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Quaker Meetings in Kansas

Argonia MMOSumner1882 S Rose Hill MM     KS.1.3
Barclay MMOOsage1874ECottonwood QM   KS.1.27
Bethel MMO????  1909LCalvary MMNo
Bolton MMOMontgomery1898NHarrisonville MM   KS.1.57
Bridgeport PM,WichitaOSedgwick1923EUniversity MM1925SBridgeport MMKS.1.69
Bridgeport MM,WichitaOSedgwick1925SUniversity MM1925N33rd & Park Place MMKS.1.69
Bridgeport MM,WichitaOSedgwick1926N33rd & Park Place MM   No
Burr Oak MMOJewellca1900     No
Calvary MMOBarton1905NHoisington-Calvary MM   KS.1.74
Canaan MMC ???ca1882 [7]   No
Carlton MMODickenson1886SCottonwood MMca1891D KS.1.81
Center MMO??ca1888     No
Chalk Mound MMORooks1879EWalnut Creek QM1900LParadise MMKS.1.84
Chalk Mound MMORooks1903RParadise MM   KS.1.84
Concord MM (C)COsage1877AKansas YM (C)   No
Cottonwood MMOLyon1861SSpring Grove MM   KS.1.109
Cottonwood MM (C)CLyon1877ACottonwood MM (O)1928L No
Council Grove MMOMorrisca1877     No
Crestline MMOCherokee1889ESpring River QM1900LTimbered Hills MMKS.1.128
Dale MMO??ca1885     No
Damorris MM (C)CMorris1886 ??   No
Dragoon MMOWabaunsee1874SCottonwood MM1881NHarveyville MMKS.2.57
Elk River MMOMontgomery 1870SSpring River MM   KS.1.132
Elk River MM (C)CMontgomery1877AElk River MM (O)   No
Ellinwood MMOBartonca1893 [6]   No
Emporia MMOLyon1888ECottonwood QM   KS.1.155
Fairview MMOHarveyca1878 [9] LSterling MMNo
Farm Ridge MMOMontgomeryca1880SElk River MM [??]   KS.2.3
Fowler MMOMeade1906SHaviland MM   KS.2.7
Friendship MMOCherokee1891NLightning Creek MM   KS.2.27
Fruitland MMO??ca1886     No
Geneva MMOAllen [??]ca1883     No
Glen Elder MMOMitchellca1880     No
Greencastle MMOSumner1887SArgonia MM1925LArgonia MMKS.2.41
Happy Valley MMOKiowaca1932SHaviland MM   No
Harmony MMOJewell1885EWalnut Creek QM1895LNorth Branch MMKS.2.51
Harrisonville MMOMontgomery1885SElk River MM1898NBolton MMKS.1.57
Harveyville MMOWabaunsee1881NDragoon MM1916LBarclay MMKS.2.57
Haviland MMOKiowa1885NLiberty MM   KS.2.67
Hesper MMODouglas ca1879NSpringfield MM   No
Hoisington-Calvary MMOBarton1900ESterling QM1905NCalvary MMKS.1.74
Hopewell MMOPratt1889SHaviland MM   KS.2.146
Independence MMOMontgomery1885EElk River QM   KS.2.168
Kansas MMOLeavenworth1860SWhitewater MM,INca1867NSpringdale MMKS.4.13
LaCrosse MMORushca1879     No
La Harpe MMOAllen1902SStark MM1921L KS.2.190
Lawrence MMODouglas1869SSpringfield MM   No
Liberal MMOSeward1915SRose Valley MM   KS.2.196
Liberty MMOKiowa1885ERose Hill QM [1]1885NHaviland MMKS.2.67
Lighten MMO??ca1889 [2]   No
Lightning Creek MMOCherokee1888STimbered Hills MM1891NFriendship MMKS.2.27
Lone Star MMOStevens1908SLafayette MM   KS.2.210
Lowell MMOCherokeeca1896 [5]   No
Lupton MMOLuptonca1920     No
Maud MMOKingman1906SHaviland MM   No
Mill Creek MMORepublic1882SUnion MM [4]   KS.3.3
Mt.Ayr MMOOsborneca1878SWalnut Creek MM   KS.3.16
Mount Tabor MMO??1895SOak Valley MM1907LIndependence MMKS.3.36
New Hope MMO????  1896DSterling MMNo
North Branch MMOJewellca1890SWalnut Creek MM   KS.3.42
Oak Valley MMO????  1906LFarm Ridge MMNo
Paradise MMORooks1893SChalk Mound MM1912LChalk Mound MMKS.3.69
Peace MMORiceca1875  ca1876NSterling MMNo
Pleasant Plain MMOPratt1887ERose Hill QM   KS.3.73
Pleasant Ridge MMOPhillips1898SMt.Ayr MM1920LNorth Branch MMKS.3.89
Pleasant Valley MMODecatur1887EWalnut Creek QM1910LNorth Branch MMKS.3.92
Pleasant View MMOCherokee1886SMill Creek MM   No
Prairie Center MMOJohnson1894EHesper QM   KS.3.99
Prairie Flower MMO??1902SHaviland MM   No
Ramona MMOJefferson1908EElk River QM   KS.3.107
Richland MMO??ca1889     No
Riddle Creek MMO??ca1883     No
Rock Creek MMOJefferson1896ESpringdale QM1901DStanwood MMKS.3.114
Rose Hill MMOButlerca1881     No
Rose Valley MMOStevensca1900  1930LLiberal MMKS.3.116
Saint Charles MMOChatauqua1896EElk River QM1900LMount Tabor MMKS.4.3
Sand Creek MMO??ca1882     No
Scott City MMOScottca1911     No
Seiling MMO??ca1902     KS.4.6
Shawnee MMOJohnson1864SSpringfield MM   No
Sherman MMOShermanca1891     No
Springdale MMOLeavenworthca1867NKansas MM   KS.4.13
Springfield MMODouglas1864SKansas MMca1879NHesper MMNo
Spring Grove MMOLykins (now Miami)1860SKansas MM   No
Spring River MMOCherokee1867SSpring Grove MM   No
Spring River MM (C)CCherokee1877ASpring River MM (O)   No
Stafford MMODecaturca1910Sprob. North Branch MM   KS.4.16
Stanwood MMOMontgomery1892ESpringdale QM [3]   KS.4.29
Sterling MMORiceca1876NPeace MM   KS.4.41
Timbered Hills MMOCherokee1873 [8]1925L KS.4.66
Toledo MMOLyon1867SKansas MM   KS.4.80
Tonganoxie MMOLeavenworth1868SKansas MM   KS.4.85
Trego Center MMOTrego1888SChalk Mound MM1895LChalk Mound MMKS.4.112
Twin Mound MMOLyon1896     No
University MM, WichitaOSedgwickca1920SWichita MM   KS.4.117
Walnut Creek MMOJewellca1877     KS.4.128
Walnut Creek MM (C)CJewell1877AKansas YM (C)   No
Washington MMOWashingtonca1894     No
West Glendale MMO??ca1900EFowler QM   KS.4.183
Wichita MMOSedgwick1887SRose Hill MM1926LUniversity MMKS.4.192
33rd & Park Place MM,WichitaOSedgwick1925NBridgeport MM1926NBridgeport MMKS.1.69


C = Conservative
O = Orthodox

How Established/Ended
S = Set off
L = Laid down
C = New County erected
N = Name changed
E = Established
D = Discontinued
R = Re-established
Y = Changed YM/Group
A = At separation

Earliest Reference Notes [under Parent Mtg]
[1] ref Bloomingdale MM,IN
[2] ref Hopewell MM, Vermillion co,IN
[3] ref LeGrand MM,IA
[4] ref New Sharon MM,IA
[5] ref Oskaloosa MM,IA
[6] ref Sandcreek MM,IN
[7] ref Upper Springfield MM,OH
[8] ref West Union MM,IN
[9] ref White River MM,IN

Extract References
KS - Kansas Quaker Meeting Records,Vols.1-4, Hinshaw, Selby Publ, 1991

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