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Charles Eyre Justis

born: 4 February 1817 - Chester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania
died: 13 May 1885 - Atoka, Coleman County, Texas
Buried at Atoka Cemetery in an unmarked grave

Charles Eyre Justis was a great grandson of John Morton, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, delegate from Pennsylvania. His grandmother was John Morton's daughter, Mary.

After losing the last of his immediate family, Charles, being young and single, set out for the gold fields of California in 1849.  He settled around Sutter and then Yuba County.  In the early 1880's, he set out for Texas accompanied by other family members, my great grandparents among them.  My great grandparents returned to California around 1889.  The Roddans remained in Atoka until around 1895.

The two Roddan children who are buried in Atoka Cemetery were the children of David Farris Roddan and Eleanor Bella (Justis) Roddan. They are: 

William Homer Roddan
born:  7 May 1883 - Atoka, Coleman County, Texas
died:  5 July 1884 - Atoka, Coleman County, Texas

Jesse Justis Roddan
born:  12 January 1887 - Atoka, Coleman County, Texas
died:  12 January 1887 - Atoka, Coleman County, Texas

Also born in Atoka -

Hattie Bell Roddan - born 26 February 1885
John Eyre Roddan - born 21 December 1887
Robert Farris Roddan - born 26 March 1890

Four other children were born in Wheatland, Yuba County, California between 1876-1895.

My grandmother, Charlotte Belle Justis, was born in 1884 in Atoka, Texas.  She described its location as "thirty miles from nowhere". Her grandfather, Charles Eyre Justis, died in May of 1885 and is buried in Atoka Cemetery.  Her aunt and uncle were David F. Roddan and Eleanora Belle (Justis) Roddan whose children are buried in the same cemetery.  All my grandmother remembers is that they went to Texas for its climate (health reasons) but stayed less than five years.  She was always proud to say Texas was her birthplace.  I truly hope this information can benefit another person in search of their roots.

Blythe Heflin Sesko - <>, January 2003