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Samuel Stanfield

FATHER: Samuel Stansfield   (abt 1644 - 31 Jan 1699)
MOTHER: Sarah Jeston

SPOUSE: Jane Andrew   (abt 1685 - abt 1745)


-Birth & Parentage per Parish Register
-Ulster Province Mtg, Ireland, Samuel Stanfield and Jane Andrew, both
 of Lurgan Mtg [County Armagh,Ireland] were married at Lurgan 14 9M 1711
 [per A C Myers]
-New Garden MM, Chester co,PA on 28 1M 1730 Samuel Stanfield & hw Jane
 received on certificate from Lurgan MM, County Armagh,Ireland dated
 7 3M 1729 [per A C Myers]
-Nottingham MM set off from New Garden MM,PA in 1730
-Newark MM, New Castle co,DE on 3 5M 1731 Samuel & wife received on
 certificate from Nottingham MM
-Newark MM on 11 8M 1744 Jane Stanfield, of Wilmington, New Castle co,DE, 
 marries at Wilmington MH, John Hammer, of Philadelphia co,PA
-Will of Jean Hammer, of Philadelphia co,PA, wife of John Hammer, former
 wife of Samuel Stanfield, ref Bk H:132; will dated 12 12M 1744/5, proved
 12 Jul 1746; names children John, William, Samuel, and Mary Stanfield, and
 Ealie Fisher; Executors: John Hammer & Thomas Rose; Trustees: David Ferris
 & Joseph Heins; Witnesses: Joseph Deans, Abraham Deans, & Hannah Hamer

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