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Quaker Meetings in Indiana

Radley MMOGrant1932SOak Ridge MM1984MCountryside MMNO
Raysville MMOHenry1857SSpiceland MM1895NKnightstown MMVII.4.435
Raysville MMOHenry1919NKnightstown MM   VII.4.435
Reserve MMOTipton1866SHoney Creek MM [Howard]1873MUnion MMNO
Richland MMOHamilton 1841SWestfield MMca1892NCarmel MMVII.6.357
Richmond MM, RichmondOWayneca1902NWhitewater MM   VII.1.1
Rich Square MMOHenry1920SHopewell MM [Henry]   NO
Riverside MMORush1922SWalnut Ridge MM1927L NO
Rocky Run MMOParke1864SBloomfield MMca1883NColoma MMVII.6.449
Rush Creek MMOParke1850SBloomfield MM1876LRocky Run MMVII.5.269
Rush Creek/Coloma MMOParke1883RBloomingdale MM   VII.5.269
Rush Creek MM [Fountain]OFountainca1900S[3]   NO
Russiaville MMOHoward1879SHoney Creek MM [Howard]   NO
Salem MMOUnion1834NSilver Creek MM   VII.1.237
Salem MM (AS)ASUnionca1843ASalem MM (O)ca1857D LOST
Sandcreek MMOBartholomew1871NDriftwood MM   VII.5.143
Sheridan MMOHamilton1890S    NO
Shirley MMOHenry1912SKnightstown MM   NO
Silver Creek MMOUnion1817SWhitewater MM1834NSalem MMVII.1.237
So 8th Street MM,RichmondOWayne1902SWhitewater MM1925MWhitewater MMVII.1.1
Southland MMO??ca1896S[10]   NO
South Marion MMOGrant1904SMarion MM   NO
South Wabash MMOWabash1882SWabash MM1913NWabash MMVII.3.207
Sparrow Creek MMORandolph1841SWhite River MM1847NPoplar Run MMVII.2.377
Spiceland MMOHenry1833SDuck Creek MM   VII.4.221
Spicewood MMOHamilton1871S    NO
Springfield MMOWayne1820SNew Garden MM1937NNettle Creek MMVII.2.107
Springfield MM (AS)ASWayneca1843ASpringfield MM (O)ca1857D LOST
Sugar Plain MMOBoone1840SSugar River MM   VII.5.365
Sugar Ridge MMOHamilton 1871S[2] Westfield MM1880L NO
Sugar River MMOMontgomery1830SWhite Lick MMca1920DGravelly Run MM & Darlington MMVII.5.350
Sycamore MMOHoward [??]ca1910S[4]   NO
Thorntown MMOBooneca1890SSugar Plain MM [??]   NO
Union MMOHoward1873SHoney Creek MM [Howard]1928DLynn MM [Howard]VII.3.505
Union MM (H)HCrawford,IL1855NHoney Creek MM (H)   VII.5.199
Union Center MMOBlackfordca1922SUpland MM   NO
Union Grove MMOHamiltonca1874SWestfield MM [??]ca1920NLamong MMNO
Union Grove Bethel MMO??ca1903S[5]   NO
Union Street MM,KokomoOHowardca1900NKokomo MM   VII.3.455
Upland MMOGrant1887SFairmount MM   NO
Valley Mills MMOMarionca1887NBeech Grove MM   VII.6.277
Vermilion MM,ILOVermilion,IL1826SHoney Creek MM [Vigo]1840LBloomfield MMVII.5.407
Vermilion MM,ILOVermilion,IL1841RBloomfield MM   VII.5.407
Vermillion MMOMadison1922SFairmount MM   NO
Wabash MMOWabash1851SMississinewa MM1913LSouth Wabash MMVII.3.207
Wabash MMOWabash1913NSouth Wabash MM   NO
Walnut Ridge MMORush1836SDuck Creek MM   VII.4.327
Webster MMOWayne1928NWilliamsburg MM1956L NO
Westfield MMOHamilton1835SFairfield MM   VII.6.291
Westfield MM (AS)ASHamiltonca1843AWestfield MM (O)ca1857D LOST
Westfield MM (C)CHamilton1879AWestfield MM (O)1915LPlainfield MM (C)VII.6.353
West Grove MMOWayne1818SWhitewater MMca1922NCenterville MMVII.4.1
West Grove MM [Hamilton]OHamiltonca1873SHinkles Creek MM [??]   NO
West Indianapolis MMOMarion1905SIndianapolis MM   NO
Westland MMOHancock1872SWalnut Ridge MM   NO
West Middleton MMOHoward1928SUnion MM   NO
West Richmond MMOWayne1909SWhitewater MM   NO
West River MMOWayne1936SSpringfield MM   NO
West Union MMOMorgan1849SWhite Lick MM   VII.6.43
West Union MM (C)CMorgan1877AWest Union MM (O)1929LPlainfield MM (C)VII.6.85
White Lick MMOMorgan1823SLick Creek MMaft1900NMooresville MMVII.5.289
White Oak MMOAdams1894SPortland MM1963L NO
White River MMORandolph1824SCherry Grove MM   VII.2.311
White River MM (C)CRandolph1877AWhite River MM (O)   VII.2.371
Whitewater MMOWayne1809SWest Branch MM,OHca1902NRichmond MMVII.1.1
Whitewater MM (H)HWayne1828AWhitewater MM (O)   VII.1.193
Williamsburg MMOWayne 1923NDover MM1928NWebster MMNO
Winchester MMORandolph1912SWhite River MM   NO

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C = Conservative
H = Hicksite
O = Orthodox
W = Wilburite
AS= Anti-Slavery

How Established/Ended
S = Set off
L = Laid down
C = New County erected
N = Name changed
E = Established
D = Discontinued
M = Merged to New
R = Re-established
Y = Changed YM/Group
A = At separation

Earliest Reference Notes [under Parent Mtg]
[1] ref Bloomingdale MM
[2] ref Fairfield MM
[3] ref Hopewell MM, Vermillion co,IN
[4] ref Howard co mtgs
[5] ref Kokomo MM
[6] ref Sandcreek MM
[7] ref Wabash MM
[8] ref West Union MM
[9] ref White River MM
[10] ref Whitewater MM

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