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Primarily containing the Descendants of Sir James Grier . . .

Father of James Greer, the Immigrant, and Henry Greer of Ireland

I have moved my database of the Greer genealogy to Rootsweb's WorldConnect,
and is also on Ancestry.  The beginning page for Sir James Grier is located at:

Sir James Grier on Rootsweb WorldConnect

I have removed my old database from this website that contained
living descendants.  If you have a legitimate reason to contact living descendants,
email me.

I have researched my families' roots since about 1960, but only discovered the Greer line about 1985.  A few years later, I found that my Greer line connected with my wife's Greer line, making us sixth cousins, twice removed.  In 1995, we began publishing The Greer Internation Newsletter, which was very large family newsletter.  We ceased publication in 2000, as our time was demanded in other areas of our lives.  Now, the information pertaining to the descendants of Sir James Grier is online at Rootsweb and Ancestry.  Other lines noted in TGIN are noted included in this website at this time.

I am constantly adding and correcting information in my and my wife's Greer genealogical data, as we are both Greer descendants.  I upload an updated database about every week, so check back often but new information.  I hope you find this website of some interest and value.  Many Greer descendants have contributed information to my files over the years, and are so noted in an individual's notes.  Feel free to use any information found on this website for your personal genealogy use, but it is not to be used for any commercial use without permission from me, as it is copyrighted.  Please keep all notes and sources of information with this genealogy.

If you are a Greer descendant, please contact me, as I would very much like to add any additional descendants and information to this family.  I will be glad to include any corrects or additions, so this data can be as accurate and complete as possible.  You will be noted as the supplier of any information that you contribute.

Articles about the McGregor, Grierson and Greer Families

LAG TOWER - First Home of the Griersons In Scotland

Grier - Greer Connections to the Griersons and America

Other Websites of Sir James Grier Descendants

There are many partial Greer lines on the internet, especially on genealogical servers such as Rootsweb and Ancestry, which are part of the above Sir James Grier line.  If you have a website for your part of the Greer family, let me know and I will list it in this links list, even though the information may be duplicated in the descendants of Sir James Grier.

Elizabeth Greer and Asa Dillon - Jerry Offholter

Henry C. Greer - Mary Barbary McCoy of Georgia - Jenny Terry
Go to "Bob's Family" > under "Mama's Side" click on "Greer"

Lt. James Greer and other Families - Mary Lee Barnes

Websites of Other Greer Lines

Many Greers living in the United States today are descended from James Greer, who arrived in America in 1674.  There are, however, other Greer families that have not been connected to the James Greer line.  Below are links to websites pertaining to Greer families, of all spellings,
Greer, Greear, Grear, Grier, etc.,
not yet found to be connected to the descendants or ancestors of Sir James Grier.

Nathaniel Hunt Greer - Descendants of the Nathaniel Hunt Greer Family
(This is The Greer Way West website, which is no longer being maintained, but we wanted the information to continue to be available.)

Joseph Greer - April 12, 1822, Ireland - March 3, 1903, United States - A Presbyterian Minister that attended Trinity College, but came to the US to preach.  He married Elizabeth Turner in Ireland.  (possibly a descendant of Henry Greer, brother of James Greer.  - Laura Lee Johnson

George Greer - (born 15 Nov 1798, Grayson County, Virginia) - wife: Nancy Isom - Linda (Henderson) Lewis

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