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1860 Census of Brown County, Texas,
which includes Coleman County, Texas

transcribed by Ralph Terry

     Even though Coleman County had been established by the Texas legislature in 1858, Coleman County was joined with Brown County for judicial purposes, until a permanent government was set up at Camp Colorado in 1867.

     A separate census for Coleman County was not taken in 1860, but rather included in the Brown County census.  Those living in Coleman County are listed on pages 25 and 26 of the 1860 Brown County census.

There are eight pages of this census,
which you may view by page number

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or use the following alphabetical listing of names.

Adams, A. E.
Adams, Caroline
Adams, Caroline L.
Adams, Filando
Adams, George H.
Adams, Harvey
Adams, Ichabard
Anderson, Agnes
Anderson, David D.
Anderson, J. J.
Anderson, Jane
Anderson, M. G.
Anderson, Martha J.
Anderson, Wm. R.
Baugh, Amanda
Baugh, Amazon
Baugh, Arazona
Baugh, Ausker
Baugh, David
Baugh, Elizabeth
Baugh, Franklin A.
Baugh, Kaufman
Baugh, Levens
Baugh, Mac
Baugh, Morgan
Baugh, Pancy
Baugh, Pancy
Bond, Camilia
Bond, Jesse
Bond, John T.
Bond, Lewis C.
Bond, Maria
Bond, Mary A,
Bond, Nancy J.
Bowser, Abel
Bowser, Frances E.
Bowser, Mary E.
Bowser, Mary J.
Brewer, Caledonis
Brewer, Love L. P.
Brewer, Mary C.
Brewer, P. W.
Brown, Bethenia
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, John
Brown, Mary A.
Brown, Mosouri
Brown, Sarah
Brown, W. F.
Brown, William
Callan, James
Callan, James
Callan, Margaratt J.
Carver, Elmira
Carver, Elvira
Carver, Frances A.
Carver, George A.
Carver, Martha H.
Carver, Prucilla J.
Carver, Richard T.
Carver, W. R.
Carver, Wm. L.
Chainey, Robert
Chandler, Cabitha E.
Chandler, Elizabeth K.
Chandler, Frances L.
Chandler, Jesse R.
Chandler, Lavina M.
Chandler, Lora C.
Chandler, Nancy C.
Chandler, Samuel A.
Chandler, Sarah
Chandler, Sarah A.
Chandler, W. W.
Chandler, William W.
Clements, Harriet
Clements, Isreal
Clements, Sarah F.
Clements, Texana
Clements, William
Coggins, M. J.
Coggins, Samuel R.
Dashomr (?), Bill
Davis, A. M.
Davis, Andrew G.
Davis, John P.
Davis, Martha
Davis, William T.
Edmonson, Latimone
Fisk, Greenleaf
Fisk, Mary
Fowler, J. H.
Fowler, Mary A.
Fowler, William N.
Goodrich, Levi
Graves, Adriana
Graves, America
Graves, Ellen
Graves, L. D.
Graves, Mary
Hannah, Abraham
Hannah, Amanda
Hannah, Catharine
Hannah, Cyntha
Hannah, David
Hannah, David
Hannah, Elizabeth
Hannah, Elizabeth
Hannah, James
Hannah, Jesse P.
Hannah, John
Hannah, Josephine
Hannah, Martha
Hannah, Robert
Hannah, Sarah
Harris, Frances M.
Harris, Jesse S.
Harris, Louiza J.
Harris, Margaratt E.
Harris, Sirus T.
Harris, Thos. D.
Harris, Wm. F.
Hawkins, Greenleaf
Hawkins, Susan
Holloway, Mary
Holloway, Sam H.
Holloway, William M.
Holloway, Willis
Jay, David
Jay, Mary
Jay, Nancy
Jay, Robert
Jones, Henry
Jones, James
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, Martha
Jones, Rebecca
Jones, Winny
Keese, Henry C.
Keese, Lora E.
Keese, Matilda
Keese, Nancy J.
Keese, O. H. P.
Keese, Thomas H.
Keese, Thomas J.
Kemp, Nancy
Kemp, Stephen
Lee, Abergill
Lee, Brooks
Lee, Brooks W.
Lee, Eliza
Lee, G.
Lee, George
Lee, George L.
Lee, Keziah
Lee, Nancy C.
Lee, Naoma
Lee, Prisilla
Lee, Runnels
Marshall, Ann
Marshall, B. J.
Marshall, Elmore
Marshall, James
McRunnels, E. B.
McRunnels, Geo. W.
McRunnels, Lavina J.
McRunnels, Lewis C.
McRunnels, Marietta
McRunnels, Martha A.
McRunnels, Mary A.
McRunnels, Milton
McRunnels, Thos. J.
Mullins, Eliza
Mullins, Isaac
Mullins, J. C.
Mullins, Susan
Mullins, Wm.
Poplin, Frances J.
Poplin, Jesse
Poplin, Thomas L.
Priddy, Corisa
Priddy, George W.
Priddy, John F.
Priddy, Sarah A.
Priddy, Thomas J.
Roberts, Amos
Roberts, Archebald
Roberts, Archi
Roberts, Bethenia
Roberts, Burrel
Roberts, Burrel
Roberts, John
Roberts, Levi
Roberts, Levi
Roberts, Louiza
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Nancy
Roberts, Sarah
Roberts, Thomas
Robins, George
Robins, James H.
Robins, John
Robins, Mary A.
Robins, Nancy
Robins, Pickard
Robins, William
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Elonzo
Sheen, Fanny F.
Sheen, John
Sheen, John D. (S.?)
Sheen, Mary
Sheen, Virginia m.
Sinclare, Behethalum
Sinclare, Elizabeth
Sinclare, John
Sinclare, Lorenzo D.
Sinclare, Melvina
Sinclare, Nancy A.
Sinclare, Polly A.
Sinclare, Thomas
Singleton, Jefferson
Skinnett, Benj.
Tankersley, Annie
Tankersley, Clarasey
Tankersley, Elizabeth
Tankersley, George
Tankersley, George W.
Tankersley, Marcus D. L.
Tankersley, R. Y.
Tharp, David C.
Tharp, Sarah A.
Unoccupied, N.N.
Unoccupied, N.N.
Vaughan, Martha A.
Vaughan, William J.
Vaughn, Mary B.
Vaughn, Mary E.
Vaughn, R. W.
White, G. A.
Williams, James
Williams, John H.
Williams, Martha
Williams, Mary
Windfield, Benjamin

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