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Quaker Collection: HUNT Line [2153]

        (1) Margaret Esther HUNT,,PA;
                        d.11 Apr 1796, Guilford co,NC;
              marr.(13 Nov 1738 per AF)
                John BEALS, b.17 Feb 1717;
                        d.17 Apr 1796, Guilford co,NC [per AF];

        (2) Thomas HUNT,,PA;
                        [mentioned in 1749 as member at
                         Fairfax MM, Loudon co,VA; in 1750
                         gct Carvers Creek MM,NC; Charter Member
                         of Cane Creek MM,NC & New Garden MM,NC]
                        d.15 Sep 1763, Rowan co,NC;                        
                Ann BEALS,;
                            dau of John BEALS (ca.1686- ? ) & 
                                   Sarah BOWATER;
                        d.10 Jul 1790, Guilford co,NC;
                        as wife of William BALDWIN (1720-1802);

        (3) Eleazar HUNT, b.21 8M 1725,PA;
                        d.21 Jan 1781, Guilford co,NC, bur. New Garden cem;
                        [per gene.recs. at New Garden MM,NC];
              marr.(4 Dec 1752, New Garden PM, Cane Creek MM,NC)
                Catherine COX,, Hockessin, New Castle co,DE;
                            dau of William COX (1692-1767) & 
                                   Catherine KINKEY;
                        d.24 Feb 1785, Guilford co,NC;

        (4) Hannah HUNT,;
              marr.(ca. 1M 1749, Loudon co,VA)
                William KERSEY,,PA;
                        d.20 Nov 1764, Rowan co,NC;
                        [per gene.recs. at New Garden MM,NC];

        (5) William HUNT,, Rancocas Creek,NJ;
                        d. 9 Sep 1772, New Castle on Tyne,ENG;
                        [per gene.recs. at New Garden MM,NC];
              marr.(6 Oct 1753, Cane Creek MM, Orange co,NC)
                Sarah MILLS,, Frederick co,VA;
                            dau of John MILLS (1712-1794) & 
                                   Sarah BEALS;
                        d.14 Jul 1778, Guilford co,NC;

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