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Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Eleanor Holley

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Julius William and his wife, Elizabeth (Womack) Holley settled in the Silver Valley area about 1898.  It is thought they came from Tennessee.  The family consisted of several children before they moved to Texas. Their children: George, Frank, Cora, Mattie, Needham, John, Emma, Louis, Pearl, Rufus, Edna, and Estelle.  Pearl and Rufus were born at Silver Valley; Edna and Estelle were born at Glen Cove.  Emma was four years old when Julius and Elizabeth came to Texas.  When she was six, the family moved to the Shady Grove community where they lived for two years before coming to Glen Cove.  Julius bought a farm just south of the townsite.  The farm lay along a little creek, its north border, which empties into Hords Creek.  Most of this history will be devoted to the descendants of George, the oldest son, whose family spent many years in the Glen Cove area.  Not much is known of the whereabouts of the original family of Julius and Elizabeth.  They left Texas and moved to Missouri.  Presently, some members of the family live in Tennessee, Florida, and Illinois.

George, born January 1, 1887, attended Putnam College, a Primative Baptist school, which later merged with Cisco Jr. College, married Fairy Belle Duncan in 1908 (see Joseph William Duncan).  They had eight children: Blanche; Charles; Joe, born September 2, 1914; Byron; Bethel; Pauline; Gradis; and Delbert.  George was a barber by trade.  He and his brother-in-law, Arthur Duncan, built a barber shop at Glen Cove in 1917.  The little building still stands, repaired and painted, as a small storage house, at the back of the home of Walter and Dot Pond in Glen Cove.  For many years the small building served as a barbershop where Steve Hale clipped and groomed heads of hair of young and old alike.  The young Holley family left Texas and moved to Missouri where George continued to barber.  George and his family returned to Texas in about 1923, settling at Glen Cove on property owned by Fairy Belle’s parents.  In the early 1930’s Fairy Belle and George were divorced.  He went to Arkansas where he married again and had another daughter, June (Gallop) Jr., who lives in Paragould, Arkansas.

Of the eight children of George and Fairy Belle, three are deceased.  Delbert died in 1961, at age 34, buried in Sweetwater; Charles died in 1972, buried at Glen Cove; Pauline (Hicks) in 1982, buried in Hylton.  All of the Holley children attended Glen Cove school at one time or another, however, none of them made Coleman County their home after the “growing up” years, until Joe came back in 1975.  He left Glen Cove when a young man, married Wilma Hyde of Hico, November 22, 1941.  He entered the U.S. Armed Forces in October 1942, serving his country for twenty-eight months until injury to an arm forced a medical discharge.  They had two daughters, Billie Jean and Wilma Jo - now Mrs. Stanley Pieper and Mrs. Eddie Brown, respectively, of Roscoe.  Joe has four grandchildren: Randall, Britt and Sonja Pieper and Aaron Finke, all of Roscoe.  Joe and Wilma were divorced in 1970.  Later Joe married Eleanor (Ridings) Stinson November 10, 1974 (see Ridings and George Anson Stinson). They make their home in Glen Cove.  Joe, for many years, was under contract with Green Stamp Stores in an eight state area where he built or remodeled buildings and set up displays for the Green Stamp Company.  A carpenter by trade, he is semi-retired.  They are members of Glen Cove Baptist Church, where Eleanor is church clerk and pianist.

The sons of George and Fairy Belle served their country well in two wars - World War II and the Korean Conflict in Army and Naval Services - Delbert, Joe, and Byron in the Army; Gradis in the Navy.  The daughters are Blanche (Holley) Townsend Phillips of Desdemona, Bethel (Holley) Roe Clark of Desdemona, and Pauline (Holley) Hicks, deceased.  Fairy Belle (Duncan) Holley died September 11, 1983, in DeLeon, buried at Glen Cove.

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Julius and Elizabeth Holley, 1902. Children, top row: Frank, Mattie, George, Cora; bottom row: Emma, Pearl, Needham, John and Louis.

Sons of George and Fairy Belle Holley — Bottom row: Joe, Gradis, Delbert; top row: Byron and Charles

Fairy Belle Holley, at age 90, and daughter, Blanche Phillips. At Joe’s home at Glen Cove in July, 1980

Eleanor and Joe Holley-1974

Pauline (Holley) Hicks, Gayle and Joel V, 1946

Bethel (Holley) Clark and Mr. Clark, 1982

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