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Index of the Coleman County, Texas

 1870 Census Records

Abstracts and Actual Census Pages
from SK Publications

 The first page number in the chart below is a link to the abstracts that I am working on.  This number is the page number, by precincts, as shown on the census.

The second number is a link to a gif of the actual census page provided by SK Publications.  This number is the page number, with the stamped census number in parenthesis, by precincts, as shown on the census page.
For more information see the 1870 Coleman County "Census Images on CD" page.

Note:  I have attempted to keep these census abstracts as much like the original paper census records as possible.  I doing so, the pages are wider than the screen (much like reading the census on a microfilm), so you will have to scan not only up and down, but also left to right to read the entire pages.  The only thing I have changed, is that I have added the last names to each person, instead of giving the last name of only the head of the household, as was done on the original census record.  This will produce more results when using a search engine.  If you note any abstraction or typographical error, please let me know.

Page Numbers


1 (305A)


1 (305B)


1 (306A)


1 (306B)


1 (307A)


1 (307B)


1 (308A)


1 (308B)


1 (309A)

Note: This abstraction is meant to be a guide only.  Spelling and numerals are the abstractor's interpretation and subject to human error.  Always refer to the original document (or microfilm) for your own interpretation.

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