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Quaker Meetings in Indiana

Amboy MMOMiami1883NPipe Creek MM   VII.3.255
Amo MMOHendricks ca1881SPlainfield MM   NO
Anderson MMOMadison1895SFairmount MM1906DFairmount MMNO
Anderson MMOMadison1914RFairmount MM   NO
Arba MMORandolph1828SNew Garden MM1835LNew Garden MMVII.2.95
Arba MMORandolph1921RNew Garden MM   NO
Back Creek MMOGrant1838SMississinewa MM   VII.3.85
Bear Creek MM ORandolph1938SFarmland MM   NO
Beech Grove MMOMarion1863SFairfield MMca1887NValley Mills MMVII.6.277
Beech Grove MM (C)CMarion1877ABeech Grove MM (O)1892LWest Union MM (C)VII.6.287
Bethel Chapel MM, WinamacOPulaskica1917SKokomo MM   NO
Bloomfield MMOParke1827SHoney Creek MM [Vigo]1875NBloomingdale MMVII.5.203
Bloomingdale MMOParke1875NBloomfield MM   VII.5.203
Bloomingport MMORandolph1963SCherry Grove MM   NO
Bloomington MMOMonroe1954EBlue River QM   NO
Blue River MMOWashington1815SLick Creek MM1828LLick Creek MMVII.5.74
Blue River MMOWashington1829RLick Creek MM   VII.5.74
Blue River MM (H)HWashington1828ABlue River MM (O)   VII.5.123
Bluff Point MMOJay1922SPortland MM   NO
Bridgeport MMOMarion1859SFairfield MM   VII.6.201
Cabin Creek MM (AS)ASRandolph1846NDunkirk MM1856DPoplar Run MM (O)VII.2.422
Cadiz MMOHenry1943SDuck Creek MM   NO
Camden MM (H)HJay1841SWhitewater MM (H)1845LWhitewater MM (H)VII.2.428
Camden MM (H)HJay1876RWhitewater MM (H)ca1900D NO
Carmel MMOHamilton ca1892NRichland MM   VII.6.357
Carthage MMORush1866SWalnut Ridge MM   VII.4.489
Centerville MMOWayneca1922NWest Grove MM1985L NO
Charlottesville MMOHancock1919SWalnut Ridge MM   NO
Cherry Grove MMORandolph1821SNew Garden MM1963DBloomingport MM & Morgan Creek MMVII.2.225
Cherry Grove MM (AS)ASRandolphca1843ACherry Grove MM (O)ca1857D LOST
Chester MMOWayne1823SWhitewater MM   VII.1.275
Clear Lake MM (AS)ASPorterca1843EIndiana YM (AS) [??]ca1857D LOST
Coloma MMOParkeca1883NRocky Run MM   VII.6.449
Countryside MMOGrant1984M Radley MM & Oak Ridge MM   NO
Courtland Avenue MM,KokomoOHowardca1925SKokomo MM   NO
Danville MMOHendricks ca1917SMill Creek MM   NO
Darlington MMOMontgomeryca1920SSugar River MM1940L NO
Deer Creek MMOGrant1869SMississinewa MM1928L VII.3.297
Deer Creek MM (AS)ASGrant1843AMississinewa MM (O)1857D VII.3.146A
Dover MMOWayne1836SNew Garden MM1923NWilliamsburg MMVII.2.189
Driftwood MMOJackson1820SBlue River MM1871NSandcreek MMVII.5.143
Dublin MMOWayne1874SMilford MM   VII.4.37
Duck Creek MMOHenry1826SMilford MM1837LSpiceland MMVII.4.153
Duck Creek MMOHenry1840RSpiceland MMca1900NGreensboro MMVII.4.153
Duck Creek MM (AS)ASHenry1843ADuck Creek MM (O)1857D VII.4.215
Duck Creek MM (H)HHenry1840SMilford MM (H)   LOST
Dunkirk MM (AS)ASRandolph 1843ASparrow Creek MM1846NCabin Creek MMVII.2.422
Eagle Creek MMOHamiltonca1892NGreenwood MM   VII.6.421
East Branch MMOHamiltonca1875SRichland MM   NO
Economy MMOWayne1911SSpringfield MM   VII.2.181
Fairfield MMOHendricks1826SWhite Lick MM   VII.6.1
Fairmount MMOGrant1869SBack Creek MM   VII.3.359
Fall Creek MM (H)HMadison1839SMilford MM (H)   VII.4.121
Farmers Institute MMOTippecanoe1888NGreenfield MM   VII.5.393
Farmland MMORandolph1882SPoplar Run MM   NO
First Friends Church,IndianapolisOMarionca1906NIndianapolis MM   VII.6.219
Fountain City MMOWayne1921SNew Garden MM   NO
Gravelly Run MMOMontgomeryca1920SSugar River MM   NO
Gray MMOHamiltonca1904S[8]   NO
Greencastle MMOPutnamca1893S[5]   NO
Greenfield MMOTippecanoe1844SSugar River MM1888NFarmers Institute MMVII.5.393
Greenfield MM [Hancock]OHancock1904S[6] Westland MM   NO
Greensboro MMOHenryca1900NDuck Creek MM   NO
Greensfork MMOWayne1905SWest Grove MM1935L NO
Greentown MMOHoward1895SNew Salem MM1912L VII.3.415
Greenwood MMOHamilton1860SWestfield MMca1892NEagle Creek MMVII.6.421
Grove MMOJennings1861SDriftwood MM1903L LOST
Hadley MMOHendricks1912SMill Creek MM   NO
Hazel Dell MMOTiptonca1894NNew Hope MM [Tipton]ca1909NNew Hope MM [Tipton]NO
Hemlock MMOHowardca1882SKokomo MM   NO
Hinkles Creek MMOHamilton 1850SWestfield MM   VII.6.387
Honey Creek MM [Vigo]OVigo1820SLick Creek MM1829LBloomfield MMVII.5.193
Honey Creek MM (H)HVigo1829AHoney Creek MM (O)1855NUnion MM (H),ILVII.5.199
Honey Creek MM [Howard]OHoward1846SMississinewa MM1892NNew London MMVII.3.147
Hopewell MM [Henry]OHenry1841SMilford MM   VII.4.389
Hopewell MM [Vermillion]OVermillion1873SVermilion MM,IL   VII.5.461
Hopewell MM [Jennings]OJenningsca1905SGrove MM [??]1908LSandcreek MMNO
Hortonville MMOHamiltonca1901SWestfield MM [??]   NO
Indianapolis MMOMarion1865SBridgeport MMca1906NFirst Friends Church,IndianapolisVII.6.219
Irvington MMOMarion1960SIndianapolis MM   NO
Jericho MMORandolph1922SWhite River MM   NO
Jonesboro MMOGrant1922SBack Creek MM   NO

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C = Conservative
H = Hicksite
O = Orthodox
W = Wilburite
AS= Anti-Slavery

How Established/Ended
S = Set off
L = Laid down
C = New County erected
N = Name changed
E = Established
D = Discontinued
M = Merged to New
R = Re-established
Y = Changed YM/Group
A = At separation

Earliest Reference Notes [under Parent Mtg]
[1] ref Bloomingdale MM
[2] ref Fairfield MM
[3] ref Hopewell MM, Vermillion co,IN
[4] ref Howard co mtgs
[5] ref Kokomo MM
[6] ref Sandcreek MM
[7] ref Wabash MM
[8] ref West Union MM
[9] ref White River MM
[10] ref Whitewater MM

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