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STROHBECK, George Henry

Birth     : 21 OCT 1828, Himbergen, Osnabrück, Kingdom of Hannover
Bapt      : 26 OCT 1828, Holte-Sünsbeck, Osnabrück, Kingdom of Hannover
Death     : 28 NOV 1902, Fosterburg Township, Madison County, Illinois
Burial    :  1 DEC 1902, Fosterburg Cemetery, Fosterburg, Madison County, Illinois

Father    : STROHBECK, Adam Henrich
Mother    : STOCKO, Maria Elisabeth

Spouse(1) : BRüGGEMANN, Johanna Louise
Marriage  : 28 NOV 1857, Fosterburg Twp, Madison, IL

Children  :
    1.    : STROHBECK, Johanna Louise
    2.    : STROHBECK, Friederich Wilhelm
    3.    : STROHBECK, Samuel Heinrich
    4.    : STROHBECK, August Frederick
    5.    : STROHBECK, Emma Johanna
    6.    : STROHBECK, Ida Maria
    7.    : STROHBECK, Theodore Ludwig
    8.    : STROHBECK, George Adolph
    9.    : STROHBECK, Louisa Katherine
   10.    : STROHBECK, William Carl

Notes     : 1860 US Census, IL, Madison, Township 6,, R,, 9; page 283
             Georg Strawbrick     37 m  Farmer  1,000 400   Hanover
             Louiz                25 f                        "
             Wm                 5/12 m                      Ill
            1870 US Census, IL, Madison, Township 6 Range 9, Fosterburgh PO; stamped page 501a
             Strohbeck George H. 41 m Farmer       4000 400 Hanover
               -----   Luisa J.  35 f housekeeper           Lippe-detmold
               -----   Samuel     8 m                       Ill.
               -----   August     6 m                       Ill.
               -----   Emma       4 f                       Ill.
               -----   Ida        2 f                       Ill.
            page 501b
             Strohbeck Theodore 6/12 m                      Ill.    b. Dec
            1880 US Census, IL, Madison, Fosterburg T.6 R.9, ED 2 Pg 5, stamped page 27
             Strohbeck George    52 m  Head  Farmer         Hanover   Hanover  Hanover
              ------   Louisa    35 f  Wife  Keeping House  Illinois  Hanover  L. Detmold
              ------   Samuel    18 m  Son   Works on farm  Illinois  Hanover  L. Detmold
              ------   August    16 m  Son   Works on farm  Illinois  Hanover  Lippe Detmold
              ------   Emma      14 f  Dau   At School      Illinois  Hanover  Lippe Detmold
              ------   Ida M.    12 f  Dau   At School      Illinois  Hanover  Lippe Detmold
              ------   Theodore  10 m  Son   At Shool       Illinois  Hanover  Lippe Detmold
              ------   George     6 m  Son                  Illinois  Hanover  Lippe Detmold
              ------   Louisa     4 f  Dau                  Illinois  Hanover  Lippe Detmold
              ------   William    2 m  Son                  Illinois  Hanover  Lippe Detmold
            1900 US Census, IL, Madison, Fosterburg Township, ED 50, Sh 4b
             Strohbeck George  Head  Oct 1828   71   Germany   Germany  Germany  Farmer
              ------   Louisa  Wife July 1835   64   Illinois  Germany  Germany
              ------   Sam     Son   Feb 1862   38   Illinois  Germany  Germany  Farm Laborer
              ------   William Son   Jan 1878   22   Illinois  Germany  Germany  Farm Laborer
              ------   Louisa  Dau   Aug 1875   24   Illinois  Germany  Germany
             The census indicates that George and Louisa had been married 43 years, that Louisa
               had given birth to 10 children of whom 8 were still alive, that they both emigrated
               in 1849, had been in the US 51 years, that George was naturalized, that Louisa
               could not speak english and that they owned their farm free.
            OBITUARY - Paper and date not noted on copy (~Nov, 1902):

                George Henry Strohbeck was born Oct. 21st, 1828, in Himbergen, Osnabreck,
            Hannover, Germany and died Nov. 28th, 1902, in consequence of dropsey, which
            weakened his heart to a damaging extent.
                May 3d, 1849, he landed in New York, where he labored until he had sufficient
            means to come to St. Louis, where he knew of friends.  In 1856 he came to his late
            home near Fosterburg and united in marriage to Johanne Louise Brieggemann, Nov.
            28th, 1857.  This union proved most felicitous, so that in late years he often
            wonderingly asked whether other married people could be as happy and contented as
            they were.  Ten children, six sons and four daughters came to them, two of whom
            died in tender childhood.  The others are: Samuel at home; August in the vicinity;
            Emma, wife of Wm. Paust, of St. Louis; Ida, wife of Frank Scheurer, in the vicinity;
            Theodore, in the vicinity; George, in the vicinity; Louise, wife of James Low, of
            Upper Alton, and William, at home.
                These children and the remaining widow lose in him a good looking father and
            husband, who was always planning and providing for the best interests of his family.
            The father on the other hand rejoiced in the faithfulness of his children, in whose
            diligence he recognized a large factor in the prosperity that came to him after much
            labor and hardships.  Mr. Strohbeck always tried to help others, inasmuch that he
            assisted when needy another young man to come over from the old county, Hon. H.
            Stockhoff, of St. Louis, now well to do and was present at the funeral. By a singular
            coincidence, it was just 52 years from the day of burial that Mr. Strohbeck greeted
            him at the steamboat landing.
                At first the departed belonged to the Presbyterian church, but joined the German
            society of the M. E. church in 1890, when Chas. Emig, now of St. Louis, was Pastor.
            He served the church and served it well, as Sunday School superintendent, steward
            and trustee.  If I should characterize him in one sentence I would say, "Behold an
            Israelite indeed in whom there is no guile."  He was humble and always thankful for
            the little things and so larger things came to him here and his Lord will yet say to
            him, "I will set you over many."  Let us all and especially the children follow him
            as he followed Jesus, so that we may surely meet beyond the river and in that blessed
            reunion and in the presence of the Master we shall find joy forevermore.
                The funeral occurred Monday, Dec. 1st.  A large host of friends sympathized
            with the family.  It was conducted by the undersigned, assisted by Rev. Mumay, of
            the Presbyterian church.  The remains were laid to rest in the Fosterburg cemetery,
            where songs of faith and hope he loved so well were sung over the grave.
                OTTO NIEDERHUTH, Pastor

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