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John Mills

FATHER: John Mills   (abt 1737 - 6 Mar 1815)
MOTHER: Sarah Millikan   (abt 1740 - 9 Apr 1826)

SPOUSE: Charity Mendenhall   (20 Sep 1777 - 5 Nov 1858)


-Genealogical records from Lost Creek MM,TN; also from Vermilion MM,IL
-Death recorded at Vermilion MM,IL; aet 72 yrs
-Lost Creek MM, Jefferson co,TN on 26 Dec 1807 John Jr chosen Overseer
-Lost Creek MM on 27 Apr 1822 John & family granted certificate to
 Honey Creek MM,IN
-Honey Creek MM, Vigo co,IN on 10 Apr 1824 John & 4 sons received on
 certificate from Lost Creek MM,TN dated 27 Apr 1822
-Vermilion MM,IL set off from Honey Creek MM,IN in 1826
-Vermilion MM, Vermilion co,IL on 7 Oct 1826 John appointed on committee
 to attend the opening of Elwood PM

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