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The Spirit of Pleasant Grove

Be It Known That

The Annual

Pleasant Grove Reunion 

Will Take Place

The Weekend

before Memorial Day

The Wilhelm Family

Invites You To Join

Friends, Family

and Neighbors

To Gather Together

And Celebrate

 The Pleasant Grove Reunion is a combination Homecoming, School Reunion, and Old Time Camp Meeting.
 A wide variety of activities are planned for citizens of all ages.  We will have demonstrations on old time skills such as
fire starting, black powder, campfire cooking, hide tanning, harnessing a team, making soap and cheese,
drying and preserving food, and herbal medicines.

Campers start arriving. Set up camp.


11:00    Arrival & Registration
12:30    Lunch on the Grounds at the Lake
  1:00    Fun and Games Begin &  Old Time Skills
  4:00    Canoe Race
  5:30    Skeet Shooting
  7:30    Church Wagon Dinner and Entertainment
 9:30    Pleasant Grove Mile Walk
10:30    Church Service & Singing
11:30    Brunch


Swimsuit / float / canoe
Fishing rod
Camping gear
Folding chairs / cots
Ice Chest, Ice
Bug Spray
Soft Drinks
Alcoholic Drinks
Camera, film
Skeet Gun
Singing Voice
Musical Instruments


We invite you to spend the weekend camping with us.  Campsites for 20 tents and 5 R. V.'s
are adjacent to the lake.  Electric lights, toilets and drinking water are nearby with
excellent swimming and recreational activities.  Lodging is also available in Eastland.

Friends of Pleasant Grove will host lunch on Saturday and brunch on Sunday.  A chuck wagon dinner will be served on
Saturday evening.  Tea and lemonade will be provided.  Please bring your favorite covered dish - salad, vegetable or
dessert for Saturday night and your own soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, ice chest and ice for the weekend.
For further information, write or call Larry Wilhelm or Shelby McDuff, 1818 County Road 165, Ranger, Texas 76470-6001; 254-647-1883.