. named a son William, possibly in honor of his grandfather. I solicit help on this particular issue. If the William of the 1830 and 1840 census is not John, than we have no other information on him. Related to this, there probably were other sons of John and Mary (See p. 4 the 1820 census. Note John (Gl-John-G2- Mrs. John Culver - Morph Besteder)
Mrs. Mary (Schuyler) Besteder died at an advanced age in Franklin, PA at the house of her son-in-law John Culver . What is his relation to Dr. J.born Culver who enlisted in the Union Army for the Civil War, the 149th Bucktail brigade? (The Culver's by-the-way are from Connecticut and descendants of two relatives who came over on the Mayflower.)
In the 1860 Wyoming County PA census Mary Besteder is living with John Culver 58 and Morrah 52. Also in the census is a Mary 29, Phoebe (which could be Garret's daughter Achliza 11 in 1850, now 21), Charles (evidently Garret's son, listed as 1 in 1850, now listed as 10, and a Phoebe Culver , evidently a daughter, age 24. and a Jam (possibly Jenny ). I'm assuming grandma, Mary, had some of her son Garret's children living with her at her daughter's in Franklin, the home of John Culver .

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