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Quaker Meetings in Michigan

Adrian MMOLenawee1831SFarmington MM,NY   III
Birch Lake MMOCass1841SMississinewa MM,IN1921LPenn MMNo
Detroit MMOWayne1922SMuncie MM,IN1984L No
Lane MM LuptonO??ca1895 [2]   No
Long Lake MMOGrand Traverseca1880 [4] White River MM,IN   No
Manton MMOWexfordca1891     No
Maple City MMOLeelanau1898NPleasant Grove MM1917L No
Onaway MMOPresque Isle1895STraverse City MM1910LTraverse City MMNo
Penn MMOCass1883S[1] Birch Lake MM   No
Pleasant Grove MMOLeelanau1886SLong Lake MM1898NMaple City MMNo
Raisin MMOLenawee1842SAdrian MM   No
Rollin MMOLenaweeca1866SAdrian MM   No
Tecumseh MMOLenaweeca1936 [2]   No
Traverse City MMOGrand Traverseca1882S[4] Long Lake MM1987L No
Vandalia MMOCass1880SBirch Lake MM   No
Youngs Prairie MM (AS)ASCass1843AIndiana YM (AS) [??]1859D No
Ypsilanti MMOWashtenawca1896 [3]   No


O = Orthodox
AS= Anti-Slavery

How Established/Ended
S = Set off
L = Laid down
C = New County erected
N = Name changed
E = Established
D = Discontinued
Y = Changed YM/Group
A = At separation

Earliest Reference Notes [under Parent Mtg]
[1] ref Fairmount MM,IN
[2] ref Sand Creek MM,IN
[3] ref West Grove MM,IN
[4] ref White River MM,IN

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