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Quaker Meetings in Indiana

Keystone MMOWells1944SBarbers Mill MM,OH   NO
Knightstown MMOHenry1895NRaysville MM1919NRaysville MMVII.4.435
Kokomo MMOHoward1865SHoney Creek MM [Howard]ca1900NUnion Street MM,KokomoVII.3.455
Lamong MMOHamilton1896NUnion Grove MM   NO
LaPorte MMOHowardaft 1900SKokomo MM   NO
Lewisville MMOHenry1916SHopewell MM [Henry]1956L NO
Lick Creek MMOOrange1813SWhitewater MM1893NPaoli MMVII.5.1
Little Blue River MMORush1884S[1] Carthage MM   NO
Little Ridge MMOGrant1925SFairmount MM   NO
Lynn MM [Howard]OHoward1854SHoney Creek MM [Howard]1873MUnion MMNO
Lynn MM [Howard]OHoward1928RUnion MM   NO
Lynn MM [Randolph]ORandolph1928SCherry Grove MM   NO
Maple Grove MM (H)HHuntingdon1854SWhitewater MM (H)ca1900D VII.3.539
Maple Run MMOGrant1926SDeer Creek MM   NO
Marion MMOGrant1889NMississinewa MM   VII.3.1
Marshall MMOParkeca1891SBloomingdale MM [??]   NO
Martindale MMORandolph1956SCherry Grove MM1976L NO
Milford MMOWayne1823SWest Grove MM1882NDublin MMVII.4.37
Milford MM (H)HWayne1823AMilford MM (O)1911L VII.4.97
Mill Creek MMOHendricks1834SWhite Lick MM   VII.6.149
Mill Creek MM (C)CHendricks1877AMill Creek MM (O)1929LPlainfield MM (C)VII.6.195
Milo MMOHuntington1904NPleasant Plain MM1917L NO
Mississinewa MMOGrant1832SWhite River MM1889NMarion MMVII.3.1
Mooreland MMOHenry1920SSpringfield MM   NO
Mooresville MMOMorganaft.1900NWhite Lick MM   NO
Morgan Creek MMOWayne1963SCherry Grove MM   NO
Mt.Grant MMO??ca1881S    NO
Mount Lebanon MMOTipton1917S[5] New London MM [??]   NO
Muncie MMODelaware1886SFarmland MM   NO
Nettle Creek MMOWayne1937NSpringfield MM   NO
Newbury MM (AS)ASHowardca1843EIndiana YM (AS) [??]ca1857D LOST
New Castle MMOHenry1886EMilford MM [??]   NO
New Driftwood IM, JaketownOJackson1893ESandcreek MMca1933LSandcreek MMNO
New Garden MMOWayne1815SWhitewater MM   VII.2.1
New Holland MMOWabash1905S[7] South Wabash MM1964L NO
New Hope MMOHoward1873SNew Salem MM   VII.3.525
New Hope MM [Tipton]OTiptonca1894SNew Hope MM [Howard]ca1895NHazel Dell MMNO
New London MMOHoward1892NHoney Creek MM [Howard]   VII.3.147
Newport MM (AS)ASWayne1843ANew Garden MM (O)1857D VII.2.101
New Salem MMOHoward1855SHoney Creek MM [Howard]   VII.3.415
Noblesville MMOHamilton1893SCarmel MM [??]   NO
No 10th Street MM,RichmondOWayne1925SWhitewater MM   VII.1.1
Oak Ridge MMOGrant1857SBack Creek MM1984MCountryside MMVII.3.323
Olive Branch MMOJay1891SPortland MM1910NPennville MMNO
Paoli MMOOrange1893NLick Creek MM   VII.5.51
Pennville MMOJay1910NOlive Branch MM   NO
Pipe Creek MMOMiami1853SMississinewa MM1883NAmboy MMVII.3.255
Plainfield MMOHendricks1857SWhite Lick MM   VII.6.91
Plainfield MM (C)CHendricks1877APlainfield MM (O)   VII.6.137
Pleasant Hill MMOHoward1861SHoney Creek MM [Howard]1891L VII.3.449
Pleasant Plain MMOHuntington1899SMississinewa MM1904NMilo MMNO
Poplar Ridge MMOHamilton1866SRichland MM   VII.6.433
Poplar Run MMORandolph1847NSparrow Creek MM   VII.2.377
Portland MMOJay1882SWhite River MM   NO

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C = Conservative
H = Hicksite
O = Orthodox
W = Wilburite
AS= Anti-Slavery

How Established/Ended
S = Set off
L = Laid down
C = New County erected
N = Name changed
E = Established
D = Discontinued
M = Merged to New
R = Re-established
Y = Changed YM/Group
A = At separation

Earliest Reference Notes [under Parent Mtg]
[1] ref Bloomingdale MM
[2] ref Fairfield MM
[3] ref Hopewell MM, Vermillion co,IN
[4] ref Howard co mtgs
[5] ref Kokomo MM
[6] ref Sandcreek MM
[7] ref Wabash MM
[8] ref West Union MM
[9] ref White River MM
[10] ref Whitewater MM

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