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Quaker Collection: MENDENHALL Line [20044]

        issue(1st marr):

        (1) Griffith MENDENHALL, b.10 Nov 1740, Chester co,PA [per IGI];
                        d. Dec 1793, Chester co,PA;
              marr.1(29 Apr 1762, New Garden MM, Chester co,PA)
                Sarah LAMBORN, b.21 2M 1741/2 OS, Chester co,PA;
                                     dau of Robert LAMBOURN (ca.1700- ? ) &
                                            Sarah SWAINE;                        
              marr.2(25 Feb 1785, Bradford MM, Chester co,PA per IGI)
                Mrs Elizabeth (MILLER) PRICE

        (2) Phineas MENDENHALL, b.20 Feb 1742, Chester co,PA [per IGI];
                        [gene.recs. at New Garden MM,NC;
                         disowned in 1782 at Wrightsborough MM,GA]
              , prob. Guilford co,NC;
              marr.1(15 Jul 1762, Bradford MM, Chester co,PA per IGI)
                Tamar KIRK,;
              marr.2(ca.1783, Columbia co,GA)
                Mrs Catharine (VERNON) SIDWELL
                                     widow of John SIDWELL (ca.1734-1782);
                                     dau of Isaac VERNON (1715-1786) &
                                            Hannah TOWNSEND;
                        [condemned her marr.out in 1786 
                         at Wrightsborough MM,GA]

       issue(2nd marr):

        (3) Richard MENDENHALL, b.28 Sep 1744, Chester co,PA [per IGI];
                        [returned to Bradford MM,PA twice
                         from NC in 1765 & 1768]
                        d.20 Dec 1770, Rowan co,NC;

        (4) Grace MENDENHALL,, Chester co,PA;
                        d. 6 Sep 1764, Rowan co,NC;

        (5) Elijah MENDENHALL, b.15 12M 1748/9 OS, Chester co,PA;
                        d. 5 Oct 1781, Guilford co,NC;
              marr.(17 Apr 1771, New Garden MM, Guilford co,NC)
                Mary KENDALL, b.14 10M 1746, York co,PA;
                            dau of Thomas KENDALL (ca.1715-1781) &  
                                   Sarah PILKINGTON;
                            she marr. 2ndly in 1792 to Manlove WHEELER;

        (6) George MENDENHALL, b.21 Jul 1751, Chester co,PA [per IGI];
                        d. 8 Oct 1805, Guilford co,NC;
                        [death recorded at Deep River MM,NC]
              marr.( 1 Sep 1774, New Garden MM, Guilford co,NC)
                Judith GARDNER, b. 7 Sep 1754, Nantucket,MA;
                            dau of Stephen GARDNER (ca.1717-1774) &  
                                   Jemima WORTH;
                        d. 30 May 1831, Guilford co,NC;
                        [death recorded at Deep River MM,NC]

        (7) Judith MENDENHALL, b.16 Aug 1753, Chester co,PA;
              marr.(ca.1766, Rowan co,NC)
                Simon MOON, b.27 10M 1747 OS;
                        [per gene.recs. at New Garden MM,NC]

        (8) Marmaduke MENDENHALL, b.23 Nov 1754, Chester co,PA;
                        d.23 Feb 1797, Columbia co,GA;
                        [per gene.recs. at Wrightsborough MM,GA]
              marr.( 3 May 1777, Wrightsborough MM, Columbia co,GA)
                Alice BENSON,, Uwchland MM, Chester co,PA;
                        d. 6 Dec 1797, Columbia co,GA;

        (9) Hannah MENDENHALL, b.24 Apr 1757, Chester co,PA;
                        d.15 Sep 1800, Guilford co,NC;
              marr.( 3 Feb 1774, New Garden MM, Guilford co,NC)
                Matthew COFFIN, b.13 Feb 1754, Nantucket,MA;
                            son of William COFFIN (1720-1803) & 
                                   Priscilla PADDOCK;
                        d.22 May 1832, Washington co,IN;
                        bur. Old Blue River cem;
                        [per gene.recs. at Deep River MM,NC;
                         also at Springfield MM,NC;
                         also at Blue River MM,IN;
                         also at Blue River MM (H),IN]

       (10) Stephen MENDENHALL,, Chester co,PA;

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