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John Stanfield

FATHER: Samuel Stanfield   (Aug 1679 - abt 1742)
MOTHER: Jane Andrew   (abt 1685 - abt 1745)

SPOUSE: Hannah Hadley   (16 11M 1709/10 - 31 May 1783)


-Emigrated to PA from Lurgan MM, Armagh co,IRELAND with parents in 1730
-Newark MM, New Castle co,DE on 4 7M 1742 John Stanfield & Hannah (Hadley)
 Dixon declared their marriage intentions 1st time; on 2 8M 1742 declared
 marriage intentions 2nd time & at liberty to marry
-Newark MM on 13 8M 1742 John Stanfield & Hannah (Hadley) Dixon were married
 at Hockessin MH, Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle co,DE
-Newark MM at Kennett MH on 1 9M 1753 John & hw Hannah & children request
 certificate to Cane Creek MM,NC
-Newark MM on 6 10M 1753 John Stanfield & hw Hannah & her dau Ruth Dixon
 & their 3 sons granted certificate to Cane Creek MM
-Cane Creek MM, Orange co,NC on 6 Apr 1754 John with hw Hannah & children
 received on certificate from Newark MM,PA dated 6 Oct 1753
-Will dated 4 Aug 1755; proved September Court 1755, Orange co,NC;
 mentions wife Hannah & three sons John, Thomas, & Samuel; executors
 John Jones & Joseph Maddox; witnesses Thomas Lindley [his brother-in-law],
 Hugh Laughlin, & Thomas Lowe
-Considered a Founding Member of Cane Creek MM,NC; the original Meeting House
 was erected on his Plantation in Orange co,NC in abt 1752; this so-called 
 "Meeting House" tract was bequeathed to his wife Hannah Hadley & his son 
 Thomas Stanfield

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