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John Hunt

FATHER: William Hunt   (abt 1733 - 9 Sep 1772)
MOTHER: Sarah Mills   (abt 1734 - 14 Jul 1778)

SPOUSE: Rachel Haworth   (abt 1757 - ? )


-Genealogical records from New Garden MM,NC; also form Deep Creek MM,NC;
 also from Duck Creek MM,IN
-New Garden MM, Guilford co,NC on 29 Jul 1780 John granted certificate to
 Deep River MM to marry
-Deep River MM, Guilford co,NC on 9 Aug 1780 John Hunt of Guilford co,NC,
 son of William & Sarah, marries Rachel Haworth
-New Garden MM on 29 Nov 1788 John & family granted certificate to
 Deep River MM
-Deep River MM on 1 Dec 1788 John & family (sons Jonathan, Stephanus, &
 Uriah) received on certificate from New Garden MM
-Deep River MM on 2 Sep 1805 John & family granted certificate to
 Miamma MM,OH
-Miami MM, Warren co,OH on 12 Dec 1805 John & hw Mary [sic, SB Rachel ?] &
 6 children received on certificate from Deep River MM,NC dated 2 Sep 1805
 [children match gene.recs. from NC]
-Clear Creek MM set off from Miami MM,OH in 1806
-Newberry MM set off from Clear Creek MM,OH in 1816
-Newberry MM, Clinton co,OH on 3 Mar 1817 John & family granted certificate
 to White Water MM,IN
-Whitewater MM, Wayne co,IN on 26 Jul 1817 cert received for John & son
 Nathan from Newberry MM,TN [sic, SB OH]; endorsed to New Garden MM,OH
 [sic, SB IN]
-New Garden MM, Wayne co,IN on 23 Aug 1817 John & son Nathan received
 on certificate from Newberry MM,OH; endorsed from Whitewater MM on
 26 Jul 1817
-New Garden MM on 21 Nov 1818 John & family granted certificate to
 West Grove MM [no records are extant of West Grove MM prior to 1837;
 HEISS has attempted to reconstruct the early minutes but has nothing on
 the rocf of this family; it is clear that they were received in 1818 based
 on the subsequent marriage record of their dau Rachel]
-Milford MM set off from West Grove MM,IN in 1823
-Milford MM, Wayne co,IN on 14 Aug 1823 John appointed an Overseer
-Duck Creek MM set off from Milford MM,IN in 1826
-Duck Creek MM, Henry co,IN on 31 Aug 1826 John appointed to committee to
 have care of indulged meeting at Flat Rock MH
-Duck Creek MM on 20 Sep 1827 John appointed to committee to visit aged &
 infirm persons
-Spiceland MM set off from Duck Creek MM,IN in 1833
-Spiceland MM, Henry co,IN on 25 Apr 1838 John & hw Rachel granted
 certificate to Westfield MM
-Westfield MM, Hamilton co,IN on 8 Nov 1838 John & Rachel received on
 certificate from Spiceland MM

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