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Quaker Family Associations

Some of the Major Quaker Families have set up Family Associations or other organizations to facilitate the coordination of genealogical work. Those that have websites that act as Family Resource Centers are noticed here for some of the Top 100 Families. Some of these sites cover only the Quaker line; while others have a Quaker portion but have non-Quaker resources as well.

Coates, Coate, Coats Family Digital Archive
Cox Connection
Hadley Society
Harlan Family in America
Haworth Association of America
The Harvey Genealogist
Henley Family Genealogy
Hinshaw Family Association
Descendants of Valentine Hollingsworth Sr Society
Mendenhall Family Association
Ratcliff Family Tree
Sanders Family Association
Stanfield Research Group
National Stanley Family Association
Yarnall Yarnell Homepage

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