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Coleman County, Texas Birth Indexes

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1945 - 1949
Coleman County, Texas Birth Indexes

Information shown varies from year to year.  There are many errors in this data, either from errors in original recording, transcriptions sent to the state, typographical errors in transcriptions in any stage, and other possible causes for errors.  As always in researching genealogical data, check original sources and other sources for correct information.


NAME                                                     MOTHER                                                   FATHER                                                   BIRTHDATE G

ADIAN                MARTHA          FAYE                BESSIE                          STOUP                    JOE             COLEMAN         ADIAN                    0619 1945 f
ADIAN                PATRICA         ANN                 DOREEN                          TUCKER                   JOHN            THOMAS          ADIAN                    0720 1945 f
AGUIRRE              JUAN                                IRENE                           RODRIGUEZ                LEON                            AGUIRRE                  0422 1945 m
ALALLA               ALEXANDER                           JUANITA                         MARTINEZ                 FORTINA                         ALALLA                   0322 1945 m
ALFORD               MARY            LOUISE              LILLIAN         AGNES           NEIE                     J.              T.              ALFORD                   0728 1945 f
ALLEN                RUBY            JEAN                HELEN           MARIE           MYERS                    HORACE          EUGENE          ALLEN                    0620 1945 f
ALLEN                TRAVIS                              RUTH                            SIMPSON                  ROBERT          CHARLES         ALLEN                    1006 1945 m
ALVEY                RONALD          DUANE               HELEN           LOUISE          GENTRY                   CURTIS          WILLIAM         ALVEY                    0929 1945 m
ALVEY                DIANAH          ELAINE              HELEN           LOUISE          GENTRY                   CURTIS          WILLIAM         ALVEY                    0929 1945 f
ANDERSON             MARY            DELL                MATTIE          DELL            LINCH                    MAT             THAIES          ANDERSON                 0103 1945 f
ARMSTRONG            MARY            ANN                 RUBY            A.              CANADY                   AUSTIN          V.              ARMSTRONG                0807 1945 f
ARNOLD               GLENDA          KAY                 ERNESTINE                       LESUEUR                  FOSTER          RICHARD         ARNOLD                   0629 1945 f
ATCHLEY              JANET           CAROLYN             JANE            BERYL           PITTS                    WINFRED         O.              ATCHLEY                  0801 1945 f
BAINS                JERRY           DOYLE               LANIE           MAE             RANKINS                  LELAND          ELVIN           BAINS                    0309 1945 m
BAKER                GEORGE          ANNETTE             BEULAH                          TAYLOR                   GEORGE                          BAKER                    0223 1945 f
BAKER                CHERYL          DARLENE             WILLIE          PEARL           FARRIS                   CURTIS          FRANKLIN        BAKER                    1019 1945 f
BALDWIN              JOHN            WILLIS              DAISY           BELL            HARPER                   LONNIE          JOSEPH          BALDWIN                  1227 1945 m
BALL                 CHARLES         FREDERICK       JR. MARY            CLEM            SHELTON                  CHARLES         FREDERICK       BALL                     1108 1945 m
BARKER               BENNIE          WAYNE               EDDIE           MAE             THREADGILL               LEWIS                           BARKER                   1222 1945 m
BARTON               R.              L.                  LOU             BIRDA           BYRD                     ROBERT                          BARTON                   0228 1945 m
BARTON               R.              J.                  LUE             BIRDA           BARTON                   ROBERT                          BARTON                   0228 1945 m
BATES                RONALD          FRED                ESTER                           MARONEY                  FRED                            BATES                    1217 1945 m
BAXTER               PAMELA                              BERNICE                         AUGUSTOWICZ              WILLIAM         STAFFORD        BAXTER               JR. 1123 1945 f
BEAL                 DANNY           GLEN                MAUDIE          CLEORA          CLEVENGER                ROBERT          BENJAMIN        BEAL                     0221 1945 m
BEALL                VICTORY         FRANCINE            ONIE                            DANIELS                  EZRA                            BEALL                    0820 1945 f
BEARD                BONNIE          JOYCE               RENA            ELIZATETH       CULLINS                  PAUL            WILLAM          BEARD                    0209 1945 f
BELL                 JANICE          LAVELL              LILA            LAVELL          BRIGHT                   RODNEY          LEON            BELL                     0511 1945 f
BELL                 DAVID           STANFORD            LEONA           FREIDA          RACKOW                   JOHNNIE         STANFORD        BELL                     0813 1945 m
BENTON               JACKIE          FARRELL             DECIMA                          HILL                     JOHN            GREEN           BENTON                   1210 1945 m
BIGHAM               THOMAS          FRANKLIN            DELIA           LEE             BLAKE                    PERVEY          VICTORIA        BIGHAM                   0120 1945 m
BINGHAM              BRENDA          GALE                ROSA            DEE             WILLIAMS                 JAMES           LUTHER          BINGHAM                  0806 1945 f
BLACK                THOMAS          RIDGEWAY            ELIZABETH       MAY             ZELLEY                   AXEL            JOHN JR. DR.    BLACK                    0728 1945 m
BLACKBURN            DEANNA          LUCILE              DESSIE          LUCILE          HUNTINGTON               JOHN            RANKIN          BLACKBURN                0311 1945 f
BLAINE               MARGIE          LEVELL              VERNNELL                        YATES                    LOYD            L.              BLAINE                   0803 1945 f
BLAIR                BILLIE          JEAN                ELIZABETH                       BLAIR                                                                             0204 1945 f
BLAIR                HOWARD          LEE                 ESMA            OPAL            GIDEON                   REUBEN                          BLAIR                    1224 1945 m
BODINE               JOHNNY          DUANE               BENNIE          JO              MERRYMAN                 JOHN            DANIEL          BODINE                   0219 1945 m
BOHANNON             TRAVIS          RAY                 WILLIE          ESTELLE         JACKSON                  TRAVIS          BEACH           BOHANNON                 0603 1945 m
BOIVIN               ARTHUR          EUGENE              FANNIE          RUTH            TAYLOR                   ARTHUR          ARMAND          BOIVIN                   0506 1945 m
BOWEN                ROBERT          LYNN                ANNIE           LEE             LEWALLEN                 W.              A.              BOWEN                    0509 1945 m
BOWERS               THOMAS          MICHAEL             ILEENE          LULA            ARMSTRONG                JEFFERSON       BRYAN           BOWERS                   0320 1945 m
BOWERS               PATRICIA        ANN                 CLAUDIA                         SMITH                    JOHN                            BOWERS                   1202 1945 f
BOYET                FREDERICK       MCWESLEY            MILLER          DEE             WALKER                   ROBERT          STANLEY         BOYET                    0626 1945 m
BROWN                SHERRY          LYNN                ESSIE           MARIE           GRAY                     LENTON          P.              BROWN                    0307 1945 f
BROWN                LAWRENCE        WINSTON             LOIS            MARIE           WIEGREEFF                RALPH           EDWARD          BROWN                    0713 1945 m
BROWN                ROBERT          LEE                 MARGIE          RAE             EWING                    WILFORD         LEROY           BROWN                    0925 1945 m
BROWN                ROBERT          RAE                 MARY            JENNETTE        RAE                      MITCHELL        HENRY           BROWN                    0928 1945 m
BROWNING             RITA            CAROL               MICKIE          MARIE           PARKER                   JAMES           VERMILLION      BROWNING                 0112 1945 f
BROWNING             RAYMOND         RAY                 MARY            DELL            BECK                     LOYD            ELLIS           BROWNING                 1124 1945 m
BROYLES              LINDA           JOYCE               REBA            LORETTA         GRIFFIN                  JAMES           FLOYD           BROYLES                  0206 1945 f
BRYAN                MICHAEL         GENE                GLENDA          JEAN            HERRING                  DANY            DOT             BRYAN                    0627 1945 m
BRYAN                ALBERT          WAYNE               ETHEL                           THOMPSON                 WILLIAM         J.              BRYAN                    1110 1945 m
BRYANT               DAVID           CLAUDE              MARY            WINIFRED        ABERNATHY                ELDON           WESLEY          BRYANT                   0203 1945 m
BRYSON               GLORIA          JEAN                BETTY           CHRISTINE       SAVERENCE                JOHNNIE         EDWARD          BRYSON                   0508 1945 f
BULLOCK              TIMOTHY         CARROLL             LURLYNE                         RAGIN                    ELVIE           LEE             BULLOCK                  0702 1945 m
BURROW               BETTY           ARLENE              MINNIE          ELIZABETH       MARTIN                   CHARLIE         JAMES           BURROW                   0318 1945 f
BURTON               COYE            LEE                 BLANCHE         LUCILLE         HEMPHILL                 CHESTER         LEE             BURTON                   0913 1945 m
BUSE                 RUBY            JEANE               DAISY           LOUISE          HOYT                     VERNON          ROLAND          BUSE                     0908 1945 f
BYRD                 NORMA           KATHLEEN            LENORA          ELIZABETH       GILLIT                   FINIS           WINDELL         BYRD                     1021 1945 f
CALDWELL             CHRISTOPHER     COLUMBUS            CLORA           BONITA          KERLEY                   ANDREW          FRANKLIN        CALDWELL                 0730 1945 m
CANADY               GERALD          WAYNE               CLEO            STEVA           DAVIS                    HARRY           D.              CANADY                   0720 1945 m
CARDENAS             DOROTHY         JANE                MINNIE                          HOLGUIN                  JUAN                            CARDENAS                 0218 1945 f
CASEY                MARY            PATRICIA            MARY            FRANCIS         THOMPSON                 ROBERT          BROOKS          CASEY                    1205 1945 f
CHANEY               LARRY           DEAN                MAUDIE          RUTH            CANADY                   CLAUDE                          CHANEY                   1012 1945 m
CLARK                LINDA           DARLENE             RUBY            MAE             DODGEN                   ALVIE                           CLARK                    0401 1945 f
CLARK                JUDITH          ANNE                VERA            ANNELLE         SHIELD                   JAMES           ANGUS           CLARK                    0501 1945 f
CLARK                FRANCES         KAYE                RUTH            LOUISE          BARR                     CLOIS           QUENTIS         CLARK                    0803 1945 f
CLARY                SUSAN           FRANCES             JULIA           FRANCES         ELKINS                   EARL            WADE HAMPTON    CLARY                    0518 1945 f
CLEVENGER            PATRICIA        ANN                 RUBY            JUNE            BLYTHE                   DANIEL          D.              CLEVENGER                0902 1945 f
CLOUD                CAROL           ANN                 THELMA                          BYRD                     JOHN            WILLIAM         CLOUD                    0925 1945 f
COLLINS              PATSY           RUTH                ORA             IRENE           SLUDER                   VERNON          BISBY           COLLINS                  0123 1945 f
COLVIN               CLILTON         OWENS               LOIS            WANITA          MILES                    CLILTON                         COLVIN                   0820 1945 m
CONNELLY             LARRY           DEAN                HATTIE          CATHERINE       BUSHONG                  TRUMAN          S.              CONNELLY                 1202 1945 m
CONWAY               PERRY           LYNN                ALICE                           MCHORSE                  FLOYD           CLYDE           CONWAY                   0305 1945 m
COOPER               DANNY           RAY                 HELEN           LOIS            KEY                      OLA             RAY             COOPER                   0615 1945 m
COSTA                JAMES                               AUDRAY          MARICE          TURNER                   AUTHOR          J.              COSTA                    1219 1945 m
CRAIG                CAROLYN         ANNE                MARVELLA                        THOMPSON                 BILLY           MACK            CRAIG                    1004 1945 f
CRANE                JIMMIE          WAYNE               MARTHA          PAULINE         SHELTON                  JIMMIE          BURTON          CRANE                    1106 1945 m
CRAWFORD             SANDRA          JOYCE               THELMA          IRENE           RENEAU                   MARSHAL         NIEL            CRAWFORD             JR. 0716 1945 f
CREAMER              JANICE          ANN                 EDITTE          DORIS           ELKINS                   ARTHUR          ALLEN           CREAMER                  0607 1945 f
CREEK                COLLIE          CLYDE               MATTIE          ANNIE           PHILLIPS                 ELMER           LEE            CREEK                    0807 1945 m
CRENSHAW             ALFORD          RAY                 ANNA            MAY             PREAS                    CLIFFORD                        CRENSHAW                 0125 1945 m
CULLINS              HELEN           LOYCE               MARY            EDNA            PEEL                     ROMIE           BYRON           CULLINS                  1031 1945 f
CULLINS              FREDDIE         WAYNE               THELMA                          SIMMONS                  IRA             ALFRED          CULLINS                  1101 1945 m
CURRY                TOMMY           JOE                 LOVIETA                         DAVIDSON                 ODIS            J.              CURRY                    0712 1945 m
DAVIS                TROY            CARL                BONNIE                          MASK                     OSCAR           JOHN RAYMOND    DAVIS                    0706 1945 m
DE LA ROSA           JULIAN          ROSALES             AMELIA                          ROSALES                  JULIAN          MARTINEZ        DE LA ROSA               1001 1945 m
DEANDA               ESTHER                              MARY            ANGEL           JARIMILLO                RICHARD                         DEANDA                   0322 1945 f
DEANDA               SISTO           ARTURO              BLANDINA                        TORES                    JACINTO                         DEANDA                   0819 1945 m
DENISON              CARROL          WAYNE               DORIS           ROSIE           TABORS                   B.              D.              DENISON                  1118 1945 m
DEVORE               PATRICIA        ELIZABETH           MAXINE                          RUSHING                  CLYDE           WARREN          DEVORE                   0130 1945 f
DIETERICH            REBA            JO                  VELMA                           JACKSON                  L.H.                            DIETERICH                1118 1945 f
DILLINGHAM           JOHN            MICHAEL             DOROTHY         LOUISE          AKINS                    JACK            PERSHING        DILLINGHAM               0523 1945 m
DILLON               BEN             ELLIS           JR. MARGUERITE      CHRISTINE       FAUBION                  BEN             ELLIS           DILLON                   0509 1945 m
DOBBINS              DON             EUGENE              ANNIE           MYRTLE          CULLINS                  OVIE            RICHARD         DOBBINS                  0123 1945 m
DODSON               MICKIE          DON                 VEDA            LENE            TIDMORE                  LOUIS           JEFFERSON       DODSON                   0817 1945 m
DOLAN                MARIANNE                            NELLIE                          RECTOR                   JAMES           BRADLEY         DOLAN                    0515 1945 f
DOWDLE               TRENTON         ELWOOD          JR. MABLE           FAY             EGGBRECHT                TRENTON         ELWOOD          DOWDLE                   0411 1945 m
DOWTY                DAVID           ROACH               MARGARET                        ROACH                    SAM             THOMAS          DOWTY                    0912 1945 m
DRAPER               CARROLL         EDWARD              MARY            ALLEN           YATES                    WALTER          GEORGE          DRAPER                   0808 1945 m
DURHAM               JUDY            DARLENE             WINNIE          UNDINE          COLEMAN                  CLARENCE        EARNEST         DURHAM                   0709 1945 f
DYER                 ARTHUR          EUGENE              MYRTLE          ANNA FRANCES    SMITH                    FRANK                           DYER                     0414 1945 m
DYER                 ROGER           GLEN                THELMA                          SMITH                    JACK                            DYER                     0929 1945 m
DYER                 JOEL            LYNN                VINA            LEVEARL         LOCKHART                 LEON            JAMES           DYER                     1223 1945 m
EDINGTON             MARSHA          ANN                 FLORENCE        ADELLE          TRAYLOR                  VYRON           WILLARD         EDINGTON                 0828 1945 f
ELKINS               HERBERT         HIREY           JR. ALMA            JEWEL           DUNCAN                   HERBERT         HIREY           ELKINS                   1216 1945 m
ELLIOTT              LARRY           GENE                ANNIE           LOU             JONES                    JAMES           CLAUDE          ELLIOTT                  1007 1945 m
EPPLER               GEORGIA         WYNELL              GEORGIA         VELMA           LEACH                    ALVIE           DOYLE           EPPLER                   1124 1945 f
ESPITIA              JOSE            MARIA               JUANITA                         CARDENAS                 RAMON           S.              ESPITIA                  0409 1945 m
EUBANK               CHARLES         WOODROW             MATTIE          LUCILLE         NEWMAN                   ELMO                            EUBANK               JR. 1102 1945 m
EUBANKS              MARY            VIRGINIA            VIVIAN          VIRGINIA        WRISTEN                  RAYMOND         MARTELL         EUBANKS                  0814 1945 f
EVANS                JUDY            KATHLEEN            ROZELLE                         HERNDON                  WILLIAM         HENRY           EVANS                    0214 1945 f
EVANS                CLARENCE        EUGENE              MAGGIE          BETH            VEAL                     WILLIAM         H               EVANS                    0605 1945 m
FARIES               ROYCE           DALE                DOROTHY                         LARIMORE                 ROY             COLEMAN         FARIES                   0117 1945 m
FARIES               GERALD          BRYAN               VILA                            MCANALY                  **DEATH         FILE            NUMBER EXISTS**          0626 1945 m
FARMER               JOYCE           ANN                 VIVIAN          LEE             THOMPSON                 RAY                             FARMER                   1208 1945 f
FLEMING              MARGIE          MARIE               THELMA          MARIE           CUPPS                    CHARLES         WOODROW         FLEMING                  0219 1945 f
FLETCHER             CAROLYN         FAE                 HELEN           FAE             MOORE                    TRUMAN                          FLETCHER                 0825 1945 f
FOWLER               LARRY           MACK                BERNA           DENE            MCDONALD                 BERT                            FOWLER                   0115 1945 m
FOX                  W.              J. INF OF           BETTY           MAE             ELDRED                   W.              J.              FOX                      0627 1945 m
FREEMAN              MICKEY          VERNELLE            HELEN           GRACE           GRAY                     HERBERT         CLARENCE        FREEMAN                  1227 1945 f
FULCHER              NELDA           JEAN                EMILY           ELIZABETH       HARMES                   NATHANIEL       ALTON           FULCHER                  0126 1945 f
FULFER               JOAN                                ANNIE           RAY             BRIGGS                   J.              D.              FULFER                   0831 1945 f
FULLEN               MICHAEL         ENNIS               EVELYN          LOUISE          MERCER                   HOWARD          IRVING          FULLEN                   1009 1945 m
FULLER               LOWELL          DEAN                LEMMA           FAY             BREVARD                  WELBY                           FULLER                   1127 1945 m
GALINDO              MARIE           FELIX               BEATRICE                        GALINDO                                                                           0730 1945 f
GALLOWAY             DON             MARVIN              ELZRA                           BYERLY                   JESSE                           GALLOWAY                 1030 1945 m
GARNER               WILBURN         EUGENE          JR. ARLISS          LAVERNE         CRUTCHER                 WILBURN         EUGENE          GARNER               SR. 1218 1945 m
GARRETT              THOMAS          JACKSON         JR. ZELDA           LADASA          MCMILLAN                 THOMAS          JACKSON         GARRETT                  0206 1945 m
GARRETT              KENT            SWITZER             MARTHA          ANN             VOORHEIS                 REX             TOM             GARRETT                  1121 1945 m
GILBERT              LARRY           JIM                 RUBY            MAE             CULPEPPER                OBIE                            GILBERT                  0630 1945 m
GILBREATH            SHARON          LEIGH               LEORA           ADELLE          MURRELL                  WILLIAM         BYRON           GILBREATH                1217 1945 f
GILLESPIE            ROBERT          WAYNE               SARAH           LOUISE          BREWER                   FRANCIS         WILEY           GILLESPIE                0821 1945 m
GORMAN               JUDY            ANN                 LIBBIE          ARDINA          POINDEXTER               JACK            A.              GORMAN                   0626 1945 f
GOUGE                LLOYD           VERNON          JR. OZELLA          RAE             SEAMANS                  LLOYD           VERNON          GOUGE                    0715 1945 m
GRIFFIN              SANDRA          KAY                 NETTIE                          WILLIAMSON               THOMAS          ALVIS           GRIFFIN                  0531 1945 f
GRIFFIN              SHEILA          ANNETTE             BESSIE          GRACE           HOLTZ                    JUDDY           WELDON          GRIFFIN                  1130 1945 f
GUERRERO             VICENTE                             CARMEN                          VILLARIAL                MANUEL                          GUERRERO                 0717 1945 m
GUTHRIE              LARRY           EDWARD              GLADYS          CLAUDINE        ANDERSON                 JIM             W.              GUTHRIE                  0710 1945 m
HARPER               RONALD          DWAYNE              LIDA            MAE             STEPHENSON               **DEATH         FILE            NUMBER EXISTS**          0821 1945 m
HARRIS               CECILIA         YVONNE              ETTA            MAE             SELF                     C.              A.              HARRIS                   0124 1945 f
HARRIS               ROBERT          LYNWOOD             JESSIE          KATHERINE       HALL                     ROBERT          EMMETT          HARRIS                   1205 1945 m
HELTON               DERRELL         WAYNE               MARY            JEAN            AARON                    WILLIAM         LOYED           HELTON               JR. 0508 1945 m
HERRING              ROWENA          K.                  CORA            LEE             EVERETT                  LINCOLN         DAVID           HERRING                  0812 1945 f
HICKMAN              SANDRA                              DOCYA           JANE            EDMUNDSON                CHARLES         REAVES          HICKMAN                  0617 1945 f
HILL                 RONNIE          CARROL              MODENA          JANE            MUNSELLE                 OSCAR           LEE             HILL                     1030 1945 m
HILL                 CAROLYN         SUE                 MODENA          JANE            MUNSELLE                 OSCAR           LEE             HILL                     1030 1945 f
HINDS                NANCY           JANE                BOBBIE          JANE            PEARCE                   LONNIE          WOODROW         HINDS                    0210 1945 f
HOGAN                TOMMY           LEE                 LUCILE                          WARD                     JAMES           FRANKLIN        HOGAN                    1014 1945 m
HOLCOMB              HOWARD          LESLIE              KATHALEEN                       KNIPE                    JAMES           LORENZA         HOLCOMB                  0722 1945 m
HOLLAND              BRENDA          JOYCE               MILDRED         RUTH            GRAY                     REX             RAYBORN         HOLLAND                  0224 1945 f
HOLLAND              JANET                               NORINA                          JOHNSON                  JOHN            A.              HOLLAND                  0521 1945 f
HOLLAND              ANTHONY         DEWAYNE             BESSIE          ELLEN           LEE                      HARVEY          RAYMOND         HOLLAND                  0615 1945 m
HORNE                JACK            BAIRD               REBECCA                         BAIRD                    JACK                            HORNE                    0926 1945 m
HUBBARD              HOWARD          LEE                 GLADYS          ONETA           BYRD                     ARCIE           B.              HUBBARD                  0221 1945 m
HUDDLESTON           KATHY           LOIS                MARTHA          OZELLA          FREEMAN                  CLYDE           STANLEY         HUDDLESTON               1128 1945 f
HUDGINS              ALAN            DEAN                THELMA                          BROWN                    ALVIN           N.              HUDGINS                  1028 1945 m
HUMPHREY             SANDRA          SUSANNE             RUBY            ESTELLE         SKELTON                  JOHN            DUANE           HUMPHREY                 0715 1945 f
HUNTER               SAMMY           DARRELL             MILDRED                         KEENEY                   SAM                             HUNTER                   1023 1945 m
INGRAM               WILLIAM         PAUL                ROSA            ANNIE           PRICE                    L               L               INGRAM                   0511 1945 m
ISAACS               JO              LAURA WASHINGTON    ELEASE          DOROTHY         ISAACS                                                                            0107 1945 f
JACKSON              ERNEST          LEE                 BLANCHE         BEE             CULPEPPER                DAVID                           JACKSON                  0311 1945 m
JACKSON              CLAYTON         RAY                 IDA             LEE             SWITZER                  OTIS            DAYMOND         JACKSON                  0616 1945 m
JOHNSON              PATSY           KAY                 SYLVIA          ALEENE          SWOR                     LEONARD         RICHARD         JOHNSON                  0120 1945 f
JOHNSON              JAMES           MILTON              JULIA           INEZ            JAMES                    JOHN            M.              JOHNSON                  0725 1945 m
JOHNSON              MERIDTH         CHERRY              CLEO            RUTH            BROWN                    TROSEY          LEE             JOHNSON                  1209 1945 f
JONES                LONNIE          WAYNE               LILLIE          ETTA            WOODS                    HERMAN          ALBERT          JONES                    0522 1945 m
JONES                JOYCE           MARIE               ABBY            FAY             HUGHES                   **DEATH         FILE            NUMBER EXISTS**          0609 1945 f
JONES                BENNY           MACK                HAZEL           INEZ            HUGHES                   ALBERT          S.              JONES                    0817 1945 m
JONES                KENNETH         MACK                MILDRED         MAE             EPPLER                   SAMUEL          CHARLIE         JONES                    0901 1945 m
KEMP                 PATSY           LIEUENE             BETTIE          ELLEN           FOLK                     LIEUEN          C.              KEMP                     0418 1945 f
KINNEY               LARRY           GENE                IMA             JEWELL          ODOM                     JOHN            C.              KINNEY                   0810 1945 m
KINNEY               HAROLD          ALAN                MILDRED         GENOA           SIMMONS                  HAROLD          ALLEN           KINNEY                   0814 1945 m
KNUTSON              DANNY           DALE                WILMA           FAYE            WOODS                    LONNIE                          KNUTSON                  0129 1945 m
KOLB                 CAROLYN         PEARL               EDITH           SARAH           WESTFALL                 EMMETT          ANDREW          KOLB                    0509 1945 f
LANE                 RONALD          GENE                LYDIA           RUTH            DAVIS                    F.              SCOTT           LANE                     1129 1945 m
LAWRENCE             BILLIE          JO                  DAVA            LOIS            MCCOY                    NARVIN          LYNN            LAWRENCE                 1008 1945 f
LEHNIS               MARTIN          LUTHER          IV  GEORGIA         FRANCES         BARLETT                  **DEATH         FILE            NUMBER EXISTS**          1121 1945 m
LEONARD              JAMES           EDWARD              MAGGIE          PEARL           WELLS                    EDWARD          FRANKLIN        LEONARD                  0803 1945 m
LITTLE               WALTER          THOMAS              IRENE                           FELTY                    D.W.                            LITTLE                   0209 1945 m
LITTLETON            DWIGHT          DUANE               ANNIE           NEOMA           MCBRIDE                  OLIVER          DENISON         LITTLETON                1006 1945 m
LOCKHART             DOROTHY         JEAN                MARY            LEE             HANDY                    ROBERT          CALVIN          LOCKHART                 1028 1945 f
LOCKWOOD             WILLIAM         SCOTT           II  MARY            JOHN            WADE                     LEE             JOSEPH          LOCKWOOD                 0417 1945 m
LOWE                 SHIRLEY         ANN                 THELMA          RUTH            COPELAND                 W.              L.              LOWE                     0208 1945 f
LUSK                 KEMPSTON        DURWOOD         JR. ERNESTINE                       RAY                      KEMPSTON        DURWOOD         LUSK                     0119 1945 m
MATTHEWS             ROGER           EUGENE          JR. BETTY           JANE            REED                     ROGER           EUGENE          MATTHEWS             SR. 0823 1945 m
MAYFIELD             WINDEL          OWEN                WILLIE          DEE             MARTIN                   OTIS            WARREN          MAYFIELD                 0917 1945 m
MCADAMS              HOWARD          LEE                 DOROTHY                         PALMER                   WILLIAM         H.              MCADAMS                  1109 1945 m
MCCLELLAND           JUDY            GALE                DORIS           ALBERT          SMITH                    ROBERT          EUGENE          MCCLELLAND               1213 1945 f
MCCLURE              NELLENE                             MARY            ALENE           MORGAN                   THOMAS          EDWARD          MCCLURE                  1127 1945 f
MCCOMBS              MICHAEL         LEE                 OLGA            DORIS           SPENCER                  DENZIE          ARNOLD          MCCOMBS                  0121 1945 m
MCCRARY              BILLIE          DON                 HAZEL           LEE             GILBERT                  SAM             LUTHER          MCCRARY                  0816 1945 m
MCDONALD             TOMMIE          CLIFTON             JOANN                           BEAL                     NED             PHILLIPS        MCDONALD                 0413 1945 m
MCEWEN               ANNIE           BELL                HATTIE          LEIGH           SPARKS                   WALTER          LEE             MCEWEN                   1230 1945 f
MCKEE                JERRY           LADON               FRANCES         IDELL           ESTES                    ALBERT          WALLACE         MCKEE                    0113 1945 m
MCKNIGHT             JERRY           DON                 DOVIE           ALINE           MILES                    C.              C.              MCKNIGHT                 0528 1945 m
MCMILLAN             VELMA           ANN                 EVA             NELL            GARRETT                  LESTER          LEROY           MCMILLAN                 0113 1945 f
MCMILLAN             BILLY           CLIFFORD        JR. MARTHENA        CLEO            MCELRATH                 BILLY           CLIFFORD        MCMILLAN                 1018 1945 m
MCQUEEN              ROY             LYNN                BERTHA                          CATHEY                   AUSTIN          GLENN           MCQUEEN                  0208 1945 m
MEDCALF              DARRYL          GUYN                WINNIE          ORENE           HANLEY                   MAURICE         GUYN            MEDCALF                  0127 1945 m
MERONEY              EARL            EUGENE              RUBY                            DAVIS                    BEN                             MERONEY                  0528 1945 m
METCALF              LURA            ANN                 DOROTHY         HELEN           LOVEJOY                  JOHN            THORPE          METCALF                  0129 1945 f
MILLER               ARVEL           LARRY               ORA             DEE             BEAL                     ARVEL           BEDIC           MILLER                   1008 1945 m
MILLER               SARAH           JO                  ERAN            SEALY           BANKS                    JOZACH                          MILLER               V   1211 1945 f
MILLIKEN             CAROLYN         LEE                 MYRTLE                          BUFORD                   BLAIR           E.              MILLIKEN                 1029 1945 f
MILLS                JOE             DAN             JR. DOROTHY         ELIZABETH       MCSWANE                  JOE             DAN             MILLS                    0305 1945 m
MOBLEY               MARGARET        ANN                 FAYE            ELIZABETH       ROUTH                    JACK                            MOBLEY                   0502 1945 f
MODAWELL             BILLY           CHARLES             IMA             LOIS            SPENCER                  CLYDE           FRANKLIN        MODAWELL                 0518 1945 m
MORGAN               JACKY           LYNN                LAVONA          MARY            JACKSON                  VIRGIL          LOUIS           MORGAN                   0826 1945 m
MOSELEY              CECIL           LEON                AMOELEZA                        WINDHAM                  CECIL           V.              MOSELEY                  0408 1945 m
MURFF                LARRY           DAVID               LAURA           LORENE          SNOW                     BONNER          DELTON          MURFF                    0611 1945 m
MUSICK               CHARLAN         BESMA               THELMA                          COUNTS                   JAMES                           MUSICK                   0609 1945 f
NALLEY               ANITA           CAROL               CAROL           JOYCE           LAWS                     OLBURN          NEAL            NALLEY                   1130 1945 f
NATIONS              CARMA           LETA                MARY            ELMEDIA         STAGGS                   MARVIN          JETTON          NATIONS                  1028 1945 f
NEFF                 ANDY            BEWEL           JR. ESTER           MAE             BAKER                    ANDY            BEWEL           NEFF                     0708 1945 m
NEWTON               KENNETH         DWAINE              LORAINE                         SIMPSON                  ALVIS                           NEWTON                   0831 1945 m
NICHOLS              MARVIN          GARY                WINNIE          MAE             FIELD                    MARVIN          HENRY           NICHOLS                  0323 1945 m
NICHOLS              JAMES           WAYNE               DORIS           RAE             ATWOOD                   TOLBERT         THEODORE        NICHOLS                  0923 1945 m
NOLEN                JAMES           WALTER              IDA             LEE             NIXON                    WILLIE          AUBREY          NOLEN                    1006 1945 m
NUNEZ                SENAIDA                             ADELINA                         SAMANIGO                 JOSE                            NUNEZ                    0311 1945 f
NUNEZ                PAULETA                             ELLURA                          RAMEREZ                  HILL                            NUNEZ                    0629 1945 f
NUNN                 JOHNNY          WESLEY              DELIA           ANN             DAVIS                    JOSEPH          LEE             NUNN                     0108 1945 m
PAPE                 RAYMOND         ANTHENY             VERBA           ALTARETA        JONES                    RAYMOND         ALFRED          PAPE                     0906 1945 m
PATTON               SHARON          LEIGH               LUCIA           MAXINE          HOUSTON                  ROY             LEE             PATTON                   1106 1945 f
PAYNE                JERRY                               VIRGINIA        RUTH            NEEB                     JIMMILEE                        PAYNE                    0628 1945 m
PEREZ                ENRRIQUE                            TOMASA                          MARTINEZ                 EMILIO                          PEREZ                    0718 1945 m
PERKINS              TERRY           JAMES               OLA             FAYE            JEWELL                   **DEATH         FILE            NUMBER EXISTS**          0329 1945 m
PERRY                PAUL            LEROY               VIOLET          MARGUERITTE     CROUSE                   WILLIAM         ORAN            PERRY                    0915 1945 m
PHILLIPS             PATRICIA        JUANITA             VERA            LEE             RAGAN                    THOMAS          MILTON          PHILLIPS                 0429 1945 f
PIERCE               LUTHER          U. A.               PEARL                           BEATEY                   LUTHER          ANDREW          PIERCE                   0808 1945 m
PITTMAN              KENNETH         WILLIAM             GUSSIE          NORENE          ROBERTS                  **DEATH         FILE            NUMBER EXISTS**          0324 1945 m
POEHLEIN             MARY            SUE                 MILDRED                         LOCKHART                 FRANK                           POEHLEIN                 0105 1945 f
PREAS                JO              ANN                 NORA            MYRTLE          RUTHERFORD               LOUIS           H.              PREAS                    0718 1945 f
PROCTOR              BARBARA         JEAN                VELMA           MARIE           WALDREP                  LEROY           DEAN            PROCTOR                  1213 1945 f
PUCKETT              JAMES           HERMAN              VERNIE                          CHEW                     HERMAN                          PUCKETT                  0221 1945 m
RACKOW               CAROLYN         RUTH                BILLIE          RUTH            CAMPBELL                 HERMAN          FRITZ           RACKOW                   0615 1945 f
RACKOW               LEONARD         EARNEST             CATHERINE       ANNIE           BOYD                     OTTO            H.              RACKOW                   1103 1945 m
RAMERIZ              MARY            DORA JULIA          ELMA                            DEANDA                   ALBERTO                         RAMERIZ                  1031 1945 f
RAMIREZ              BLANCA          AURORA              MARIA           DE JESUS        IRUEGAS                  ANDRES                          RAMIREZ                  1014 1945 f
RAY                  ELIZABETH       DEE                 FLORENCE        LORIE           HARMES                   LENORD          BENTLEY         RAY                      0107 1945 f
RAY                  SHEILA          DANE                BLONDELL        IRENE           MONTGOMERY               ORAL            BRITTAN         RAY                      0714 1945 f
RAY                  WANDA           JEAN                THELMA          TILLIE          ROESNER                  ROY             LEE             RAY                      0905 1945 f
REISNER              FREEMAN         EARL                ELIZABETH       ANN             HOOKER                   GUSTAU          ARNDT           REISNER                  1217 1945 m
RICHEY               ALICE           ANN                 DIXIE           IRENE           BAUGH                    WILLIAM         ROBERT          RICHEY                   0619 1945 f
RIDER                LARRY           DON                 HAZEL           MILDRED         MCKINNEY                 J.              C.              RIDER                    0322 1945 m
RILEY                BARBARA         GENE                BERNECE                         GAINES                   WILLIAM         COMPTON         RILEY                    1128 1945 f
ROBBINS              BILLIE          LOUISE              DOROTHY         MAE             YATES                    J.A.                            ROBBINS              JR. 0920 1945 f
ROBERTS              CARY            DOUGLAS             VELMA           PAULINE         LANDERS                  CARY            ALTIS           ROBERTS                  1225 1945 m
RODGERS              BRENDA          JEAN                EDITH           MAXINE          SMITH                    OVILLEE         G.              RODGERS                  1116 1945 f
ROGERS               RONNIE          JOE                 NELLIE          PEARL           LOWE                     JOE             J.              ROGERS                   0905 1945 m
ROSALES              ELIAS                               RITA                            ROSALEZ                                                                           0108 1945 m
ROSALES              ROBERTO         D.                  MANUELA                         DIAZ                     FELIPE                          ROSALES                  0207 1945 m
ROSALEZ              ROSARIO                             SIMONA                          MARTINEZ                 FRANK                           ROSALEZ                  0223 1945 m
ROW                  DONNA           MARIE               MARY            ALICE           GARRETT                  JOHN            WESLEY          ROW                      0816 1945 f
RUIZ                 JESUS                               CONSUELA                        RENDON                   GUADALUPE                       RUIZ                     1205 1945 m
SADBERRY             SAMMY           GAIL                ELIZABETH                       FOSSETT                  SYLVIN                          SADBERRY                 1018 1945 f
SALINAS              LUCIA                               MARY                            GUERRERO                 GUADALUPE       G.              SALINAS                  1221 1945 f
SANSOM               LOUIS           ALTON INF OF        LUCY            REBECCA         POINDEXTER               LOUIS           ALTON           SANSOM                   0623 1945 m
SAWYER               CORA            LYNN                LILLIE          ALINE           GUNN                     WILLEAM         ROY             SAWYER                   1106 1945 f
SCHROEDER            ARTHUR          LEE                 ELLA            J.              BRIGGS                   DELOISE         W.              SCHROEDER                0313 1945 m
SCOTT                JOHN            MAC NEIL            ALTA            VIRGINIA        SIMMONS                  JOHN            C.              SCOTT                    0528 1945 m
SEAMANS              FREDDIE         CARL                NORMA           JEAN            SHARPES                  BILLY           H.              SEAMANS                  0720 1945 m
SENDEJAS             LILLY                               LUCY                            VILLARREAL               RAMON           E.              SENDEJAS                 0318 1945 f
SHELDON              HARRY           EDMOND              JEWEL           FLOY            BEAL                     LEWIS           FRANCIS         SHELDON                  0302 1945 m
SHELTON              HENRY           WAYNE               WILLIE          BELLE           MINOR                    JAMES           HENRY           SHELTON                  0624 1945 m
SIMMONS              MELTON          REVERE          JR. LAVERNE         OLLIE           LACKEY                   MELTON          REVERE          SIMMONS                  0101 1945 m
SIMMONS              EMMIT           ELMER               SEALY           VELMA           WATSON                   ELMER                           SIMMONS                  0322 1945 m
SIMMONS              GLENN           RAY                 ELSIE                           JACKSON                  ALVIN           HENRY           SIMMONS                  0621 1945 m
SIMPSON              JESSIE          ALBERT              BEULAH          MAY             FARIES                   CLIFTON         LEE             SIMPSON                  0421 1945 m
SLATE                CLEABORN        GERALD              OMIE            ELIZABETH       WRIGHT                   CLEABORN        CATES           SLATE                    1213 1945 m
SLAUGHTER            JOHNIE          BYRON               FLOY            JEAN            BOYLE                    JOHNIE          LEE             SLAUGHTER                0423 1945 m
SLAYTON              LOYD            GENE                ADA             FAYE            MOORE                    **DEATH         FILE            NUMBER EXISTS**          0113 1945 m
SMART                CLAUDE          DUANE               BESSIE          LORAINE         BAUGH                    CLAUDE          CHESTER         SMART                    0621 1945 m
SMITH                BENNIE          JEAN                SYBLE           JEAN            JUMPER                   RICHARD         LEROY           SMITH                    0114 1945 f
SMITH                CAROL           RYNAE               ALVA            CONNER          JONES                    GARLAND         CURTIS          SMITH                    0224 1945 f
SMITH                FERRELL         LYNN                LILA            BEN             FERRELL                  NEIMAN          CARTER          SMITH                    0407 1945 f
SMITH                ROBERT          PLEZZ               ETHEL                           BETHANY                  W.              P.              SMITH                    1105 1945 m
SNELL                JACQUELYN                           FLORA           EVELYN          GATLIN                   J.S.                            SNELL                    1111 1945 f
STAGGS               DAVID           NEWTON              LILLIAN         RUTH            GRIFFIN                  THOMAS          NEWTON          STAGGS                   0319 1945 m
STAMPER              CORINA                              TORIVIA                         HOLGUIN                  VERNON                          STAMPER                  0117 1945 f
STANLEY              LINDA           MABEL               LELA            PEARL           HALEY                    CHARLES         CLEBURNE        STANLEY                  1112 1945 f
STARNES              RUTH            ANN                 MARY            SOUTHERN        GARRETT                  TOM                             STARNES                  0527 1945 f
STEPHENS             CLAUD           DEAN            JR. ELDA            JOHNNIE         GUNN                     CLAUD           DEAN            STEPHENS                 0920 1945 m
STEWARD              MICKY           RALPH               MARY            INEZ            FONDREN                  RAY                             STEWARD                  0110 1945 f
STEWARDSON           THOMAS          SAMEUL              THELMA          JANE            KINCAID                  TOM             SAMUEL          STEWARDSON               0119 1945 m
STIEHL               CORBET          EUGENE              FRANKIE         ALICE           SCOTT                    RICHARD         EUGENE          STIEHL                   0602 1945 m
STIRLING             ARTHUR          GERALD              RUTH            GERALDINE       EARLY                    HERBERT         L.              STIRLING                 0123 1945 m
STOVALL              JOHN            ALEX                WINONA          RACHEL          YOUNG                    HAROLD          BROWNING        STOVALL                  0411 1945 m
STRENGTH             MARY            CATHERINE           CATHERINE                       FULLER                   CHARLES         J.              STRENGTH                 1023 1945 f
STRICKLAND           ALTON           LEE                 LOUISE                          HAYES                    FIELDON         ALTON           STRICKLAND               0921 1945 m
SULLENS              JAMES           WILLARD             RUTH            WANDA           DAVIS                    WILLARD         LORANE          SULLENS                  1125 1945 m
TABOR                LINDA           CHARLENE            MARIE                           CASON                    LESLIE          S.              TABOR                    0920 1945 f
TAYLOR               RADFORD         FREDERICK           ELEANOR         LOUISE          FECHER                   DONOVAN         RICHARD         TAYLOR                   0912 1945 m
TEMPLIN              LINDA           JOYCE               LILLIAN                         SIMPSON                  WALTER                          TEMPLIN                  0821 1945 f
THOMPSON             JUANITA                             PAULINE                         TOMLINSON                JAMES           EDWIN           THOMPSON                 0525 1945 f
THOMPSON             JONITA                              PAULINE                         TOMLINSON                JAMES           EDWIN           THOMPSON                 0525 1945 f
TOLLESON             SUE             LANELL              WOODIE          LOUISE          TABOR                    MORRIS          CHILTON         TOLLESON                 0305 1945 f
TOMPKINS             DOUGLAS         EDWARD              MINNIE          NANCY           CHEW                     CLARENCE        ELMER           TOMPKINS                 1109 1945 m
TOWNSLEY             JOYCE           ANN                 EARNESTINE      ELIZABETH       KEENEY                  WILLIAM         HENRY           TOWNSLEY                 0926 1945 f
TRAYLOR              JIMMY           WAYNE               EVA             RUTH            GARDNER                  MARTIN          TEAGUE          TRAYLOR                  0629 1945 m
TUCKEY               CHARLES         EDWIN               ALLIE           MAY             TITSWORTH                WILLIAM         CASWELL         TUCKEY                   1016 1945 m
TUPIN                MARY            ANN                 IVA             ALLENE          SMITH                    ERNEST          SNEED           TUPIN                    0105 1945 f
UPTON                JANICE          JOY                 RHEBA           TACOMA          BOARDMAN                 NEWMAN          JILES           UPTON                    1103 1945 f
VANPELT              JANICE          MEARL               GENEVA                          HOLLAND                 CHARLIE         RICHARD         VANPELT                  0824 1945 f
WAITS                JERRY           PAT                 ROSEY           FAY             TOMLINSON                **DEATH         FILE            NUMBER EXISTS**          0119 1945 m
WALKER               CHARLES         GLEN                JEWEL           MARIE           CONNELLY                 WILLARD         GRIGGS          WALKER                   1002 1945 m
WALKER               WILL            RAPHAEL             VERA            MARIE           FOSSETT                  WILL            RAPHAEL         WALKER                   1024 1945 m
WALKER               FRANKIE         RUTH                JOHNEY          RUTH            BROWN                    CALVIN          FRANK           WALKER                   1114 1945 f
WALLACE              JO              ANN                 DOROTHY         R.              HIBBETTS                 JOE             L.              WALLACE                  0824 1945 f
WALLER               SANDRA          FAY                 LOTTIE          OPHELIA         STOVALL                  LOREN           DALE            WALLER                   0118 1945 f
WALLIS               JAMIE           MARIE               GLADYS                          BARKER                   JOHN                            WALLIS                   0924 1945 f
WARDLOW              LARRY           GENE                GLADYS          FAYE            MCCARTNEY                LOYD            KELLEY          WARDLOW              JR. 0128 1945 m
WATSON               JAMES           LEE                 WILLIE          MAE             SLATE                    CHARLES         RICHARD         WATSON                   0208 1945 m
WATSON               PEGGY           LINDA               MARY            ELLA            DOBBINS                  CLEM                            WATSON                   0311 1945 f
WATSON               SHIRLEY         ANN                 LILLY           OPHELIA         HUGHES                   WINFRED         LEROY           WATSON                   0804 1945 f
WATSON               THOMAS          JAMES               BLANCHE         ALINE           SMITH                    VERNON          JAMES           WATSON                   1223 1945 m
WEBB                 GARY            LELDON              DELLA           MAUD            MASON                    LEONARD         NEWTON          WEBB                     0113 1945 m
WEST                 BOBBIE          JACK                EMMA            RUTH            DENNIS                   JAMES           PAUL            WEST                     0602 1945 m
WILKINS              EDITH           DARLENE             ALICE                           MCBRIDE                  ARNOLD                          WILKINS                  1215 1945 f
WILLIAMS             CAROLYN         ANN                 WILMA           EARLE           MCILVAIN                 MURRY           BLAKE           WILLIAMS                 0123 1945 f
WILLIAMS             PATSY           ELAINE              EARON           RUTH            MONROE                   ALTON           SEALY           WILLIAMS                 0306 1945 f
WILLIAMS             JAMES           EDWARD              LEONA                           MOW                      JESSIE          TRUMAN          WILLIAMS                 0319 1945 m
WILLIAMS             LINDA           KAY                 JUNE            GLORIA          MILLENDER                JOHN            ROBERT          WILLIAMS                 0905 1945 f
WILLIAMS             CHERYL          DARLENE             LEAH            CHRISTINE       DUNCAN                   JOHN            CLAYBORN        WILLIAMS                 1208 1945 f
WILLIAMS             JAMES           ARNOLD          JR. JUANITA         ETHEL           GOLSON                   JAMES           ARNOLD          WILLIAMS                 1226 1945 m
WILSON               JOYCE           ELAINE              MARJORIE        ESTELLE         GRIFFITH                 GEORGE          WYATT           WILSON                   0224 1945 f
WILSON               WILLIE          MARATHA             LEONA           MAE             WARD                     JERRY           VIRGIL          WILSON                   0707 1945 f
WINFREY              TOMMIE          RICHARD             VERA            LORAINE         SLATE                    DENNIS          FORD            WINFREY                  0410 1945 m
WOODARD              JERRY           LYNN                RUBY            HELEN           VAUGHN                   J.              RUSSELL         WOODARD                  0126 1945 m
WOODARD              IMAJENE         LUCELLE             VIRGINIA        PAULINE         SHERMAN                  LOUIS           MORRIS          WOODARD                  1206 1945 f
WOODS                MARGARET        LYNN                MARY            OLA             DOCKERY                  ELMER                           WOODS                    0910 1945 f
WRIGHT               CLARA           LOU                 AUDREY          MAE             PARSONS                  THOMAS          DOYLE           WRIGHT                   0327 1945 f
WRIGHT               JIMMIE          WAYNE               THELMA                          STEWART                  WALTER                          WRIGHT               JR. 0704 1945 m
WRIGHT               SHIRLY          MARIE               VIRGIE          JOSEPHINE       BULL                     DARRELL         ESTES           WRIGHT                   0430 1945 f
YANCY                VIRGINIA        ANN                 LOLA            EVALYN          COOK                     ELDREDGE        FRANKLIN        YANCY                    1007 1945 f
YARBROUGH            WILLIAM         CURTIS          JR. MILDRED                         COPELAND                 WILLIAM         CURTIS          YARBROUGH                0519 1945 m
YATES                RONALD          WILLIAM             DOROTHY         HELEN           HOLTZ                    WILLIAM         DANIEL          YATES                    0228 1945 m
YATES                BEVERLY         ELIZABETH           DAETHINE        ELIZABETH       BEARD                    ELMO            CLEO            YATES                    0819 1945 f
ZACHARY              SHELIA          BETH                JOAN                            BENNETT                  JAMES           LOUIS           ZACHARY                  1125 1945 f
ZALMANEK             FRANKIE         LOUISE              ANNIE           LOUISE          WALKER                   FRANK           JOHN            ZALMANEK                 0413 1945 f


NAME                           MOTHER                         FATHER                         BIRTHDATE    G

AARON, RICHARD DALE            AUTTIE MAE DAVIS               AVERY  AARON                   22 JUL 1946  m
ABERNATHY, WALTER RAY          RUBY RAY ROGERS                WALTER  ABERNATHY              19 AUG 1946  m
ADAMS, EDDIE WAYNE             FRANCES JOSEPHINE GOULD        SIDNEY  ADAMS                  28 AUG 1946  m
ADIAN, JAMES KENNITH           BESSIE  STOUP                  JOE  ADIAN                     18 NOV 1946  m
AGUIRRE, DOLORES               BEATRICE  GARCIA               FRANCISCO  AGUIRRE              4 OCT 1946  f
ALLEN, DORIS JANN              MARTHA LOUISE KEESE            FLOYD  ALLEN                    4 OCT 1946  f
ALLEN, JOYCE ANN               MARTHA LOUISE KEESE            FLOYD  ALLEN                    4 OCT 1946  f
ALLEN, KENNETH WARREN          SCELINA MAY SELF               GEORGE  ALLEN                  25 AUG 1946  m
ALSOBROOK, GERALD              DOROTHY LEE TAYLOR             BRUCE  ALSOBROOK               26 MAR 1946  m
ANDERSON, FAYE ALLENE          KATHERINE  YATES               ALVIE  ANDERSON                14 JAN 1946  f
ANDERSON, NORMAN ALVIN         JEWEL  ROBBINS                 GEORGE  ANDERSON               19 MAR 1946  m
ANDREWS, BETTY JO              WILLIE JO GRISSOM              RICHMOND  ANDREWS              10 AUG 1946  f
ARMSTRONG, JANIE PEARL         BETTY JANE HICKS               HARLON  ARMSTRONG               5 APR 1946  f
ARNOLD, CAROLYN MARIE          MARIE ELIZABETH BELL           LESTER  ARNOLD                  1 MAR 1946  f
ASHMORE, JUDY BETH             HELEN ADA PITT                 WILLIAM  ASHMORE                1 JUN 1946  f
ASTON, DANA GAY                GLADYS LUCILE STEWART          HOUSTON  ASTON                  9 MAR 1946  f
BAINS, LA VERN                 LANIE MAE RANKIN               LELAND  BAINS                  31 DEC 1946  f
BAIRD, BECKY                   FRANCES AMERICA WITHERSPOON    CHARLES  BAIRD                 24 MAR 1946  f
BAKER, ANNIE MAE               MAE ELLA RANKIN                TONY  BAKER                    24 APR 1946  f
BAKER, BRENDA LA NELLE         JOAN CLORISE WILLIAMS          R.L.  BAKER                     4 MAY 1946  f
BAKER, WAUNDEL                 SYLVIA  JACKSON                TONY  BAKER                    14 FEB 1946  f
BALDERRAMA, JOSEFINO ALAMAR    MARY  DEANDA                   JOE  BALDERRAMA                10 FEB 1946  f
BARR, CHARLES CLAYTON          SARAH FRANCES WORTHY           OREN  BARR                     22 JAN 1946  m
BAUCAM, JACQUELINE RAE         ISABEL  CLIFTON                JAMES  BAUCAM                  18 FEB 1946  f
BAUCOM, BARBARA LYNNE          BUNA  MEYERS                   ALBERT  BAUCOM                 19 JUL 1946  f
BAXTER, RICHARD WAYNE          GENEVA  GREAVES                WOODROW  BAXTER                 9 AUG 1946  m
BEARD, BONNIE LAMOIN           WILLIE OPAL BAKER              WILLIAM  BEARD                  2 NOV 1946  f
BELL, FOREST ROLAND            MARTHA FRANCES JAMISON         ANDREW  BELL                    5 APR 1946  m
BENTLEY, MICHAEL WAYNE         MAVIS  ARCHER                  THOMAS  BENTLEY                 2 MAY 1946  m
BERRY, LINDA JOYCE             DELLAVINA  MARTIN              J.  BERRY                      12 JUL 1946  f
BLACKWELL, KENNETH WAYNE       EDNA MAE HOPF                  JOHN  BLACKWELL                29 JUL 1946  m
BLANTON, TERRY LYNN            LUCILLE MARGARET GENZ          SIDNEY  BLANTON                11 FEB 1946  m
BODINE, DANNIE JO              BENNIE JO MERRYMAN             JOHN  BODINE                   22 NOV 1946  f
BOGART, PATSY LOU              STELLA MAE HUTCHISON           FLOYD  BOGART                  23 SEP 1946  f
BOLTON, LARRY WAYNE            MARY NEAL PARKER               AROCHES  BOLTON                12 SEP 1946  m
BOLTON, SHERRY LEE             MAHDEEN  NEEDHAM               SAM  BOLTON                     2 AUG 1946  m
BOUCHILLON, WILLIE PAUL        IOLA FAY CASEY                 EARL  BOUCHILLON                8 JAN 1946  m
BOWERS, BETTIE CAROLYN         JESSIE RAY SMITH               BERT  BOWERS                   20 MAY 1946  f
BOWERS, GLENDA SUE             THEO DOCHIA DUGGINS            DALTON  BOWERS                  9 MAR 1946  f
BOX, WILLIAM GENE              RUBY LORENE DUNN               HENRY  BOX                     21 JAN 1946  m
BOYD, WALTER EARL              EDNA MAE WHITE                 HENRY  BOYD                    14 NOV 1946  m
BOZEMAN, ELLEN JOYCE           RENA VIVIAN JEWELL             J.A.  BOZEMAN JR.              19 DEC 1946  f
BRIGGS, VALERIE SUE            FAY  SMITH                     WILLIAM  BRIGGS                14 FEB 1946  f
BRINSON, JEAN ELIZABETH        EDITH IRENE RAMSEY             WILLIAM  BRINSON               18 APR 1946  f
BRIONES, ALDA G.               LIBERTA  GARCIA                DANIEL  BRIONES                15 JAN 1946  f
BROOKS, BRENDA ELAINE          RUTH ELAINE GILLESPIE          JAMES  BROOKS                   2 JUN 1946  f
BROOKS, TOMMY RAY              LENA MAE WILSON                RAYMOND  BROOKS                13 OCT 1946  m
BROOKS, WILLIAM DENNIS         JEANNIE RUTH HUFFMAN           WINCEL  BROOKS                 26 SEP 1946  m
BROWN, BETTY SUE               DOROTHY MAE HOMESLEY           HOWARD  BROWN                  13 JAN 1946  f
BUNDREN, PHILLIP HERMAN        MARY MARTHA BUNDREN            HERMAN  BUNDREN                 8 OCT 1946  m
BURTON, CYLAS CLAYTON          JOYCE ROBERTA WALKER           CYLAS  BURTON                   9 JUN 1946  m
BURTON, ROY GLENN              LILLIE MAE BAKER               MARVIN  BURTON                 25 NOV 1946  m
BYERLY, BETTY JEAN             BEATRICE ZONA SMITH            JACOB  BYERLY                   5 OCT 1946  f
CALHOUN, KAREN ANN             BILLIE JEAN CROSS              CHARLES  CALHOUN               22 SEP 1946  f
CAMMACK, RUTH MARIE            THELMA MARIE LOVE              LUTHER  CAMMACK                25 MAR 1946  f
CANTRELL, ARTHUR DALE          MINNIE GRACE CROFT             MARVIN  CANTRELL                8 AUG 1946  m
CATHEY, KAREN SUE              WILLIE MAVIS GRAHAM            JAMES  CATHEY                   7 JAN 1946  f
CHEANEY, DIANA JEAN            DORRIS JEAN MCKEE              MARCUS  CHEANEY                16 FEB 1946  f
CHEEK, JOHN DAVID              WINNIE ELIZABETH MCINTIRE      JOHN  CHEEK                    10 NOV 1946  m
CHERRY, JIMMIE DEAN            BONNIE MAE MORRISON            RALPH  CHERRY                  18 APR 1946  f
CLAIBORNE, ANN LEE             MAURINE ELOISE MOSLEY          JAMES  CLAIBORNE                6 JUN 1946  f
CLIFTON, BOBBIE ARNOLD         JEWELL  PETTY                  ROBERT  CLIFTON                24 JUL 1946  m
CLOSE, JANE LYNNETTE           MOLLIE MARIE BURLESON          VANCE  CLOSE                   28 AUG 1946  f
COLE, GARY SCOTT               DAISY LORAIN BARNETT           WILLIAM  COLE                   1 NOV 1946  m
COLEMAN, JILL                  MARGARET ALLENE LEADY          FREDDIE  COLEMAN               25 MAR 1946  f
COLEMAN, MARTHA FAYE           EULA MAE SIMONTON              GARLAND  COLEMAN               14 SEP 1946  f
COLEMAN, SYLVIA KAY            LENA SYLVESTER FIELD           FOY  COLEMAN                   30 NOV 1946  f
COLLINS, ODELL BROWN           ODELLE  BROWN                  ODELL  COLLINS                 24 SEP 1946  m
COLLINS, WANDA JEAN            ORA IRENE SLUDER               VERNON  COLLINS                 1 JUL 1946  f
COOPER, DAVID GRANT            CLARA ROSE HARTMANN            ELEC  COOPER                   10 DEC 1946  m
COPE, SHIRLEY KAY              FLORENCE ALLENE BALLARD        VIRGIL  COPE                    6 DEC 1946  f
COPELAND, GLENDA DIANNE        UDELL  WINDHAM                 JOE  COPELAND                  23 NOV 1946  f
COPELAND, JIMMIE SUE           VELMA IRENE ALLEN              MOODY  COPELAND                 2 SEP 1946  f
COWAN, MARY KATHLEEN           LILLIE BABEL DUGGER            EARL  COWAN                    14 APR 1946  f
COX, CALOLYN ANN               MAMIE JEWELL WALKER            ALVIE  COX                     10 FEB 1946  f
COX, SANDRA CLYDENE            CHARLOTTE LANELL YOUNG         CLYDE  COX                     26 DEC 1946  f
CRAIN, ELLEN LOUISE            EUNICE LOUISE MC INTIRE        DREW  CRAIN                    14 NOV 1946  f
CREEL, BARBARA NELL            NELLIE JO WHITE                ROBERT  CREEL                   2 OCT 1946  f
CROSS, LELA FAY                LELA LEONA NAIL                BRADLEY  CROSS                  5 JUL 1946  f
CROSS, LEONA MAY               LELA LEONA NAIL                BRADLEY  CROSS                  5 JUL 1946  f
CRYE, JAMES DONALD             EDORA  BARNETT                 JOHN  CRYE                     12 JAN 1946  m
CULLINS, VELDA KATHRYN         THELMA  SIMMONS                IRA  CULLINS                   22 DEC 1946  f
CURTIS, RICHORD NEAL           MIZUAL JOY TOMLINSON           CHARLES  CURTIS                 2 APR 1946  m
DALE, SHEILA KAY               MARY ANNA NICHOLS              VARDIE  DALE                    9 NOV 1946  f
DAVIS, DOUGLAS EUGENE          EULA BEATRICE SANDERS          WILL  DAVIS                     1 NOV 1946  m
DAVIS, JUDITH CAROL            CASSIE BELL SNEED              DAVID  DAVIS                   19 SEP 1946  f
DAVIS, SANDRA JEAN             MAMIE DALTON RUTHERFORD        ALTON  DAVIS                   12 JUL 1946  f
DAYLONG, JAMES MICHEAL         LOLA RAY BARNETT               ALBERT  DAYLONG                25 OCT 1946  m
DE SHA, TOMMIE DOYLE           RUBY PEARL BAKER               BUDDI  DE SHA                  24 AUG 1946  m
DEANDA, ALEXANDER  JR.         JUANITA  NUNEZ                 ALEXANDER  DEANDA              22 JUN 1946  m
DEANDA, RAYNALDO               JULIA  DE LA ROSA              RAYMOND  DEANDA                26 JUN 1946  m
DEITERICH, JAMIE LEE           JIMMIE RUTH BROWN              JAMES  DIETERICH               15 DEC 1946  f
DELA ROSA, REBECCA             MARGURETE  HOLGUIN             JESUS  DELA ROSA               23 DEC 1946  f
DEMPSEY, VONDA JEAN            SYBIL MAXINE FERGUSON          ELMER  DEMPSEY                 19 SEP 1946  f
DENSMAN, BRENDA DARLENE        ZULA FRANCES BROWN             ELLIS  DENSMAN                  4 DEC 1946  f
DIAS, RAYMOND  JR.             BEATRICE  VILLARRIAL           RAYMOND  DIAS                  24 MAR 1946  m
DIAZ, ODILIA MARIA             BEATRICE  RODRIGUEZ            BARNIE  DIAZ                    7 JUN 1946  f
DICUS, ROY LARRY               RETA FAY SHIELDS               LOYD  DICUS                    21 OCT 1946  m
DIETERICH, DELMA JANE          JIMMIE RUTH BROWN              JAMES  DIETERICH               24 JAN 1946  f
DOBBINS, BILLIE JACK           JUANITA VELMA TRULL            ROSS  DOBBINS                   9 DEC 1946  m
DOBBINS, NICKIE DORENE         NOVA LEE DODGEN                PINKIE  DOBBINS                 6 OCT 1946  f
DOBBINS, ONA FAYE              ONA CHRISTINE MITCHELL         LESLIE  DOBBINS                23 JAN 1946  f
DOBBINS, RILEY ANDREW          LOIS FREDIA BALLARD            JOHN  DOBBINS                  22 OCT 1946  m
DOBBS, JESSE LEE               STELLA  PEARL                  ROBERT  DOBBS                  22 JUN 1946  m
DRAKE, SANDRA KAY              EURA KATHRINE SNEED            FRED  DRAKE                    12 DEC 1946  f
DRAKE, SHERRY LYNN             ILA  ROBINSON                  ELZIE  DRAKE                    7 FEB 1946  f
DRURY, BARBARA LYNN            INEZ  CROSS                    **DEATH  NUMBER EXISTS**        6 JUL 1946  f
DUNCAN, ERMA JANELL            IVIAN INEZ CLARK               **DEATH  NUMBER EXISTS**       27 AUG 1946  f
DUNN, FRANK ELWOOD JR.         BILLIE LOUISE WILLIAMS         FRANK  DUNN                    12 SEP 1946  m
EDMUNDSON, EDDY DON            BOBBIE LEE WESTERMAN           OLIVER  EDMUNDSON              16 MAR 1946  m
ELDRED, MARTHA ANN             RUBY  BROWN                    FRANK  ELDRED                  11 SEP 1946  f
ELLIS, JERRY LEWIS             NONA BELLE WELLS               CECIL  ELLIS                    1 JUL 1946  m
ELLIS, PAULETTE                NAOMI MAXINE UNDERWOOD         PAUL  ELLIS                    10 MAY 1946  f
ELROD, GEORGE RAY              MATTIE COLUMBIA COOPER         HERSCHEL  ELROD                 6 MAR 1946  m
ENSEY, PAUL DAVID              NOVELLA IRENE WOOD             RUBY  ENSEY                     2 AUG 1946  m
ETHRIDGE, EDDIE JAMES          MARJORIE DEE HOLLAND           JAMES  HARMES                   6 NOV 1946  m
EVANS, DON                     LAVADA  HOPPER                 CHARLES  EVANS                 20 MAY 1946  m
EWING, GEORGE ALLAN            OPAL JUNE CLINE                RUSSELL  EWING                 16 SEP 1946  m
FARIES, JACKSON COY            EDETH BEATRICE MCANALLY        LOSSIE  FARIES                 12 FEB 1946  m
FENTON, RUBY LA NITA           CHRYSTELL  DOGGETT             HIRAM  FENTON JR.              19 MAY 1946  f
FINK, WILLIAM LEE              ANNA LEE COBB                  FRED  FINK                     22 JUL 1946  m
FOWLER, KENNETH RAY            MAVIS LUDELL MATTHEWS          OTHO  FOWLER                    8 FEB 1946  m
FRENCH, GERALDENE              ALICE GERTRUDE HILL            WILLIAM  FRENCH                11 JAN 1946  f
FULLER, HELEN GENE             RUTH ODELL WALDRON             ALVEY  FULLER                   2 JUN 1946  f
FULTON, NORMA LOIS             BARBIA BEATRICE SMITH          FREEMAN  FULTON                12 MAR 1946  f
GAFFORD, PATRICIA ANN          HELEN INEZ HUNTER              NEWTON  GAFFORD                12 NOV 1946  f
GAFFORD, SANDRA KAY            VIRGINIA  KIPPER               ROBERT  GAFFORD                 2 OCT 1946  f
GALINDO, ESPERANZA JESUS       BEATRICE  GALINDO                                             28 JUN 1946  f
GALINDO, SARAH                 FELICIA  TALAVERA              ALBERT  GALINDO                28 JUL 1946  f
GALLOWAY, MARY ELLEN           SARAH ALEENE JONES             PRESLEY  GALLOWAY               6 OCT 1946  f
GARZA, LEOPOLDO  JR.           SIBRIANA  PEREZ                LEOPOLDO  GARZA                10 JUN 1946  m
GARZA, MARIA ALICIA            MARIE  PEREZ                   HERBIE  GARZA                  26 OCT 1946  f
GEORGE, ARTHER FREDRICK        VIOLA BELL EHRLER              ALBERT  GEORGE                 16 APR 1946  m
GILBREATH, GLENN WILMAN        WILLIE C. REVEL                HERMAN  GILBREATH              21 APR 1946  m
GILLIAM, BRENDA JEAN           MARY GLADYS SNOW               ALFRED  GILLIAM                 5 JUN 1946  f
GLASSON, JAMES PAUL            CLARICE S. BELL                JAMES  GLASSON                 11 APR 1946  m
GLASSON, MARY HARRIET          CLARICE S. BELL                JAMES  GLASSON                 11 APR 1946  f
GOBER, LINDA SUE               MELLIE JOYCE HUGHES            ERNEST  GOBER                   2 DEC 1946  f
GRAHAM, MARCILEA               INA FAY RAY                    ARNOLD  GRAHAM                 22 SEP 1946  f
GRAHAM, PHYLLIS JO             JEAN MARIA LYKINS              WILLIAM  GRAHAM                 9 NOV 1946  f
GRAY, CAROLINE ANN             EUNICE ELDRED BAKER            JESSE  GRAY                     1 APR 1946  f
GREAVES, ANITA SUE             DORTHY MAE WADE                EDGAR  GREAVES                 23 OCT 1946  f
GREAVES, RONNIE EARL           JANIE LEE GAINES               MARCUS  GREAVES                26 OCT 1946  m
GREEN, JOE WRIGHT JR.          BETTY JO CROSS                 JOE  GREEN SR.                 27 JUL 1946  m
GREEN, KERRY JILL              ALVERIA FLEETA DORSEY          LANCIE  GREEN                   7 AUG 1946  f
GRIMES, BOBBIE CARROL          VERA MAE CUNNINGHAM            JOHNSON  GRIMES                26 FEB 1946  m
GRISHAM, MARGARET NAN          BERTHA MURRIEL TABOR           LEE  GRISHAM                   14 OCT 1946  f
HAGAR, CLIFFORD WILSON JR.     ERLINE  CURRY                  CLIFFORD  HAGAR SR.             8 AUG 1946  m
HALEY, BILLIE LOU              JIMMIE RAY HARNESS             JACK  HALEY                    12 AUG 1946  f
HAMILTON, MARY ELAINE          WILLIE IMOGENE NIXON           JAMES  HAMILTON                13 APR 1946  f
HAMILTON, RAY ALLEN            WANDA YUANITA HUNTER           ELWOOD  HAMILTON                2 APR 1946  m
HAMILTON, STELLA LOUISE        STELLA MAE HAMILTON            BERT  HAMILTON                 30 DEC 1946  f
HAMMONDS, DAVID LEE            IVA  WESSON                    DAN  HAMMONDS                  31 AUG 1946  m
HAMMONDS, GARY JAMES           EFFIE BELL SIMMONS             ELMER  HAMMONDS                12 JUL 1946  m
HANDY, EDNA PEARL              EDNA MAE KELLER                GEORGE  HANDY                  12 APR 1946  f
HARDING, ROBERT ODELL          THEOLA ANN MYERS               ROBERT  HARDING                27 MAR 1946  m
HARPSTER, DOHN STANLEY         SAMMIE JO BEALL                JOHN  HARPSTER                 13 JUL 1946  m
HARRELL, CAROLYN               MARJORIE RUBY CROCKETT         EDDIE  HARRELL                 14 DEC 1946  f
HARRIS, GAYLON EARL            PATSY RUTH RIGGS               VERNON  HARRIS                  1 OCT 1946  m
HARRIS, LORETTA LEE            ETTA MAE SELF                  C.  HARRIS                     22 FEB 1946  f
HARRIS, NANCY JUNE             THEDA MARIE BAKER              GRADY  HARRIS                  16 OCT 1946  f
HART, BOBBY JACK               NELLIE MAE PRICER              HADEN  HART                    15 FEB 1946  m
HARTMAN, STANLEY CURTIS        RUBY ESTER MOORE               WILLIAM  HARTMAN               15 APR 1946  m
HAVNER, LINDA MARLENE          FRANCES ERNA LEE MCMILLON      DOCK  HAVNER                   18 APR 1946  f
HAYNES, BILLIE DON             LOLA ILENE BOWDEN              FRED  HAYNES                   11 AUG 1946  m
HAYNES, ELIZABETH KAY          HELEN VIRGINIA DEAN            JESSE  HAYNES                  28 AUG 1946  f
HAYS, THOMAS MYRON III         AVIS INEZ EDWARDS              THOMAS  HAYS JR.                2 NOV 1946  m
HENDERSON, BYRON LEE           RITA LOREE CAMPBELL            BOBBIE  HENDERSON              21 NOV 1946  m
HENDERSON, SANDRA JEAN         EVELYN J. RAGLAND              LEE  HENDERSON                  3 NOV 1946  f
HENRY, WALTER JAMES            ORA BETHEL FOSSETT             JAMES  HENRY                   30 JAN 1946  m
HERD, GARY LEWIS               MARTHA MILDRED MCDONALD        CHARLES  HERD                  28 JAN 1946  m
HERRON, JOHN EUGENE            JANIE PAULINE VAN HUSS         PAULIE  HERRON                 23 OCT 1946  m
HICKS, VAN ALIN JR.            BILLYE JO MOONEY               VAN  HICKS                     23 DEC 1946  m
HILLIN, LONNIE RAY             EVELYN MARIE GLENDENEN         LONNIE  HILLIN                 25 JAN 1946  m
HOLMANS, KAREN KAY             BERNICE EVELYN HILL            CHARLES  HOLMANS               17 JUL 1946  f
HORTON, HOMER HARVEY JR.       AMY  SANDERS                   HOMER  HORTON                  28 JAN 1946  m
HOWELL, BRENDA LOUISE          LOUISE ELOISE WRIGHT           DEAN  HOWELL                   15 NOV 1946  f
JACKSON, CHERRY ANN            BLANCH BEE CULPEPPER           DAVID  JACKSON                 10 APR 1946  f
JACKSON, JANICE MARIE          EDNA VEOMA MCSWANE             WILLARD  JACKSON               19 NOV 1946  f
JACKSON, SHERRY DARLENE        MARGARETT  KENLEY              WILLIAM  JACKSON               24 DEC 1946  f
JAMES, STANLEY ENNIS           CLARA BELLE ENNIS              EUGENE  JAMES                   8 FEB 1946  m
JAUER, SHIRLEY MARY            ROSE  TRAIL                    ALVIN  JAUER                   13 MAY 1946  f
JEFFCOAT, SHEILA ANN           DOROTHY LOUISE ROWE            FELIX  JEFFCOAT                24 JUL 1946  f
JOBES, HARRYETT                TOMMYE DEAN HENDERSON          HARRY  JOBES JR.               25 NOV 1946  f
JOHNSON, BETTY JEAN            MARY ELLEN FRANCES             WILLIAM  JOHNSON               24 JAN 1946  f
JOHNSON, LARRY DEAN            SYLVIA ALEENE SWOR             LEONARD  JOHNSON               24 AUG 1946  m
JOHNSON, MARY CATHERINE        ALPHA VERBA WRIGHT             PAUL  JOHNSON                  21 AUG 1946  f
JOHNSON, OLA DEE               ROSA BELLE FRANCES             LUTHER  JOHNSON                 4 JUL 1946  f
JOHNSON, PHILLIP DEAN          EVA FAY MUSGROVE               FRANCIS  JOHNSON               16 OCT 1946  m
JONES, GARRY LUTHER            ELSIE DAPHANE HAYNES           WILLIAM  JONES                 29 JAN 1946  m
JONES, KAREN ELAINE            KATIE MARIE BARTON             EWELL  JONES                   14 APR 1946  f
JONES, OLIVIA MARIE            LOUISE MARIE BURKETT           J.  JONES                      10 FEB 1946  f
JONES, RODNEY TERRELL          ALICE  CORNELIOUS              FRED  JONES                    21 SEP 1946  m
KASZYCKI, LINDA KAY            SOPHIE  PAULIS                 JOHN  KASZYCKI                  5 SEP 1946  f
KEENEY, PATSY CAROLYN          ELLIE MAE SHORT                ISAAC  KEENEY                   5 JUN 1946  f
KEENEY, SHERLYN RUTH           BETTY RUTH GUINN               JAMES  KEENEY                  14 AUG 1946  f
KEISER, DAVID EUGENE           EULA DORIS WAGNER              HARLEY  KEISER                 17 DEC 1946  m
KELLEY, BETTY DOLORES          DORIS EZOLA CUPPS              EDMOND  KELLEY                 18 JAN 1946  f
KENNEY, CAROL MAE              LOLA MAE GOODWIN               ELVIS  KENNEY                  25 OCT 1946  f
KERBOW, DONNA DARLINE          OLIVIA  SPARKS                 ROY  KERBOW                    24 FEB 1946  f
KING, JANIS ADELLE             EUNICE BLANCH HOLMES           CHARLES  KING                   2 NOV 1946  f
KINSEY, WILLIAM BERT           LOLA BELLE MILLER              WILLIAM  KINSEY                17 AUG 1946  m
KNOTTS, STELLA RUTH            VEDA RUTH GRIMES               CHARLES  KNOTTS                11 JUL 1946  f
KNOWLES, NANCY RUTH            VELMA  BARKER                  FOY  KNOWLES                    1 MAY 1946  f
KNOX, JACKSON LE MOINE         ELLEN ELIZABETH BECK           ELDON  KNOX                    14 JUN 1946  m
KNUTSON, LINDA DIANE           WILMA FAYE WOODS               LONNIE  KNUTSON                 8 AUG 1946  f
KRAKER, ALBERT WILLIAM JR.     JANE PETTY JENNINGS            ALBERT  KRAKER                  2 AUG 1946  m
LANHAM, DELORES MAE            VENEATA MAE ROUSE              ELLIOTT  LANHAM                11 NOV 1946  f
LAWRENCE, JAMES EDWARD         PREBBLE  DIXON                 WILLIAM  LAWRENCE              14 SEP 1946  m
LEAVELL, MARCIA MARILYN        MARY REBECCA RIDDLE            EDWARD  LEAVELL                17 MAY 1946  f
LETT, MARCHA ETHLYN            FRANCES MAXINE MCCLURE         JESSIE  LETT                    2 AUG 1946  f
LONGBOTHAM, JINGER KAY         MARY KATHRYN DEEN              JNO.  LONGBOTHAM               13 AUG 1946  f
LOUDER, RAY EDWARD             HELEN RUTH RANGE               TULL  LOUDER                   23 DEC 1946  m
LOVEL, CHARLES WILSON          RUBY JEWEL HAMLETT             WOODROW  LOVEL                 22 JUN 1946  m
MAGEE, MICHAEL JACK            OLIVIA ELAYNE COX              JACK  MAGEE                    16 FEB 1946  m
MARONEY, MARTHA LORETTA        BEATRICE QUMY BAKER            CLINT  MARONEY                 13 SEP 1946  f
MARTIN, BARBARA RUTH           CHRISTINE MYRTLE NORRIS        FLOYD  MARTIN                  19 FEB 1946  f
MARTIN, CLAUDIA DARLENE        DOROTHY LEE DALTON             LELAND  MARTIN                 23 DEC 1946  f
MARTIN, HERBERT LEE JR.        JUANITA VIOLA SELF             HERBERT  MARTIN                 3 NOV 1946  m
MARTIN, JANELLE                NANCY  MCCRARY                 MELVIN  MARTIN                 16 OCT 1946  f
MARTIN, NANCY JEAN             LORA MAE BABBITT               BERRY  MARTIN                  30 JUN 1946  f
MARTINEZ, CHOLE                MANUELLA  HOLQUIN              MIKE  MARTINEZ                 27 SEP 1946  f
MATA, MIQELA                   JOVITA  NUNEZ                  TRINIDAD  MATA                 29 SEP 1946  f
MAYO, JERALD DUANE             OTTIE RUTH MARTIN              MORRIS  MAYO                   20 OCT 1946  m
MC CORMICK, SANDRA JOY         BILLIE RUTH EVANS              LEGAL  MC CORMICK JR           28 APR 1946  f
MCCARRELL, EDWINNA             EVA FRANK TRULL                CLARENCE  MCCARRELL            28 MAY 1946  f
MCCLURE, DONALD EDWARD         MARY ALINE MORGAN              THOMAS  MCCLURE                 1 NOV 1946  m
MCCLURE, LETA FAY              WILLIE GRACE BYERS             HUGH  MCCLURE                   4 NOV 1946  f
MCCLURE, NORMA SUE             MATTIE LOUISE MERRYMAN         JESSIE  MCCLURE                 6 MAR 1946  f
MCCULLOUGH, GEORGENE           MARY ELLEN GORDON              RALEIGH  MCCULLOUGH             3 NOV 1946  f
MCINTIRE, BARBARA JANE         FANNIE MAYE ESTES              WILLIAM  MCINTIRE              22 SEP 1946  f
MCIVER, TERRY LYNN             OHEDIA EUGENIA HAYNES          GEORGE  MCIVER                 23 JUL 1946  m
MCKINNEY, DANA BETH            DOROTHY NADYNE GARY            WILTON  MCKINNEY               17 JUL 1946  f
MCLAIN, IMOGENE RYAN           THELMA OLETA PRATER            WALKER  MCLAIN                  5 OCT 1946  f
MEDRANO, ORALIA                MATILDA  DE LA ROSA            MELCHOR  MEDRANO               30 JUL 1946  f
MERCER, VERNA LOUISE           MYRTLE OLIVIA ARMSTRONG        CREATH  MERCER                 29 MAY 1946  f
METTS, HARLAN ROY              ROSELEEN BEATRICE BALLARD      HARVEY  METTS                  16 OCT 1946  m
MILLER, MARIE                  BILLIE MARIE MILLER            WILLIAM  MILLER                14 MAR 1946  f
MONEYHUN, BOBBIE ANN           ALTA ADELINE WRIGHT            BOBBY  MONEYHUN                 4 JAN 1946  f
MONROE, EDDIE EUGENE           ELMA LOUISE MARICLE            JOHN  MONROE                    2 DEC 1946  m
MONTGOMERY, MICHAEL DAVIS      LEAH NAOMI EVANS               JOHN  MONTGOMERY                1 AUG 1946  m
MORGAN, BOBBY EDWARD           VIRGIE MAE HOLLAND             GARLAND  MORGAN                 5 AUG 1946  m
MORSE, BERTHA LURLINE          IRMA DEANE IRVIN               CLAUD  MORSE                    5 APR 1946  f
MUELLER, MARILYN               ELEANOR ELIZABETH BAGLEY       JOHN  MUELLER                  12 FEB 1946  f
MUSICK, LARRY EDWARD           DOROTHY FAY SMITH              BUEL  MUSICK                    8 SEP 1946  m
NEEDHAM, ROSA ELIZABETH        ALMA ALLENE HORN               ANDREW  NEEDHAM JR.             1 DEC 1946  f
NEFF, DONNIE RAY               RUBY NELL CLANTON              ALBERT  NEFF                    6 JUN 1946  m
NORMAN, JOHN FURGASON          JANE ADEL WORNER               JOHN  NORMAN                   25 JAN 1946  m
NORRIS, JANICE JEAN            VIRGINIA LEE BYROM             COY  NORRIS                    19 MAY 1946  f
NUNEZ, ALCARO MEDRANO          DELFINA  MEDRANO               JOSE  NUNEZ                    30 JUL 1946  m
O'BRIEN, MICHAEL PAT           MARY JO BOYLS                  ELMER  O'BRIEN                  9 NOV 1946  m
OAKES, ROBERT LENTON           CORA LUCILLE LANCASTER         OSBOURNE  OAKES                14 AUG 1946  m
PARISH, JAMES MILLER           OZELL  STAFFORD                WINFRED  PARISH                31 AUG 1946  m
PARKER, CYNTHIA LOU            LETA PARKER RAGSDALE           BRYAN  PARKER                  15 DEC 1946  f
PAYNE, SHARLLA ROSE            GRETNA  WRIGHT                 HADDEN  PAYNE                   2 SEP 1946  f
PEARCE, BETTY JEAN             JO ANN STAGGS                  GORDON  PEARCE                 25 MAR 1946  f
PEEVY, CHYREL ANN              BARBARA  ALLEN                 OREAN  PEEVY                   12 SEP 1946  f
PETREE, JUDITH                 KATHRYN ANN WYLIE              AUBREY  PETREE                 15 OCT 1946  f
PHILLIPS, PATSY LOIS           MINNIE ANN BROWN               ADOLPH  PHILLIPS               10 NOV 1946  f
PIERCE, JACKY DWAYNE           LOUELLA FRANCIS BOYD           "HAPPY"  CARRIGER              15 OCT 1946  m
PITTARD, LINDA FAYE            EDDIE LOIS WESSON              CLYDE  PITTARD                 18 JUN 1946  f
POPE, BAYLIS CARL              VIRGINIA BELLE BAIRD           WALTER  POPE                   10 MAY 1946  m
POPE, KENNITH GLEN             BOBBIE LEE BASSETT             ROBERT  POPE                   27 DEC 1946  m
POWELL, DORINDA JOYCE          HELEN LEE WHITELEY             CHARLES  POWELL                18 FEB 1946  f
PRIDDY, LARRY RAY              EMMA GENE HAWTHORNE            ODIS  PRIDDY                   25 NOV 1946  m
PROLER, ROBERT LAWRENCE        BILLIE FAY ROBERTS             ISADORE  PROLER                30 JAN 1946  m
PROWSE, MARY LOUISE            MAGGIE LEE LEONARD             AARON  PROWSE                   6 SEP 1946  f
PUCKETT, JOHN KENNETH          ALZINA  BAILEY                 WILLIAM  PUCKETT               31 JAN 1946  m
QUINN, DEDRA LEE               DOROTHEA LEE KELLY             HOWARD  QUINN                  28 MAR 1946  f
RAMERIZ, JOSE  JR.             CHRISTINA  ROSALIS             JOSE  RAMERIZ                   1 JAN 1946  m
RAMIREZ, DANIEL  JR.           JOSEPHINE  SENDEJAS            DANIEL  RAMIREZ                16 MAY 1946  m
RAMIREZ, JOSE INF OF           CHRISTINE  ROSALES             JOSE  RAMIREZ                  27 NOV 1946  m
RAMSEY, HENRY HOUSTON          INEZ  CAMERON                  JIM  RAMSEY                     8 OCT 1946  m
RAY, WILLIS WESLEY             MATTIE OLETA SANSON            RALPH  RAY                     29 JAN 1946  m
RAYMER, ANITA IRENE            OVIA LEE YATES                 ALTO  RAYMER                   27 DEC 1946  f
REAGOR, NONA LEE               SYBIL LAWANA REAGOR            J.B.  REAGOR                   25 MAR 1946  f
REAVES, BOBBIE JO              EDNA GERTRUDE ALEXANDER        EUGENE  REAVES                 13 DEC 1946  f
REDDY, EDWARD ALAN             CLARA MELBA PRINCE             HERMAN  REDDY                  25 JUL 1946  m
RHOADS, JAMES MICHAEL          ADDIE C. GRAY                  LUTHER  RHOADS                 12 AUG 1946  m
RHONE, CARL AVERY              EDNA PEARL INGRAM              H.  RHONE                       2 JAN 1946  m
RICHARDSON, RAMONA WYNELL      ELVIE  RAY                     JAMES  RICHARDSON               8 JUL 1946  f
ROBERTS, INA JO                NITA LEE GILLIAM               DANIEL  ROBERTS                 5 NOV 1946  f
ROBERTS, JERRY UZELL           ESTELLE  DAYLONG               LEACH  ROBERTS                 27 APR 1946  m
ROBERTS, STANDLEE ECTOR JR.    BLANCHE  MCKEE                 STANDLEE  ROBERTS              27 MAY 1946  m
ROBERTS, WILLIAM HUGH          LOIS LOUISE JONES              FRANK  ROBERTS                 28 DEC 1946  m
ROBINETT, LINDA FAYE           MAGGIE  COPE                   ROBERT  ROBINETT                5 SEP 1946  f
ROSALES, EDUARDO               MANUELLA  DIAZ                 PHILLIPE  ROSALES              19 JAN 1946  m
ROSALEZ, RODOLFO               SIMONA  MARTINEZ               FRANK  ROSALEZ                 23 JUL 1946  m
ROWE, BYRON EUGENE             MARY FRANCES WHEAT             VERNON  ROWE                    7 MAR 1946  m
ROWE, JANICE ELAINE            HAZEL GERENE REVEL             L.W.  ROWE                      2 DEC 1946  f
RUDOLPH, JANA MARIE            IMA G. BAKER                   FRED  RUDOLPH                  28 APR 1946  f
RUSHING, DESSA MAE             AUDRY LUCILLE MATTHEWS         THOMAS  RUSHING                17 SEP 1946  f
RUSSELL, GWENDELYN ANN         PAULINE MARIE BOYD             ROBERT  RUSSELL                 6 APR 1946  f
RUST, JOHNNY EUGENE            ALICE MAE LAIRD                WILLIAM  RUST                  28 OCT 1946  m
RUTHERFORD, LYNDA SUE          ALLINE ADA SHIELDS             TOM  RUTHERFORD                20 DEC 1946  f
SADLER, RONALD HENRY           HAZEL IRENE BULL               JAMES  SADLER                  15 JUN 1946  m
SANCHEZ, ADELA MARIE           EVA MARIQUEZ JARMILLO          TONY  SANCHEZ                  10 APR 1946  f
SANDERS, JERRY WAYNE           LENORA  CROSSLAND              WILLIAM  SANDERS               17 FEB 1946  m
SCOTT, BENJAMIN JAY            BILLIE LOUISE WILSON           J.  SCOTT                      22 AUG 1946  m
SCOTT, SHARON KAY              CARMEN  GOSSETT                AUDIE  SCOTT                   13 APR 1946  f
SCOTT, WADE ELLIOTT            WILMA ERLEENE LAWS             CHARLES  SCOTT                  7 NOV 1946  m
SEALS, CLAYTON DOUGLAS         MARTHA IRIS FAILS              DUDLEY  SEALS                   3 APR 1946  m
SEGREST, LINDA FAY             MATTIE LOUISE LEWIS            EXCELL  SEGREST                18 APR 1946  f
SHELLER, LINDA EVELYN          DOROTHY EVELYN SMART           FLOYD  SHELLER                 13 DEC 1946  f
SHEPARD, BOBBY LYNN            ESTELLE  BAKER                 **DEATH  NUMBER EXISTS**       19 AUG 1946  m
SHIPMAN, JANICE LEE            LILA MAE SHEPARD               R.  SHIPMAN                    26 FEB 1946  f
SHORT, LINDA RUTH              MARGIE  FARRIS                 EMMETT  SHORT                  30 SEP 1946  f
SILAS, FRANK INF OF            LOUISE  SENDEJAS               FRANK  SILAS                   14 DEC 1946  m
SIMPSON, DORA JANE             BEULAH MAY FARIES              **DEATH  NUMBER EXISTS**        1 DEC 1946  f
SIMPSON, ROMMIE GENE           RUBY  SCHOONOVER               **DEATH  NUMBER EXISTS**       31 JAN 1946  m
SIMPSON, SHERRA ELAINE         CRETA R. LATTA                 C.  SIMPSON                     2 FEB 1946  f
SIMS, ELDON                    VERA MAE TAYLOR                JACK  SIMS                     16 FEB 1946  m
SLATE, RICHMOND DAN            ANNIE MARIE SLUDER             DARELL  SLATE                   2 AUG 1946  m
SMITH, LARRY JOSEPH            MARY GERTRUDE EVANS            VERSAL  SMITH                  23 JUL 1946  m
SMITH, MARY MALLOY             MARY MALLOY PITTS              LESTER  SMITH                  12 SEP 1946  f
SMITH, MICHAEL DON             MARY LOU HICKS                 WINFIELD  SMITH                11 MAY 1946  m
SMITH, NANCY EUGENA            NANCY  SPENCER                 EUGENE  SMITH                  15 DEC 1946  f
SMITH, PATRICIA ANN            BOBBIE JEAN JENNINGS           CLARENCE  SMITH                31 JAN 1946  f
SMITH, RONDOE LOUIS            ELIZABETH  KEENEY              L.  SMITH                      30 JUL 1946  m
SNODGRASS, CHARLES CLIFTON     DORA B. HORTON                 DAVE  SNODGRASS                24 NOV 1946  m
SPARKS, JOHN RODNEY            KATHERINE LAVERNE SQUYRES      JOHN  SPARKS                   21 JAN 1946  m
SPIVEY, KAGLER                 VADINE  BEAL                   JACK  SPIVEY                   22 SEP 1946  m
SQUIBB, GEORGE FARRIS          FAY MOZELLE JERNIGAN           GLENDON  SQUIBB                31 OCT 1946  m
STAGGS, BRENSTON HARVEY        MARTHA  DOWNEY                 BRENSTON  STAGGS                3 JUL 1946  m
STAGGS, PATTI SUE              LILLIAN RUTH GRIFFIN           THOMAS  STAGGS                 16 OCT 1946  f
STAMPER, VERNON DEBS JR.       TORIVIA  HOLGUIN               VERNON  STAMPER                20 FEB 1946  m
STARNES, HENRIETTE             LILLIE BELLE SEAL              HENRY  STARNES                  2 MAY 1946  f
STEPHENS, JOE EDD              FANNY MARIE SWITZER            CECIL  STEPHENS                25 DEC 1946  m
STEWART, LYDA REBECCA          OLLIE INEZ THORNTON            WILLIAM  STEWART                9 APR 1946  f
STIEHL, JERRY MICHAEL          FRANKIE ALICE SCOTT            RICHARD  STIEHL                25 AUG 1946  m
STINSON, DAVID LYNN            ELEANOR VASHTI RIDINGS         JOSEPH  STINSON                 5 JAN 1946  m
STOKES, SAMUEL LYNN            PATSY JUANITA SMITH            IRVIN  STOKES                  23 JAN 1946  m
STROTHER, KAREN YVONNE         MARY LEOTA CATE                FRANCIS  STROTHER              28 DEC 1946  f
STUCKEY, SALLIE REBECCA        HUBERTA  DUPREE                PERRY  STUCKEY                  5 JUL 1946  f
SWANSON, SUZETTE               VIOLET LENORE STOVALL          LAWRENCE  SWANSON              21 JUL 1946  f
TABOR, JAMES ELDON             ANNIE LOUISE FERGUSON          ELDON  TABOR                    9 MAR 1946  m
TAYLOR, BILLIE FRANK           MAYMIE ANOLA CUMMING           FRANK  TAYLOR                   2 APR 1946  m
TAYLOR, JIMMY EDWARD           HELEN LOUISE CRUGER            JOE  TAYLOR                    16 MAY 1946  m
TAYLOR, SARA SUE               MARTHA  DUNMAN                 CHARLES  TAYLOR                27 DEC 1946  f
TEMPLETON, SHEILA JAN          THELMA LOUISE CATHEY           HOYT  TEMPLETON                28 MAR 1946  f
TEMPLIN, BERTHA LEE            RUBY  BARKEMEYER               PAUL  TEMPLIN                   2 AUG 1946  f
THOMAS, AUDRETT                CATHERINE  HOLLOWAY            HUGH  THOMAS                    1 JUN 1946  f
THOMAS, BELINDA JEAN           EVELYN MAXINE BOOFER           JOE  THOMAS                    23 FEB 1946  f
THOMAS, VELMA SUE              STELLA MAE LEE                 JACK  THOMAS                    5 SEP 1946  f
THOMPSON, ETHEL CLAUDINE       AGNES  POLLARD                 THURMAN  THOMPSON              29 MAR 1946  f
TOWNSLEY, DONNIE TRAVIS        JEWELL  FARRIS                 WILLIE  TOWNSLEY               30 MAY 1946  m
TRAMMELL, VIRGIL EDWARD        NELLIE R. ADKINS               VONCEAL  TRAMMELL               8 JUN 1946  m
TUNE, SANDRA JEAN              STELLA EVELYN BUCY             SANFORD  TUNE                  12 FEB 1946  f
TURNER, DONALD EUGENE          CHRISTINE AGNES KEENEY         CARL  TURNER                   31 JAN 1946  m
UNDERWOOD, JOHN FELIX          JESSIE  SIMONTON               HOMER  UNDERWOOD               13 AUG 1946  m
URENA, BEATRIZ                 OTILA  GARZA                   VALENTINE  URENA               13 JUN 1946  f
WADDELL, BHRENT EDWARD         LORETTA MAY NOWACK             BERNARD  WADDELL               24 OCT 1946  m
WALKER, CARROLL STUART         CHARLOTTE  JONES               JAMES  WALKER                   8 AUG 1946  m
WALKER, JAY STUART             HELEN MARIE LACEY              ROYAL  WALKER                   8 AUG 1946  m
WALKER, RUTH ANN               ALICE LOUISE HAYS              ADD  WALKER                    16 SEP 1946  f
WALLIS, LONNIE NORRIS          HELEN ROBERTA DUNN             CHARLIE  WALLIS                15 FEB 1946  m
WARFORD, STELLA LOUISE         CLAUDINE  KENNEDY              DAVID  WARFORD                 29 JUN 1946  f
WATSON, MORLIE RAY             JOAN  BEAL                     JOHN  WATSON                    3 SEP 1946  m
WATSON, PATRICIA ANN           WILLIE MAE SLATE               CHARLES  WATSON                14 APR 1946  f
WATTERS, JACKIE MELVIN         O.B.  WHEELER                  JOHN  WATTERS                   8 AUG 1946  m
WATTS, FREDDY WAYNE            GUSSIE B. SNOW                 WILLIAM  WATTS                 11 JUL 1946  m
WEBB, EARL WAYNE               LETA  NEEB                     EARL  WEBB                      8 MAY 1946  m
WELCH, CONNIE SUE              MERLE  THREADGILL              J.  WELCH                      10 JAN 1946  f
WELLS, BILLIE MARIE            EDNA MAE TITTLE                LITTLE  WELLS                   6 MAR 1946  f
WELLS, DIANNA LOU              BERTHA OLLIE BANTA             ALLEN  WELLS                   29 MAR 1946  f
WEST, BOBBIE ANN               ELISE HETTIE WHITT             JAMES  WEST                    13 NOV 1946  f
WHITE, CAROLYN ANN             ALICE MAY SMITH                ROBERT  WHITE                  19 FEB 1946  f
WHITE, MICHAEL WELDON          DORIS MYRTLE VAN DYKE          WELDON  WHITE                  23 NOV 1946  m
WHITE, SHELLY PAIGE            GERALDINE MARIE FOUST          ROBERT  WHITE                  11 AUG 1946  f
WILKINS, ROBERTA EUGENIA       SUDIE  ENGLAND                 REUBEN  WILKINS                25 OCT 1946  f
WILLIAMS, BILLY DALE           MARY LUCILLE CREAMER           LON  WILLIAMS                  15 AUG 1946  m
WILLIAMS, DONNA JEAN           LETA MAE PRICE                 ESTLE  WILLIAMS                 2 OCT 1946  f
WILLIAMS, GAYLA KAY            LEAH CHRISTINE DUNCAN          JOHN  WILLIAMS                 11 DEC 1946  f
WILLIAMS, LELAND NEAL          MABEL EVELYN EPPLER            JESSE  WILLIAMS                14 FEB 1946  m
WILLIAMS, MARY ANN             KATHERINE  ARON                CONNIE  WILLIAMS                3 DEC 1946  f
WILSON, L.J.  JR.              RUBY LOUISE MCKINZIE           L.J.  WILSON                    6 NOV 1946  m
WINN, BARBARA SUE              LAVERN ELEANOR WEAVER          GEORGE  WINN                   17 FEB 1946  f
WOODARD, CAROLYN DOLORIS       HATTIE LOU TABOR               JAMES  WOODARD                  2 JUL 1946  f
WOODY, ALLEN REED              DOTTIE B. YOUNG                CHESTER  WOODY                 21 DEC 1946  m
WRIGHT, JAMES DEE              DOLORES ONITA LAWS             JOHN  WRIGHT                   10 NOV 1946  m
YATES, BENNEY KAY              GAIL MARIE ELKINS              THERON  YATES                   7 JAN 1946  m
YEATMAN, ZANDA JANETTE         LAVERNE  STEWART               C.  YEATMAN JR.                18 JAN 1946  f


NAME                                                     MOTHER                                                   FATHER                                                   BIRTHDATE G

ADIAN                CHARLES         MALOY           JR. BETTY           JEAN            ESTES                    CHARLES         MALOY           ADIAN                    0813 1947 m
AGUIRRE              FERNANDO                            PETRA                           RODRIGUEZ                BENJAMIN                        AGUIRRE                  0829 1947 m
AIKEN                SHEILA          JEAN                BETTY           RAE             RIDER                    GEO.            WASHINGTON      AIKEN                    0611 1947 f
AKINS                LINDA           RUTH                WINNIE          PEARL           MARTIN                   JAMES           MARTIN          AKINS                    1120 1947 f
ALBARADO             RAYMUNDO                            MARGARET                        GUTIERREZ                MANUEL                          ALBARADO                 0521 1947 m
ALLEN                CAMARA          LYNN                ERNESTINE       SIMCO           ALLEN                    DURWARD         STEEN           ALLEN                    0911 1947 f
AMADOR               FRANCES                             GUADALUPE                       LOYA                    MORRIS                          AMADOR                   0911 1947 f
AMBURN               LINDA           JOYCE               THEDA           JOYCE           CLAY                     DINZLE          DON             AMBURN                   0628 1947 f
ANDERSON             FILLMORE        ROSS III.           MYRTLE          MARGARET        HOLLAND                  FILLMORE        ROSS II.        ANDERSON                 0525 1947 m
ANDREWS              JUANITA         FAY                 BERTHA          MAE             HANKE                    REYNARD         LESLIE          ANDREWS                  0809 1947 f
ANGLIN               EDWARD          JAMES               LAURA           LEE             WHITE                    **DEATH         FILE            NUMBER EXISTS**          0225 1947 m
ARMSTRONG            PEGGIE          LOUISE              VERDELL                         YATES                    IRVIN           M.              ARMSTRONG                0930 1947 f
ATKINSON             KAREN           GRACE               GRACE                           GAINES                   ALBERT          BATEMAN         ATKINSON                 0928 1947 f
BAILEY               WILBERT                         JR. ELLA            MAE             HOLLOWAY                 WILBERT                         BAILEY                   0811 1947 m
BAKER                CURTIS          DEWAIN              WILLIE          PEARL           FARRIS                   CURTIS          F.              BAKER                    0622 1947 m
BAKER                JACKIE                              MAE             ELLA            BOYD                     TONY                            BAKER                    1208 1947 m
BARNETT              SUELLA                              SUSAN           BERNICE         HOUGH                    WILLIAM         ROY             BARNETT                  0418 1947 f
BARSCH               PHYLLIS         ANN                 ANNIE           LAURA           WIREMAN                  ORNNOLD         KARL            BARSCH                   1114 1947 f
BATES                PHILLIP         EARL                ESTER                           MARONEY                  FRED                            BATES                    0523 1947 m
BEAVER               PAUL            MITCHELL            HELEN           JO              BYERS                    GARLAND         MITCHELL        BEAVER                   0603 1947 m
BECK                 CHERYL          LYNN                NORMA           DORRICE         HEDGEPETH                HAL             MITCHELL        BECK                     1115 1947 f
BELL                 ETHILEEN        BRENETTE            GLORIA          LEE             BENSON                   WILLIAM                         BELL                 JR. 0725 1947 f
BIGHAM               JERRY           DUANE               DELIA           LEE             BLAKE                    PERRY           VICTORIA        BIGHAM                   0320 1947 m
BLAIR                TRAVIS          HERBERT             DOROTHY         IRENE           LOGGINS                  TRAVIS                          BLAIR                    0428 1947 m
BLAIR                BETTY           SUE                 ESMA            OPAL            GIDEON                   RUBEN                           BLAIR                    0918 1947 f
BLANTON              WANDA           LOIS                KATHERINE       MARIE           WRIGHT                   EMMETT          EDMON           BLANTON                  0214 1947 f
BOATRIGHT            RICHARD         EARL                DORA            BELLE           SMITH                    HARDY           ANSON           BOATRIGHT                1222 1947 m
BOHANNON             CAROLYN         SUE                 DOROTHY         LOUISE          HUBBARD                  THOMAS          EDWIN           BOHANNON                 0203 1947 f
BORJAS               ERNESTO         R.                  JUANITA                         RAMIRES                  ASENCION                        BORJAS                   1105 1947 m
BOUDREAUX            HAROLD          EDWARD              VELMA           MAY             FIELDS                   EDWIN           E.              BOUDREAUX                0617 1947 m
BOWERS               CLAUDIA         JEAN                CLAUDIA                         SMITH                    JOHN            HENRY           BOWERS                   0704 1947 f
BOX                  JOYCE           ELAINE              RUBY            LORENE          DUNN                     HENRY           KESTER          BOX                      0108 1947 f
BOYLE                JO              CARROLL             JO              NELL            DUNLAP                   GARVICE         ARON            BOYLE                    0723 1947 f
BOYLE                LARRY           DON                 SARA            ANN             CULLINS                  LLOYD           O.              BOYLE                    0807 1947 m
BOYLE                PATRECIA        ELAINE              WANDA           JEAN            HALL                     ARTHUR          ALEXANDER       BOYLE                    0926 1947 f
BRANDSTETTER         JOYCE           RUBYLEE             CARMLETA        NORA G.         BIBLE                    MILTON          EUGENE          BRANDSTETTER             1228 1947 f
BRANNAN              LYNDA           SUE                 EVE                             BATES                    J.              Y.              BRANNAN                  1231 1947 f
BRIONES              ORFELIO         GARZA               LIBERTY                         GARZA                    DAN             S.              BRIONES                  0211 1947 m
BRITE                JERRY           DOUGLAS             HAZEL           DONELLE         OWEN                     LLOYD           CARLTON         BRITE                    0924 1947 m
BROOKS               JAMES           STEVEN              RUTH            ELAINE          GILLESPIE                JAMES           VERNON          BROOKS                   0726 1947 m
BROWN                BESSIE          LEE                 VELMA                           WESSON                   LOUIE                           BROWN                    0320 1947 f
BROWN                BILLY           MAC                 JUANITA         CHRISTINE       COZBY                    WINSTON         PERRY           BROWN                    0424 1947 m
BROWN                MARY            JANE                LETHA           CHRISTINE       GIVENS                   ELMER           VERNON          BROWN                    0519 1947 f
BROWN                GAYLON          ELGENE              MILDRED         HAZEL           ROBERTS                  GEORGE          ELLIS           BROWN                    1211 1947 m
BROYLES              GARY            PRESTON             REBA            LORETTA         GRIFFIN                  JAMES           FLOYD           BROYLES                  0222 1947 m
BROYLES              JUDY            MARLENE             EDITH           LEE             SPIVEY                   J.              B.              BROYLES                  1113 1947 f
BRUCE                SHIRLEY         SUE                 BERTIE          RAY             JOHNSON                  WILLIE          GRAVES          BRUCE                    1214 1947 f
BRYAN                RONALD          DAVID               GLENDA          JEAN            HERRING                  DENY            DOT             BRYAN                    0413 1947 m
BRYSON               BARBARA         MARIE               MARJORY         MARIE           WRIGHT                   ARCHIE          NEIL            BRYSON                   0912 1947 f
BUNDICK              LINDA           GAY                 JIMMIE          JEWEL           NORRIS                   JERRY           MARTIN          BUNDICK                  0612 1947 f
BURFIELD             DOLORIS         FAY                 ALICE                           CROFT                    N.              D.              BURFIELD                 0204 1947 f
BURKS                SHERRON         CAROL               PATSY           JOAN            POINDEXTER               NELSON          R.              BURKS                    1211 1947 f
BURTON               EDWIN           RAY                 JUANDALINE                      DAVIS                    JESSE           RAY             BURTON                   1204 1947 m
BUSBY                DENNIS          WAYNE               LEALA                           FORBESS                  CARL            JUNIUS          BUSBY                    0109 1947 m
BYERLY               GEORGE          ALLAN               LULA            CATHERINE       SLATE                    OSA                             BYERLY               V   0613 1947 m
CAGLE                CLOIS           ALBERT              CHARITY         OPAL            LEWIS                    ALBERT          LEWIS           CAGLE                    0518 1947 m
CALK                 BARBARA         JEAN                DOROTHY         LEE             HURST                    ROY             LEE             CALK                     0307 1947 f
CALK                 GERALD          WAYNE               RUTH            NAOMI           BARRINGTON               JAMES           NORRIS          CALK                     1002 1947 m
CAMARILLO            MARIA           LLOLA               CATARINA                        GARCIA                   LINO            O.              CAMARILLO                0731 1947 f
CAMPBELL             LINDA                               MARGARET                        DONHAM                   CALVIN          FRANK           CAMPBELL                 0521 1947 f
CARDINAS             VICKEY          FAY                 BILLIE          LOUISE          WILHELM                  VICTOR                          CARDINAS                 1026 1947 f
CATE                 CYNTHIA         ANN                 LEOTA           MAE             BULLARD                  REX             LEE             CATE                     0609 1947 f
CATHEY               LYNDA           FAE                 WILLIE          MAVIS           GRAHAM                   JAMES           CARLIN          CATHEY                   0720 1947 f
CATHEY               PATRICIA        LOARINE             LELIA           LOARINE         EDINGTON                 DAVID           ROSS            CATHEY                   1230 1947 f
CHAPMAN              MARGARET        LEE                 IVA             LEE             HENDRICKS                RAYMOND         LOYD            CHAPMAN                  0105 1947 f
COCHRAN              VIOLA           PAULETTE            JUANNA          B.              HERRING                  WILLARD         C.              COCHRAN                  0210 1947 f
COMMONS              DONALD          RAY                 ETTA            MAE             REATHERFORD              ROLAND          HARVEY          COMMONS                  0301 1947 m
CONWAY               PATRICIA        ELAINE              BESSIE          CHARLENE        BURROW                   GORDON          WILBURN         CONWAY                   0405 1947 f
COOKSEY              LYNDALL         WAYNE               REGINA          MARY            ZLY                      MAJOR           HUGH            COOKSEY                  0401 1947 m
COPE                 CLOVIS          DON                 HOPE            MERLA           MCDONALD                 LEONARD         A.              COPE                     0922 1947 m
CORNETT              LARRY           DALE                MABEL           IRENE           GRIFFIN                  FLOYD           ELMER           CORNETT                  0318 1947 m
COX                  JACKIE          ELTON               HAZEL           MARIE           EVANS                    EDWIN           HARWOOD         COX                      0505 1947 m
CRAFT                PATRICIA        RAE                 RUTH            RETA            CULLINS                  RAYMOND         THOMAS          CRAFT                    0420 1947 f
CRAIG                ROGER           CHARLES             TILLIE          LAVERNE         POWER                    ALBERT          CLARENCE        CRAIG                    0104 1947 m
CRAWFORD             DONALD          LEE                 DORIS           DOLORES         SMITH                    LESTER                          CRAWFORD                 0928 1947 m
CRAWFORD             RONALD          LYLE                DORIS           DOLORES         SMITH                    LESTER                          CRAWFORD                 0928 1947 m
CRINER               SUSAN           JEAN                SARAH           JANE            RODDEN                   LEWIS           GEORGE          CRINER                   0123 1947 f
CROFT                DAVID           RAY                 DOROTHY         LOUISE          BENNETT                  ROY             CLYDE           CROFT                    0122 1947 m
CRUMP                BARBARA         ELAINE              NELDA           LURLINE         LANGSTON                 LOUIS           M.              CRUMP                    1203 1947 f
CULLINS              LEE             RAY                 MARY            EDNA            PEEL                     ROMIE           BYER            CULLINS                  0411 1947 m
CUPPS                BILLY           DON                 CLARA           DOCIA           GENZ                     RACHEL          WILLIAM        CUPPS                    0526 1947 m
CURRIE               NANCY           KAYE                MARGUERITE      MIZELL          YOUNG                    HERBERT         WIX             CURRIE               JR. 0718 1947 f
DAVIS                LINDA           LOIS                WILMA           JEAN            MCDONALD                 FRED            TAYLOR          DAVIS                    1211 1947 f
DAY                  GERALDINE                           LUCILE                          BATES                    EDWARD          ELGIN           DAY                      1108 1947 f
DAYLONG              PATRICK         LYNN                LOLA                            BARNETT                  GARLAND                         DAYLONG                  1123 1947 m
DEAL                 JO              ANN                 ANNE            MARIE           SCHOLZ                   JOE             CHARLES         DEAL                     0214 1947 f
DEAL                 BILLIE          GENE                BILLIE                          COZART                   EDWARD          EUGENE          DEAL                     1006 1947 f
DEANDA               LEROY                               MARY                            JARAMILLO                RICHARD                         DEANDA                   0209 1947 m
DEBUSK               LARRY           DON                 THELMA                          KOLB                     L.              D.              DEBUSK                   1024 1947 m
DEVOLL               SHARRON         ELLABE              JOYCE           MARETA          BAUGH                    JOSEPH          FRANKLIN        DEVOLL                   0506 1947 f
DIAZ                 GUY             G.              JR. LUCIA                           CAMARILLO                GUY             G.              DIAZ                 SR. 0122 1947 m
DIAZ                 ORELIA                              BEATRICE                        RODRIGUEZ                BARNEY                          DIAZ                     0825 1947 f
DICKERSON            EL              RAY                 BEULAH          AVELLA          TAYLOR                   L.              J.              DICKERSON                1114 1947 m
DOBBINS              WILLIAM         DUANE               DELORIS         RUE             HARRELL                  ALBERT          DAN             DOBBINS                  0504 1947 m
DOYAL                LESLIE          RAY                 ANNA            JOSEPHINE       RAY                      ERNEST          LEE             DOYAL                    0721 1947 m
DOZIER               JAMES           WAYNE               NORMA           LOUISE          FOX                      JAMES           WASHINGTON      DOZIER               JR. 0410 1947 m
DRAKE                PATSY           HELEN               ILA             LEOLA           ROBINSON                 ELZIE           B.              DRAKE                    0516 1947 f
DU BOIS              MARSHA          GAYLE               JO              ARLENE          CARROLL                  IRA             C.              DUBOIS                   0725 1947 f
DUBOIS               DOYLE           DWAYNE              NORMA           LEE             BARKER                   CHARLES         RAY             DUBOIS                   1210 1947 m
DUNCAN               DONNA           REBECCA             WILDA           FAY             DAVIS                    DANIEL          DEE             DUNCAN                   0301 1947 f
DUNCAN               BRUCE           WEHLAN              LURLINE         EDITH           OAVERIE                  GRAYDON         LESSLEY         DUNCAN                   0410 1947 m
DUNLAP               DENNIS                              LUCIA           NIETA           SMITH                    FRANCIS         MARION          DUNLAP               JR  0611 1947 m
EDINGTON             WILDA           SUE                 WILDA           SYLVIA          KLUTTS                   RAYMOND         E.              EDINGTON                 0803 1947 f
EDWARDS              KENNETH         RAY                 LELA            ESTELLE         SHARP                    AIS             JOHN            BAKER                    0509 1947 f
EHRLER               TIMMY           LEE                 ADA             B. AZALEE       PRIDDY                   ADOLPHUS        ALFORD          EHRLER                   1213 1947 m
ELLIOTT              CHARLES         EDWARD              ANNIE           LOU             JONES                    JAMES           CLAUDE          ELLIOTT                  1026 1947 m
ELLIS                ELSIE           ANITA               NONA            BELL            WELLS                    CECIL           EARL            ELLIS                    1009 1947 f
ELROD                ALPHIE          DOLORES             CLAUDIA         MOZELL          CLARK                    JIM             CHARLIE         ELROD                    1104 1947 f
ENGLAND              SHERON          KAY                 JOHNNY          ARVELLA         SHAMBLIN                 GRANVILLE       E.              ENGLAND                  0108 1947 f
ESPITIA              ENRRERQUE                           JUANITA                         CARDINAS                 RAMON                           ESPITIA                  0107 1947 m
EUBANK               VERNA           JEANETTE            MATTIE          LUCILLE         NEWMAN                   ELMO                            EUBANK               JR. 0929 1947 f
FARRIS               GLENDA          KAY                 BIRDIE          MAE             HARMES                   HIRAN           EDWARD          FARRIS                   1227 1947 f
FEATHERSTON          JAMES           EDWARD              LILLIE          FRANCES         ARNOLD                   EDWARD          KEITH           FEATHERSTON              0531 1947 m
FENTON               MARGARET        SUE                 LUCILE          AGNES           ELLIOTT                  WANZER          FISHER          FENTON                   1105 1947 f
FIELD                TOMMIE          JOSEPHINE           HAZEL           ELIZABETH       HOLTZ                    THOMAS          MARSHALL        FIELD                    0918 1947 f
FLOWERS              DOUGLAS         WAYNE               ORA             MAE             HOLLON                   THERON          KATTY           FLOWERS                  1103 1947 m
FOLKNER              JIMMIE          PAUL                RUBY            IRENE           RAY                      ALBERT          EUGENE          FOLKNER                  0109 1947 m
FORBESS              RICKY           LEE                 ALMA            OLENE           NAIL                     REX             CLOVIS          FORBESS                  1007 1947 m
FRANKE               NORMA           JEAN                BETTY           JO              CONNEL                   MERLIN          GEORGE          FRANKE                   0903 1947 f
FRICK                CHARLOTTE       LEE                 OUIDA           PEARL           MCCULLOCH                JAMES           DOUGLAS         FRICK                    1221 1947 f
FULBRIGHT            JAMES           WARD                EVELYN          MARIE           HEILMAN                  JOHN            WESLEY          FULBRIGHT                0223 1947 m
FULBRIGHT            GLENDA          KAY                 MARY            LOU             BETHANY                  NOLAND          EDWARD          FULBRIGHT                0915 1947 f
FULFER               LINDA           JANE                ANNIE           RAY             BRIGGS                   J.              D.              FULFER                   0226 1947 f
FULFER               LESTER          ARTHUR              BONNIE          WAYNE           CONSTABLE                **DEATH         FILE            NUMBER EXISTS**          1116 1947 m
GALLAWAY             ANNIE           FAY                 RUBY            FAY             PEEL                     JOHN            ROADS           GALLAWAY                 0102 1947 f
GARRETT              JOE             CARROLL             MAYME           ADELYN          COOPER                   ROBERT          F.              GARRETT                  0909 1947 m
GARRETT              MICHAEL         JESS                CAROLYN                         KINGSBERRY               JESS            THOMAS          GARRETT                  0627 1947 m
GARZA                LUJERIO                             CAPRIANA                        PERIZ                    LEOPOLDO                        GARZA                    0818 1947 m
GAWORSKI             LINDA           SUE                 DOROTHY         JEWEL           CARROLL                  HENRY           JAN             GAWORSKI                 1003 1947 f
GAYLER               JERRY           DONALD              MANDIE          ESTER           SMITH                    CECIL           LOYD            GAYLER                   0413 1947 m
GEE                  KATHRYN         YVONNE              LELA            MYRTLE          METTS                    EDWARD          WILSON          GEE                      0224 1947 f
GEORGE               JOHN            EDDIE               SARA            NELL            HALL                     WALTER          M.              GEORGE                   0408 1947 m
GILBREATH            JAMES           BYRON               LEORA           ADELLE          MURRELL                  WILLIAM         BYRON           GILBREATH                1213 1947 m
GLENN                REBA            MAE                 HAZEL           ESTELLE         CONNER                   EDGAR           EARL            GLENN                    0221 1947 f
GOBER                ELIZABETH       ANN                 JOHNIE          MAE             WEEKLEY                  CLAUDE          A.              GOBER                    0124 1947 f
GOLSTON              JOE             WEBB                ELERA           FAY             NICKENS                  JOE             REX             GOLSTON              JR. 1010 1947 m
GOULD                GAYLEN          RYAN                LILLIAN         VIRGINIA        MCQUEEN                  JUNIOR          RYAN            GOULD                    0330 1947 m
GRAVES               LOTA            MARGARET            PEGGY           JOYCE           THOMPSON                 JAMES           DOUGLAS         GRAVES                   0505 1947 f
GREGG                JOHN            WAYFORD             BILLY           JEAN            COLE                     JOHN            CAMPBELL        GREGG                    0901 1947 m
GRIFFIN              LINDA           SUE                 HELEN           AUDREY          SMITH                    PAUL            GASTON          GRIFFIN                  0414 1947 f
GRIFFITH             LINDA           JOYCE               ESTERLENE       ELIZABETH       LANCASTER                ODIE            LEE             GRIFFITH                 0211 1947 f
GUTHRIE              MONTIE          LESTER          III BILLIE          RAYE            BARNETT                  MONTIE          LESTER          GUTHRIE              JR. 0613 1947 m
HALLFORD             ELIZABETH       ANN                 MERBETH         ELIZABETH       TURNBOW                  JASPER          HAROLD          HALLFORD                 1006 1947 f
HANCOCK              JACKIE          SUE                 FRANKIE         LEE             STRALEY                  JACK            W.              HANCOCK                  1006 1947 f
HANDY                NANCY           FRANCINE            EDNA            MAE             KELLER                   GEORGE          F.              HANDY                    0303 1947 f
HARRIS               TERRY           VON                 LORA            FAYE            ODOM                     TOMMIE          J.              HARRIS                   0314 1947 m
HARRIS               JOYCE           FAY                 ARGIE           MAE             MEDLEY                   LEON                            HARRIS                   1110 1947 f
HARRIS               JOE             RAY                 ARGIE           MAE             MEDLEY                   LEON                            HARRIS                   1110 1947 m
HAVNER               BRENDA          SUE                 LULA            BELLE           MOORE                    MEREDITH        BURL            HAVNER                   0418 1947 f
HELTON               RONALD          LYNN                MARY            JEAN            AARON                    WILLIAM         LOYED           HELTON               JR. 0429 1947 m
HENDERSON            GLORIA          JANE                DOVIE           ODELL           LEE                      PAYNE                           HENDERSON            JR. 0903 1947 f
HENRY                LIONEL          FOSSETT             ORA             BETHEL          FOSSETT                  JAMES           ARLINGTON       HENRY                    0725 1947 m
HENSLEY              JOHN            SHERFIELD           LUCILLE         NINABELLE       MILLER                   JOHN                            HENSLEY                  1221 1947 m
HESTER               HUGH            CHEYENNE            WINNIE                          BALLARD                  HUGH            A.              HESTER                   0811 1947 m
HILL                 BOOKER          T.              JR. JUANITA                         PORTER                   BOOKER          T.              HILL                     0104 1947 m
HINDS                ARRON           CLYDE               ONA             FAYE            LARIMORE                 A.              C.              HINDS                    0208 1947 m
HINDS                BILLIE          JEAN                BOBBY                           PEARCE                   LONNIE          W.              HINDS                    1220 1947 f
HOLDER               GLENDA          LOUISE              ZELDA           LOUISE          JONES                    CALVIN          C.              HOLDER                   0203 1947 f
HOLLAND              RICHARD                             NORINA                          JOHNSON                  JOHNNIE                         HOLLAND                  0602 1947 m
HOLLINGER            FLOYD           LLELDON         JR. MARJORIE        JANE            MCGRAW                   FLOYD           LLELDON         HOLLINGER                0228 1947 m
HOLLOWAY             ROY                             JR. ESTELLA                         RICHARDSON               ROY                             HOLLOWAY                 0902 1947 m
HORNER               LAWANDA         KAY                 KATHERINE       MAE             MANLEY                   JAMES           CARSON          HORNER                   0123 1947 f
HORNER               LINDA           CAROL               FRANCES         OMA DEAN        MCDONALD                 RICHARD         RALPH           HORNER                   0513 1947 f
HORTON               LINDA           ETHEL               NELLIE          MURAL           LEWIS                    WILLIAM         THELMER         HORTON                   0210 1947 f
HOSCH                MICHAEL         ERNEST              ORA             JEWEL           SMITH                    PASCAL          H.              HOSCH                    0305 1947 m
HOWARD               NEVA            JALEENE             IRENE           ELIZABETH       HORTON                   JOE             TOM             HOWARD                   0317 1947 f
HOWARD               DANIEL          STENNIS             JENNIE          MCLEES          STENNIS                  H.              E.              HOWARD                   1209 1947 m
HUDSON               DONALD          WAYNE               KATHERINE                       BOYD                     GEORGE          ALEXANDER       HUDSON               JR. 0205 1947 m
HUDSON               ELIZABETH       KAY                 ANNA            MARGARET        AACHTE                   JOE                             HUDSON                   0928 1947 f
HUEY                 JOYCE           VIRGINIA            JOYCE           BELLE           GREEN                    JAMES           WILBURN         HUEY                     0603 1947 f
HUGHES               SHERIA          KAY                 GEORGIA         INETA           CHERRY                   ANDREW          JACK            HUGHES                   1029 1947 f
HURST                RONALD          KAY                 BETTY           GENE            THOMAS                   KAY             CLAUDE          HURST                    0302 1947 m
HYATT                PEGGY           SUE                 LOUISE          MARIE           FARRIS                   WILLIE          J.              HYATT                JR. 1118 1947 f
ISAACS               JOHNNIE         WILLIAM             ELEASE          DOROTHY         ISAACS                                                                            0323 1947 m
ISAACS               MARY            LOUISE              WILLIE          MAE             ISAACS                                                                            0813 1947 f
JACKSON              BEVERLY         SUE                 DOROTHY         LORENE          WILLIAMS                 WILLARD         ANDY            JACKSON                  0208 1947 f
JACKSON              SANDRA          ARLENE              EDNA            MAE             FLOYD                    ARLIE                           JACKSON                  0411 1947 f
JAMESON              DANIEL          VERNON              HELEN           MAY             STONE                    ROBERT          CAREY           JAMESON                  0519 1947 m
JARRELL              BRENDA          SUE                 ELSIE           LOREE           SANSOM                   SAM             DAVIS           JARRELL                  1203 1947 f
JASO                 ROSA                                JACINTA                         GONZALES                 GUADALUPE                       JASO                     0418 1947 f
JENKINS              ROBERT          WILLIAM             NANCY           MILDRED         MILLS                    HERMAN          EDWARD          JENKINS                  1215 1947 m
JENNINGS             GLENDA          MARIE               MONTIE          ELIZABETH       MOORE                    RAYMOND         EARL            JENNINGS                 0823 1947 f
JEWELL               EDNA            DOLORIS             EULA            FAE             POTTER                   DEXTER                          JEWELL                   0513 1947 f
JEWELL               GLENDA          DARNELL             ONEITA          JUNE            STEFFEY                  WILLIAM         FRANKLIN        JEWELL                   0711 1947 f
JOHNS                ALEXANDER                       JR. ILA                             YANCY                    ALEXANDER                       JOHNS                    1209 1947 m
JOHNSON              SAMMIE          DUANE               LAVADA          CARMIE          FULBRIGHT                SAMMIE          HOUSTON         JOHNSON                  0531 1947 m
JOHNSON              NIKKI           VAN                 MARY            LOU             ARNOLD                   MARCUS          RANDOLPH        JOHNSON                  0804 1947 m
JOHNSTON             JAMES           MARION              ELIZABETH       HAZEL           MYERS                    MARION          AMON            JOHNSTON                 1016 1947 m
JOLLY                MARY            JEAN                EDNA            MAE             DANSBY                   ADELL           BRINT           JOLLY                    0301 1947 f
KEENEY               MARGARET        ELIECE              BARBARA         BEATRICE        SMITH                    RAYMOND                         KEENEY                   0907 1947 f
KEENEY               BETTY           EVELY               MARY            LOUISE          GRIFFITH                 J.              D.              KEENEY                   0225 1947 f
KEMP                 LINDA           BETH                MARY            BETH            FOLK                     WILLIAM         MARVIN          KEMP                     0903 1947 f
KENNEY               SAMMY           WAYNE               EFFIE                           CALLEY                   EUGENE          LONZO           KENNEY                   0830 1947 m
KERBOW               CAROL           LYNN                THELMA          IRENE           MILES                    HENRY           DAVID           KERBOW                   1231 1947 f
KILE                 JANICE          LYNN                PEARL                           STOUP                    WAYNE           MACK            KILE                     0308 1947 f
KIMBRELL             KAREN           LORENE              KATIE           LORENE          WILLIAMS                 FORREST         CLEVLAND        KIMBRELL                 1128 1947 f
KINCAID              WELDON          HARLON              GRACE                           CASEY                    ROBERT          SEABORN         KINCAID                  0205 1947 m
KNOTTS               CAROL           ANN                 VEDA            RUTH            GRIMES                   CHARLES         RENNICK         KNOTTS                   1021 1947 f
KNOWLES              GLORIA          JEAN                IMA             JEWEL           HUBBARD                  FRED            HAROLD          KNOWLES                  0403 1947 f
KRAKER               MARTHA          LOUISE              JANE                            JENNINGS                 ALBERT          W.              KRAKER                   1030 1947 f
LA FERNEY            DIANE                               EVELYN                          BROOKS                   DALLAS          RAY             LA FERNEY                0117 1947 f
LANCASTER            PARKER                          JR. BONNIE          LAVADA          SANDERS                  PARKER                          LANCASTER                1029 1947 m
LATIMER              ROSA            LEE                 ESTELLE                         FLOYD                    FLOYD                           LATIMER                  1204 1947 f
LAWRENCE             JUDY            NELL                DAVA            LOIS            MCCOY                    NARVIN          LYNN            LAWRENCE                 0223 1947 f
LAWSON               JANICE          GAIL                MARGIE          OPAL            BLAIR                    JAMES           THOMAS          LAWSON                   1012 1947 f
LECK                 EDDY            FLOYD               MARTHA          LOUISE          LIVERMON                 MARVIN          FLOYD           LECK                     0706 1947 m
LEE                  RICHARD         ROCHESTER           BERNICE         MARIE           COBB                     RICHARD         ROCHESTER       LEE                      0222 1947 m
LEONARD              JOY             MARIE               MAGGIE          PEARL           WELLS                    EDWARD          FRANKLIN        LEONARD                  0708 1947 f
LEONARD              SANDRA          GAIL                MARY            SUE             HARBISON                 GEO.            WYLIE           LEONARD                  1019 1947 f
LOPEZ                RAQUEL                              MINERVA                         GARZA                    JUAN                            LOPEZ                    0201 1947 f
LOPEZ                FILIMON                             ISABEL                          MARTINEZ                 JUAN            A.              LOPEZ                    0803 1947 m
MACKEY               ROSA            LYNN                NELLA           FAYE            HENDERSON                ARTHUR          LYNN            MACKEY                   0910 1947 f
MADENA               PALENO                              MARY                            HERRERA                  PAGAL                           MADENA                   0609 1947 m
MALLOUF              MARSHA          LYNN                MAGGIE                          SAHADI                   MIKE            J.              MALLOUF                  0908 1947 f
MANKIN               DELTA           SUE                 ESTHER          JANE            HARRIS                   EARL            MELTON          MANKIN                   0821 1947 f
MARTINEZ             MARIA           ROSALINDA           CONNIE                          GALINDO                  GEORGE          C.              MARTINEZ                 0925 1947 f
MASON                LARRY           JOE                 CHRISTENE       MIRAM           MASON                    DOWD            GERALD          MASON                    0830 1947 m
MATA                 JUANITA                             JOBITA                          NUNEZ                    TRINIDAD                        MATA                     1020 1947 f
MC MILLAN            FOSTER          ELLIS               MARTHENA        CLEO            MC ELRATH                BILLY           CLIFFORD        MC MILLAN                0826 1947 m
MCANALLY             EDDIE           JOE                 FRANCES         EULALA          MCDERMETT                EDGAR           NELSON          MCANALLY                 0605 1947 m
MCANALLY             CATHY                               WANDA           JEAN            BURNS                    BYRON           JESSIE          MCANALLY                 1105 1947 f
MCCABE               BILLY           JOE                 REBA            BERNICE         PATTERSON                ALBERT          WESLEY          MCCABE                   0929 1947 m
MCCALL               VICKY           JEAN                LUCILLE                         SARTAIN                  JOHN            THURMAN         MCCALL                   0813 1947 f
MCCARRELL            RONNIE          GENE                EVA             FRANK           TRULL                    CLARENCE        EDMOND          MCCARRELL                0912 1947 m
MCCARROLL            LOID            MELVIN              SUDIE           MAE             BOYD                     WILLIAM         EDGAR           MCCARROLL                0222 1947 m
MCCLELLAN            ROBERT          DALE                DORIS           ALLENE          SANDERS                  ROBERT          EUGENE          MCCLELLAN                0716 1947 m
MCCLESKEY            ROBERT          ALLEN               ROSELENE                        CUMMINGS                 FRED            ALLEN           MCCLESKEY            JR. 1226 1947 m
MCCLOUD              J.              D.                  BERNECE                         JACKSON                  TOMMIE          LEE             MCCLOUD                  0327 1947 m
MCCRARY              ROY             LYNN                MATTIE          LOUISE          SMITH                    WILLIE          ARTHUR          MCCRARY                  0327 1947 m
MCKINNEY             GLENDA          ANN                 DOROTHY         NADYNE          GARY                     WILTON          HARVEY          MCKINNEY                 1202 1947 f
MCMILLAN             BOBBY           CLOYS               MARTHA          MARIE           WOODY                    CLOYS           EUGENE          MCMILLAN                 0625 1947 m
MCNUTT               DEBORAH         RENAE               BERNICE         IMOGENE         SQUYRES                  WILLIAM         H.              MCNUTT                   0914 1947 f
MCNUTT               RONALD          GENE                ADA             LOUISE          POER                     JAY             CEPHUS          MCNUTT                   1009 1947 m
MCQUEEN              PATRICIA        LYNETTE             LYNETTE         STRAIN          HICKS                    CECIL           HARVEY          MCQUEEN                  1010 1947 f
MEDCALF              WINSTON         MASON               WILLIE                          BOZEMAN                  CALVIN          HEIDRICK        MEDCALF                  0314 1947 m
MEEKS                NATHAN          RAY                 ROSALIE                         SCOTT                    NATHAN          HOLT            MEEKS                    1208 1947 m
MEHAFFEY             NELLANNA                            RUBYE           LEE             PELL                     GLEN            ESKEL           MEHAFFEY                 0307 1947 f
MENDOZA              JUAN            REFUGIO             STELLA                          NUNEZ                    SANTOS                          MENDOZA                  0704 1947 m
MERCER               KARY            TIM                 NANNIE          BLANCHE         MCCORMICK                HERMAN          ANDERSON        MERCER                   0409 1947 m
MERRYMAN             EDDIE           DEWAYNE             BILLIE          MARIE           JENNINGS                 JNO.            D.              MERRYMAN                 1205 1947 m
MILLER               JOHN            P.              III PATSY                           JAMISON                  JOHN            P.              MILLER               JR. 0210 1947 m
MILLS                JESSIE          LYNN                LULA            MAE             GILLIAM                  JOHN            THOMAS          MILLS                    0219 1947 m
MILLS                BILLIE          GENE                EDDIE           MAE             WILSON                   EFFIE           GEE             MILLS                    0225 1947 f
MILLS                GARY            RICHARD             LUNA            MARIE           BARNES                   JOHN            RANKIN          MILLS                    1012 1947 m
MILLS                MARY            MACHELLE            LUNA            MARIE           BARNES                   JOHN            RANKIN          MILLS                    1012 1947 f
MODRELL              SANDRA          PATRICIA            MADELL          EVELYN          FENTON                   DARRELL         E.              MODRELL                  0630 1947 f
MONROE               BETTY           ANN                 WANDA           LUCILLE         MOSER                    CHARIS          ARDELL          MONROE                   1111 1947 f
MONTGOMERY           GEORGE          WAYNE               WAGIE                           RUTHERFORD               GLOMILLION                      MONTGOMERY               0813 1947 m
MOORE                WILMA           JEAN                VIRGINIA        JEAN            CARMICKEL                EARL                            MOORE                    0217 1947 f
MOORE                OLIVER          LEE                 ANNA            LEE             FERGUSON                 CHARLES         OLIVER          MOORE                    0725 1947 m
MOORE                LINDA           LOIS                ELTA            LOIS            BURLESON                 ROGER           NELSON          MOORE                    0913 1947 f
MOSIER               GARY            VANCE               JURHEE          LUCILLE         REED                     ROY             VANCE           MOSIER                   1023 1947 m
MULANAX              LINDA           JEAN                EDITH           MAE             HOOPER                   KENNETH         WARREN          MULANAX                  0620 1947 f
MUSICK               JOHN            LEE             JR. DONNIE          ELSIE           HUBBARD                  JOHN            LEE             MUSICK                   0411 1947 m
NEFF                 CARROLL         WAYNE               BERNICE                         KEENEY                   ROBERT          HENRY           NEFF                     0608 1947 m
NELSON               BETTY           ANN                 BETTIE          LOU             KING                     FRANK           WILSON          NELSON                   0410 1947 f
NIELL                BOBBIE          LEE                 IDALEE          H.              HIPSHER                  JOE             WOODROW         NIELL                    0707 1947 f
OAKES                LENDA           CAROL               CORA            LUCILLE         LANCASTER                OSBOURNE        LENTON          OAKES                    0720 1947 f
ODOM                 RICKEY          LYNN                BETTY           JO              ODOM                     CARL            EDWIN           ODOM                     1226 1947 f
OXFORD               JOHNNY          FLOYD               VELMA           LEONA           VARNER                   HARVEY          ZANE            OXFORD                   0331 1947 m
PADGITT              JANE            MAVERICK            LILLIAN         WILLIAMS        MAVERICK                 JAMES           THOMAS          PADGITT              JR. 0613 1947 f
PENDERGRASS          PAMALA          NATALIE             ZELDA           OLA             RILEY                    CARL                            PENDERGRASS              1026 1947 f
PENTECOST            DRUCILLA        NADENE              ALVERA          DELORIS         PIERCE                   C.              B.              PENTECOST                0831 1947 f
PERKINS              BETTY           JEAN                MYRTLE          GILLIAM         STRATTON                 RITCHIE         DAVID           PERKINS                  1226 1947 f
PERRIE               JAMES           ALFRED              GLADYS          DALE            CURRY                    **DEATH         FILE            NUMBER EXISTS**          0705 1947 m
PFEIFFER             ALICE           JEAN                RUTH            ELOISE          HARKEY                   PAUL            EDWIN           PFEIFFER                 0121 1947 f
PIERATT              VIRGINIA        LOUISE              JOYCE           LANETTE         WILLMAN                  BILLY           MILES           PIERATT                  1024 1947 f
POLDRACK             ALFREDIA        BETH                AVIS            NADENE          THOMPSON                 ARTHUR          ALFRED          POLDRACK                 1030 1947 f
POWELL               GARILYN                             HELEN           VIRGINIA        STOCKARD                 RICHARD         SMITH           POWELL                   1020 1947 f
PRATER               HAROLD          LYNN                BILLIE          LOUISE          SWEARENGIN               HAROLD          M.              PRATER                   0706 1947 m
PRATT                MYRA            LORENA              MAXINE                          CONNALLY                 MYRON           ANGUS           PRATT                    0831 1947 f
PRICE                SHEILA          CAROL               JOYCE           ELAINE          NORBERG                  **DEATH         FILE            NUMBER EXISTS**          0108 1947 f
PRICE                FRANCES         ELIZABETH           LULA            MABLE           TURNEY                   ROBERT          E.              PRICE                    0728 1947 f
PRIDDY               JANET           ELAINE              WILMA           JEAN            SMITH                    JAMES           EARL            PRIDDY                   0607 1947 f
PRIEST               JOE             WELDON              EMMA            OLETA           PENNY                    WELDON          ELMO            PRIEST                   0903 1947 m
RACKOW               HELEN           ANN                 CATHERINE       ANNIE           BOYD                     OTTO            HENRY           RACKOW                   1009 1947 f
RAY                  TERRY           DALE                VENEVIAN        LAVERNE         TAYLOR                   THOMAS          CARL            RAY                      0324 1947 f
RAY                  KAREN           ANN                 DOROTHY         LOUISE          HERD                     KENNETH         DALE            RAY                      0418 1947 f
REGIAN               NETIA           MARIE               ETHEL           FRANCES         SMITH                    HERMAN          L.              REGIAN                   0105 1947 f
REISNER              RICHARD         LEE                 ELIZABETH       ANN             HOOKER                   GUSTAV          ARNDT           REISNER                  0514 1947 m
RIDER                GARY            DALE                WILLIE          MAE             BURTON                   EMERY           ODELL           RIDER                    1025 1947 m
ROBBINS              JERRELL         ROY                 BILLIE          RUTH            WILSON                   JOSEPH          MARTIN          ROBBINS                  0816 1947 m
ROBERTS              PAULA           JEAN                VELMA           PAULINE         LANDERS                  CARY            ALTIS           ROBERTS                  1217 1947 f
ROBERTS              JAMES           LEE                 MILDRED         GENEVA          HINKLE                   BOBBY           LEE             ROBERTS                  0330 1947 m
RODRIGUEZ            MARTIN          R.                  ANITA           R.              DIAZ                     GILBERTO        R.              RODRIGUEZ                0104 1947 m
ROOK                 BONNER          LEN                 ISABEL                          WORLEY                   **DEATH         FILE            NUMBER EXISTS**          1213 1947 m
ROZZELL              CHARLA          JO                  WILMA           JO              SPENCER                  CHARLES                         ROZZELL                  0323 1947 f
SANCHEZ              JOE                                 EVA                             JARAMILLO                ANTONIO                         SANCHEZ                  1220 1947 m
SANDERS              BRENDA          JUDEAN              EDNA            BELL            BOYD                     FURMAN          ALFRED          SANDERS                  0112 1947 f
SANDERS              ROLAND          DRUE                OLETA                           MERRIMAN                 WILLIE                          SANDERS                  0719 1947 m
SCARBROUGH           GARY            MICHAEL             NINA            PAULINE         WILLIAMSON               ELI                             SCARBROUGH               0505 1947 m
SCOTT                SHIRLEY         CATHERINE           LINNIE          MERLE           FLETCHER                 JESSIE          LEE             SCOTT                JR. 0425 1947 f
SCOTT                JAMES           RAY                 HELEN           RAY             HARRIS                   HUGH            HAMILTON        SCOTT                    0612 1947 m
SEALS                GARY            LEE                 MILDRED         MAURINE         HATCHER                  CLAUD           WOODROW         SEALS                    0601 1947 m
SEAY                 JOHN            HOWARD              JEAN            MARIE           CRYE                     HOWARD          BUSEY           SEAY                     0110 1947 m
SHANNON              BRUCE           RAYMOND             EVELYN          MINNIE          SCHURR                   WILLIAM         LOWELL          SHANNON              JR. 0503 1947 m
SHARP                FREDDIE         LEE                 LILLIAN         VIRGINIA        SMITH                    HENRY           ESTOL           SHARP                    0319 1947 m
SHELTON              MICHEAL         ANDREW              MARY            ELIZABETH       WARE                     AUBREY          ANDREW          SHELTON                  0114 1947 m
SIMMONS              LOIS            ANN                 SEALY           VELMA           WATSON                   ELMER                           SIMMONS                  1113 1947 f
SKELTON              HAROLD          RICHARD             DORIS                           WHITE                    JOHN                            SKELTON                  1017 1947 m
SMART                BETTE           DARLENE             VIOLET          HARRIET         SOUHRADA                 LEONARD         MORTON          SMART                    0423 1947 f
SMITH                ORAN            DWAIN               NADINE                          ELKINS                   ORAN            D.              SMITH                    0108 1947 m
SMITH                WILMA           JOYCE               WILMA           MABLE           PHILLIPS                 WILLIAM         JOHN            SMITH                    0317 1947 f
SMITH                DONNIE          KAREN               ETHEL           MAY             BETHANY                  PLEZZ                           SMITH                    0522 1947 f
SMITH                MARSHA          JO                  ZELMA           JO              RENFRO                   MARSHALL        WENDELL         SMITH                    0614 1947 f
SMITH                WANDA           JEAN                BOBBIE          JEAN            JENNINGS                 CLARENCE        WILBER          SMITH                    1017 1947 f
SNODGRASS            JO              MARGARITE           FLORENCE                        HORTON                   JOHN            W.              SNODGRASS                0618 1947 f
SQUYRES              STANLEY         CARROLL             MARY            CATHERINE       SMITH                    Y.Z.            CARROLL         SQUYRES                  0426 1947 m
STACY                LINDA           CAROL               MARTHA          MAE             SPRINKLES                JACK            K.              STACY                    0702 1947 f
STEAKLEY             HOWARD          GLEN                FLORA           ARDELLA         MCNIECE                  HALBERT         DERRELL         STEAKLEY                 0111 1947 m
STEARNS              HARLEY          WILLARD             JEWELL                          JAMES                    HARLEY          S.              STEARNS                  0819 1947 m
STEVENS              CHARLOTTE       ELAIN               IVA             MAE             TAYLOR                   WINIFRED        ARDELL          STEVENS                  0228 1947 f
STRAWN               ANTHONY         JACKSON             CHARLOTTE       DIBRELL         EDWARDS                  HARVEY          LESTER          STRAWN                   0613 1947 m
STRENGTH             DONALD          EUGENE              CATHARINE                       FULLER                   CHARLES         J.              STRENGTH                 1010 1947 m
TABER                REBECCA         LOU                 MARY            JO              COX                      IRVIN           JACKSON         TABER                    0209 1947 f
TABOR                CYNTHIA         ANN                 ANNIE           LOUISE          STOVALL                  ELDON           FORD            TABOR                    1019 1947 f
TALLEY               ELGIN           KNOX                MARGARET        AILLEENE        EDMONDSON                CECIL           EUGENE          TALLEY                   0812 1947 m
TAYLOR               FRANK           LYNN                LOLA            BELLE           HORTON                   LOYD            MELVIN          TAYLOR                   0407 1947 m
TAYLOR               GENEVA          J.                  ERA             J.              SNODGRASS                JOSEPH          ALLEN           TAYLOR                   0414 1947 f
TEMPLIN              SAMMY           EMIL                MARTHA          IRENE           GRAHAM                   WILLIE                          TEMPLIN                  0111 1947 m
TEMPLIN              GLENDA          CAROLYN             MARTHA          IRENE           TEMPLIN                  WILLIE                          TEMPLIN                  0329 1947 f
TEMPLIN              RONALD          LEWIS               LEONA           GERTRUDE        IVES                     ROBERT          LEE             TEMPLIN                  0605 1947 m
TENNISON             LINDA           JO                  ANNIE           VIOLA           DOWNS                    BURNICE         MOODY           TENNISON                 1021 1947 f
TERRELL              ISAIAH                              ROSIE           LEE             JACKSON                  T.              W.              TERRELL                  0422 1947 m
TERRY                JOHNNY          RALPH               ESTHER          PAULINE         HAMMONDS                 JOHN            FRANKLIN        TERRY                    0428 1947 m
TERRY                DANY            ZANE                REBECCA         MANDANY         FENTON                   JOHN            DAVID           TERRY                    0525 1947 f
THOMAS               LOUIS           WAYNE               SUSIE           LOUISE          DOWELL                   FLOYD           MARTIN          THOMAS                   1029 1947 m
THOMPSON             CLIFFORD        ED                  DOROTHY         PEALRE          RANSBERGER               CLIFFORD                        THOMPSON                 0831 1947 m
TRAMMELL             LONNIE          GLENN               ALMA            FAYE            MACHEN                   LESLIE          GALE            TRAMMELL                 0123 1947 m
TUCKER               THREASA         ANN                 JUANITA         ANN             BARCLAY                  ROY             EARL            TUCKER                   1124 1947 f
TUCKEY               FRANCES         LEE                 ALLIE           MAY             TITSWORTH                W.              C.              TUCKEY                   0724 1947 f
TURNER               LINDA           KAY                 JANICE          IRENE           VAUGHN                   JOHN            WESLEY          TURNER               JR. 0501 1947 f
UNDERWOOD            GEORGE          MICHAEL             BERTHA                          CRYE                     JOHN            C.              UNDERWOOD                0630 1947 m
URENA                WALTER                              OTILA           RENDON          GARZA                    VALENTINE                       URENA                    0627 1947 m
VOSQUEZ              GUSMON                              JUANITA                         BALSDES                  GEROMINO                        VOSQUEZ                  0803 1947 m
WADDELL              BRENDA          LEE                 DOROTHY                         COPE                     WILLIAM         J.              WADDELL                  0522 1947 f
WALKER               JOHN            EDWARD              VERA            MARIE           FOSSETT                  WILL            RAPHAEL         WALKER                   0401 1947 m
WALKER               GLENNA          DELIGHT             BONNA           RAE             CONWAY                   GERALD          GLENN           WALKER                   0705 1947 f
WALLIS               CHARLIE         B.              JR. HELEN           ROBERTA         DUNN                     CHARLIE         B.              WALLIS                   1008 1947 m
WEBB                 JIMMY           LEE                 EMMA            LELIA           WATKINS                  JAMES           EDWIN           WEBB                     0623 1947 m
WEBB                 BILLY           MAC                 MAXINE                          GRAHAM                   GARLAND                         WEBB                     1006 1947 m
WHITE                HOWARD          LEE                 WILMA           LEE             STEFFEY                  JUNIOR          HOWARD          WHITE                    0518 1947 m
WIGINTON             JOHN            MERLE               ELIZABETH       ELLEN           SAVAGE                   RAYMOND         CHESTER         WIGINTON                 0501 1947 m
WILLIAMS             GEORGE                          JR. THELMA          ELDORES         KNOX                     GEORGE          DETROIT         WILLIAMS                 0119 1947 m
WILLIAMS             LONA            SUE                 LOIS            MARIE           WILLIAMS                 HENRY           NORMAN          WILLIAMS                 0303 1947 f
WILLIAMS             WILMA           JEAN                ORADELL                         MILLS                    JOE                             WILLIAMS                 0831 1947 f
WILLIAMS             GLORIA          LEE                 EVA             JOY             BUCKNER                  W.              D.              WILLIAMS                 1027 1947 f
WILLIAMSON           JAMES           DARRELL             MARGARET        LYLE            PORTER                   JOHN            TILLY           WILLIAMSON           JR. 0826 1947 m
WILLIAMSON           NANCY           LOUISE              BEULAH          MAY             WESTER                   J.              D.              WILLIAMSON           JR. 0919 1947 f
WILSON               CAROL                               ROSA                            HILL                     CHARLES         RYALL           WILSON                   0211 1947 f
WILSON               SHARLA          KAY                 GLADYS          JO              OUTLAW                   HAROLD                          WILSON                   0215 1947 f
WINSTEAD             ROBERT          DAYTON              PATSY           JEAN            DODSON                   GEORGE          D.              WINSTEAD                 0729 1947 m
YOUNG                CLOYCE          MARIE               GLADYS          ANNA            HANKE                    LESLIE          ALLEN           YOUNG                    0512 1947 f
YOUNGLOVE            LINDA           SUE                 THELMA          IRENE           BAKER                    ALTON           VERNON          YOUNGLOVE                0430 1947 f


NAME                                  MOTHER                                                  FATHER                BIRTHDATE G 

ADAMS                CONSTANCE       SUE                 IRIS            NOVELLA         MAEDGEN                  H.G.                            ADAMS                    0110 1948 f
ALCORN               CAROL           SUE                 HELEN           JEAN            DUNCAN                   JAMES                           ALCORN               I   1208 1948 f
ALLEN                PEGGY           DIANNE              BILLIE          JEAN            STEAKLEY                 RALPH           MILTON          ALLEN                    0219 1948 f
ALLEN                MARY            AILEEN              MARY                            EDWARDS                  LAWRENCE                        ALLEN                    0625 1948 f
ANDERSON             JOAN                                KATHERINE                       YATES                    ALVIE           JEROME          ANDERSON                 1003 1948 f
ANDRADE              SANTOS                              MARIA                           ADAME                    MIQUEL          R.              ANDRADE                  1122 1948 m
ARMSTRONG            MICKEY          LYNN                BLANCH          AGNES           FENTON                   MELVIN          LYNN            ARMSTRONG                0120 1948 m
BAKER                PAT             JIM             JR. VERA            BERNICE         PAYNE                    PAT             JIM             BAKER                    0602 1948 m
BARMORE              MELVIN          TERRELL             LOTTIE          OPHELIA         STOVALL                  MILFORD         N.              BARMORE              JR. 0522 1948 m
BARMORE              MARLENE         MERLE               LOTTIE          OPHELIA         STOVALL                  MILFORD         N.              BARMORE              JR. 0522 1948 f
BARNETT              HENRY           STEVEN              GENEVA          WELLS           BARNETT                  WILLIAM         HENRY           BARNETT                  0326 1948 m
BASSETT              LINDA           KAYE                MAXINE                          WILLIAMS                 ROBERT          THOMAS          BASSETT                  1126 1948 f
BAUCOM               MARY            KATHRYN             ISABEL                          CLIFTON                  JAMES           MARVIN          BAUCOM                   0627 1948 f
BAXTER               VIRGINIA        DARLEME             GENEVA                          GREAVES                  WOODROW         J.              BAXTER                   0326 1948 f
BAXTER               PETER           SHEROLD             MARY            S.              CARVILLE                 PETER           S.              BAXTER               JR. 0424 1948 m
BEARD                ROGER           ALLEN               LOUISE                          RICHARDSON               HAROLD                          BEARD                    0319 1948 m
BELL                 DARLINE                             LEONA           RACKOW          BELL                     JOHNNIE         S.              BELL                     0323 1948 f
BELL                 EDNA            EARLENE             GLORIA                          BENSON                   WILLIAM                         BELL                     1218 1948 f
BERRY                CECIL           DEWAYNE             SYBIL           LUCILE          LANDERS                  CECIL           WELDON          BERRY                    0409 1948 m
BERRY                JOHNNIE         CARROLL             PATSY           CHARLENE        LANDERS                  ROSS            BALLARD         BERRY                    0617 1948 m
BISHOP               BARBARA         CAROL               ROSE            MERLE           QUALLS                   ALTON           RAY             BISHOP                   1018 1948 f
BLACKWELL            BARBARA         MARIE               DELOROES        CARNELL         DUNCAN                   HOWARD          FERREL          BLACKWELL                0712 1948 f
BLAINE               CLIFTON         MELVIN              VERNELL                         YATES                    LLOYD           LEVEL           BLAINE                   1111 1948 m
BLAIR                MINNIE          BETH                DOROTHY         IRENE           LOGGINS                  TRAVIS                          BLAIR                    0522 1948 f
BOLTON               JACKIE          DEE                 MAHLEEN                         NEEDHAM                  SAM             PRENTICE        BOLTON                   0626 1948 m
BOSMANS              WALTER          GREGORIO        JR. MANNELA                         ROBLEDO                  WALTER                          BOSMANS                  0318 1948 m
BOUDREAUX            JAMES           ALLEN               VELMA                           FIELDS                   EDWIN           E.              BOUDREAUX                0623 1948 m
BOYD                 CAROL           ELAINE              EDNA            MAE             WHITE                    HENRY           MONROE          BOYD                     1212 1948 f
BOYET                PAT             GAYLE               MILLER          DEE             WALKER                   ROBERT          STANLEY         BOYET                    0608 1948 m
BRADLEY              ROBERT          DALE                IZORA           ISEBELL         CHEW                     ROBERT          HENRY           BRADLEY                  0704 1948 m
BREWER               DEBRA           MARIE               MARIE                           COX                      AUBREY                          BREWER                   1229 1948 f
BROOKRESON           DON             WAYNE               RUTH            MAMIE           TAYLOR                   **DEATH         FILE            NUMBER EXISTS**          0118 1948 m
BROOKS               ROSEMARY                            MARY            SUE             MCMAHAN                  EUGENE                          BROOKS                   0705 1948 f
BROWN                RANDY           MAX                 JOYCE           MARIE           BUCK                     RUDOLPH         LOUIE           BROWN                    0123 1948 m
BROWN                REGENA          ANNE                JUANITA         CHRISTINE       CROZBY                   WINSTON         PERRY           BROWN                    0518 1948 f
BROWN                BECKY           ARLENE              CARL            ELLA            PITTS                    JOE             WALLACE         BROWN                    1117 1948 f
BROWN                J.              DOUGLAS             CARL            ELLA            PITTS                    JOE             WALLACE         BROWN                    1117 1948 m
BROWN                JUDY            CARLENE             CARL            ELLA            PITTS                    JOE             WALLACE         BROWN                    1117 1948 f
BROWNING             MARY            ELIZABETH           ELLENROSE                       DAVIS                    ROBERT          DAVIS           BROWNING                 0427 1948 f
BROWNING             EVELYN          JENNETT             MARY            DELL            BECK                     LOYD            ELLIS           BROWNING                 0816 1948 f
BRYAN                ROGER           DALE                ETHEL                           THOMASON                 BILL                            BRYAN                    0212 1948 m
BURDEN               CHRISTINA       ANN                 IDA             MARIE CHRISTINA CARLSON                  GEORGE          EVANS           BURDEN                   1110 1948 f
BYERLY               DENNIS          LEE                 BEATRICE                        SMITH                    J.              H.              BYERLY                   0304 1948 m
CALHOON              ROY             GENE                ALENE           A.              DEANDA                   ODIE            EUGENE          CALHOON                  0714 1948 m
CALHOON              JAMES           ROBERT              FANNIE          MAE             STEFFEY                  JESSE           MAREL           CALHOON                  0803 1948 m
CAMPBELL             JACK            CALVIN              LOIS                            NEALY                    J.              C.              CAMPBELL                 0813 1948 m
CARPENTER            FLOYD           DELAINE             LAURA           BELLE           MCCLURE                  NOBLE           DELAINE         CARPENTER                1211 1948 m
CARROLL              CHRISTOPHER     FORREST             MAUDIE          KATHRYNE        ASHMORE                  BEDFORD         FORREST         CARROLL                  0314 1948 m
CHAPMAN              BILLY           JACK                IVA             LEE             HENDRICK                 RAYMOND         LOYD            CHAPMAN                  0414 1948 m
CLARK                DOLORES         LEA                 RUBY            LEE             BOZEMAN                  ROBERT          EARL            CLARK                    0208 1948 f
CLARKE               CANDIS                              MERLE           JEAN            JOHNSON                  WILBUR                          CLARKE                   0826 1948 f
CLEVENGER            PHILLIS         ELAINE              NINA            MARIE           SMITH                    MILTON          WESTLEY         CLEVENGER                0228 1948 f
CLIETT               NEELY           MAURICE             EVELYN          DORIS           EVANS                    JAMES           MAURICE         CLIETT                   0402 1948 m
COLEMAN              JANET                               MARGARET        ALLENE          LEADY                    FREDDIE         VERNON          COLEMAN                  0220 1948 f
COLEMAN              LELIA           GAIL                ALETA           MURIEL          CHAMBERS                 TROY            MARCEL          COLEMAN                  0405 1948 f
COLEY                NEVA            JO                  EVELYN                          COLEY                                                                             0116 1948 f
COLLINS              MARY            BESSIE              LUCY            A.              HODGES                   CORNELIUS                       COLLINS                  0318 1948 f
COPELAND             WANDA           DRUCILLA            JIMMIE          FRANCIS         MORGAN                   WILLIAM         SYBERT          COPELAND                 0721 1948 f
COWAN                TOMMY           WAYNE               CLARA           MAE             WOODY                    DOYLE           WAYNE           COWAN                    0214 1948 m
CROFT                CHARLES         EDGAR               ALLENE                          THREADGILL               CHARLIE                         CROFT                    0704 1948 m
CRUM                 THOMAS          EARL            JR. MARJORIE        RAE             CREWS                    THOMAS          EARL            CRUM                     0512 1948 m
CUDNEY               JOSEPH          EDWARD JUNIOR       IDA             CLYDE           DAWSON                   JOSEPH          EDWARD          CUDNEY                   0322 1948 m
CULLINS              IRA             OMER            JR. VIOLET          ONETA           SLUDER                   IRA             OMER            CULLINS                  0318 1948 m
CULLINS              BILLY           GLENN               VETA            PEARL           HIPSHER                  GLENN           MARVIN          CULLINS                  0925 1948 m
CURRY                HARVEY          RAY                 LOLETTE         WILLIE          GOBER                    LEROY           HARDY           CURRY                    1113 1948 m
DEAL                 MARGARET        ELAINE              MARTHA          MAE             DALTON                   BILLY           JACK            DEAL                     0802 1948 f
DEANDA               ROBERT          J.                  MARY                            JARRAMILLO               RICHARD                         DEANDA                   0917 1948 m
DELA ROSA            ARTURO                              SOMONA                          MARTINEZ                 NOLBERTO                        DELA ROSA                1120 1948 m
DELLIS               TERRY           GLENN               FRANCES         ELIZABETH C.    COLLINS                  BRADFORD        GLENN           DELLIS                   0515 1948 m
DEPRANG              CAROL           ANN                 MARY            EDNA            BRADLEY                  ROBERT          EDWARD          DEPRANG                  0222 1948 f
DIAZ                 ESPERANSA                           BEATRICE                        VILLARREAL               RAMON           B.              DIAZ                     0401 1948 f
DIAZ                 DELORIS                             BEATRICE                        RODRIGUEZ                BARNEY                          DIAZ                     1204 1948 f
DICKSON              CONNIE          SUE                 DOROTHA         JANICE          NIXON                    BILLY           JACK            DICKSON                  0312 1948 f
DUNCAN               JIMMY           DALTON              JUANITA         BELLE           MORRIS                   EARNEST         DALTON          DUNCAN                   0820 1948 m
DUNLAP               DOUGLAS         LEE                 LUCIA           NIETA           SMITH                    FRANK           M.              DUNLAP               JR. 1202 1948 m
DUNN                 EDDIE           WAYNE               OPAL            GENEVA          JACKSON                  BERLIE          ALLEN           DUNN                     0406 1948 m
DUNN                 TYE             CELESTE             ZULA            PEARL           RILEY                    JOHN            PATTERSON       DUNN                     0807 1948 f
EDINGTON             ROBERT          MICHAEL             GERALDINE                       FREEMAN                  STANCIL                         EDINGTON                 1116 1948 m
EDWARDS              DAVID           LEE                 MARTHA          LORRAINE        ELLIS                    WESLEY          LEE             EDWARDS                  0331 1948 m
ELDRED               WALTER          LARRY               RUBY                            BROWN                    FRANK                           ELDRED                   0330 1948 m
ESTES                PHYLLIS         ELAINE              PHYLLIS         FAYE            HARTMAN                  ROBERT          LEE             ESTES                    0504 1948 f
EVANS                JANET           ELAINE              JERALDYNE                       FORSTER                  RAEFORD         GORDON          EVANS                    0208 1948 f
EVANS                DANA            ELGENE              LAVERNE                         HAYNES                   DOYLE           ELGENE          EVANS                    1213 1948 m
FARRIS               LINDA           JUNE                BETTY           JUNE            PENNINGTON               A.              J.              FARRIS                   1003 1948 f
FAUBION              CHARLOTTE       RENE                PEARL           ANITA           LOPEZ                    CARL            EUGENE          FAUBION                  1012 1948 f
FELTY                SANDRA          KAY                 VERA                            LITTLE                   THOMAS          N.              FELTY                    0119 1948 f
FENTON               BOBBY           GLENN               DOROTHY         LOUISE          HARRELL                  ARCHIE          GLENN           FENTON                   0729 1948 m
FINLAY               DEBORAH         ANN                 VIRGINIA        MAE             WOMACK                   ROBERT          JORDAN          FINLAY                   0815 1948 f
FORBESS              RODNEY          CAROL               BOBBIE          JEAN            BARNES                   ANCIL           L.              FORBESS              JR. 0320 1948 m
FORBESS              RANDALL         NAIL                ALMA            OLENE           NAIL                     REX             CLOVIS          FORBESS                  1111 1948 m
FORD                 GAYNELL                             BILLIE          MAURINE         STRANGE                  CLARENCE        ORIN            FORD                     0312 1948 f
FRENCH               BILLY           RAYMOND             FLOSSIE         DAVIS           MOORE                    RAYMOND         ODELL           FRENCH                   0815 1948 m
FRENCH               DALE            MARVIN              EVELYN          ELAINE          RANDALL                  MARVIN          WESLEY          FRENCH                   1221 1948 m
FRIERSON             FRANCES         MERLE               LOLA                            HEILMAN                  BEN                             FRIERSON                 1222 1948 f
FULLER               PATSY           RUTH                RUTH            ODELL           WALDRUM                  ALVEY                           FULLER                   0528 1948 f
FUNDERBURG           JUDY            MARIE               WILMA           KATHLEEN        THOMAS                   THOMAS          RAY             FUNDERBURG               1215 1948 f
GARNER               JAY             RANDAL              ARLISS          LAVERNE         CRUTCHER                 WILBURN         EUGENE          GARNER                   0904 1948 m
GARRETT              PAMELA          KAY                 PAULINE                         WADLER                   ROBERT          LEE             GARRETT                  0712 1948 f
GIBBS                ROBERT          HENRY               MARY            MARJORIE        SCHMIDT                  BURNHAM         RAYMOND         GIBBS                    1210 1948 m
GILDER               FANNIE          COLEEN              VELMA           RAY             HOLLON                   SAMUEL          EUGENE          GILDER                   0906 1948 f
GILLESPIE            JOE             WILEY               SARA            LOUISE          BREWER                   FRANCIS         WILEY           GILLESPIE                0227 1948 m
GILLIS               JEAN            LORRAINE            NEITA           LORRAINE        MILLER                   MAILON          ARTHUR          GILLIS                   0922 1948 f
GLASSON              JOHN            LOUIS               CLARICE         SALOME          BELL                     JAMES           LOUIS           GLASSON                  0907 1948 m
GOODWIN              LARRY           EARL                MAVIS                           BARNES                   LUTHER          E.              GOODWIN                  0809 1948 m
GRAY                 DOROTHY         ELAINE              ANNIE           PEARL           MCCURDY                  THOMAS          MARION          GRAY                     0423 1948 f
GREEN                PENNY           JANE                FLEETA          ALVERIA         DORSEY                   LANCIE          LEEMAN          GREEN                    0829 1948 f
GREEN                CAMMIE          SUE                 BETTY           JO              CROSS                    JOE                             GREEN                    1110 1948 f
HAMILTON             JIMMY           WELDON              WILLIE          IMOGENE         NIXON                    JAMES           WELDON          HAMILTON                 0131 1948 m
HAMILTON             WILLIAM         JOSEPH          JR. IMOGENE         ESTELLO HAMILTONCOX                      WILLIAM         JOSEPH          HAMILTON                 0402 1948 m
HANDY                ALTA            JO                  EDNA            MAE             KELLER                   GEO.            FRANCIS         HANDY                    0619 1948 f
HARDING              TONY            MAX                 DOROTHY         IONA            FENTON                   TOM             MIX             HARDING                  0716 1948 m
HARTMAN              ALLEN                               LOUELLA                         BARNETT                  REO                             HARTMAN                  0907 1948 m
HATCHER              MICHAEL         GALAN               MATILU                          GRIFFIN                  TED             LAROY           HATCHER                  1010 1948 m
HAUNER               DOUGLAS         WAYNE               FLOYD           MAY             DILLARD                  OTTIS           LEE             HAUNER                   0125 1948 m
HAYNES               MARY            JEAN                HELEN           VIRGINIA        DEAN                     JESSE           ROY             HAYNES                   0610 1948 f
HAYNES               RONNIE          WAYNE               JERLENE                         HODGES                   WAYNE           GALEN           HAYNES                   0712 1948 m
HAYS                 SUSANNA                             AVIS            INEZ            EDWARDS                  THOMAS          MYRON           HAYS                 JR. 1019 1948 f
HENDERSON            RONALD          GLENN               ORA             FAYE            ELKINS                   BOBBIE          LEE             HENDERSON                0803 1948 m
HENDERSON            THERESA         JEAN                IMOGENE                         BOWEN                    JAMES           BRYAN           HENDERSON                0919 1948 f
HENSON               WANDA           JOYCE               EVELYN          ELIZABETH       KILGORE                  STANFORD        W.              HENSON               JR. 1010 1948 f
HERD                 LARRY           NEAL                MAVIS           OMA             PATTON                   GEORGE          NEAL            HERD                     0305 1948 m
HERRING              REBECCA         CAROL               HELEN           JOYCE           CARROLL                  RALPH           MYERS           HERRING                  1124 1948 f
HICKMAN              CHARLOTTE                           DOCYE           JANE            EDMUNDSON                CHARLES         REAVES          HICKMAN                  0830 1948 f
HILL                 JERRY           DEAN                MODENA          JANE            MUNSELLE                 OSCAR           LEE             HILL                     0208 1948 m
HILL                 SHIRLEY         JEAN                MODENA          JANE            MUNSELLE                 OSCAR           LEE             HILL                     0208 1948 f
HINKLE               JACKIE          DALE                BOBBIE          LOU             WOOTEN                   TOMMY           D.              HINKLE                   0118 1948 m
HOLLAND              SHELLE          ANN                 LORENE                          JOHNSON                  JOHN                            HOLLAND                  0905 1948 f
HOLLOWAY             ROBERT                              ESTELLA                         RICHARDSON               ROY                             HOLLOWAY                 1104 1948 m
HOLT                 LYNN            WILL                EDNA            WILLENE         MCGAUGHEY                BARNEY          FORD            HOLT                     0610 1948 m
HORNER               MARGUARETTE     FAYE                KATHERINE       MAE             MANLEY                   JAMES           CARSON          HORNER                   1231 1948 f
HOWARD               BOBBY           MEREDITH            GENEVA          FRANCES         POWELL                   JOHN            M.              HOWARD                   0922 1948 m
HUBBARD              NITA            JEAN                JUANITA         MARGRETT        KNOWLES                  BILLY           GENE            HUBBARD                  1008 1948 f
HUBBARD              RICKY           JIM                 NORMA           JANE            ASHFORD                  DONALD          W.              HUBBARD                  1203 1948 m
HUDDLESTON           MARGARET                            DOROTHY         ELLEN           WHEAT                    WALDON          G.              HUDDLESTON               1109 1948 f
HUEY                 SAMMY           JOE                 VERA            AUDREY          HUBBARD                  DEXTER          LEE             HUEY                     0827 1948 m
HUTCHERSON           JOHNNIE         CARL                MARIE           BLANCHE         TUCKER                   AUBREY          L.              HUTCHERSON               0209 1948 m
HYDEN                LONNIE          LOU                 VIVIAN          LOU             DANSBY                   LONNIE          THOMAS          HYDEN                    0927 1948 f
IRICK                JEAN            ELIZABETH           MARY            RUTH            LAMB                     WILLIAM         EARL            IRICK                JR. 1006 1948 f
JACKSON              BONNIE          RUTH                DOROTHY         RUTH            DYER                     CARLTON                         JACKSON                  0117 1948 f
JACKSON              ALLEN           JAMES               BLANCHE                         CULPEPPER                DAVID                           JACKSON                  0531 1948 m
JACKSON              ALLENE          LUCILLE             BLANCHE                         CULPEPPER                DAVID                           JACKSON                  0531 1948 f
JACKSON              GALE            WILLIAMS            ZELMA                           JACKSON                                                                           0722 1948 f
JAMESON              KAREN           MAY                 BONNIE          PEARL           VAUGHN                   WOODROW         CLARENCE        JAMESON                  0418 1948 f
JAMISON              MICHELLE                            BETTYE          GWYNNE          MONSEY                   LYNN            WILLIAM         JAMISON                  1026 1948 f
JENNINGS             RODNEY                              GUSSIE                          SPARKMAN                 ARTHUR          V.              JENNINGS                 1211 1948 m
JOHNS                STEWART         GLENN               ILA             B.              YANCY                    ALEX            JOHN            JOHNS                    1127 1948 m
JOHNSON              ELLINA                              JOHNNIE         MAE             JOHNSON                  L.              V.              JOHNSON                  0828 1948 f
JOHNSON              EARNEST         VICTOR          JR. NELL            MAGDALENE       PETERS                   EARNEST         VICTOR          JOHNSON                  0914 1948 m
JONES                PATRICIA        ANN                 HAZEL           INEZ            HUGHES                   ALBERT          STANLEY         JONES                    0107 1948 f
JONES                JERRY           WAYNE               LINNA           LEONA           WARE                     ELEY            J.              JONES                    0717 1948 m
JOYCE                LINDA           DIANE               LA              JUAN ROSE       NORRIS                   WELDON          MAURICE         JOYCE                    0311 1948 f
KEENEY               JAMES           ARTHUR              BETTY           RUTH            GUINN                    JAMES           FRANKLIN        KEENEY                   0515 1948 m
KEENEY               MELBA           LOIS                LAURA           ALIN            DYER                     LEROY                           KEENEY                   0712 1948 f
KELLY                WESLEY          EUGENE              RUBY            CHRISTEEN       RICE                     W.              B.              KELLY                    0330 1948 m
KENNEY               MARY            LOU                 LOLA            MAE             GOODMAN                  E.              C.              KENNEY                   0728 1948 f
KIDD                 JERRY           WAYNE               HELEN           MARIE           FENTON                   EVERETT         WAYNE           KIDD                     0131 1948 m
KIDD                 ALTON           LEE             JR. LILLIE          MAE             CROW                     ALTON           LEE             KIDD                     0603 1948 m
KIRBY                JOE             TED                 ILA                             JONES                    ZACK                            KIRBY                JR. 1220 1948 m
KIRK                 JAMES           ERNEST              JEWEL           JANET           OWENS                    JAMES           GRANVILLE       KIRK                     0413 1948 m
KLINE                WANDA           JEAN                GRETA           MAE             SWITZER                  J.              D.              KLINE                    0414 1948 f
LANCASTER            JEAN            PRICILLA            RUBYG           BELL            MOORMAN                  G.              R.              LANCASTER                1125 1948 f
LANE                 PRISCILLA       ANN                 LYDIA           RUTH            DAVIS                    SCOTT           F.              LANE                     0311 1948 f
LANHAM               BARBARA         JEANE               VENEATA                         ROUSE                    ELLIOTT         R.              LANHAM                   0229 1948 f
LARSON               JAN             HARRIS              GRACE                           WILLIAMSON               JEAN            DOYLE           LARSON                   0405 1948 m
LEE                  SAMUEL          ROBERT              BERNICE                         COBB                     RICHARD         ROCHESTER       LEE                      0131 1948 m
LEMAY                NANCY           ALLENE              THEATUS         ALLENE          JOHNSTON                 ALBERT          EDWIN           LEMAY                    0114 1948 f
LETT                 WILLIAM         LLOYD           JR. EVELYN          ESTELLE         DANSBY                   WILLIAM         LLOYD           LETT                     0620 1948 m
LEWIS                SALLY           JANE                MILDRED         DOLORES         HUCKABY                  FRANK                           LEWIS                    0503 1948 f
LEWIS                SANDRA          LYNN                GERALDINE                       COLLINS                  T.              W.              LEWIS                    0926 1948 f
LOGE                 BENNIE          ROY             JR. CLARA           RUTH            JONES                    ROY                             LOGE                     0102 1948 m
LOWE                 PATSY           DELLE               THELMA          RUTH            COPELAND                 W.              L.              LOWE                     1211 1948 f
LYKINS               EARNEST         BARBER          JR. ELVA            NANNIE          WALLIS                   EARNEST         BARBER          LYKINS                   0516 1948 m
MAEDGEN              VICTORIA        LA NELL             DORIS           RUTH            MERCER                   ADOLPHUS        LA NEAL         MAEDGEN                  0519 1948 f
MAEDGEN              MARY            CAROLYN             RUTH                            BARNETT                  HOWARD          J.              MAEDGEN                  0618 1948 f
MARKLAND             CATHERINE       BARRETT             CATHERINE                       LADD                     ROBERT          LORRAINE        MARKLAND                 1104 1948 f
MARTIN               MICHAEL         CURTIS              REBA            RUTH            TERRY                    CURTIS          EWING           MARTIN                   0324 1948 m
MARTIN               JAMES           CHARLES             LOIS                            LOWRIMORE                JESSE           RAY             MARTIN                   1120 1948 m
MARTINEZ             ENRIQUE                             MARIA                           CARDENEZ                 DEMETRIO                        MARTINEZ                 0822 1948 m
MASON                RICHARD         LEE                 BUENA           V.              RUMFIELD                 JOSEPH          T.              MASON                    0313 1948 m
MATTHEWS             LINDA           LEE                 DORIS           KATHRYN         ROZZELL                  LESTER          EVERETT         MATTHEWS                 0525 1948 f
MATTHEWS             SHERRY          CARLENE             DELMA                           MARTIN                   CARL            P.              MATTHEWS                 0807 1948 f
MAYES                ROBERT          STEVE               VERONA                          SHEFFIELD                EARL                            MAYES                    1119 1948 m
MAYO                 WALTER          CHRIS               RUTH            SEALY           VANDERFORD               JAMES           ORVILLE         MAYO                     0622 1948 m
MC CLELLAN           GAYLAN          REX                 ALMA            JO              BOWEN                    FLOYD           MARK            MC CLELLAN               0527 1948 m
MC CLURE             NETA            ANN                 LILLIE          MAE             DUNCAN                  GLYNN                           MC CLURE                 1018 1948 f
MC MILLAN            LINDA           JO                  EVA             NELL            GARRETT                  LESTER          LEROY           MC MILLAN                0618 1948 f
MC NUTT              JAMES           FRANKLIN            ADA             LOUISE          POER                     J.              C.              MC NUTT                  1222 1948 m
MCCABE               CURTIS          DALE                EVELYN          MYRLE           BARNES                   JULIUS          CURTIS          MCCABE                   0809 1948 m
MCCABE               DANNY           RAY                 REVA            BERNEICE        PATTERSON                ALBERT          WESLEY          MCCABE                   1211 1948 m
MCCLURE              HELEN           DIANNA              ANNA            HELEN           SCHROEDER               JAMES           RUBE            MCCLURE                  0718 1948 f
MCCLURE              MARY            JOYCE               LORENE          VERZELL         PITTMAN                  ARTHUR          LEE             MCCLURE                  1125 1948 f
MCGAHEY              PATRICIA        FRANCES             JIMMIE          FRANCES         RANSBERGER               BILLY           THOMAS          MCGAHEY                  0114 1948 f
MCINTIRE             LINDA           JOYCE               RUBY            LEE             SLUDER                   **DEATH         FILE            NUMBER EXISTS**          1017 1948 f
MENDOZA              CORNELIO                            STELLA                          NUNEZ                    SANTOS                          MENDOZA                  0915 1948 m
MERCER               SHERIAN         MERTIC              LULA            MOZELLE         MOSER                    JAMES           BRUCE           MERCER                   0416 1948 f
MERCER               JOHNNY          WAYNE               OLLIE           RUBY            BUCK                     WILLIAM         MILTON          MERCER                   1017 1948 m
METTS                WENDELL         BAILEY              GLADYS          MURIEL          HANEY                    HOMER           HOYT            METTS                    0502 1948 m
MIDDLETON            BONNIE          SUE                 LANORA          ALICE           MILLSAP                  JOHNNIE         CECIL           MIDDLETON                0815 1948 f
MIDYETTE             DAVID           LEE                 RUBY                            HUNTER                   HOWELL          LEE             MIDYETTE                 0701 1948 m
MILLER               JOHN            JULIOS JUNIOR       DOROTHY         LOUISE          PHILLIPS                 JOHN            JULIOS          MILLER                   0104 1948 m
MILLIKEN             BLAIR           EGBERT JUNIOR       MYRTLE          EMMA            BUFORD                   BLAIR           EGBERT          MILLIKEN                 0508 1948 m
MINOR                JIMMY           ALLEN               IRENE                           ADIAN                    JOHN            THOMAS          MINOR                    0408 1948 m
MITCHELL             JERI            LOU                 VIRGINIA                        HALE                     OSIE            LEE             MITCHELL                 0810 1948 f
MONEYHUN             GINGER          KAY                 TRESSIE         PEARL           DUKE                     DONALD          A.              MONEYHUN                 1201 1948 f
MONROE               SHERILYN        YVONNE              WANDA           LUCILLE         MOSER                    CHARIS          ARDELL          MONROE                   1013 1948 f
MOORE                DONNA           FAY                 MAGGIE                          SEAHORN                  RUBEL           "BUDDY"         MOORE                    0702 1948 f
MUSICK               RODNEY          EARL                DOROTHY         FAY             SMITH                    BUEL            EDWARD          MUSICK                   0913 1948 m
NEEDHAM              JIMMY           WELLS               LOUIE           ADELLE          SULIVAN                  E.              W. FENTON       NEEDHAM                  0830 1948 m
NEEDHAM              JOYCE           ANN                 MAGGIE          LEE             PACE                     EDWARD          MILLER          NEEDHAM                  1020 1948 f
NEWTON               GAYLON          WAYNE               ERNESTINE                       ELLIOT                   IRA             DAYTON          NEWTON                   1106 1948 m
NICHOLS              JAMES           PHILLIP             LUCYE           MARY            THOMPSON                 AUBREY          DOLPHY          NICHOLS                  0903 1948 m
NUNEZ                CAROLINA                            ELVERA                          RAMEREZ                  GILBERTO                        NUNEZ                    0322 1948 f
NUNEZ                RAY             MEDRANO             DELFINA                         MADRANO                  JOSE            R               NUNEZ                    0113 1948 m
OXFORD               JERRY           WAYNE               VALMA           NEOMA           VARNER                   HARVEY          ZANE            OXFORD                   1109 1948 m
PARROTT              TIMOTHY         BILL                RUBY            LAVERNE         SIMMONS                  HARDY           ZIMMERMAN       PARROTT                  0717 1948 m
PAYNE                HANNA           MARIE               EDNA            EARL            HAMMOND                  ROBERT                          PAYNE                    0802 1948 f
PAYNE                DORIS           JEAN                BURNICE         LUCILE          GORDON                   JOHN            WALLACE         PAYNE                    0904 1948 f
PEACOCK              RONALD          WADE                MARGARET        ELLEN           MCINTIRE                 WOODRUFF        MELVIN          PEACOCK                  0214 1948 m
PENDERGRASS          MICHAEL         GLYNN               ZELDA                           RILEY                    CARL                            PENDERGRASS              1227 1948 m
PEREZ                FERMIN                          JR. NATIVIDAD                       LOPEZ                    FERMIN                          PEREZ                    0502 1948 m
PHELPS               DONALD          SANDERS         JR. LEONA           ELIZABETH       GRASSHAUS                DONALD          SANDERS         PHELPS                   0604 1948 m
PIKE                 BESSIE          ELLIENE             ALMA            LORENE          GOODGION                 JAMES           HARRELL         PIKE                     0628 1948 f
PITTS                ROBERT          LOUIS               BILLIE          RUTH            BEGLEY                   ROBERT          LEE             PITTS                    1002 1948 m
POLLOCK              MYRTLE          LEANNA              TOMMYE          LUCILLE         LYKINS                   MYRL            RAY             POLLOCK                  0906 1948 f
PREAS                ROY             HENRY               MILDRED                         SIMMONS                  JAMES                           PREAS                    0331 1948 m
PYBURN               CHARLES         ELTON               MARGARET        JUNE            CORDELL                  RUFUS           ELTON           PYBURN                   0709 1948 m
PYE                  CYNTHIA         JO                  JO              ANNA            PYE                                                                               0328 1948 f
QUINN                MARY            JO                  ATHELENE        FRANCES         SNODGRASS                JAMES           WARREN          QUINN                JR. 0609 1948 f
RAMEREZ              LUCINDA                             JOSEPHINA                       SENDEJAS                 DANIEL                          RAMEREZ                  0617 1948 f
RAMEREZ              HEREINDA                            ELMA                            DEANDA                   ALBERT                          RAMEREZ                  1218 1948 f
RAMSEY               DAVID           BRUCE               MARY            BETH            TUBBS                    DAYTON          EARL            RAMSEY                   0802 1948 m
RAMSEY               BILLY           BARRELL             INEZ                            CAMERON                  JIM                             RAMSEY                   1015 1948 m
RAY                  TERRY           ANN                 LINDA                           SHERRILL                 ROBERT          MARVIN          RAY                      0423 1948 f
RAY                  NORMA           JEAN                FLORENCE        LORIE           HARMES                   LEONARD         B.              RAY                      1109 1948 f
REIS                 KAY                                 NAT                             HAGLER                   JAMES           CLINTON         REIS                     0119 1948 f
RICE                 LOYD            WENDELL             TRESSIA         LORENE          FEATHERSTON              JAMES           DELBERN         RICE                     1123 1948 m
RIDER                CONNIE          LEE GAIL            GAIL                            PREAS                    HENRY           F               RIDER                    1228 1948 f
ROBINETT             DORIS           JEAN                MAGGIE                          COPE                     ROBERT          DALLAS          ROBINETT                 0918 1948 f
RODRIGUEZ            FRANCISCO                           ANITA                           DIAZ                     GILBERTO                        RODRIGUEZ                0511 1948 m
ROSALES              STELLA                              SIMONA                          MARTINEZ                 FRANK                           ROSALES                  0331 1948 f
ROSALES              RAUL                                MANUELA                         DIAS                     FELIPE                          ROSALES                  0128 1948 m
ROUILLARD            RONNIE          EDWARD              BILLIE          JEAN            MONROE                   GEORGE          EDWARD          ROUILLARD                0713 1948 m
RUIZ                 JOSEFINA                            COSUELO                         RANDON                   GUADALUPE                       RUIS                     0217 1948 f
RUSH                 MELLODY         KAY                 OLETA                           WEBB                     NED             L.              RUSH                     0729 1948 f
RUSHING              YVONNE          ANN                 AUDREY          LUCILLE         MATTHEWS                 THOMAS          FRANKLIN        RUSHING                  1215 1948 f
RUTHERFORD           WILLARD         JOE                 WINNIE          ALICE           TUCKER                   WILLIAM         F.              RUTHERFORD               0105 1948 m
SADLER               ANNETTE         SUE                 HAZEL           IRENE           BULL                     JAMES           NORVELL         SADLER                   0722 1948 f
SALAS                EVELYN                              LOUISE                          ZENDEJAS                 FRANK                           SALAS                    1004 1948 f
SCHULLE              WANDA           LOUISE              ELNA            CATON           ASHMORE                  JARRETT         PHILLIP         SCHULLE                  0117 1948 f
SEABOLT              CLAUDE          ELBERT          JR. VERA            DEAN            FOLKNER                  CLAUDE          ELBERT          SEABOLT                  1114 1948 m
SEALS                JESSE           MARCUS              MARTHA          IRIS            FAILS                    DUDLEY          JAMES           SEALS                    0825 1948 m
SHAW                 BRENDA          LUE                 DORIS           LEE             GOODGION                 WINIFRED        WELDON          SHAW                     0519 1948 f
SHAW                 LINDA           SUE                 DORIS           LEE             GOODGION                 WINIFRED        WELDON          SHAW                     0519 1948 f
SHIPMAN              WILMA           JO                  LILA            MAE             SHEPARD                  R.              K. FRANKLIN     SHIPMAN                  0129 1948 f
SHIRLEY              STEVEN          DALE                DORIS           LEE             GOOD                     SAMMIE                          PERRIE                   0423 1948 m
SIMONTON             FREDYE          RUTH                OTTELIA                         JONES                    FRED                            SIMONTON                 1230 1948 f
SIMS                 DARRELL         ALLEN               VERA            MAY             TAYLOR                   JACK                            SIMS                     0219 1948 m
SIMS                 C.              D.              JR. MILDRED                         CHANDLER                 C.D.                            SIMS                     0221 1948 m
SKELTON              BARBARA         ANN                 MARY            DORIS           WHITE                    JOHN                            SKELTON                  1104 1948 f
SKELTON              CURTIS          WAYNE               WANDA           LEE             WILLIAMS                 WILFORD         WAYNE           SKELTON                  1118 1948 m
SLATE                DAVE            ROBERT              ANNIE           MARIE           SLUDER                   DARELL          CLAUD           SLATE                    0717 1948 m
SMEDLEY              CYNTHIA         ANN                 IVY             ELIZABETH       MULKEY                   ROBERT          RAY             SMEDLEY                  0531 1948 f
SMITH                MIKE            AUGUSTUS            ELIZABETH                       KEENEY                   G.              L.              SMITH                    0221 1948 m
SMITH                DORIS           BELLE               NANCY           ORELIA          SPENCER                  EUGENE          CALVIN          SMITH                    0202 1948 f
SMITH                LINDA           LEE                 JUANITA         MARY            PRITCHARD                WYATT           BARTLETT        SMITH                    0426 1948 f
SMITH                DAVID           JOE                 MARY            KATHRYN         COX                      JOHN            L.              SMITH                    0501 1948 m
SMITH                RICHARD         MONROE              ETHEL           MAE             BETHANY                  WILLIAM         PLEZZ           SMITH                    0622 1948 m
SMITH                RONNIE          LEE                 HELEN           LEA             MYERS                    ERNEST          JACKSON         SMITH                    0818 1948 m
SMITH                PAMELA          KAY                 ROBERTA         LUCILLE         STRAIN                   J.              B.              SMITH                    0828 1948 f
SMITH                GLENDA          JANETTE             NADINE                          ELKINS                   ORAN            D.              SMITH                    0918 1948 f
SMITH                BONNIE          KAY                 HELEN                           SCHEIN                   AUBREY          ROE             SMITH                    1209 1948 f
SMITH                BARBARA         RAY                 HELEN                           SCHEIN                   AUBREY          ROE             SMITH                    1209 1948 f
SMITH                BILLIE          RUSSELL             FRANCES         JOSEPHINE       GOULD                    FRANK           G.              SMITH                    0428 1948 m
SNEED                CHARLES         MICHAEL             ELLA            JEAN            SEAL                     RALPH           RAY             SNEED                    1019 1948 m
SPARKS               DEBORAH         JO                  BEATRICE        PEARL           HANSARD                  REGINALD        C.              SPARKS                   1120 1948 f
STAGGS               RUTH            ANN                 LILLIAN         RUTH            GRIFFIN                  THOMAS          NEWTON          STAGGS                   0314 1948 f
STEARNS              BOBBY           RAY                 DORIS           RUTH            LOVELADY                 EDD                             STEARNS                  0810 1948 m
STEVENS              CLIFFORD        ALAN                ZULA            MARIE           MORGAN                   CLIFFORD        ELLIS           STEVENS                  0116 1948 m
STEVENS              LINDA           MAE                 LILLIE          MAE             NELSON                   DEWARD                          STEVENS                  0522 1948 f
STONE                RALPH           SHAMBLIN        II  WILLA           BLANCHE         HOPPER                   RALPH           SHAMBLIN        STONE                    0412 1948 m
STOVALL              DANNY           RAY                 ELLEN                           JEWELL                   LEONARD                         STOVALL                  0923 1948 m
STRENGTH             BARBARA         ANN                 CATHERINE                       FULLER                   C.              J.              STRENGTH                 1023 1948 f
STRICKLAND           SAMMY           RUSSELL             JOYCE           ALEEN           WRIGHT                   BILLY           RUSSELL         STRICKLAND               0420 1948 m
STRICKLAND           JOHNNY          LEE                 GLADYS          IRENE           CLARK                    JOHN            DAVID           STRICKLAND               0512 1948 m
STRICKLAND           DONALD          CHARLES             ALMA            LOUISE          KELLOGG                  CHARLES         VERNON          STRICKLAND               0527 1948 m
TAYLOR               JO              ANN                 HELEN           LOUISE          CRUG                     JOE             RAYMON          TAYLOR                   0122 1948 f
TAYLOR               NANCY           SUE                 ELEANOR         LOUISE          FECHER                   DONOVAN         RICHARD         TAYLOR                   0129 1948 f
TAYLOR               MARY            LOU                 MARTHA          THEDA           DUNMAN                   CHARLES         ROBERT          TAYLOR                   0804 1948 f
TEAL                 BEVERLY         ANN                 EDNA            OLLIE           KENNEY                                                                            0511 1948 f
TEMPLIN              RICKIE          WAYNE               MARTHA          IRENE           GRAHAM                   WILLIE                          TEMPLIN                  1002 1948 m
THATE                MARTHA          ANN                 MARTHA                          DOBBS                    JOHN            HENRY           THATE                    0625 1948 f
THROGMORTON          RETA            CAROLINE            THELMA                          HOWARD                   OTIS                            THROGMORTON              0415 1948 f
TOLLESON             NORVA           LYNN                WOODIE          LOUISE          TABOR                    MORRIS          CHILTON         TOLLESON                 0325 1948 f
TRAMMELL             PEGGY           SUE                 NELLIE          RUTH            ADKINS                   VONCEAL         DENNIS          TRAMMELL                 0906 1948 f
TRAMMELL             BETTY           LOU                 NELLIE          RUTH            ADKINS                   VONCEAL         DENNIS          TRAMMELL             SR. 0906 1948 f
TUCKER               JAMES           EDWARD              JUANITA                         BARCLAY                  ROY             EARL            TUCKER                   1216 1948 m
TUNE                 SANFORD         B               JR. STELLA          EVELYN          BUCY                     SANFORD         B.              TUNE                     0808 1948 m
VALDEZ               ESTEVAN                             CATARINA                        DUMAS                    ESTEVAN                         VALDEZ                   0626 1948 m
VANPELT              JAMES           PAT                 RUBY            JEWELL          WOOD                     J.P.                            VANPELT                  0218 1948 m
VARDEMAN             MAURA           ANNE                MILDRED         ANNE            BRINSON                  BILLIE          JOE             VARDEMAN                 0925 1948 f
VINDIOLA             ENRIQUE                             MARGARET                        CARDENAS                 ALFRED          A.              VINDIOLA                 1214 1948 m
WALKER               GENEVA          DARLENE             JEWELL          MARIE           CONNELLY                 WILBER          GRIGGS          WALKER                   0316 1948 f
WALKER               JACK            LEE                 ALICE           LOUISE          HAYS                     ADD             T.              WALKER                   1118 1948 m
WALLACE              WARREN          BRUCE               DOROTHY         RUTH            HIBBETTS                 JOE             LEE             WALLACE                  0302 1948 m
WALLACE              DOYLE           ELMO                CORA            MANON           BRUTON                   ELMO            ARNOLD          WALLACE                  1025 1948 m
WALLIS               SHARLENE        FAY                 LENA            MAE             KNOWLES                  BYRD            WASHINGTON      WALLIS                   0630 1948 f
WALLIS               DARLENE         GAY                 LENA            MAE             KNOWLES                  BYRD            WASHINGTON      WALLIS                   0630 1948 f
WALLIS               LORNA           AGNES               HELEN           ROBERTA         DUNN                     CHARLIE         B.              WALLIS                   1110 1948 f
WALTERS              RAYMOND         PERRY               LORAINE         KATHERYN        PRUETT                   CLAUDE          M.              WALTERS                  1018 1948 m
WARE                 RONNIE          JAMES               DORIS           CHRISTINE       DOBBINS                  ERMEN           B.              WARE                     0321 1948 m
WATSON               CALLIER         ROYCE               VI              ERA             COLLIER                  JIMMIE          DANIEL          WATSON                   0303 1948 m
WATSON               VELMA           RAY                 WILLIE          MAY             SLATE                    CHARLES         RICHARD         WATSON                   0611 1948 f
WATSON               THELMA          FAY                 WILLIE          MAY             SLATE                    CHARLES         RICHARD         WATSON                   0611 1948 f
WATSON               CARLTON         HULL                DOROTHY         MAE             HULL                     NAPOLEON                        WATSON                   1207 1948 m
WATSON               OPAL            LYNN                OPAL            ISOLA           TOWNSLEY                 WILLIAM         THOMAS          WATSON                   1227 1948 f
WEAVER               BESSIE          IRENE               ESTELLE                         STANPHILL                JAMES           MONROE          WEAVER                   0306 1948 f
WELLS                JAMES           LYNDON              VERA            KELLEY          CARPENTER                JIM             F.              WELLS                    0531 1948 m
WESTER               CAROL           LYNN                ALMARENE                        DAVIS                    ALFRED          J.              WESTER                   0418 1948 f
WHEAT                GARY            DON                 LOYCE           OLENE           PARKER                   SIDNEY          ANDERSON        WHEAT                    0402 1948 m
WHITE                GREGORY         WAYNE               EMMA            RUTH            CLAY                     LEO             ALFRED          WHITE                    0224 1948 m
WHITE                RITA            JOYCE               HELEN           MARIE           DEAN                     JAMES           CURTIS          WHITE                    1011 1948 f
WHITFIELD            CARLA           JO                  MAXINE                          BUCK                     CARL                            WHITFIELD                0716 1948 f
WILKINS              KENNITH         DUANE               ALICE                           MCBRIDE                  ARNOLD                          WILKINS                  1008 1948 m
WILLIAMS             GLORIA          JEAN                HELEN           FAYE            RICHEY                   JOHN            THOMAS          WILLIAMS                 0116 1948 f
WILLIAMS             GARY            WAYNE               MABEL           EVELYN          EPPLER                   JESSE                           WILLIAMS                 0514 1948 m
WILSON               MARTHA          GAIL                LUCY            LAURA           CASEY                    HARLON          H.              WILSON                   0207 1948 f
WILSON               JUDY            DIANE               GLADYS          JO              OUTLAW                   HAROLD                          WILSON                   0921 1948 f
WIREMAN              TERRY           GARLAND             MARY            VIRGINIA        ARNOLD                   LAWRANCE        GARLAND         WIREMAN                  0520 1948 m
WOODARD              BOBBY           RAY                 MARY            NELL            PAYNE                    BENNIE          RAY             WOODARD                  0125 1948 m
WRISTEN              SUSAN           KAY                 DELLA           VIVIAN          PYE                      TEDDY           JAMES           WRISTEN                  0924 1948 f
YOUNG                JAMES           ROBERT              ROSEMARY                        TALBERT                  JAMES           ALTON           YOUNG                    0210 1948 m
ZENDEJAS             ROBERT                              NELLIE                          RAMIREZ                  PHILLIP         E.              ZENDEJAS                 0607 1948 m


Last  Name    First Name    Middle Name   Suffix   Mother First Name    Mother Middle Name    Mother Last Name    Father First Name    Fathr Middle Name    Father Last Name    Father Suffix    Birth Month   Birth Day   Birth Year   Sex  County 

ADIAN         GLORIA        JEAN                   BETTY                JEAN                  ESTES               CHARLES              MALOY                ADAIN                                7             11          1949         f    COLEMAN 
AGUIRRE       RICARDO                              PETRA                                      RODRIGUEZ           BENJAMIN                                  AGUIRRE                              1             6           1949         m    COLEMAN 
ALBAUGH      CATHERINE     LEE                    DOROTHY              FAYE                  KIRBY               ROBERT               LEE                  ALBAUGH                              7             4           1949         f    COLEMAN 
ALCALA        GILDA         JANE                   LINDA                                      HOLGUIN             ZOILO                                     ALCALA                               3             28          1949         f    COLEMAN 
ALEXANDER     DOROTHY       LEE                    JOSIE                MARGARET              SUTTON              THOMAS               JEFFERSON            ALEXANDER                            10            31          1949         f    COLEMAN 
ALLEN         JUDY          KAY                    MABLE                GLADYS                WADDELL             JESSE                DOYLE                ALLEN                                11            26          1949         f    COLEMAN 
ALLEN         MILTON        DON                    BILLIE               JEAN                  STEAKLEY            RALPH                MILTON               ALLEN                                1             25          1949         m    COLEMAN 
ALLEN         WILLARD       MILES                  JO                   ANN                   HAMBRIGHT           WILLARD              ORVILLE              ALLEN                                10            6           1949         m    COLEMAN 
AMBURN        ROGER         CLAY                   THEDA                JOYCE                 CLAY                DINZLE               DON                  AMBURN                               8             17          1949         m    COLEMAN 
ANDERSON      ROBERT        EDWARD                 JEWELL               LENA                  ROBBINS             GEORGE               ROBERT               ANDERSON                             3             26          1949         m    COLEMAN 
ANGLIN        RONALD        GENE                   LAURA                LEE                   WHITE               WALLACE                                   ANGLIN                               1             29          1949         m    COLEMAN 
ASHMORE       DOLPHUS       MACK                   HELEN                ADA                   PITT                WILLIAM              DOLPHUS              ASHMORE                              8             16          1949         m    COLEMAN 
BACHMAN       LINDA         JOYCE                  BESSIE               MADGE                 ROBERSON            WILLIAM              LEROY                BACHMAN                              9             27          1949         f    COLEMAN 
BAKER         BILLY         DAVID                  LUCY                 B.                    LANCASTER           FLOYD                DAVID                BAKER                                10            28          1949         m    COLEMAN 
BAKER         CYNTHIA       DORENE                 VELMA                LEONA                 HAVNER              MELVIN               O                    BAKER                                2             26          1949         f    COLEMAN 
BAKER         KATHY         JUANELLE               MARGIE               EDNA                  DUGGINS             R.                                        BAKER               V                8             3           1949         f    COLEMAN 
BAKER         LINDA         JOYCE                  JOANN                CLORISE               WILLIAMS            R.                   L.                   BAKER                                8             31          1949         f    COLEMAN 
BAKER         SUZIAN                               MAE                  ELLA                  BOYD                TONY                                      BAKER                                12            9           1949         f    COLEMAN 
BALDOCK       LOUIE         DANIEL                 BILLIE               LOUISE                DAY                 EARL                 F.                   BALDOCK                              3             18          1949         m    COLEMAN 
BANTA         JANIE         LOUELL                 JANE                 RUTH                  GENC                DANIEL               JOSEPH               BANTA                                10            6           1949         f    COLEMAN 
BARNETT       JOHNNY        MAX                    EDNA                 RUTH                  GANDY               JOHN                 DUGAN                BARNETT             JR.              2             8           1949         m    COLEMAN 
BATES         JOHNNY        ROSS                   ESTER                EDGLE                 MARONEY             FRED                                      BATES                                12            13          1949         m    COLEMAN 
BEAL          EDDIE         DWANE                  VELMA                LEE                   SAVAGE              EDDIE                B.                   BEAL                                 1             3           1949         m    COLEMAN 
BEAVER        JO